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An incestious attraction to my now twelve year old daughter part IV

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This is Part IV of a story about a single father who is a self identified hebephile raising his daughter as a single parent.


About six days have gone by and tomorrow will be her twelfth birthday. How my baby girl is growing up and to think, she’ll be a teen next year. As I ponder it, I don’t want her to grow up anymore as I am really going to miss all of the time that I have spent together with her as a preteen. Except for the fact that she rolls over and mounts my face with her pussy and pees into my mouth every morning, and twice during the night regardless if I am awake or not and we have had zero sexual contact this entire week. I mean it’s hilarious what happens during the night with her. She will roll over half asleep, pull her panties down if she’s wearing any, mount my face as if I am a horse and with her eyes still closed she’ll begin to pee if not into my open mouth, right onto my entire face. Adorable. After she is done, she’ll dismount my face, lie back down and pull the covers up to her neck and go back to sleep as if nothing has happened and she just didn’t pee into her father’s mouth or face in the middle of the night. I love it and can’t get enough of it. I figure that with her growing up and turning twelve tomorrow, then thirteen, seventeen, twenty and thirty, I need to spend and experience as much of her as I possibly can before she grows too much older.

I even began to experiment with the cleansing of her buttcrack and butt hole with my mouth and tongue just after she finishes using the toilet. At first I wasn’t too sure about it, but after the initial experience, I was sold, it tasted great! I only get a small amount of residual poop into my mouth but let me tell you, it’s well worth it and tastes fucking awesome.

The first time she called me into the bathroom she was sitting down upon the commode with her naked body exposed and adorable feet dangling in the air; Hanna has the need to strip off all of her clothing before taking a shit, which I don’t mind, because I get to look at her luscious naked body. Anyway, after she calls me in, I enter and she says so adorably, “Daddy, would you please clean my butthole with your tongue because I know how much you like the taste of me.” Instantly I am hard, so I have her kneel down on all fours onto the bathroom floor, I spread her asscheeks apart and begin by spitting onto her asshole. Then with pure care and primal ecstasy I began to wipe it with my chin, mouth, tongue and lips over her entire asshole sucking on it up and down and it didn’t take long for me to figure out that I very much enjoy the taste of her shit as well as all of her other bodily discharges. It had a sharp pungent taste at first but after I got used to it, it smoothed out when combined with my spit and her anal fluids. The pleasurable taste of her shit can be attributed to the fact that she is a plant eater except for chicken and occasionally some dairy. I can’t believe that I ended up cleaning my eleven year old baby girl’s backside with my tongue and mouth similar to a bidet and I enjoy it so fucking much that now, I love and cannot wait for her to call me so I am able to literally suck the shit directly out of her asshole almost every time she uses the toilet. However, it’s not the fact that her shit tastes good that turns me on, it’s the process. The almost embarrassing process of my young eleven year old preteen daughter now relying and allowing her daddy to eat and clean HER SHIT from her asshole with my chin, nose, tongue, lips and mouth all the while tasting and swallowing it down into my belly is the real turn on for the both of us. I am rock hard through the entire process!

I’m beginning to wonder how she has been making out with stretching that little underaged pussy to fit her daddy’s cock?

It’s Saturday night and I am just about to retire to bed when all of a sudden I hear what appears to be moaning coming from behind our bedroom door. I breeze by Hannah’s old room and peek in only to notice that it is completely empty of all of her belongings since she moved into my bedroom with me.

I make my way to our bedroom door, listen for a moment then slowly open it as I continue to hear her moaning from within, “Mmmmm, Ymmmm!”

I enter the room and see my lovely underaged eleven year old sweet little girl lying fully naked on the bed, with her legs spread wide open and her adorable feet flat on the bed lying on a neatly placed towel. She is up on her side supported by her elbow with one leg up and the other down with both knees bent and both feet touching each other. The way her sexy leg appears in the upward position makes me gasp. It appears smooth and she has a tiny amount of cellulite that gathers at the bottom of her otherwise tight thigh where her leg and the bed made contact. ‘I love that,’ I thought to myself!

Her foot is pronouncedly arched displaying her short, blunt, red-painted adorable preteen toenails, which I think is one of the sexiest traits my daughter possesses.

She’s busy pleasuring herself going at it obviously hard at work stretching out her little virgin pussy to make way for my cock. Her eyes roll back into her head with every thrust of the Hole Master Travel Dildo and she appears to be enjoying it very much. I watch in astonishment as this little eleven year old machine takes this somewhat large cock into her small body over and over again and as I think about it for a moment, just a couple of weeks ago nothing penetrated this young sweet hole of hers. She looks up at me tiredly with an ‘I’ve just been fucked’ look on her face, as her hair is wet and messy from her sweating, her face appears a little contorted as she jams a six inch dildo into her wet inviting pussy. I happen to notice that she isn’t putting the entire shaft into her pussy, only about half of it, which makes me wonder why. I believe she’s been going at this for quite some time as I stood for a moment just observing her work this dildo into her tight little pussy spinning and moving it from side to side with every thrust.

She peers up at me seductively with alluring eyes, half closed and sharpened by the thrill of fucking herself, never pausing for a moment at my presence. She just keeps going at it like a determined freight train closing her eyes and moaning louder and louder, working that dildo into her wet glistening love hole like a pro.

Her body begins to quiver and her legs begin to shake as she begins to cum over and over again moaning with a vibrato voice screaming, “Eha, Oooo, Ehaa, Oooo, Ehaaa, I’m cumming daddy, I’m, I’m cumming. Do you like watching your eleven year old underaged little girl fuck a dildo and cum all over it squirting her juices all over our bed?”

Her eyes roll back into her head as I can’t help but notice her flat stomach and developing chest are heaving up and down with pure excitement as her pussy is spitting squirt all over our bed missing the towel altogether, “Fuck DADDY, it feels so fuckin’ good, yeeeaaah!” She cries out loudly!

I continue to watch her with amazement, as I give into the desire and need to quickly strip off my clothing exposing my nakedness! I look around, grab a chair and pull it up next to the bed, never taking my eyes off of her. After cumming I could see that she was tired as her long strawberry blonde hair was wet and all over the place hanging down in front of her face, again having that ‘I’ve just been fucked,’ look on her face. She just keeps fucking herself with the dildo as if she is running a marathon. I am so turned on I feel like dumping a load where I sit. I am determined to remain sitting here, get an eyeful as I jerk off to my young underaged eleven year old little girl shoving a big dildo into her young dripping pussy over and over again masturbating and cumming on our bed. My cock is at full attention and has been since I was downstairs thinking about coming up to bed with her. I am quickly stroking it as I watch the inside of her lovely pink pussy envelope and wrap around the dildo wiping it smoothly clean with every in and out thrust. As I stare at her small little moist pussy I get a very excited feeling as if I am about to cum, but am nowhere near to it.

I glance down and can’t help but notice that she has a milky white creamy discharge that is gathering in a ring around the dildo and dripping from her wet pussy onto her perineum and down to her asshole every time that she cums. It knew that it wasn’t an infection because I had just purchased her a Monistat One a few days ago, so it must simply be my daughter’s own milky white arousal fluids. I instantly crawl onto the bed, place my mouth down near her pink starhole as she stops thrusting the dildo in and out of herself for just a moment. I begin to lick the milky white creamy discharge from off of her asshole, up to her perineum and deep inside her love hole, as she moans with me doing this. She places the dildo into my mouth as I suck her cream off of it, “Oooooo, yeah my dirty daddy, stick your tongue deep into your underaged eleven year old’s throbbing wet pussy and taste my milky white creamy discharge. Suck my cream off this dildo! Yeah, dirty daddy, how does it taste?”

“It tastes fucking delicious!” I blurted out loudly as I thought to myself, how is it that every discharge that my eleven year old little girl has allowed me to taste and consume over this past week including her earwax, pee and shit tastes deliciously fresh and sweet to me. I mean not a single place on her body tastes nasty, sour or unappetizing. I begin to wonder if it’s just my little girl or do all little preteen and early teen girl’s bodily fluids and discharges taste this yummy? I will eventually know the answer to this question very soon as I am very much looking forward to seeing all of the little girls at Hannah’s birthday party tomorrow.

I withdrew from licking her tasty love hole just as fast as I began. Without missing a beat, and with a huge smile on her face, she reaches under her pillow and retrieves the largest of the dildo’s that we had purchased. She gets it wet by putting it in her mouth and without delay, she shoves it easily into her pulsating little pink pussy!

Big John was 7.5” long by 2.75” wide and she was taking it like there was no tomorrow. This further excited me as I realized that I can now fuck her. As she penetrated her tight pink pussy with John, her head and hair fell backward exposing her very pretty young neck and she began to moan again, “Ooooo, Ohhhh!” While I was stroking my cock, she fucked herself with John for about thirty more seconds then came again, “Ahhhh, daddy, I’m fuckin’ cumming again.” Her body wrenched with pleasure. Her legs went straight out as an arrow as her upper body collapsed onto the bed. She was shaking uncontrollably cumming over and over again squirting her juices from her love hole the entire time. “Daddy, ahhhh, daddy, come fuck me pleeeese! I want to feel your real cock inside of me. Pleeease?”

I am not one to argue so I quickly crawled up onto the bed, spread her shaking legs apart, kneel my face down at her pussy and inspected what I was getting myself into.

As I spread her pussy lips apart a large hole or void exposes itself to me as I peered at her beautiful quivering hairless preteen pussy. I easily placed three fingers inside her pussy and moved them around her gaping hole. “Finally,” I say to myself, “My underaged daughter’s gaping and preteen pussy is now open for business. Oh yeah!”

We both got huge smiles on our faces when she noticed me smile right away, “Did I do good daddy? Did I stretch it out enough for you?”

I shook my head in amazement, “Yes baby girl, you now have a rather large gaping hole that can most definitely handle my entire cock and then some. Let us see, okay?”

I got down between her already spread legs as she peered up at me with disbelief that this was actually going to now happen so she smiled at me with enthusiasm. I reached down, grabbed my cock and rubbed the head of it up and down inside of her wet hairless cunt. I lined it up and began to delve into the indentation that led to the opening of her pussy. As my head penetrated her eleven year old sweet love hole, she moaned with pleasure. Although still very tight for me, the head of my cock slid in relatively easy as if it were made for it. Then a quarter of the shaft, the head of my cock began searching the depths of this young preteen pussy for a liquid treasure and a place to deposit its life filled creamy white nectar. I observed Hannah, and she looked as if she were about to explode as I decided to shove my entire cock into her as hard as I could.

I pivoted my hips and with a considerable amount of energy and force, I jammed my cock deep and hard into my eleven year old underaged little girl’s pussy and she screamed very loudly, “Eeeeeeeeech!” She had a ‘It hurts but fuck me anyway,’ look on her face. “Ahhhh, WOW!!! That is fucking amazing daddy. Fuck your underaged daughter, fuck me HARDER, harder daddy fuck me. Fuck my illegal underaged pussy!”

I am fucking her with my huge cock as hard as I possibly am capable and she is taking it like a full grown woman. It didn’t take her long to feel and copy my rhythm as she pivots and adjusts her hips moving them together with mine as we enjoy fucking one another, and we fuck each other so passionately. She begins to cum as I watch her cute adorable red-painted toes curl under and as her eyes begin to roll back into her head she bites her lip hard enough to cause a tiny bleed. I stand my upper body straight up, grab her ankles and begin to suck on her red-painted adorable toes as I continue to fuck her even harder.

She yells with pleasure, “Ahhhh, daddy that feels so good! Suck my dirty, stinky toes!”

I’m fucking her now with all the friction on the top side of our sexual organs, I can’t help but to notice that her dirty stinky toes smell like sweat and vinegar and taste the same. ‘Mmmmm, Mmm,’ I think to myself. She is getting fucked very hard for the first time in her life just as she has dreamed of for years, “Daddy I’m cumming, I’m cumming daddy, fuck me, fuck me with your huge cock. I can’t believe that my daddy is fucking his underaged daughter’s cunt so hard. Fuck me daddy, oooooo, keep fucking me! Ooooooo, yeaaaaah!”

I was in a rhythm and nothing could break or stop me now. I kissed and tongued my baby girl’s mouth sucking, licking and tasting her sweat soaked neck and when I slowed down every now and again, I was able to suck on her wet puffy developing breasts. “Wow,” I said under my breath. “I never imagined that an eleven year old little girl could fuck better than a grown woman!”

My daughter came again this time squirting cum all over my cock, belly and bed. Her entire body shook and contorted, “DADDY!!!” She yelled at the top of her lungs, “I have never ever felt anything like this EVER before in my entire fuckin’ life. Stop! You have to stop daddy! STOP!” I ignore her and begging me to stop just makes me fuck this underage eleven year old little girl even harder! I grab both her wrist wrapping one hand around them and restrain her arms above her head as she attempts to slowly edge herself away from me over and over again while on her back. I thrust my hips into her tiny body each time my cock goes balls deep into her pussy, squirt juices spraying everywhere. This is something that she wasn’t doing with the dildo’s and apparently has desired all of her life from me.

She is shaking and convulsing at the same time as she continues to beg me to fuck her and to stop fucking her all in the same breath, “Daddy it’s so deep you’re filling me up entirely, fuck me, fuck me harder. Stop daddy, pleeeese daddy I can’t take any more. Uhg! UGH! Fuck me harder daddy, deeper, HARDER, HARDER! Fuck the shit out of my illegal underaged preteen pussy.” Pause, “Stop daddy, too much, it’s too much daddy but it feels so fucking good but you gotta stop, pleeeese fuck me harder!”

After about thirty minutes of her begging and pleading with me to fuck her harder and stop fucking her, and her cumming over and over again, I finally stop, pull my cock from her, flip her over onto all fours just to fuck her from behind so that she can really feel it deep inside of her body. She’s panting and gasping for air as I line my cock up to her indentation again, flatley place four fingers on the top of her ass just covering her coccyx and place my thumb at the opening of her asshole. I can’t help but admire my eleven year old little girl’s wide developing hips. They look so good with her entire ass up in the air resembling a perfect heart shape. This time I wasn’t going to enter her nice and easy. I was going to shove my cock into her eleven year old illegal underaged pussy as hard as I could. But just as I was about to do so, my thumb fell into her asshole like a fly into a cavern. I lifted my hand and noticed that her asshole was also gaping as if she had been fucking it too.

The dildo’s, I thought to myself and just then she spoke with her wild wet hair in her face that was down into the bed and her back fully bent and arched, she said “Do you like what I did daddy? I stretched out my asshole for you to fuck after you’re done fucking my pussy!” She said proudly.

I jammed my thumb as far as it could go into her asshole about ten times, pulled it out and began to suck her dirty anal juices as she winced and moaned.

Just then and without any warning I grabbed her hips with both hands, thrust my rock hard cock deep into her virgin pussy bottoming out the front of my hips onto both her asscheeks. She screamed violently, “DADDY! WHAT DA FUCK…Oh my god, YOU’RE so far UP inside of my throat.”

I fucked her with my hips moving in and out as she quickly gets into the rhythm of it pushing back on my cock. I can feel that I am now much deeper inside of my little girl’s pussy as I make cervical penetration with her. She screams again, “DADDY! Oh my fucking god, you are bottoming out on my cervix. This is illegal, you are so breaking the law by fucking your young underaged eleven year old little girl with your huge cock…FUCK ME daddy, deeper, deeper, harder, harder.”

I cannot believe that she is begging me for more because I am fucking her with as much force that I can possibly muster. Sweating profusely for another thirty minutes I continue to fuck her and fuck her harder and harder and suddenly I feel my balls catch fire.

I am going to cum, “I’m going to cum!”

She blurts out, “Yes daddy, cum inside of your illegal underaged daughter’s pussy. Implant your seed deep within my womb. Cum daddy, I want to have your baby. Impregnate me daddy! IMPREGNATE your eleven year old daughter’s uterus!”

Just with her saying those words, I cum. The first pump I felt ejaculate cum as my thrusting cock was shallow just at the opening of her pussy. The second pump, I was balls deep into her pussy. The third and fourth I was still fucking her and some of it spurted out onto the outer part of her pussy. Then the fifth and sixth pump I stopped fucking her and pushed my cock inside of her pussy as deep as it possibly could grinding my cock side to side as deep as it possibly could go.

She sighed fully satisfied, “Wow, daddy, that was a lot of cum you just pumped inside of me, huh? I can’t believe that you fucked me so hard for over an hour! I am amazed with your stamina daddy. I am in love with your cock now and will fuck it anytime day or night in any hole that you wish! Jeesh!” She falls flat on her face out of pure exhaustion. The smell of sex fills the bedroom air.

She knows as well as I do, that I am unable to breed her as we have planned because she hasn’t begun to ovulate yet, but that doesn’t stop her from turning me on by yelling at me to breed her. Her first ovulation is approximately thirty days before her first menstruation and will be accompanied by a slight elevation of her body temperature approximately one degrees Fahrenheit. We will notice an increase in her cervical mucus and a change in its texture and her cervix will be softer, higher, wetter, and more open than usual as well as a mild discomfort in the form of light cramps or twinges in her lower abdomen. We won’t need to be careful with whom Hannah is fucking until she begins to ovulate around the age of thirteen so she is not impregnated by another man.

Yes, she asked me if I would be willing to allow her to have sex with other men the other day and I figured I’d give her my answer tomorrow at her birthday party. But thinking about her being pleasured by another man very much turns me on like crazy. Not necessarily her getting fucked by another man, which does turn me on but more with knowing that my young underaged illegal preteen little girl is being sexually pleasured and desired by another full grown man as she is inviting and enjoying it, whether I am watching or not very much turns the both of us on. If she didn’t introduce or lure me into this lifestyle, she would most definitely not be fucking her daddy and possibly going off and fucking other boys and men at only the age of eleven. This is the ultimate in parental guidance because who knows how a boy or a strange man not vetted by me would treat her and what they could possibly do to her sexually.

So, with her turning twelve tomorrow, we have approximately six to eighteen months to whore her out as she has requested, fucking as many men bareback as she possibly can, allowing them to ejaculate gallons of cum into of her wanting pussy. I have a desire to allow another man to cum into my eleven year old underaged daughter’s love hole or asshole which I then suck the cum out of whatever hole and share it with her mouth to mouth. I will make this fantasy happen even if it kills me.

“Princess,” I mumble, “I’d really like to fuck your asshole but I am exhausted. How about later on tonight or first thing in the morning?”

Still lying face first down in the pillows I can barely hear her reply, “Mmmm Hmmm.”

I casually turn her over onto her back, spread her legs and begin to clean the outside and inside of her pussy by sucking out the cum into my mouth and swallowing it and licking her pussy and asshole and anywhere else that needed cleaning. She moans the entire time and didn’t stop moaning until I did. She looks up like an eleven year old girl naturally does, “Daddy, how come you’re so nice to me and take the time out to clean the cum and love juice from off of my pussy with your tongue and mouth?”

I shrug my shoulders, “Because not only do I love you Hannah, I am in love with the person who you are!”

“Awwww daddy, I’m in love with you too. I’d clean your dirty asshole with my tongue if you’d only ask me to.”

I smile at her ambition, “That’s quite alright princess. Adults don’t taste as good as preteens, especially adult men!”

“Okay well if you ever want me to then just ask me, alright?”

I nod my head as I pull back the covers, lift her naked body up onto the bottom sheets, pull the covers up to her neck and ask her to french kiss my cock goodnight. She gets up on one elbow, grabs my semi-hard cock, slowly brings the head up to her lips and lovingly kisses my cock with her luscious lips and tongue periodically sucking on the head of it. She looks up at me with a big cute smile on her face, “How’s that daddy? Is that what you wanted me to do?

Looking down admiring her age and innocence, I have her chin cradled in my hand as if I was holding her head up and I answer, “Yes baby girl. I’m going to brush my teeth and tidy up for bed. Did you brush your teeth?”

She nods in the affirmative, “Sure did daddy just before I started the fuck session with the dildo!”

I turn my backside to her and begin to walk to the bathroom as she comments, “Daddy, thank you for fucking me tonight and especially thank you for planting your seed far inside of my vagina. By the way daddy, you have a really nice looking ass.”

I smile at her and thank her for the compliment, “Thank you daughter, now get some sleep, we have a party to go to tomorrow. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight daddy”

It’s around four am, and I feel a very soft twelve year old preteen girl grab the sides of my head with each hand, steady it at center, crawl on top of my face and straddle my mouth pressing her pussing into my lips as if to make a lip to pussy seal. With her little adorable legs, bent at the knees and flatfooted on each side of my head, it was like she was hovering in a Japanese outhouse. I was half asleep and I almost forgot to open my mouth to receive her. At the last moment I was revived enough to welcome my preteen’s morning pee pee into my open mouth and as always it tastes fucking awesome especially after sitting in her bladder for eight hours or so. She didn’t pause to wait for me to quickly close my mouth to drink it down in between swallows, she just kept pissing like there was no tomorrow and if I didn’t swallow and drink it fast enough or kept my mouth closed for any duration of time, then the hell with me, she’d end up pissing all over my face, crawl back into bed and go back to sleep. As I closed my mouth to drink it down, she peed on my face a little, but I welcomed it and ended up rubbing it all over my face and sucking the excess off of my hand too. Strange enough, I’d get an erection every time she did this no matter what. I guess using me as her personal toilet is much easier than walking to the bathroom and sitting down on a cold toilet seat, plus I sincerely loved it! I have been drinking my daughter’s pee for about a week now after discovering how energized it made me feel the first time I had done it.

I have also been cleaning her bottom with my mouth and tongue just after she uses the toilet, which has surprisingly been a real treat as well. I believe I will sustain this for years to come and just imagine how much money we’ll save in water and toilet paper? I quickly fall back to sleep with a pee soaked face and a tummy full of my young preteen daughter’s urine.

The next morning I am awakened by a wetness on my cock that I could tell from anything, Hannah. It was Hannah’s mouth sucking the shit out of my cock apparently attempting to suck the seamen directly out of it by force. My eleven, I mean, my twelve year old underaged daughter had turned out to be a suck and fuck machine to say the least. Her little mouth could suck a golfball through a garden hose and then some. She was so busy stroking and sucking on daddy cock that when I lifted the covers and smelled sex and ass, and said good morning, she didn’t hesitate, pause or stop for anything. “Elchgh, elchgh, elchg, elch, elch, elc was all I heard her respond with as she continued to suck my rather large cock deep into her throat. It was apparent to me by her concentration and focus that she sucked my cock not for my enjoyment, but for hers alone, which was alright with me.

It felt so good like she was pumping water from an underground well. My cum came up to the top slowly at first as I groaned with pleasure. “I’m going to cum,” I said loudly. “Is my twelve year old daughter ready for daddy seamen to fill her illegal underaged mouth?”

“Mmmm Hmmm,” I heard her reply.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming into your illegal underaged mouth!” Cum shot up from the depths of my loins pump after pump filling my daughter’s mouth and like always I can hear her swallow each mouthful as many loads filled her mouth. “That’s a good girl, that’s a good girl. Take it, take care of your daddy early in the morning like the good little girl you are.”

She allowed the last of the cum to pump out onto her face because she loved to rub it in saying that the protein did wonders for her skin. So for most of the morning my daughter would eat breakfast and walk around with dry seamen on her face like a mud mask. It was hilarious to actually witness it, I thought.

She opens her mouth, sticks out her tongue and taps my still hard cock onto her tongue smiling at her obvious and uncanny ability to successfully summon my cum from my penis almost on demand.

Now on all fours with her arms and legs over and out to the sides of my body like a spider, she slowly starts to crawl making her way up to my chest with a big shit eating grin on her face. Her small but perky boobs are hanging down for me to invite her up by cupping my hands around them and guiding her up by her boobs. As she hovers over me with her breasts at mouth level, I slowly begin to tenderly kiss her puffy nipples and eventually

I begin to lick and suck on them as well. “Mmmm, I love licking and sucking on your luscious preteen areolas and nipples”

Her hair was wildly hanging down in front of her face as she looked innocently upon me in a downward position, “How’d I do daddy? Did I suck daddy dick good? I know that I did so you don’t need to answer that,” She says almost arrogantly, “I enjoy waking my daddy from his sleep in the morning by sucking hard on his cock and eventually sucking the cum from his testicles into my mouth and eventually down into my tummy, did you know this?”

“Yes baby girl, I know this as it is a very apparent fact,” I said as a matter of fact. “Are you ready for some pancakes, eggs and bacon with OJ? It’s your birthday and you know what that means, right?”

She looks up at me with a big smile on her face, “What daddy, what?”

“It’s party time! I have arranged for a few of our friends from the neighborhood to join us at an undisclosed place for a birthday party, how does that sound?”

Sarcastically, she appears as if she can hardly wait and that she is barely able to contain her excitement, “Yes daddy, it sounds very exciting,”

She peers down at the floor as I comment asking her, “What is it Hannah?”

She looks up at me and comments, making sure that she isn’t hurting my feelings in any way, “Well, father, I am twelve now and last year my Intelligence Quotient was tested and returned a score of 170, which is ten points higher than Stephen Hawkings.” She pauses for a moment, “I would much rather remain at home wrapped in a quilt on the front porch reading a book than go to some juvenile party with a bunch of little girls that not only cannot relate to me but do not possess the ability to relate to me in any way, shape or form. Understand?”

I smile at her and put two fingers inside of her wet pussy and move them back and forth while I reply to what she has just said, “Well princess, I guarantee you that you will not only relate to these neighborhood girls and their fathers and mother’s, but you will have a wonderfully great time! I guarantee it!” I pull my fingers from inside of her pussy as she has a surprised look on her face as I place them into my mouth and quickly suck her wetness from them, “Mmm,” I said as I walked from the room, “Breakfast will be served in about thirty minutes.”

It’s about 12:30pm and the both of us are still prancing around the house naked as jaybirds. Hannah has been purposefully giving Brad, a single neighbor of ours an eyeful as she was sitting in the window for about an hour reading a textbook. As I take note of the time I call out to Hannah and inform her that it’s time to get ready for her party. So she obediently goes up to our room and gets into the shower. A few moments behind her, I make my way into our bathroom and join my baby girl in the shower.

As I step into the open shower she says in an audible voice, “Hi daddy. Shower on for daddy.”

Just then another shower head begins to spray a well balanced pre chosen amount of hot and cold water as I ignore it and invade Hannah’s side of our shower grabbing her ass, chest and pussy.

She attempts to fend me off laughing out loud and slapping my hands down and out of the way as she is lathering herself with body wash. “Stop it old man. I’m just an innocent preteen little girl and an old twenty-eight year old man like yourself has no business even looking at someone my age let alone touching me in that manner.”

I can’t believe that she can say that in such a convincing manner, “Man, if you ever told your story to the cops, I would go to prison for a very, very long time! Do you know that?”

She smiles deviously, “Yes daddy, I am fully aware of how much power I hold over this entire situation so the next time I demand you to fuck me in the asshole, you had better listen to me or else.” She looks up at me as she is lathering the bottom of her legs.

I answer fearfully as I may be setting a trend, “Yes my love, I understand.”

I step behind her, bend her forward so that her head is against the wall just out of the range of the free flowing water and I spread her asscheeks apart exposing her pink star hole. I keep Ky jelly in the shower in case I want to jerk off so I pump a few pumps into my hand and vigorously rub it onto my cock. At this point she is fully aware of what I am about to do so she reaches back, grabs her asscheeks with both hands and spreads them apart as an invitation, “Here you are daddy. Do whatever you would like to your illegal underaged daughter’s asshole. Please fuck my preteen asshole with your huge manly cock. Put your cock into your daughter where it doesn’t belong!”

I put Ky all over her still gaping asshole and two fingers with Ky seem to just fall into it with ease. I bring my cock up to the opening of her asshole and it sucks it in without any problem easily and as smoothly as if cock to mouth. “Fuck. Shit. I can’t believe that you are fucking your preteen daughter’s asshole!

I fuck her even harder, “I’m fucking my preteen daughter’s asshole with my huge cock and I’m going to cum and fill up her asshole.”

“Yeah daddy, fuck me, fuck my asshole daddy. Do with it as you please. You’re turning your daughter into a slut daddy, is that what you want? You want your precious little innocent girl to become a slut?”

I’m fucking her asshole very hard, “Yeah baby girl you are my little underaged slut, aren’t you. Sucking cock, getting fucked in your pussy and asshole. Will you be daddy’s little whore?”

At this moment I hear Hannah start to cum as her asshole tightened and began to quiver, “Yes daddy, I’m your fucking little whore now. I’m cumming daddy, fuck my asshole. I’m cumming. Make your little whore cum. Ahhhh, yeah.

If the shower weren’t running I would have felt her squirt all over my legs. “Yeah, I’m a cumming baby girl. I’m cumming into your slutty asshole! Yeah.” I pumped about seven loads of cum up into her asshole.

“Wow, that was great,” I hear her mumble.

I pull my cock out of her ass as she quickly turns to me, gets down on her little hands and knees and begins to suck the filth from her asshole tasting it the entire time. After a minute or so, I have her stand up and place one leg up onto a towel rack hanging in the shower exposing her asshole to me as I bend down and suck the creampie of cum out of her asshole into my mouth. I swallow it down into my belly and go back for seconds. I instruct her to push out like she’s shitting and lumps of my cum flow out of her asshole tainted brown with shit I taste and suck it out of her ass into my mouth and swallow it down into my belly. After I am done, I give her a giant kiss. Sigh.

I step under my shower head and sigh at the refreshing feeling of the hot water. “Hey princess, make sure you wear your stinky ass sweaty chucks to the party please, I want your feet and toes to be extra stinky for me later this evening, okay?”

She giggles, “Yes daddy but they are so stinky that it only takes about ten minutes of me wearing them to make my feet as stinky as my shoes.”

She finishes rinsing her hair, walks behind me rubbing her hands on my ass and reaches between and through my legs and grabs my hanging balls, “Can’t wait to get your sperm pumped into my mouth again.” My cock is again instantly straight up and hard as she fetches a his and hers white robe, puts it on and walks from the shower over to the vanity where she has clothes waiting. She sits down in front of her vanity mirror that we brought from her bedroom and starts to apply moisturizer from her toes to her forehead. I watch her admiring her prevailing beauty and how pretty she appears under the bright lights emanating from the rafters above. I begin to apply soap onto my hard cock and I end up stroking it in an effort to get it really clean. Right, to get it clean, believe that one if you want to.

It’s a little past 1:30 pm as we pull into the parking lot of Chuck E’ Cheeses, Where a Kid can be a Kid Again. Hannah is wearing a pair of shorts with no underwear, clean shaven legs, armpits and mound, a plain gray t-shirt with no bra and has a minimal amount of makeup on, that is just how I like her. She looks like a ten or eleven year old little girl, just how I like her. She realizes where we are and puts her head down, frozen, looking down at the floorboard of the car shaking her head.

I can’t help but smile on the verge of laughing, “What? What’s wrong Hannah?”

She points toward the Chuck E’ Cheese sign, looks up at me and demands an answer without saying anything.

I looked up at the restaurant then back at her then back at the restaurant,” What’s wrong with Chuck Cheese, it’s a great place for a twelve year old to have her birthday party!”

She annoyingly groaned, “Dad, what the…Seriously, this’ gotta be a joke!”

I am trying to contain myself and not laugh, “No princess, it’s where a kid can be a kid again.”

Sometimes she isn’t as grown up as she believes that she is and begins to act like a spoiled little brat, “Please take me home. I wish to go home father, now!”

With a big smile on my face I convince her that she will not only have a great time but she’ll thank me for years to come for bringing her here. Reluctantly, she agrees to go inside with me. We step up to the hostess, get armbands and UV stamps as I ask for the ‘Dean’ party.

She leads us over to a group of tables where there are seven people gathered around the tables. Two father’s each with a daughter and a mother and father with one daughter.

I reach out to shake their hands, “Billy, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

The first father puts out his hand and introduces himself, “Daniel, and this is my ten year old daughter Danielle. Thank you for inviting us. It’s a pleasure to have met you.” He was about thirty-three years old, very handsome with big hands and an average build.

I can’t help but notice ‘Daniel,’ with her golden blonde hair and green eyes and sultry lips, is not wearing any underwear. I see this as she is bent over with loose shorts on attempting to pick something off of the floor.

‘Damn,’ I thought to myself, ‘I’d love to get her naked, just once.’

Then another father, “What’s up, names Johnathon and this little firecracker is my thirteen year old daughter Jackie, but since she’s 100% tomboy everyone calls her ‘Jack’ by name.”

I couldn’t help but notice that Jack was an extremely beautiful little girl. Brown hair, bright blue eyes, shapely lips and considering the t-shirt she was wearing, she had pink, puffy developing breasts that I imagined for just a moment sucking on for hours. As I studied her all the way down past her tight revealing shorts taking note of her splendid hips and full soft looking moisturized legs and her cute adorable french manicured toes, her father was looking at me, with sort of a concerned look. I immediately broke away and quickly looked at Hannah playing it really cool. Embarrassed, I eventually looked up at him and he simply smiled as if he didn’t just catch me checking out his underaged thirteen year old princess as if I wanted to bend her over right there and fuck her silly.

Hannah noticed me checking out Jack as well, and all she could do was reassure Johnathan that I am okay, “Don’t worry,” She said to John, “Daddy looks at me the same way when I remind him of my mother, his late wife.”

‘Great save, Hannah,’ I thought to myself. John looked over at me with sympathy totally understanding why I was peering at his daughter in the manner that I did. Sigh.

The mother and father reach out and shake my hand quickly blurting as if they were attempting to change the clearly uncomfortable setting that I just inspired. “Jim and Kelann,” he pauses as she finishes, “This is our recently turned ten year old daughter Kimberly or Kim for short.”

I dare not examine this one but man she is just as hot as Jack. WTF are they feeding these little girls these days? All three of these little girls, even twelve year old Kimberly, had nice hips, noticeable developing breasts, beautiful lips, pretty faces and I’m just wondering how much hair they may have or if their feet get as stinky as Hannah’s.

Just then the last two people arrive as they introduce themselves to me, “Name’s King and this is my thirteen year old daughter Lucy.”

I look at him wondering how he got the name ‘King,’ “Billy and this is my twelve year old daughter Hannah,” King is a taller man about 6’4” so he bends down eye to eye with Hannah, “Now aren’t you just the cutest thing that I ever did see.”

Hannah reaches out her hand, “Pleased to have met you and thank you for the compliment King.”

About an hour into the party, Hannah has forgotten all about being too grown up for a party at CEC’s as she keeps asking me for more money for tokens. All of the girls are barefoot and I am in heaven looking at all of the cute adorable little asses and toes.

We are all sitting at a table eating pizza when I need to ask, “Does anyone else’s daughter here get the stinkiest feet and toes as much as Hannah?”

Everyone answers at the same time laughing, ‘hell yeah, oh my they are really stinky, yeah oh my god you wouldn’t believe how much. Yes sir.’

Then I add, “Even though they are really stinky and smelly like vinegar, they still smell really good.” The table got quiet, “At least for me they do.”

Everyone sat there for a moment in silence as Hannah places her head down into her hands having no idea how she’s going to save her father from this comment. She begins to blurt out an explanation when all of a sudden the entire table raises up with a voice saying, ‘you got a good point there Billy! Yeah, they sure do. Omg smells good enough to eat.’ Everyone but the girls are discussing how good their stinky feet smell.

I look down at Hannah, smile as she smiles back at me. “Thank you daddy, I’m having a lot of fun,” She whispers quietly. Over the next hour all of the parents discuss mundane and personal topics with one another and all of them seem to concentrate on Hannah and myself. I’m assuming because they all know one another and Hannah and I are new to them.

After the party we all said our goodbyes, thanking everyone for their gifts and attendance. Hannah and I walked from the restaurant as it was just beginning to drizzle. She danced happily through the parking lot circling me as she went, smiling and humming an unfamiliar song.

I put her gifts into the Ferrari and we got into the car. She shrugs her shoulders, “That was a lot of fun daddy, I especially like ‘Jack and Johnathan, I think those two are very good looking and sexy. And Dan and Danielle, I think he has a large cock because I saw his bulge when Danielle sat on his lap during a game. And Jim and Kel, isn’t she just beautiful? Jim must have a huge cock to get a woman as beautiful as her. And what about King, he’s such a flirt!”

“Hannah,” I blurted out, “That’s not very nice to be talking about our new friends in that manner, objectifying all of them sexually.”

She justified it her own way, “Yeah but that’s how I look at people daddy. I can’t help it. Plus they are not the type of people that would do the sexual things that I or you are willing to do, agree?” She pauses as I did not answer, “I like the gifts. I got a doll, a bracelet, an iPhone 15, a pair of new chucks, and grandma’s underwear. Who in the hell bought those for me,” She asked. “Whoever it was definitely has no idea what I am like or what I am capable of sexually and the fact that I have crotchless, zippered crotch of micro g-string panties!”

I laugh, “Ain’t that the truth baby girl, ain’t that the truth!”

We walk into the house together holding hands and just then I get a text message on my phone that reads:
DND: Decision made, you’re in. Meet at the pre-designated address at 6pm. DO NOT BE LATE.

ME: Okay, see you there

I instruct Hannah to quickly strip off her clothes and put on her robe as I do the same. Without question she obediently does. I tell her that we are going for a ride and to bring her chucks and that is all. We exit the house, get into the car and drive away.

She has to ask, “Where are we going daddy?”

I reluctantly answer, “Well baby girl, daddy has another surprise for you, okay? Just be patient and you will see.”

Satisfied with my answer, “Okay daddy, but can I play with myself under my robe? I’m kinda getting turned on sitting here naked under a robe going to god knows where.”

I happily gave her a reply, “By all means baby girl, rub away.”

We pull into the driveway of an oceanfront home in Indialantic Florida. I shut off the engine and address you seriously, “You need to put this on before we go any further,” I hold out nightshade blinders as a blindfold.

She looks up at the house then back at me, “Why daddy, what are we doing here?”

I am outside of her open door cordially extending the blinders out to her, “We are at your afterparty that I have arranged so just put the fucking blinders on so we can go inside and you can be surprised.”

She smiles as she reaches out, grabs the blinders, and stands up from the car, “Okay, okay, a surprise party, huh? Even though you just told me, I will still act surprised, okay daddy?”

I speak very clearly, “Okay princess,” Then I mumble under my breath, “You sure will be fuckin’ surprised, you can bet on that much.”

I lead Hannah to the front door of this massive ocean front home and I ring the doorbell. A very young girl around nine years old opens the door inviting us in saying nothing to us, not even a greeting. I lead Hannah into the home where a pleasant scent of night jasmine fills our notrills from the air. “Daddy, what’s happening,” She whispers.

“I don’t know, we will see,” I offered.

The house is dimly lit as I lead Hannah by following the little girl down a long hallway and finally into a very large room at the back of the house that seemingly has a view of the entire ocean. It smelled of Lavender and vanilla as I noticed there are round couches and black leather soft restraint chairs scattered about throughout the room. In the center of the dimly lit room there is a large area where nine people stood naked all wearing plain non-extravagant masquerade masks. They all very loudly say uniformly at the same time, “Welcome.”

Hannah removes her mask only to see Dan (33) and Daniel (10), John (33) and Jackie (13), King (42) and Lucy (13) and Jim (29), Kelann (29), and Kimberly (10) all standing calmly in front of her, totally naked.

She looked up at me totally flabbergasted then back at the nine, “Yall aint gonna sacrifice, drink my blood and eat my liver are ya?”

They all begin to laugh, especially Jack, as Kalann steps forward displaying her great naked body, firm c-cup breasts, bubbly ass and gorgeous legs she begins to speak, “Please, Hannah get comfortable and remove your robe. You too Billy.”

Without any hesitation or reluctance, Hannah proudly removes her robe displaying to everyone her young naked twelve year old body and begins to monitor which man likes her naked or not. I remove my robe displaying my huge cock and nice fit body as I hear Jack gasp for air.

Kelann continues, “Hannah, your father reached out to us secretly and asked if the two of you could join our group and participate in sexually explicit activities involving mommies, daddies, daughters and sons. As a matter of fact, that is the legal name of our entity, ‘MDDS, Inc.’ Well, we don’t just allow anyone to join our club, first they must be vetted and at least two adults and two children have to ‘vote’ them in. Since you were having a party today you received the attention of nine members of MDDS. Across the state of Florida, we have approximately five thousand members and around one hundred thousand members nationwide. This will enable you to visit other homes such as these in the future either right here in Florida or somewhere else in the nation to satisfy any sexual desire that you may be having at any time of the year twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty-five days a year. Would you like that dear?”

Hannah’s mouth was drooling as she shook her head affirmatively, “Yes ma’am I would very much like that,” her voice crackled.

She noticed that Dan, John, Jim, and King all now had erections staring at her with the rest of the group. She smiled at how easily it is to determine whether or not a man is sexually attracted to a little girl.

She couldn’t help notice that John had a very huge cock, larger than her father’s. ‘I can’t wait to get that thing into my mouth,’ she thought. ‘I can’t wait to feel that cock that’s the size of my forearm fuck my little preteen pussy stretching me out to no end,’

She continued to fantasize. “Blah, bla, blah, blah, blah,” is all she heard Kel saying, “Are you hearing me Hannah?”

Distracted glancing over at Jack’s now straight out throbbing cock, she said, “Not really Kel, I’m looking at Jack’s big cock and wondering when I could get a chance to mount that huge thing?”

Kelann smiled and totally understood, “I totally understand so we will just go over the rules and such at a later date. As for your desire Hannah to mount Jack’s huge cock, you will get that chance in about fifteen minutes or less. You see, it’s customary that every preteen and young teen member be welcomed into our club by having sex with all of its members at the same time who are present in the house upon their arrival. So, all of the daddy’s and this one mommy will suck, lick, taste, smell, fuck, grope and finger every hole and oriface that you have. We will eat, drink, ingest, and consume every bodily fluid, and/or excretion including your piss and shit with our fingers, toes, mouths, chins and nose. And after about thirty minutes all of the girls, including me, will do the same with you as the fathers sit out and watch. Then about thirty minutes after that both the daddy’s and daughters will all have sex with one another with a concentration all on you, how does that sound to you?”

Hannah couldn’t believe her ears, “That sounds wonderful, when can we start? Huh?”

Kelann smiles at her enthusiasm, “And for you Billy, you will experience the same thing as your daughter but with a little twist. You will be able to suck, fuck, bottom or top any daddy because I know that they are all willing to allow you to do so by my experience with them.”

I was never told about any of this so it’s all new to me, “Well, hell yeah, I’ll suck a cock and fuck another mans asshole anytime. But you better believe that I ain’t a fag or nuthin!”

The daddy’s all chuckled and spoke to one another quietly.

Hannah looked at me suspiciously, “Really daddy, I never knew that you’d be willing to do that with another man. That’s really gay and it really gets me wet.”

“There’s a lot about me that you don’t know about me, princess. I’m a man of many layers, but you ought to know that just because daddy is willing to do these things with other men, that don’t make me a fag, understand?” I said proudly.

I watched quietly as three men walked up to us and carefully and lovingly led Hannah over to a very large day bed that could fit ten people on it comfortably to take her and do as they pleased. She smiled at me and said excitedly, “I’m gonna get double or triple penetrated daddy!”

She had a huge smile on her face from ear to ear as John took the lead and began tenderly kissing her, sucking on her tongue and tasting the Jolly Rancher she just had in her mouth. Dan was licking her asshole, Jim and Kel were both sucking her toes as I overheard them both comment on how stinky her toes were but that didn’t stop them from putting their nose to her toes over and over again. King was tonguing my illegal underaged little girl’s pussy. I then realized that she is now in good hands just like with me. And over all of the Mmmm’s and Ummm’s I could hear my little girl begin to moan as she glanced up at me with a ‘I’ve just been fucked’ face and silently lipped, ‘Thank you daddy.’


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