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The lotto changed our lives Part 3

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Where are we going to do this she asked walking into the kitchen. I could hardly hear her my heart beating so hard and knowing on my phone is a picture of a big black cock in my wife’s hand, I didn’t open it I thought I’d wait till I got them all. I told her to sit on the table that way she could lay back with her fat gut out the way so I could see her pussy while fucking her. I’ve never thought of her sexualy and never wanted to fuck her and to be honest I still don’t, the only reason I am is because its the wifes little sister. Then it dawned on me I can take pictures to show the wife her sister on my cock. I told her to take her trousers and big panties off and lay back while I set my phone to camera.  Straight away she freaked saying no pictures, a extra £500 changed her mind easy enough. I looked at her pussy and fuck that was fat aswell and hairy. It was a good job id brought a job lot of viagra gels awhile back. I walked round and asked her if she tossed many guys off, she said only one, just as my phone went off again, that cock is now in my wife’s mouth, that thought got me harder then  I thought possible. grabbed her hand and wrapped it round my cock, the worse hand job ive ever had, she definitely was new to cock. My mind wanderd off thinking that next time my phone goes off my wife will have a big black cock inside her. I came to and snapped a picture of my cock in her hand making sure to get her face and atleast one fat tit in the picture, I then told her to suck it, she said she didn’t know how, I told just put it in your mouth and suck and use your tongue at the same time. Surprisingly she was good at it considering she had never sucked cock before, then realised she eats like a pig so she is used to shovelling things in her gob and took a picture of her deep throating me while looking at the camera.
I move to the front put her legs over my shoulders to get a good view of her pussy, I start to spread her lips and they needed spreading, I was surprised that hidden under them fat lips was the nicest pink tight looking hole. So are you really a virgin I ask my cock resting on her hole, she says yes she has never had sex, I take a picture of my cock on her pussy amd at the same time the 3rd picture came though. She’s getting fucked right now I thought and saw red, I spat on my cock making it slippery and then did the same to her hole, I got my head to her opening and said be quiet my kids are in bed and slammed with all my might thrusting balls deep, feeling every tiny muscle trying to push my hard cock out, but its just invading her virgin pussy. Her hands slam on the table her eyes scrunched shut with tears steaming out. I didn’t give her time to adjust or get used to it I just fucked her hard like a wild animal. I could tell she was in immense pain which made me thrust as deep as I could and explode cum inside her, atleat 6 big pulses, I collapsed laying on top of her and dont ask me why to this day I still don’t but I kissed her properly and she was kissing me back. I got back up amd took a picture still buried deep then pulled out and took a picture of my cum leaking out with her red flushed face tery eyes in the picture.
I tell her to get dressed and she will have to be quick as her sister will be home soon, she doesn’t say anything but as we get to the door and is about to leave I kiss her on the cheek but she puts her hands on my face and starts kissing me lovingly again, my phone beeps again breaking the kiss and she just walks off, I close the door thinking what the fuck was that about and my phone pings again this time a video. I drop called her, our pre arranged signal to indicate her sister had left and within minutes she is walking in the front door, hair was a mess and definitely been crying. I tell her to lift her dress, she does and her pussy is angry red looking and I see the little cum plug in place, good girl I tell her, now let’s go front room for a chat, she asks if she can go to the toilet and get the plug out first. There was no way I wasn’t feeling to horny as id just fucked so she was to sit there with that black load inside her till I say so.
I look at her as she is looking into my eyes and I say, your sister WAS a virgin, please tell me you didn’t take my little sisters virginity she pleads to me. Yep I did I tell her and I fucked her really hard, and got some pictures to show you. She snaps i don’t want to see them, which gets me angry and shout back you will fucking see them or you can sleep the night with that plug in.
She sits and I sit next to her and pull out my phone, I make her hold the phone and open the pictures, spend some time on the last one and I point out some of the cum leaking out of her being pink due to busting her open. I asked her how her fuck was she said it was horrible and he was horrible she said it was too big it hurt. I start looking though the pics and they didn’t disappoint I ask what the video is and she just said he took it, said it would make you happy. I pressed play and there was my wife same kinda position id had her sister in, this big black cock slamming my wife when I see him tense up and his cock is deep I side her twitching like crazy pumping load after load filling her up, then as his cock slips out he replaces it with the plug not losing a drop.
Wow I tell her little bonuses like that could earn you a bonus as I stand and put my cock to her face, now tasted your sisters virgin pussy and suck my cock. Does she taste good i ask as her lips wrap around me, she doesn’t answer so I remind her not to make me ask again and she just says tastes fine.
I’m nice and hard now so I lay the wife down legs up to keep the cum in her as I pull the plug out, she must have been so full as some still leaked out with her legs up, I plunge straight in and fuck she was loose I didn’t last long adding to the cum that had been stored inside her for atleast an hour. I tell her that was shit and her pussy is ruined I couldnt feel a thing and that it was the worse fuck I’ve ever had so I’m going to need something tight and new soon, she knew straight away what I meant. I tell her to hold still and went and got a cereal bowl and got her to squat over it, the cum that flowed out was like a waterfall,  there was so much of it. I take the bowl out telling the wife to leave the bowl alone and not to touch it.
I ask if she wants to go to bed and she says yeah but wants a shower first but of course I tell her no am6d she is to sleep naked. We crawl into bed and I gave her the question, so who’s next? Your dad or the kids? She didn’t answer so I gave a little cough as if to say answer, she looks at me in the eye and says my dad.

Shall I keep going?

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