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I put my first bi sexual time into this yesterday, I just wanted to go over our second date

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My prior writing went over my first time ever touching and sucking another guys cock. We have had our second “date” and I am really into it now.

After our first night, from the bar to the park. I could hardly wait until we could have some more time together. I was amazed that we had known each other for so long and never knew we both wanted the same thing, another guy. We were both happy in our marriages, had wives and children.

We got coffee the next morning from the vendor out front of our work, and went inside. We both wanted more … of each other. We planned to hit the gym up at lunch time, we both belonged to a gym down the street from work, which had given all the employees at our work a very nice discount. The gym was coed, but had separate areas for men and women, with sauna and steam rooms having coed, and separate men’s and women’s. And of course the main locker rooms were separate. We both had seen other guys hook up in the sauna and steam rooms before, and that was what we had planned to do.

From the locker room at the gym we went right to the steam room, and into a back corner section, and not to our surprise in the spot we were headed to, there were two guys going at it, well one was sucking off the other. We went for the other side of that room, and in the steam we could hardly make out the other guys. My friend had sat down first, so I just got down in front of him on my knees and started in on sucking his cock as I had my hand wrapped around it and stroking him. And the one thing that popped into my head was about him talking the night before about his wife and doctor, fingering his ass and prostrate. So with my other hand I started to finger his ass hole, and after a few minutes and some spit and drool, my finger was buried up to the knuckles and finger tip on his prostrate. He came much more than he had the night before, and I was ready for it, and I then knew just why my wife loved sucking cock and swallowing cum so much.

We switched off, changing places and he had my cock down his throat, no gag problem for him. And when he started fingering my ass, it was strange to start with, but when he hit the right spot, I was shooting a load of cum in his mouth and down his throat. We were both staying nice and hard, but since he was the last one to cum, it was my turn again. We talked over that we were gonna go all the way, and go for some cock to ass, as we both completely enjoyed the fingers, the cocks just had to be next. he was on his knees on the low bench, and I was able to just stand right behind him, my cock right level with his ass. I was leaking cum, and still coated with cum and spit, and his ass was more that willing to allow me to just slide right in, and I started pumping away.

As I was pounding away on my friends ass, this other guy walked up and sat down right next to us and just started watching as he rubbed his hard cock. I guess he was thinking he was gonna get in on some of what was going on. Now I did not think so, but my friend must have thought it was a good idea, and asked the guy to move over in front of him. So now I am standing there, my cock buried in my friends ass, and I am looking forward right into the face of this strange guy who was now getting sucked off by my friend. I looked down and watched my hard cock sliding in and out of my friends ass, and that is all it took, as I started shooting off another load of cum into him. As far as I could tell, the strange guy had cum in my friends mouth, and when we both turned and sat, that guy got up and walked away, going out of view into the steam.

I got onto my knees on the lower bench, and my friend got behind me. He had a bit harder time getting his cock to part the way. My ass was not ready for it, and was not going along with the program, and I wanted it so bad. But with a bunch of spit and extra work on both our parts, he was in me, now it was a very weird feeling. When he started to get in deep enough the head of his cock was hitting me just right, and I told him to go for and pump harder. I really did not need to tell him, he was pretty much doing it already. I had been looking forward to all this kind of action for years, and it was all happening and I loved it.

That was it for our lunch break, we headed for the locker room and the showers. Dressed and went back to work. I got a phone call from the wife, oh it is a small world we live in, as she starts to tell me we were going over to my friends house that weekend for a BBQ and pool party. I was also not suppose to tell my friend, as it was a surprise his wife was putting together for his birthday.

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