The almost virgin bride. Her true story – Part One

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At 22 years old I settled down to a lazy marriage to a successful and ambitious husband. A good looking 6’3″ man of 240 pounds. 30 years old and has been having full body Laser Treatments to completely remove all of his body hair, which really makes his muscles look good. His daily attire is tailored business suits which can not hide his beautiful 7 inch cock or his 2 1/2 inch long heavy balls. At home we both enjoy nudity whenever possible. Which is almost all of the time for me.

I have thick reddish natural blonde hair to my waist, a thick short red bush and zero body hair. Very fair skin from my redhead mother and my blonde father. Long thick nipples and silver dollar size areola on my 36 D breasts. My nipples and pussy lips are the same color as the lips on my mouth. My vagina is always slightly wet to almost dripping, naturally because I am extremely horny all of the time. I get super wet when turned on and gush when orgasming. I exercise daily in our home gym and am in excellent shape. At 5’7″ I am very strong and have tremendous stamina, which I need having sex with my husband who can fuck for hours, and he does that often.

Before marriage, I had sucked one cock, for 30 seconds, swallowed, and he ran off to play baseball with his friends. WTF! LOL. Another boy came all over my pubic hair trying to find my vagina. LOL. Another boy hit my hymen, pulled out and slid his whole five inches right into my butt. He never knew the difference. But he fucked my ass for 5 wonderful minutes. Long enough for me to orgasm, which he didn’t notice. LOL, oh well, he was 16 and a virgin. So he did well, I guess. No complaints with him.

So my wedding night was an unexpected surprise. My husband kissed me for probably an hour before he took my wedding panties off me and replaced them with his mouth. OMFG! My self induced orgasms were worlds different than those he gave me with his mouth and fingers. Then we took a break and had some Dom Perignon and he undressed me completely as we drank. Then he gave me my first wedding Present from him. A Breathless Air Pulse Stimulation Vibrator! (I always carry it with me. Wow!)

Back on the bed, he showed me how to use my wonderful new toy. After a wave of heart pounding orgasms from it that went and drove me into a sweaty mess, he rolled me onto my tummy. I kept my toy on my clit as his wonderful mouth did its magic on my vagina and asshole. FUCK! He is GOOD!
He spent a long time licking and fingering my asshole and opening it up to pour in his saliva, driving his long tongue in deep. After what seemed like endless orgasms, I felt him moving up and slowly slide his super hard cock deep into my ass. Holy Fuck! I came soooooo hard while he did that. He stopped for a few seconds so I could catch my breath, then fucked me so fucking good I almost passed out from the pleasure. When he finally came deep inside my rectum, he gave me such an intense orgasm with him, I felt like our bodies merged into one person. And I felt like I became the happiest bride in history.

After catching our breath and letting our hearts settle back to normal, we toasted our newfound sexuality together. Relaxed a bit, then went into the shower and bathed each other. OMG that was delightfully fun. And I had the wonderful opportunity to suck on his big balls as I was rinsing them off with the hand shower. After we dried each other off, he took me to bed and taught me 69. I instantly fell in love with everything about 69. I drained his wonderful balls down my throat 3 times. Once half in my throat, half in my mouth and some up and out my nose. LOL. Once entirely down my throat. Once mostly in my mouth, swallowing as quickly as I could. I had too many orgasms to count.

After that, we just fell asleep in each others arms, and I decided that I was always going to sleep nude for the rest of my life. I felt so wonderful in his strong arms. We woke up in early morning to a beautiful day. I slid on a thin lightweight summer dress and some sandals, and we went out for a nice Brunch. Then headed back to our hotel for the long awaited deflowering of my maidenhood. I was so excited to finally have my hymen out of the way. I couldn’t wait to have my husbands wonderful penis inside of it, But he was in no hurry. He wanted to spend over an hour driving me wild with orgasms with his mouth first. His mouth. Lips, tongue, breath, cheeks, nose, chin, fingers, all were involved. That’s his mouth? LOL. OK. Did I enjoy it? Fuck yeah!

When he finally put his cockhead against my hymen, I felt pressure, a tiny stab of pain, a little bit of a burning sensation for a second (?) or less, then he just slid himself all the way in until I felt him bump into my cervix. Such a wonderful feeling. I will never forget that full slippery feeling inside me. Then he just started fucking me in slow gentle round and round short strokes, keeping his pubic bone nicely pressed against my swollen clit. When my orgasms finally were beginning to make my clit to sensitive to touch, he began long deep strokes. Holy Shit he could fuck. I became addicted to his pounding cock. My vagina just naturally squeezed and rippled around his penis with every outward stroke and grabbed him hard on every inward stroke. He fucked me a long time, taking short breaks with his penis buried deep inside me with my vagina quivering noticeably inside of me. I had never felt my vagina doing that before. It was very nice.

When he came, he pulled his cock out and thrust it deep into my rectum. I wasn’t on birth control pills yet. I had foolishly forgotten them at home. After he went soft, I sucked our juices off of his cock and balls. I was his. Completely his.

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  • Reply Jair ID:1cmutw62mgnb

    Very good part 02 please

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    I really think your hubby is Cappy for some reason .

  • Reply Ellie ID:1dk06at1hyaj

    Well I was almost a virgin on my wedding night , but I ended up losing it on my hen night , I was 19 never been kissed and my best friend got me so drunk on my hen night I lost my self control as well as my virginity

    • MystyGardens ID:2pdvucf0v1

      Thank you for sharing that Ellie. I would love to know more, if you remember it.
      How about your wedding night? How was it?