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Becoming Aware – Inceste Secret – Part 3

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Young autistic girl becomes aware of incest in her family.

I was expected to help my dad as best I could and so I decided to sleep downstairs on the couch instead of my room in case he needed me. I heard him moaning in the middle of the night so I went to his room with just the living room light on in case he was sleeping.

The door was slightly ajar so I looked in but couldn’t see much even with my glasses on so I quietly went in. It took me a while to adjust to the darkness but finally I could see that he was lying on his back with no covers or sheets on since it was another hot night.

As I moved closer toward him, I saw that he only had his boxers on and that he had and enormous hard-on sticking out of the pee slit of his shorts. I had never seen a penis that big. It looked like it was at least 10 inches long and it was throbbing and moving about oddly. For some reason, I thought I would put it back in his shorts but as soon as I touched it, he came, moaning and squirting all over the place. I quickly left the room as quietly as I could and hoped he had not seen me. I then went to the bathroom where I discovered that I was having my first period.

The next day, he slept until noon and when he finally got up, I made some sandwiches for our lunch. We are quietly, like we always did before and he never mentioned anything about me being in his room. After lunch we talked a bit about missing my mom and my sister and he mentioned that he had written to his sister and that she was going to bring her son and come stay with us for as long as we needed her. My aunt and her son Bill, arrived the next day in an old beat up station wagon. I had never met them before and I immediately noticed the family resemblance between them and my dad and me. She went right to work cleaning up the house and put her son in my sister’s bedroom upstairs. Dad then said that he had ordered a “hide-a-bed” sofa for the living room for his sister to sleep on at night. She seemed nice to me but both she and her son were not talkers either. They just did whatever they needed to do without saying much.

Everything was fine for about a week until one night in the wee hours I woke up to pee and heard some odd noises downstairs. I peed and upon returning to my room I heard some more noises so I went downstairs quietly. When I got to a point where I could look into the living room I saw my dad naked atop my aunt pumping away furiously. She was making some noises that sounded like soft moans and finally my dad let out a big moan and came. I hurried up to my room in shock. I knew dad must be horny but I never expected that my aunt would let him fuck her! Besides they hardly even looked at each other and almost never talked. I even had the feeling that my aunt didn’t really like my dad. So again I was very perplexed.

Several other nights during the next month, I heard the same noises and assumed that they were going at it. One night when I heard the noises, I heard Bill get up and go to the bathroom. I figured that he must of heard the noises too so after I heard him leave the bathroom, I opened my door just a bit and I could see him half way down the stairs just standing there. That was the place were if you had good eyesight, you could see the sofa bed in the living room. I closed the door quietly and wondered if I should say anything to Bill or not. As usual, I kept my mouth shut and Bill never mentioned it either.

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