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I met her on a site for Insomniacs, because I started having trouble sleeping at night, or staying awake in class.

She was the first one who asked me the right question: “What’s keeping you up at night?”

So, I guess I just dumped all my problems on her, how I was worried about my grades slipping, and that made me hyperfocused on studying, which kept me up at night, so I passed out at my desk, which made me stress over my grades, and study harder…

“You’re overthinking it.” She sighed, over voice chat, “I had the same problem when I first started puberty, but you know what helped?”

“I even tried taking Seretonin!”

“Well, that’s no substitute for feeling pleasure yourself.”

“You mean.” I giggled, and then she switched to video chat. “You’re a man?”

I almost cut it off, because I thought he was catfishing me, but then Cammy said “No, that’s just my boyfriend.” She moved over to sit down in his lap, and I blushed.

“Well, it’s nice to finally see you, but.” She was dressed for bed, of course. It gets late earlier on the east coast, so the window was dark behind them, and I looked out at the twilight. Down at the clock in the corner, [7:42]

“I’m talking about sex, of course but you’re too young to have a boyfriend?”

“I don’t know. Some girls in my school already started dating, but I haven’t met one yet, and it seems like they snapped up all the good ones before they even noticed me.”

“Lori, stop. Just calm down, and let your heart take over. Okay?”

I bit my lip, and nodded, but the blush wasn’t going away. It was spreading, down my neck, and burning all the way up my ears.

“Have you started masturbating yet?”

“I tried, but nothing worked.” I bit my lip, again. Before I got started.

“Well, with your over-active imagination, maybe you haven’t tried looking at porn, so you don’t have to think of a likely scenario in your head?” She had ADHD too, so she knows just what it’s like. Hyperfocus, and your mind wandering any other time, unless you’re so hyperfocused you can’t sleep, or turn yourself on.

Her boyfriend had his hands up under her nightshirt, but I’d already seen her boobs jiggle from being braless under there.

“Um, you think?” I shook my head.

“Huh,” she took her shirt off, but he kept her boobs covered up with his hands.

I shook my head, “Your boyfriend has got to be hard by now.”

“Get up, sweetheart.” He patted the seat of her shorts, but when he let go, they dropped and bounced. “You want to see it?”

I nodded, biting my lip, but beside him, Cammy pulled down her sleep shorts, and started rubbing her crotch. “Uh!” I was getting wet, enough to feel it start seeping out, and sticking my lips together. So, I scooted out on the computer chair, and pulled my underwear up, to spread them open. “Huh, it’s pretty big. How big is it?”

“6 and a half maybe a hair under 7 inches?”

“That’s actually a little above average.” She didn’t stop rubbing her pubes with her palm, but there 18, so it’s okay. I think, actually they probably shouldn’t be doing this in front of me, but STFU brain!

“Huh, yeah. Uh, you know how I like it, not too fast. Slow down, and let her see what you’re doing.” She twisted her hand around, and spread all but 1 finger, so I could see the skin stretch, and even bunch up around the head. Especially on the bottom, where there’s a little nugget of skin in the split, until she pulled it tight again on the top.

Then, she turned her hand over, and pulled him around, where I could see it from the side, but she pulled the chair around to sit down. Lean in, and lick up the bottom. Wiggling the little chunk of flesh with the tip of her tongue, and I must have followed it up with my finger.

“UH!” I jumped, when the hood slipped, and I touched my bare clitoris, a little too hard. “Yeah, suck it, uh! Suck it, uh! Suck that dick, yeah!” I’m doing it! I finally don’t have to think about what to say, and now it’s just sounds coming out, animal noises like grunts in between gasps, and moans.

It turns out my finger knew what to do as soon as I stopped trying to figure it out. It must be instinctual, or something, but now it’s shiny slipping out of her mouth, with wet slurpy noises, and her cheeks sucking tight over her teeth, before they puff out with every thrust, “Fuck her face, huh? HhuhHhuh!”

“Smup!” She pulled it out, and looked over, so the last thing I saw was it bump her cheek before my eyes slammed shut, and I hissed through clenched teeth from my tummy erupting in spasms which forced the breath in and out, like “Shshshshsh!”

“She’s cumming.”

“Yeah, uh! Fuck, huh!” I heard him fapping, and managed to crack my eyes when he slowed down, and moaned real loud. “UHHHHHHHH!”

“Huh!” She smiled, looking up, and turning her face side to side, but she didn’t open her mouth, or stick her tongue out to catch it. Lick it up, and gulp it down like a cum hungry cock sucking slut!

Where did that even come from? It doesn’t even sound like me, but he went soft, and shook it off on her boobs. She was already wiping it off her face, down her neck, and rubbing it all over them when he leaned over, and clicked on the mouse.

[Video Chat Ended…]

“Huh!” I just sat there, staring at the black box, and not reading the words again. I blinked, and it took me a minute to remember to get up. Looking down, when my hand slipped out of my panties, all of a sudden I was so tired. I just turned, and rolled over. Out of my computer chair, and onto my bed.

I didn’t even feel my head hit the pillow, before I passed out.


Lorelei (mG Brother/Sister Incest)

I slept through the night, but then again. I never had trouble staying asleep, it’s just not thinking long enough to fall asleep that was keeping me up at night. That worked so well that they kept doing for me all week.

They even took the webcam in their bedroom to watch them have sex. All kinds of sex, with rubbers so she didn’t get pregnant, but he always took it off to cum on her. Even up the butt, but he let her finger him right in front of me, while she sucked him to get wet, then sat on his face to eat out her ass, and put a rubber on. Finally, she climbed on to hump him up her butt.

I had another, pretty okay orgasm, and went to bed, but this time my brother knocked on the door.

“I’m trying to sleep.”

“I know,” he kept his voice down, with mom and dad right downstairs, “But we need to talk.”

“Huh, okay.” I pulled the covers up over my boobies, “come in.”

He sat down on the end of the bed, and he didn’t look at me, but he wanted to talk about me watching Cammy, “And her brother.”

“Oh, no. He’s.” I blinked, and mentally looked at him. His face, and her face, until my eyes crossed, and they fit right together. “She said he was her boyfriend.”

“Ha, well you had to’ve seen the family resemblance.”

I sat up, and shook my head. “Well, I guess I wasn’t really looking at his face, so ignored it, because the whole idea was to stop thinking, and just feel strong enough feelings to help me fall asleep.”

He looked back, and I pulled the blanket up, but he looked away. Grinning, and he crossed his legs. In his underwear, and a tank top, since he must’ve gotten up when he heard me. Well, it’s kinda hard to hold back when I climax, so I get pretty loud. Thank god mom, and dad’s room is downstairs, and clear across the house, for their privacy. Mom gets pretty loud when she’s cumming, too.

“It’s incest, though.” He shook his head.

“So,” I let go of the covers, and touched his shoulder. “Nobody has to know.”

“They’re brother, and sister?”

“Dale,” I felt down his arm, and took his hand. “Nobody has to know about you, and me, neither.” As soon as his fingers brushed the soft spot on my chest, he turned, and reached back to cup the other side.

Then, I guess I lay back, because he was almost on top of me. His knee passing over so he could straddle my tummy, and pull down his underwear. Hold his boner down, and rub it back and forth across my nipples.

“Huh!” I grabbed his waistband, and pulled myself up enough, with his hips coming forward for his head to bump my chin, lips, and I sucked it right in. “Mh woom smup!”

“Huh, that’s right, nobody has to know, you’re a cock sucker.” I just closed my eyes, but I didn’t have to think. Just suck, and feel the skin bunch up when the web of his thumb bumped my nose, and he pulled back to shove it back in my mouth.

“Oomph, smup!” My cheeks sucked back in, and buffed out, but he kept going faster, and faster. I didn’t know whether or not I wanted him to cum in my mouth, but I just shrugged, and let it happen. Cammy doesn’t like it, not so much the taste as the mouth feel, but her boyfriend.

Make that her brother, I looked up, but he had his eyes closed, and not even cracked. Concentrating on fucking my face, and I didn’t have to do anything. Just lay there, and wait for my first taste of cum, but when it finally came, it wasn’t too bad. “Huh!” He climbed off, too out of breath to say anything, and fumbled for the doorknob.

“Turn off the light.” I just savored the aftertaste, trying to decide if I liked it or not, but a lot of slobber drooled down my chin, and a little extra thick sticky stuff to mix in. Rub circles around my nipples until I slowly fell asleep. Still holding my boobies, but when I woke up, they felt dry, and sticky.

Weird, and unpleasant, but I got another great night’s sleep, and now that I know my brother likes my blowjobs so much, I don’t need Cammy and her brother any more.

I’ve got my own.

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