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Is My girlfriend right?

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Is my girl friend right about this please read

Hi my for the sake of privacy I’ll be using fake names but all of this is a true story. Hi my names pete and I’m 14 years old I’m 5’8 and have long hair average looking and normal not fat but not jacked or cut. My first day of high school was cool saw some old friends from middle school and the main point is I met a 15 year old girl named Maddie she is beautiful. Maddie is 5’7 has a beautiful long hair and great figure nice tits and nice ass the whole package. At this point we hit it off and I got her snap and phone number. After a month of talking and hanging out we became a couple. At this point a week before i asked to be her boyfriend I kissed her and we made out it was amazing I even got to grab her tits. But back to the story after a month I met her parents and they seems liked they liked me. But here’s where it all comes down. One night she was home alone and told me to come over to hang out. Ik what this meant I’m was a virgin and Maddie told me she’s been with three dudes but i was okay with it it was fine so I skate to her house tell my mom I’m having a sleepover at my friends house she said ok be safe call me if anything then I left. I arrived at Maddie’s house and she was in heat she invited me in and I knew it was gonna be my first time. We sat on the couch and she layed on me and looked up at me and asked if I was ready and told her yes, she pulled out a condom for me and said let’s do it. I stood up and she got on her knees and pulled down my pants and then stopped and laughed. To give u perspective i hate saying it but my penis is small 1 inch soft and 3 hard went soft I can push my cut penis back into my body with a finger. Back to the story after that she started to tell me she thought I would be bigger and she started to get it hard and to no surprise she laughed when it got hard to. She said to skip the bj a try on the condom so
I do and it was a Trojan enz and it didn’t fit it was to big and she was laughing she said to stick it in raw and I did and then she said is it in yet . I always thought of that line as a joke until it happens to me.I pull out and sit on the couch about to cry. She sees this and kisses me on the cheek and says I was just playing babe but this sex isn’t gonna work but I’m still your girlfriend. I said okay and that I was sorry. Then she told me she had a surprise and pulled out her phone and opened her photo app and showed me something I’ll never forget. Her ex boyfriends dick it was massive and black he was 15 as well and his balls were huge to. I just stared not saying a word out of amazement. She said see what I’m used to and proceeded to look up “sissy slave porn” and showed me it and said to look at the guys dick he was in panties and had a cage on his dick. She said I should get one and she’s always wanted to be a mistress. We watched some of the porn and a black man pounded the shit out of a white guy infront of the wife. She gave me a handjob during it and I came patheticly and she said that I should go home and think on it that was on Friday I’ll see her tomorrow in school is she right should I become a sissy. It doesn’t seem to bad and i get to stay with somone I love.

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  • Reply cut it off ID:4mxhhxy8m

    No idiot. Dump her punk ass

  • Reply Alex ID:5rfba4k0b

    I think you should do it if you don’t mind. For me personally I have a boyfriend and a girlfriend and I am the sissy and it changed my life. I love having my small dick inside my gf while my bf plunges me with his huge cock and sometimes my gf gets a strap-on and they dp me, it’s really hot. Being someone’s little bitch is such a turn on and I love getting my hole fucked and having a prostate orgasm.

  • Reply A ID:bo2qeow41

    Like all things not everyone is the same, as for the sissy stuff this applies as well, if it’s your thing go for it, me personally it’s not my cup of tea.

  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1i2lz52uqra

    That’s not abnormal for 14. There is no normal for 14, so I’d give it time to grow before I got worried. It doesn’t sound like a dealbreaker for her, and I’m definitely picking up a Femdom vibe. You have fingers, and a mouth, right? If she wants to play these games, ask her if she wants to play “Lesbians” next time?

    • Alexa ID:3zxjrennoij

      Some guys Dicks never grow I know this guys from high school he had a small dick and he still has a small dick

    • Psiberzerker ID:1i2lz52uqra

      Yes, however, he’s too young to tell.