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Me, my cousin sister and her friend

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My stepsister Kiara, and her best friend Sofia – Me(13), kiara (12), Sofia(12)

I was sitting at home, watching some NASCAR replays. Kiara and Sofia were sitting in Kiara’s room, playing some games. After some time, they got bored and came down and sat on the couch with me. Kiara is a fairly skinned girl with 30A tits and Sofia was a light skinned girl with 32A tits. Both of them are very sexy and have a beautiful face. They know a lot about sex.

When commercials came in the TV, a bikini ad came and I got a mild erection. Kiara spotted it and told Sofia about it. After some time, Kiara came and sat on my lap. My cock then had a full erection, and Kiara immediately knew it, and told it aloud. She then started undressing slowly, and then followed Sofia. It was very sexy to see 2 nude girls in front of me. I also started undressing, and after a minute, we were all undressed.

Kiara went to the kitchen top, and lay over there, with her pussy facing me. Sofia Lay on the floor. I went up to Kiara and started licking her pussy and boobs. Sofia came over and started to suck my cock. After some intense licking, Sofia started to leave small moans. AHH, AHHH, AHHHHH, THAT FEELS SO GOOD! DONT STOP PLEASE!! AHHH!

I then started to kiss and suck Sofia’s boobs, and I move to her pussy, then she has an orgasm. AHH.. MMM..MNHMM.. FEELS SO GOOOD… YOU ARE THE BESTT…!

Kiara then climbs on top of me and pushes my cock inside her pussy. She lets out loud moans… AAAH… MMMM…MMMM….MMMMMMM..MMM…MM. Then, I fuck her in cowgirl, sideways, reverse cowgirl, and she cummed soon..

I then move on to Sofia. She gives me another blowjob and I start to fucking her in standing and lifting pose.. She has 2 orgasms, and squirts a lot of cum..

We fuck a couple more times and end our session there.. We also bath together..

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    nice story mate! start writing again

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    amazing story!

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    lovely story!