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My 12 and 13 year old sisters – Part 2

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The next day after I raped my sisters… Read part 1 to understand


I served food and we started having lunch. Thats when I asked them more about their feelings for me.

Amy: “Well we love you so much that we actually tried a lot to impress you”

Jessie: “We know that you really like girls who have a hot body with big breasts,
so we started looking up for tutorials on how to increase breast size”

ME: “I love you guys they way you are and you guys don’t have to do something extra to impress me, I am only worried about what I just did”

I continued,”You two are under aged and since i fucked you guys i will be sent to jail for child abuse, and we will have to tell mom about this and she will definitely hate me and might kick me out of the house” I started crying.

Amy & Jessie looked at each other afraid and came running to me. They sat on my lap and hugged me and said “We don’t want to lose you, we love you so much, do we not have another alternative?”
They started crying.

I kissed both of them on the lips and our tongues met. I got a boner again and they could feel it poking through their ass as they were sitting on my lap.

I said “There Is only one way out, we should not tell mom about this. If we are lucky enough and you 2 don’t become pregnant being 13 years and 12 years old, from next time we can use protection and have sex and thus you wont become pregnant thereafter. We have to pray that nothing happens now to you two.”

Amy: “Protection? what is that.”

I laughed at how innocent the two girls were. I then explained them about condoms, and different protection methods. Then I took my laptop,opened porn hub and showed them videos from all categories in porn hub. They were seeing very curiously as people in the video fucked violently.

Just then I got a message on my phone. It was from my mom, in the message she said that a very big client made a deal with her and if my mom’s company completed the project that was assigned to them by the client within 2-3 days then the client would pay my mom close to 4-5 crores. She said that she will be in office for the next 3 days for this reason and told me to take care of my sisters.

We were actually lucky as we did not have school for 3 weeks because our school was raided by CBI for not paying taxes and hiding a lot of cash. I told my sisters the news mom gave and they were very happy.
I decided to take them to our apartment gym the next morning.

So I woke up at 9:00 , woke them up as well and told them to get dressed. I told them to wear a bra and shorts only and also told them to tie their hair.

Then we went to the gym and I started my normal routine. I told the two girls to run around the building 15 times and come back.

When they were done with the rounds their body was completely covered in sweat. They looked very sexy. In my mind I was imagining that I tore the bra and shorts and started fucking them. I was staring at them imagining this. I could see a drop of sweat dripping from Jessie’s face and entering her bra and then coming out of that sliding through her stomach and then finally ending up in the belly button.

Amy (snapping her fingers): “What happened? Why are staring at us like that?”

ME: “You guys look sexy and so fucking hot when you are seating”

Jessie&Amy: “Thanks”

I made them do more exercises and after they were done I saw that their bra was drenching in sweat and so were the shorts. I could see their nipples and also their pussy because they did not wear an underwear.

I couldn’t control myself anymore. I grabbed them both and tore their bra from the middle. I then removed their shorts. I could see their sweaty nipples and pussy. I pinned jessie down and inserted my cock into her hole first and started fucking rapidly. Since it was a Monday nobody came to the gym at 10:00 in the morning ,this gave me the confidence to fuck them freely.

I grabbed Amy and lifted her such that my mouth was near her pussy. So I started sucking her pussy and fucked jessie simultaneously.


Jessie was on the floor with her back upwards. I lay on top of her covering her entire body underneath me. I then put Amy next to mine and jessie’s moth
Both of us started sucking Amy as I was fucking jessie.


Then Amy came and released her juice on jessie’s and my face and at the same moment I was about cum so I removed my dick out of jessie’s hole and turned her around. She was looking at me when I came and released my cum on her body and face.

Jessie: “Its so hot”

I looked at Amy and saw that she was absolutely exhausted after that amazing orgasm.
So I picked her up and placed her near jessie. She saw my cum on her body and immediately started licking it off. I saw that jessie also started taking my cum on her hands and started licking it. I was shocked because I never told them that you can drink cum.

ME: “Wait how did you guys know that you can drink cum?”

Amy: “We saw videos on PornHub.”

ME: “You dirty girls!”

I then picked them both up and carried them back to our house. Since I tore their bra they only had shorts to wear so they hugged me to cover their nipples. They were upset though that I tore their bra.

ME: “I tore it because I couldn’t control myself, you little girls looked so sexy. You will not understand now, when you guys become a little experienced you will know.”

We went back home and took bath and got cleaned up.

PART 3 coming soon.

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