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Taking My Younger Sister’s Virginity With My Dog

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She moaned as I licked her clit. She wrapped her fingers in my hair and pushed my face deeper into her folds.

After the weekend my dog took my virginity whenever I got the chance I had him eat me out. Then one day I came home from school to her a loud moaning coming from upstairs. It was coming from my 13 year old sister’s room. I opened the door a crack and found Cole licking Morgan’s pussy. She had her eyes closed and her small nipples were rock hard. Her boobs were tiny mounds coming off her chest, her pussy was gleaming with cum and dog slobber. I opened the door wide enough for me to enter her room and shut and locked it behind me. No one else was home besides us so locking the door wasn’t necessary, but I did anyway. I walked over to Morgan and pushed Cole of of her. I moved over and took Cole’s place eating her pussy. I flicked my tongue over her clit and labia, plunging two fingers deep in her tight folds. She looked up startled and saw me licking her clot instead of Cole who was licking me through my yoga pants. She tried to move away. I reached up and twisted one of her nipples hard. She cried out in pain and fell back onto the bed. Her walls tightened on my fingers, her toes clenched, her eyes squeezed shut. She bucked her hips as she cane in my mouth. I swallowed it all and sat up.
“Morgan. What were you thinking having the dog tongue fuck you? You could of just asked me.” I said smiling.
I shifted my position so I was on top of her. She said nothing.
“Bad girls need to be punished, don’t you think Cole?” I asked the dog who barked in agreement.
“This is gonna hurt a lot at first but after awhile it gets better.” I told Morgan as I shifted her onto all fours.
Cole came up behind her and wrapped his front paws around her. She gasped as the dog started to hump her. I shopped the dog and guided his member into her mound. He pounded her as she screamed in pain, tears streamed down her face. She came almost immediately on Cole as he pumped deeper into her. After awhile she stopped crying and started meaning in pleasure. The dog continues to fuck her until he came deep inside her. He pulled out and that’s when our dad walked in.

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  • Reply Claire ID:2kyee16vzk

    How did ur dad come in if the door was locked and btw how did the story end up

  • Reply Biggus Dickus ID:1bdtuvkt8

    How even does the dad walk in when the door was locked and noone was home

  • Reply Guy Fawkes. ID:zej2spcv9b

    *The coffin dancing song starts playing.*

  • Reply Jimmy ID:7zv365ns40

    Awesome story I have a huge stud great Dane text me 814 319 8624

  • Reply Known ID:e0vo5os8j

    Khanki r bal suor-kuttar baccha ra!!

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