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Marks life story – Chapter 4

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If i were to classify this it would be a dark fantasy

In finance class Amanda was wearing a couple very provocative outfits through the week and a few times I swear she would drop a paper or pen on purpose so she could bend over showing the class her near transparent panties, and on Wednesday after class she asked me and a couple other students to stay after class,

Tom and asian boy and Nick a short black kid were the other students, as Amanda closed the door and turned to us, Tom started in, “please Miss Ling, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to stare, I can’t afford to have my parents find out about my inappropriate behavior” he blurted out as he was bowing, all to my total amazement, what was wrong with him, apologizing for looking at an attractive woman, it made no sense to me.

Nick was leaning on a seat laughing and holding his side, Amanda gust had an evil grin on her face before she said,
” you don’t have to worry about your parents finding out young man, if you do everything I say…and you”
She runs her hand up my chest,
“I saw how you were staring up my skirt stud”, she said to me,

by then Nick had regained his composure, and walked in behind Amber and he slid his hands under her blouse and exposed her full C cup breasts, her nipples were quite large and the areola was already swollen, she gave out an audible moan as she wrapped her arms around Nick’s neck, and tilted her head back to embrace him in a kiss,

by now I got the point, and after removing my shirt I start pulling Amanda’s skirt to the floor as I look up I see her blouse and bra flying through the air and the bra lands across Tom’s shoulder, who is in shock at what is unfolding in front of him,

as I remove her lace thong she pushes off of Nick and walks over to Tom, she starts whispering into his ear and he starts to take off his clothes as Amanda helps him me and Nick get undressed and I say,
“How long have you been fucking her?”

“Since I started going here last year, she is a cam girl too”

“No shit you got to send me a link”

“No problem, man”

By now Amanda had Tom laying on her desk and was sucking his little asian dick, I moved in behind her and got down on my knees and buried my tongue in her hot swollen sex, as she moaned into Tom’s 5″ prick I could taste her cum and stood up to see Nick writing on Amanda’s back with a black marker, a big S between her shoulder blades, a big K below that and the ANK followed, with a big grin I said,
“If you are a good skank Amanda I will give you a good fucking, so, are you a good skank?”

She look back at me, “skank, slut, cunt, whore, call me what you like as long as you make me cum I’ll be whatever you want”

With that I pushed in to her pussy and to my surprise she sucked me in balls deep with no resistance whatsoever but as soon as my balls slapped her clit she tightened up and I found myself being fucked by her for the first few strokes, then I found my pace and started giving her a steady rhythm that I knew I could maintain for a long time, while smacking her ass and calling her a skank,

while I was pumping in and out of Amanda’s soaked cunt, Nick was sucking and biting her big nipples,

“Oh, oh fuck, oh god, uhhhhhhhmmmmmm” Tom sounded off as Amanda sucked and swallowed every last drop from him, Tom rolled off the desk and said thank you and quickly got dressed and ran out of the room,

I took Tom’s place on the desk and Amanda climbed on top of me and said,
“He will be fine, it was his first time” as she slid my 8″ cock back into her dripping snatch, as Nick moved behind her and started putting pressure on her asshole with his 8″ but much thicker cock, and Amanda looked back and said,
“Please be gentle this time, you are both so big I don’t want to tear”

Nick just laughed and said “you will take what I give you or you will never get my dick again, understand?”

“Of course, but if you tear me I will be in the hospital and you won’t have a toy to fuck anymore” she replied with a sad look on her face

With that Nick pushed hard into her and when her ass stopped swallowing his girth he stopped and told her to start doing the work, she acquiesced and started gently rocking back and forth moaning in pain and pleasure she started to pick up the pace until she had full strokes going and was starting to moan very loudly, she raised up and started squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples, I was so close, she started bucking hard and mumbling incoherently as she collapsed on to me,

I couldn’t hold back any more and grabbed her hips and started pounding into her,
“Please cum in me” she cried out as I assaulted her soaked hole and unloaded deep into her pussy, Nick lost control as well pumping into her bowels, she lay on top of me for a few minuets panting and convulsing,

Nick got down and helped her off of the desk and onto the floor behind it, I get up and see a pool of semen forming between her legs,
“Should I worry about you getting pregnant skank?” I say as Nick and I use her hair to wipe our dicks off with,

“No, I’m infertile, I can’t have children”

“Yea, she is the perfect fuck toy, aren’t you? Nick said as he grabbed her chin and made her look him in the eyes as she answered,

“Yes, sir” she said submissively

“Don’t be so down skank, you get to have your own boy toy now don’t you, I told you Tom was a sub and now he is firmly caught in your web, just like I promised.” Nick replied and released her chin, we got dressed and left miss Ling with her own pussy and ass juice drying in her hair

After Nick and I both left the room, I turned to him and say,
“Hey that was fun, let’s exchange numbers so we can hang out later if you want, here” I give Nick my phone and he gives me his, we punch our contact info in and he runs off to his next class and I head to the dean’s office.

As I enter the management office a tall busty brunette no more than 22 yo in a flower print sundress, looks up from her phone and smiles at me,
“Hello, how can I help you?”

“Oh I have an appointment with the dean, my name is Mark” I say as I lean on her desk,

“Oh” she exclaims as she bolts up out of her chair and runs over to the door and locks it, she quickly returns to her desk and bends over the desk, with a soft grunt, to work the phone on her desk, as she does I can see a rope with three big knots is strung between her pussy lips,
“Mister Cross, Mark is here”

“Good Lauren, do as I instructed” Albert said and the line cut off,

Lauren immediately turned around with a big smile and crossed her arms, grabbed the sides of her dress and in a single motion lifted it off and tossed it aside exposing a rope harness tied around her body, she grabbed a piece of rope in front and put it over her head and adjusted the whole harness around her neck, her breasts, and between her legs, with a little giggle she took my hand and led me to the end of the hallway and opened the door,

As I entered I saw Willow laying on her back on the dean’s desk with her head hanging off one edge and Elias’ cock buried down her throat, on the other side Albert was pumping away at the girls pussy, and was waving me over to a red chair in front of the desk,

Lauren leads me to the chair and squats in from of me as she starts to remove my pants and boxers, after I step out of my clothes she stands up and pushes me into the chair, she reaches down and strokes my already erect cock a few times before straddling me and moving the rope to the side as she sits her soaked cunt down on my 8″ erection when she is able to put her weight on my lap she pulled my head over her shoulder, so I could see Willow being fucked, and whispered into my ear,
“Just sit back and enjoy the show baby”

With that she hugged me and started to slowly rock her hips back and forth massaging my cock with her vagina, Willow was getting pounded by Albert, while periodically gasping for air when Elias would allow her to breath,

After a bit Elias sat down in the dean’s chair and Albert picked her up and set her asshole over Elias before letting the skinny girls own weight impale he ass on her master’s cock, after she bottomed out Elias grabbed her hips and started fucking her ass deep, while Albert shoved his dick into her mouth, she eagerly accepted it and started sucking her own pussy juice off of his short 6″ but thick dick she had him balls deep easily and was licking his balls with the tip of her tongue when I unloaded inside Lauren, she moaned softly as I did and thanked me when I has finished,

she got up and moved over to the desk and bent over it placing her hands behind her back, seeing this Albert stepped in behind Lauren and started fucking her sloppy pussy,
“I love sloppy seconds” he said as he was pounding away at her cum filled cunt, she rarely made any noise and never showed any signs of orgasm,

“Fuck my cunt uncle Elias, my ass is going numb” Willow exclaimed, and Elias obliged her by picking her up, laying her by Laurens head and planting his cock deep into his nieces soaked pussy,
“Unnnnngh, yes, fuck me like a whore” she cried

“Huh, huh, huh uhhhhhhhhhhh” Albert was cumming inside Lauren while roughly squeezing her tits, to which she gave a soft lustful moan, he slid out and immediately cum begins streaming out of her and on to the desk,

“Harder uncle, Harder, make it hurt” I noted how Willow was a totally different girl with Elias then with other men,

“Shut the fuck up cunt” Elias says as he smacks Willows breasts and pinches her nipples, Elias leans over and shoved his tongue into Willows open greedy mouth and starts bucking wildly as he comes into his niece, Willow starts to buck back as she comes from being filled with her uncles semen, too bad she cant get pregnant, she desperately wanted to bear her uncles child she thought to her self as Lauren started to clean the mess up as ordered by Albert,

Elias rights himself and sits back down in the dean’s chair, while Albert does the same and sits on the corner of the desk as the girls clean themselves and the mess left on the desk, Elias grabbed Laurens face looked into her eyes and said,
“good interns do everything”

She immediately got on the floor on her knees and looked up at Elias and stared at him expectantly, Lauren you always wanted to be a kitty didn’t you, in a monotone voice she whispers
“yes master”

“Good you will be a kitty until you are woman up” Elias said and the girl started purring, crawling around on all fours, and rubbing the side and back of her head on the side of the desk,

“Ha, ha ha ha ha…it’s funny when you make them act like animals uncle Elias” Willow had taken a spot on her uncle’s lap,

“So you’ve met Willow here, but what you don’t know is that she just turned 14 last month, and as you no doubt have heard she is my niece, you see he father was my brother we ran the organization together but a rival killed him and his woman but Willow here wasn’t on the records so they didn’t know about her, she has been living with me ever since,

“And uncle Elias is so much better a eating me than daddy ever was” the girl exclaimed as she hung off of her uncle and kissed his neck and cheek,

“Now now honey what have I told you about disrespecting your father in front of me?” He lightly smacked her cheek,

“Sorry uncle Elias” the girls said with a pouty face, she sees me motioning her to come over to me, she got up and came around the desk to plop down in my lap,

“So you see how I was able to put Lauren in a suggestive state with a trigger phrase?” Elias turned his attention back to me,

“Yea, is it that easy to hypnotize women?”
I asked,

“No, it takes a few times before you can implant a trigger phrase and it doesn’t work on all women, also you can’t make them do anything they aren’t already comfortable doing, the most effective use of it is to alter memory, and even then it doesn’t work on traumatic memories.” He replied

“So how do you make women compliant then?” As I absentmindedly slip two of my fingers into Willows pussy,

“The most effective method is to work on removing their inhibitions to certain things, again it has to be something they would not be opposed to, for instance Lauren has a proclivity toward young men, so it was somewhat easy to remove her inhibitions to have one night stands with young men, which is why she was so willing to have sex with you, we have been working on Lauren for some time now, and Willow is always a willing subject to practice on…so shall we that started with your first lesson then?”

“Ok do I need a pocket watch or something?” I asked

“No, you just need to control the tone of your voice and the cadence of your speech like this” he snaps his fingers and Lauren is back at his feet he touches her forehead and says

Lauren looks around first at me and then at Elias,
“What do you want me to do sir?” She said submissively

“Just listen to the sound of my voice,
You are a beautiful woman Lauren
You are a good girl, you are a smart girl,
You are a pretty girl, you are a smart girl,
You are a happy girl, you are a smart girl,
You are a dirty girl, you are a smart girl”
Elias presses her forehead and says “sleep”

Lauren collapses onto the floor, Elias proceeds to bring her out of the trance,
“That will be all dear, please straighten up everything before you go home” Elias says to the 22 yo woman,

“Yes sir” she says as she gets up and walks out of the office

“Now you try it on Willow, first she needs to be relaxed and in a calm state of mind for it to work, then keep a steady tone in your voice and talk in a similar cadence, then when she starts to go into a meditative state you use abrupt physical contact coupled with a command suggestion to induce a hypnotic trance”

I tell Willow to get up and make herself comfortable in the chair as I stand behind her I start talking in a low steady tone trying to keep a cadence like Elias said,
“Now listen to the sound of my voice,
You are a pretty girl, you are a smart girl,
You are a good girl, you are a smart girl,
You are a happy girl, you are a smart girl,
You are a dirty girl, you are a smart girl,
I touch her forehead and say
Willow goes limp in the chair and I look over a Elias who has a big smile on his face,
“Willow can you hear me” I say

“Yes master, what is your command master?” She replies as she gets up out of the chair and holds her hand out in front of herself like a zombie,
“Ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…gotcha” she laughs as she sits back down, I look over at Elias who is also laughing and smacking his leg,

“Nobody has ever succeeded on their first try kid, don’t sweat it you’ll get the hang of it” Elias said as he caught his breath,
“You and Willow will go to the warehouse everyday after school and practice for at least 2 hours”

“Ok, I wanted to ask you something about Ann, if you have a minute?”

“Yea, talk to me, what’s on your mind?”
Elias said leaning forward,

“Well I wanted to make her wear a remote controlled vibrator in her pussy during class and a butt plug too, also I was hoping I could make her have sex with a friend of mine, in private of course, also I’m kind of losing my mind in that tiny dorm room, I was hoping you had an idea or two on how to deal with that?”

“Well as for Ann sure just don’t do anything that will get her in legal trouble or that will go viral on the internet, I can even get you one of the ones that we give our cam girls, it will work with an app on your phone the butt plug too, as for your dorm room they are so small to encourage students to move into the overpriced apartments around the campus, they are all owned by my businesses, so I can have one made available at a normal rate if that would suit you”

“Please do, and thank you for this opportunity Elias” I say as I leave the dean’s office, as I near the exit I see Lauren talking to a young girl,

“I told you she was supposed to come here on Monday, her name is Gina, can I please just see the dean?” Kris was distraught and frustrated with Laurens stalling tactics,

“Please, just a moment” lauren hold her hand up as she operates the phone on her desk,
“Mr. Cross, a Kris Hanson is here to see you about a girl that you saw on Monday”

Elias leaves the office goes about half way down the hall and enters one of the smaller offices,

“Please send her in” Albert says as Elias closes his door

Kris goes down the hallway to the door at the end and enters, she sits down and starts explaining herself,

“So I was hoping you knew what happened to her” she finished,

“I’m sorry…Kris was it?…I don’t recall ever seeing a Gina on Monday or any day for that matter…You say she was headed to my office, do you know what for?”

“Well she said something about sexual harassment and a friend of ours said she was sent to you for disciplinary action from one of her classes”

“Disciplinary action huh…well I do Renner something about that” he starts rummaging through his files and pulls one out,
“Gina, here we are, says here she was suppose to report to me Monday for being disrespectful to her teacher, hmmm, no I don’t believe she ever reported here, he works the intercom on his phone,
“Lauren please bring the visitor log to me”

Shortly after, Lauren opens the door and hands a binder to Albert, he flips through to Monday and scans through the names,

“Nope, she didn’t come here after class or her name would be in the log” he handed the open binder to Kris, she confirms what he just said, Gina never signed the log,

“I’m sorry dear but until her parents request an investigation there is nothing more I can do, unfortunately college life can be too difficult for some people and sometimes they just runaway, it’s sad but it has been known to happen so we can’t go overboard every time a student goes missing for a few days, I hope you hear from her soon” with that Lauren took the binder and escorted Kris out of the area.

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