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Taking the Cakes

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Mom, and me were baking for a fund raiser, but she had to go out to buy more flour.

We got stuck with the muffins, and cupcakes, so we had to re-use the tins, and we did the muffins first. I set those up on the dining room table to cool off. So I could wrap them up, and went back in the kitchen where it was hot. Some of the cupcakes over-rose, and leaked out of the tin.

Like popovers, or Yorkshire Puddings, since we’re using those pans for extra cupcakes. Those were the best sellers, but the oven filled up with smoke, and I had to open up the back door to let it out. The whole batch was ruined, so I let the oven cool off to clean the burners, and went back in the dining room to wrap up the muffins.

That’s how the boys got in, but I heard one “SHUSH!” real loud. So, when I came back, I caught them with their pants down, and one of them said “It’s really warm.”

“Yeah like pussy.”

“What do you think you’re doing in here?” They dropped the cupcakes, which had holes in them, and one ran for the door, while the other dropped his pants, and tripped over them. “You sick little pervert!” I slapped his bare butt, without even thinking about it. Oh, I’m going to spank him, I just felt my hand sting, and he laughed.

“She touched my butt!”

The other boy looked in, and said “Ooh, I’m gonna tell!”

“Uh!” That shocked me, the one boy laughing when I hit him as much as me actually trying to hurt him. I never really was a physical kinda girl, my mom never spanked me, and we didn’t have a dad, or brothers around to either. “Well, don’t try to turn this around on me. You’re not even supposed to be in here with your pants down, and.” I looked down at the cupcake with a split down the bottom.

I shook my head, and bit back the word fucking. Obviously, the one boy even said they were warm like pussy, and he didn’t just stick it in. He even split it open, so it had a crack, like pussy.

“Come on, we better go.”

“Oh no you don’t.” The other boy got his pants up, and fixed, but I grabbed his other arm. So, he yanked them both out, and covered his butt. Backing up in the corner, so I stood over him, looking down, and feeling the anger taken over by these weird feelings I never had before. I’m not talking about the obvious sexual part, I mean I did catch them with their little dicks in my cupcakes, but I guess the violent part?

I didn’t know I had it in me, but he couldn’t cover both cheeks, and his face, so I slapped him again. “Say you’re sorry!”


I slapped him again, “I don’t believe you, say it like you mean it!”

“I’m SORRY!” He yelled, and tried to push me back, but another thing was I’m taller than him. Bigger than him, and even dare I say stronger? Than a boy, 2 boys, but while I had one cornered I forgot all about the other one, until he yelled again.

“Let him go, he said he’s sorry!” I whirled around to him, but he was still out on the back porch, and he disappeared as soon as I turned on him. Then he ran, and I chased him. Laughing, even though it was kinda funny, and I wasn’t pissed off any more, as soon as I got rough with one, I started to like it.

So, I tackled him, and tried to wrestle him down, but even though he was littler, I guess he wrestled before, because I didn’t know what I was doing. So, he kept squirming out of it, and kicked me off.

“Get off of him!”

I giggled, and tickled his ribs, because that’s something I did know how to do. Usually, my friends surprised one of us. Sometimes it was you, and others it was a different girl every time, but it was always a girl, and other girls ganging up on her, but I never tried it with a boy. Let alone two, and I was laughing at least as hard as he was.

Just like his friend did, when I tried to spank him. I only hit him once, and I think I hurt my hand worse than his butt, but it was bare, pale, and hairless. Sexy in a way that I never noticed before? I mean, we’re talking about 5th graders, prepubes. I was surprised they could even get it up, but when I tickled his friend, he was too weak to stop me.

So, I sat on his hip, and pushed it down with my weight. Pinning him, and grabbing his arms trying to cover up his neck. So, I could pull them out of the way, but if I let go to tickle him, then he could fight back. So I just pushed them down in the dirt.

“Huh huh huh!” I looked back, and shook my hair out of my eyes to see the other boy standing there. Just watching me tickle his friend into submission, and shaking his fists excitedly, with a big grin on his face, in the back yard. I snapped out of it again, and turned back into my usual self, but the other boys kept his voice down. “What are you going to do to him now?”

“Uh!” The boy humped under me, so I could feel his hard little prick bump my butt. “Yeah, you want to hump me?”

“Huh, well how would you know what pussy feels like, you virgin?” I let his arms go, and started getting up, but hen his friend grabbed me from behind, and both hands went for my chest.

He laughed right in my ear, “Now I know what real boobs feel like!”

“You little sicko!” I tried to throw him off, but he laughed, and “SHUSH!”ed me.

“You don’t want your neighbors to hear you, and come out to catch you like this.” He said all that, which was a lot, because I wasn’t really fighting too hard. Also, he was right, this wasn’t a real fight, but it turned into sexy play fighting right away, so I didn’t want to win.

I didn’t want to lose, I just wanted to keep playing with them, and see where it went. Obviously, it was headed for me proving that my pussy felt better than warm smoked cupcakes, but as luck would have it. Mom came home, and called me to help just when it was getting good!

“Sh!” I held up a finger, “Let me up.” By then, they had me down on the ground, and my arms pinned with a leg each, so they could use both hands to feel me up. Squeeze my bra cups through my shirt, and fight over who got to touch between my legs, but I just lay back, and enjoyed it until we got interrupted.

“Hey, Miss. Tarlington.” The boys followed me out the back gate.

“Well, what are you boys doing here?” She had the hatch back up, but I’m not naming any names. Our last name is Tarlington, which is her maiden name, and it’s Miss not Missus, because she never got married. A long story short, she got pregnant at a party, dropped out of college, but since she was already Interning, they let her keep her job full time, and she made enough money to raise me on her own.

I knew the boys from the neighborhood, their names and families. We even played together, but normal kid games like tag, or hide and seek. They always cheated, but they were the kind of good/bad boys that usually got away with it. Because they were good when there were grownups around, then bad when they weren’t, but we’re talking about childish things like cursing, and breaking windows with bottles.

They offered to help, since I ruined a whole batch of cupcakes, then looked at me with a grin, and a wink.

“Oh, yeah!” I ran in to step on the cupcakes, ruin the evidence, and sweep them up, while the boys carried in the flour sack. Since it’s 50 lbs, that’s why she called me when she backed in, because she could carry it on her shoulder, but she needed help getting it there, because of her bad back.

The boys picked it up by the corners, easily, and one backed through the front door, while mom held it open for them. “Pwew!” I dumped the dustpan in the garbage, and closed the door, but the air conditioner was already up full blast, and I had to face the music.

“I had an accident,” I held my head down, so I didn’t have to look her in the eye. “Some of the cupcakes leaked out of the popover cups, and burned on the elements.”

“Huh, well that does set us back a little, but if you boys want to help, while she cleans it up.”

They pointed, “She said we could have the old cupcakes, since they’re ruined!”

“Yeah,” the other one went over to the counter, and started squeezing the tops. “Too bad they aren’t still warm.” He grinned, and winked, so I shook my head, and stuck it in the oven to hide. Fortunately, it didn’t burn to a crisp, so I could just pick it off, and stop blushing, because I was ashamed of myself.

Well, I knew I should have been ashamed of myself, and I really shouldn’t have encouraged them. Rewarding them for breaking into my house, and letting them trick me into joining their perverted sex games, but now it was too late. I really wanted to finish what we started, a lot more than helping mom get ready for the bake sale, so the boys waited for me to get done in the oven, and said.

“We better go, can Calleigh cum with us?”

“NGHM!” His friend tried not to laugh.

“Yeah, can I?” As if they could cum for real. Little fibber was probably still shooting blanks, but now I was enjoying the lie. Joking about it right in front of mom when she’s none the wiser, but she shook her head.

“She’s already set me back hours.” She complained.

“Well, how many hours?”

“Yeah Mom. When can I go out and play?” The boys took their ill gotten gains, to go play their perverted games without me, until she let me go. The whole time, all I could think about was what I was going to do to them, but they came back. A couple hours later, and finally we bugged her enough to let us go.

No sooner did we get out on the porch, with the door closed then one of the boys asked. “So, how much do the cupcakes cost?”

“Uh,” I shook my head, and said “5 bucks each,” surprised at the change of subject, but they just said “Okay,” and I thought we’re talking about $60.00 for the whole dozen I ruined, which was a lot of money.

Then, one ran off, and the other said “Try and keep up,” but I had to be careful chasing after them. Because before I left, I changed out of my pants, and underwear. I put on a dress, but other then socks, and shoes, that’s all I had on. I was practically naked, and anyone in the neighborhood might see my bare butt underneath the skirt if I let it fly up, running.

All to make it that much easier to take off when we got there, but they led me to the end of one street. Down a trail to another one, but then they turned off, and ran along the fence. They disappeared out of sight, but I kept picking my way through the prickly bushes, somebody had grown outside there fence.

I also got really horny, pulling the curtains open in my bedroom to flash my boobs naked, while they waited outside in the side yard. To give them boners, but also to get me horny again, too. Enjoying the dirty thrill of flashing them, and that wasn’t even the half of it. We’re going off to have sex, but rough dirty sex, with 2 boys, and even though I was a year older. I started puberty, and they still didn’t have any hair on it.

That ment they were little, I didn’t get to see them, just their bare butts, but I felt one rub the end against my butt when I was sitting on him. Holding his arms, so he struggled, helpless because I overpowered him, and if I had to pick a best part, that was it. I felt so big and strong, even though they easily turned the tables on me when they finally teamed up on me, and then I got a bunch of pleasure from all 4 hands touching me all over, even though I was helpless to stop them.

Of course I didn’t want them to stop, but now that I got to experience both sides on it, I knew I really wanted to be on Top. “Boys?” I finally put my hands up to call out to them. “Where’d you go?”

“Over here!” Finally, I found them under a tree, with the leaves kicked out of the way, and a board taken out from between the roots, so they could pull a box out. It was heavy, and it clinked when they dropped it. Like a treasure chest, even though it was really a plastic box.

Inside, they pulled out the dirty magazines, and one of the boys stood up. “I have to break a roll of quarters, unless you’d rather count out a hundred dimes.”

“Uh!” That’s only 10 bucks, but I guess it’s my fault for expecting them to pay for the whole dozen, when I ruined them in the first place. I mean, you could still eat them, but you couldn’t sell them, and they weren’t iced, but I figured they wanted them to screw, and pretend they felt like real pussy.

“Well, I bet you 20 bucks you’re wrong.”

“You’re on.”

“Wait,” his friend stopped him, “Wrong about what?”

“You said it feels like a real pussy.” I gathered up the bottom of my dress, and rubbed it on my legs, lifting it to slowly reveal my muff. I’m 12, so we’re not really talking about a whole lot of bush yet, but I shaved my legs, and just trimmed the ends so they didn’t stick out of the top, or leg holes in my underwear. If I wore any, but they didn’t care. “Where’d you get all this money from, anyways?” Only the quarters were rolled up, but there sure was a lot of pennies, nickles, and dimes in the bottom.

“Don’t change the subject,” one tried to grab the hem of my dress, and pull it back up, but I laughed, and slapped his hand. Giggling, because I really wanted it rough. I mean, I wanted to do it rough, so teasing was just an excuse. For one of them to try and touch me, so I could play hard to get. They could fight back, and I could fight back, then we could finish what we started.

“Well, you know the newspaper machines, outside of the post office?” he just rubbed his hand, and answered the question.

“What about it?” I shook my head.

“Well, I know the man that runs that paper route, and he lost his keys once.”

“You mean you stole them.”

“Okay, I borrowed them, but I gave them back before he noticed they’re missing.”

“Yeah, we cleaned them out. All the machines on the whole route, but then they changed the locks, so we couldn’t do it again.”

“Yeah, and he got fired, but it’s okay, he got another job.”

“Uh!” I just pushed one.

“Hey!” I pushed the other one.

“You little thief.”

“You, stupid girl.” Finally, they tried to grab me. Both arms, but I managed to pull them out. Just pushing, and shoving, but then one got behind me, and pulled up my dress. “Grab her arms!”

“I’m trying!” But one on one, I was still bigger, and stronger. So, I grabbed his shoulders, and jumped on him. “UGH!”

“Now’s your chance, hold her down!”

“NGH!” I must have knocked the wind out of him, so I scooted up, and sat on his tummy. So he couldn’t breathe, but I just put my arms up, and let the other one pull it off behind me. So, I was practically naked, but then the one under my grabbed my boobs.

Hard, “Ow!” I started slapping at them, then I hit my own chest when he pulled them away suddenly. “Ngh!” I held them protectively, but then somebody got his hands between my legs.

“Now’s our chance!” Beside me, he pulled me off, and pushed me back. “Grab her!”

“No, stop!”

“No means yes!”

“No, don’t stop.” I shook my head, and let them. Pin me down again, only this time naked except for shoes, and gave into the dirty pleasure of them touching me. “Oh owm!” One of them covered my mouth, so I could squeal when rough fingers invaded me, and felt around inside me, but as much as I felt defeated, the prize was both of them trying their best.

“Yeah I’ll get her off. You like that huh slut!”

“Mh mh!” I nodded, and he started fucking me roughly. With his fingers, but it’s not like I ever put out for a boy before. Willingly, and it was kinda like they’re raping me, but only because I dared them to, and I practically had to beat them up just to get something inside me, but finally.

“SNHhHhHhHhH!” Snot shot in and out of my nose, but I couldn’t really breathe with my tummy quivering, and they let go of my mouth. “OhHhHhH?” So I could moan out loud.

“See, I told you I could get her off.”

“Let me!”

“No, she’s mine!”

“No!” I put my leg up, and kicked his shoulder. “No you stupid shit, that wasn’t the bet!” I got pissed off again, and this time his friend just stood up. “You think I forgot?” Pinned him down, but then I heard a clink next to me, and like he snapped his fingers, I snapped out of it again.

“Yeah, kick his ass.” His friend unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his pants to stick his fingers in there. “Fuck him up, beat him up bad, yeah!” He twisted them, and stuck them in the underwear fly to fish it out. Pale, hard, and hairless, but it was a dick.

“Oh yeah.” I scooted out on his lap, “Why don’t you hold his arms.”

“No, faggot! Don’t touch me!”

“Or what?”

“I’ll suck your dick if you help me rape him.” It finally dawned on me that it was 2 against one. Either way, even if they were a little younger, weaker, and undeveloped, so what? As long as it was the 2 of them against one of me, there’s no way I could win, but I finally said it.

Rape, it wasn’t really rape. I mean, any more than he finger-raped me to orgasm, when it was kinda what I wanted. Only I wanted to do the raping, too? So, I decided the best way to handle it is taking turns. Playing the victim, raping each other, because all 3 of us wanted to be on top, but somebody’s got to lose. For the other 2 to win, but they were all too willing to help me.

Honestly, to lose, because the prize for the loser is sex. Go ahead and fight it, but it didn’t take long to figure out that the loser gets it. Like the last one to cum in a circle jerk takes the cake? Okay, you pretend that you don’t want it all frosted with cum, because that might be gay, but you all agreed to jerk off together. You all knew the rules, and at the end of the day, somebody has to take the cake.

“Huh, that doesn’t feel like a cupcake, does it?” Finally, I got his dick out, and sat on it. He shook his head, with his arms pinned, and another dick right over his face. “Say it.”


“Tell me, virgin.”

“No, it doesn’t feel like pussy! Uh!” He turned away, and shut his eyes when he saw the dick. “Get that out of my face, faggot!”

“You’re not going to get laid unless you admit it. You lied, virgin. Look at me. LOOK AT ME WHAT I’M TALKING TO YOU!”

“All right, okay! Jeeze, what do you want me to say?”

“That’s why you thought pussy felt like warm cupcakes isn’t it?”

“Okay, I’m a virgin, I never even got to touch a pussy before you. Just do it all ready, quit beating around the bush and fuck me all ready!”

“No, rape. Say it.”

“Rape me.”

“No, you want it too bad. Get up.” I pushed the other boy off, and jumped on his arms. “Eat it, eat my pussy. There, that taste like cupcakes?”

“MHM MHM!” he shook his head, but I swear I could feel him grin. He started licking, and I humped his nose, but by then the other boy dropped his pants.

“Okay, you got to rape him, so pay up.”

I grabbed his butt, and stuffed his dick in my mouth to suck it, and face fuck me, while I raped his friends face, until I started cumming again. “Oh!” I got off, and curled up in the leaves.

“Now’s our chance, grab hold of her for me. You wanna rape? I’ll give you rape. Yeah, I’ll rape you good and hard.”

“Huh!” I rolled back, and pulled my sweaty hair out of my face. “Well?” I looked over at the other boy, slipping his spit slick prick through his fingers, but he was hard. “You’re saying?”

“Just a minute.” He had to grab a magazine, trying to pull it hard again, but after I face raped him.

“Come here big boy. You better fuck me while dickless gets it up again.”

“Okay,” he jumped on, and I had to feel between us. Pinch his prick and aim it by feel so he’d get it in.

“Oh, oh yeah. Fuck me,” I said his name. “Fuck me good and hard, make me cum.”

“Get off her.” Finally, the other boy pushed him off, and got down between my legs. Hard, and like he fingered me. He tried to rape me, but he just fucked me good and hard. “Oh, yes! Fuck yes, fuck uh fuck uh FUCK! Uhn! UhnNnNnNnN!”

3 times. I got off three times, and he just held it in. I cracked my eyes when I could, and then I laughed, when I saw the look on his face.

“BITCH!” He smacked me. “Don’t laugh at me. How do you like it?”

“No, ow. You’re hurting me!”

“You’re hurting me!” He mocked me. “You raped me!”

“No I didn’t. You can’t rape a boy, you wanted it!”

“Well how do you like it? Answer me! Say it, say it!”

“Ah yes. Rape me, rape me again and again!”

I deserved it, and finally, I felt like I deserved it. Yeah, I made excuses, and sure they shouldn’t have broken into my house in the first place, but is this what I really wanted? Yeah, sure. Don’t blame the victim, but is there really a victim here? I pushed him, and dared him, humiliated him, and made him rape me, but why?

I don’t know, I honestly still don’t know what made me do that. What’s wrong with me, and why I enjoy it so much. I mean, nowadays it’s safe sane consensual BDSM with safe words, and stuff, but for the first couplefew years. We didn’t stop there, and it wasn’t just the two of them. They knew more boys, and of course they wanted to lose their virginities too.

I made them rape each other, just the 3 of us, just to see what that was like. They weren’t gay at all, but you don’t have to be, if it’s to prove something. Your place on the pecker order, the top of the scrotum pole, but of course they switched places too. Top, and bottom, rape or be raped, but after I spent all their money.

They paid me, but that was just part of the game. They didn’t make me their whore, I wanted their money, and they couldn’t really spend it without explaining where they got it in the first place.

Then again, they didn’t have a mom that ran fundraisers, and catering sometimes to launder the money. Of course, once other boys got involved, they saved up. Broke into cars to steal the change, and did whatever it took to scrape together the $20.00. Which was my going rate for virgins, but then inevitably I got pregnant.

In high school, and mom was disappointed. We had a big fight, where I called her a hypocrite for doing the exact same thing when she was a teenager. Which is a lie, she wasn’t literally a prostitute in middle school, and high school. She just partied a little too hard in college, and paid the price. Eventually, inevitably I guess one of the rubbers broke. One of the things I spent the money on, but all she could say to that was.

“I just wanted you to avoid making the same mistakes.” She cried, too.

“Well, it’s not a mistake. I’m not a mistake, you just got it over with, while you’re still young enough to enjoy life, right?”

She sniffed, “I guess?” Maybe that’s just what she told herself to feel better about being an 80s statistic.

“Well, I’m not a mistake, and this one.” I rubbed my tummy. “She’s not going to be a mistake either.”

She smiled, and nodded, wiping her eyes. “So, it’s a girl, you think?” Too early to take the test.

“I sure hope so.” We’re worth more, and besides I don’t really trust myself to raise a little boy. I know I’d be way too cruel if I did, but I guess there’s always adoption?

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