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Helping an old woman in her final years

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An old woman relives sex from 30 years ago

This is a story that happened to me when I was in my early 40’s. I went to work for an insurance company as basically a secretary. I had an occasional sale, but my main duties were clerical, well at least thats how it was supposed to be. The company I worked for was originally owned by a couple named Rose and Marvin. Marvin died about 30 years prior and the co was taken over by their children. On my first day of work I noticed an elderly woman walking around doing small dd jobs. I asked one of my co-workers who she was and was told that it was Rose, the original owner. Rose actually had the best office in the company and came to work every day with no exceptions. Rose’s work was actually nothing much, it was just a place for her to be, so her children kept her there to keep an eye on her.

Rose was amazing, she was 83 years old, tiny, and a little hunched. After a few weeks, it seemed my job was more keeping Rose amused, more than my secretary duties, and I actually loved it. I would go into Rose’s office and we would mostly talk. In my 7 hour shift, I probably spent 4-5 hours with Rose, and the rest on my real work. We talked about everything, from how the company started to her sex life with Marvin and everything in between.

Whenever we talked about sex, I was really intrigued by her. Here was this 83 year old woman who hadn’t had sex in 30 years, but still remembered how much she loved it, and greatly missed it. We talked very openly about it, and she was not the least bit shy about anything either. She told me that she tried one of those vibrator thinks, but it was “stiff and not very comfortable.” I laughed at the thought of one of those big, stiff, white, ribbed plastic dildos from 1950. I told Rose that we were in the 21st century and they have come a long way.

I went to the “never used” computer on her desk, looked up adult toys and showed her what was now available. The look on her face made me laugh so hard I almost pee’d myself. She looked like a kid on Christmas morning. I said to her, “would you like me to order one for you, I think you will change your mind about these things.”

She loved the idea, but said she wanted to pick it out, what could I say, it was her old starving pussy that was in need, so I told her I would help her. First we looked at Dildo’s, then we moved on to vibrators, and at the end, she was overwhelmed. She pointed to a nice looking, medium sized rubber dildo and said she wanted that one.

I told her no problem and put it in the cart, then I told her she should have a vibrator as well since it was 2 completely different things. She looked at me a little confused, but I told her to trust me and added the same vibrator that I use into her cart and finish the sale. It said it would be 4-6 days to arrive, so I had them shipped to my house.

At the end of the following week her toys arrived at my house, so I opened the box curious to see the dildo she picked out. Wow, it was pretty thick and fairly long, something I surely could handle, but wasn’t sure about an 83 year old woman. The next

day on my way to work I stopped at a drug store and grabbed some lube, I was sure she would need it. I went into her office and held up my pocketbook, smiles at Rose and said, “guess what I have in here.”

She smiled ear to ear and said, “can I see them?” I pulled up a chair, opened my pocketbook and pulled out her toys. Her eyes couldn’t have opened any wider, she reached for the big dildo, grabbed it, stroked it up and down and said, “hello Marvin my love, I missed you.” we both laughed and I told her that she needed to put them away before anybody walked in. In reality, nobody ever walked in, they always knocked and waited for her to say, “come in.” They still treated her with respect.

She took the vibrator out and I helped her with the batteries and turned it on. Without saying a word she reached down and put it between her legs. Rose was wearing a thin pantsuit, and I could tell that she was getting a good idea what it was capable of doing. She said,”this is unbelievable, I feel it right through my pants, I can’t imagine how good this is going to feel. Before I knew what she was doing, she stood up, pulled down her pants and sat back down. She sat back in her chair and put the vibrator right on her tiny granny underwear, right on her clit. I said, “Rose, at least let me leave before you start.”

Rose said, “no, don’t leave, I may need some guidance, its been a long time.” I have to admit, this was making me very horny watching her enjoy that new toy, but it just didn’t feel right.

I said, ” I really think you’ll enjoy it more by yourself,”

she just shook her head and said,”please stay”, so I did. I sat and watched this poor old woman who hasn’t had sex in 30 years fall in love with her new toy, I could only imagine how she was going to enjoy the dildo. I didnt have to wait long. Rose handed me the vibrator and ask me to turn it off. I did as she asked and she gave me the “give it to me” motion to her new dildo. I suggested once again that I leave but she insisted I stay. she held the dildo in her hand and said, “should I put that oil on it, I’m kinda dry down there.” I said that she absolutely should and gave her the lube too.

She put some on her hand and stroked the fake cock a few times to get it nice and wet, then she floored me! She stood up, pulled off her granny panties and sat back down. I was dumbfounded, I didn’t know what to do. Rose looked me right in the eye and said, “you’re a modern woman, this shouldn’t be a big deal for you, right?”

I said, “Rose, this is something you do in private, I do, I call it my time.”

Rose looks at me and says, “let call this our time, please, I’m always alone at home, I love the time we spend together and this is no exception.” What could I say, so I just nodded my head and sat back in my chair. Rose scrunched down, spread her legs and started to push “old Marvin” in. Now I know this sounds very, very, weird, but watching her trying to push that in her almost hairless pussy was very erotic. To my amazement, she slowly pushed it all the way in, then started very slowly pulling it in and out. Old Rose was back in her 30’s fucking her husband. She was enjoying the shit out of it and it was making me very horny. Rose said, “why not grab my vibrator and join me, looks like you need it.” I did!

I reached for the vibrator, unbuttoned my pants and partially pulled them down. I wear a thong, so all I needed to do was pull aside some material and I was right on my clit. Here we were, 2 woman decades apart in age mutually masturbating. I was lost in my own thoughts when I heard Rose let out a pretty loud moan, I told her, “Shhhh, somebody’s gonna hear us.,” but I don’t think sh really cared at that point because she was in a place she hadn’t been to in years.

When we were both finished we got ourselves together and I went back to my desk. The next day when I came in, I was told Rose took the day off, “to rest,” but I knew exactly what that meant. Now when I’m home alone and self pleasuring, I always think of my dear friend Rose. She’s been gone many years now, but she’ll always be with me, and hopefully I made her last years more fun.

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  • Reply Sammy ID:13trhp7cqzce

    When I asked her if I should take down my underwear and sleep naked she said she would take hers off if I wanted to see she was so sexy even at her age I mean she was beautiful

  • Reply Sammy ID:13trhp7cqzce

    She went into the bathroom real quick and then came out to walk in the bedroom and I could see her in her nightgown and it made me hard her husband was not going to be home until the morning and I would usually fall asleep on the couch until the morning when my mom got home from work she turned off the light and I asked her if it was ok to lay down with her she told me I could get comfortable so I got in the bed next to her and was laying on top of the blanket she told me I should get under the blanket and take my underwear off

  • Reply Sammy ID:13trhp7cqzce

    My neighbor who lived across the street would always be so nice to me I really didn’t grow up with my mom the way people like to imagine she was always working and when my siblings were not home it was nice to be around an older woman that was always so together when I would come over there house the husband would usually leave shortly after I don’t exactly remember when I started to get excited just watching her clean the house she was definitely in her late 70s but one day after the husband left she told me she was going to take a nap in the bedroom and if I wanted to lay down with her that would be ok

  • Reply Lewd76 ID:13rdc5vwc6my

    Great story. I’d love to hear more

  • Reply Sammy ID:13trhp7cqzce

    I had an older neighbor she was in her early seventies and went I would get home from work she would make sure that I could see that she was still up once in a while she would slide the blinds over just enough so I could see her walking around I definitely would look some nights it was actually very sexy one night when I got home I could see her walking around the living room in her panties so I opened up my blinds a little bit to get a better look and before I knew it I heard a knock at my door and she was standing at the door and asked me well aren’t you going to let me in

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    I like it. I would have fucked her. 8 to 80, girls are girls.

    • Sammy ID:13trhp7cqzce

      You are not a good person