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The Haunted mansion

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Two girls caught in an haunted mansion by a pervert evil spirit which tortures them and rape them

The story is completely fictional yet comprises of fantasies of horror, torture and sex that could satisfy the hunger of beast inside you…The story is bit longer but has detailings of the acts which are required to get in- the – act experience. Hope you enjoy this…

It was around 1 in the afternoon when Tina recieved a call. The person from the other side was asking her to take to some place to which Tina was refusing, telling her she don’t believe in all this stuff and she yelled stop calling me for this matter…

The one who called Tina was her bestie Christie, a student of Parapsychic studies. She was requesting Tina to take her to Tina’s village which had a haunted mansion as she had to do a project on paranormal activity. As Tina didn’t believe in paranormal activities she refused to take her or to join her.

But upon pleading.. Tina finally agreed to take her to the mansion.Both planned to leave in the morning next day and they had to travel for around 12 hours to reach the place.

Both girls met in the morning next day.Both the girls were sexy.Christie was pretty innocent kind having a top hour glass body structure with sexy boobs and beautiful ass.she wore T shirt, jeans and a hoodie.She was also wearing spectacles.
Tina had sexy hourglass structure with great boobs,sexy waist and ass.She was a badass and was almost a brat.She was wearing shirt and shorts. First 2 buttons of her shirt were not buttoned revealing her sexy cleavage.The last button was not buttoned too,she tied a knot at the bottom, revealing her smooth belly and pierced belly button.

They travelled for about 12 hours and reached Tina’s village.And taking a left turn from the entrance of village,upon driving for around 10 minutes they reached the cemetery turned mansion,the Haunted mansion.

There was a large gate at the entrance ,rusted and covered with spider webs.when they got down the car thunder rumbled and wind gushed with great speed.

There was a board on the gate with sign of no entry.It further had some description which was the story of mansion.the board was rusty and the writings were not very clear.Curious Christie took out a torch from her bag and started reading it..

The story went like this…
Centuries ago…Here in this mansion was a wicked ruler who used to practice dark magic and satanic rituals…he enjoyed rapeing women and torturing them with various kinds.He killed them and buried them around the mansion.The king was very powerful with the powers of telekinesis , hypnotism and the figures next to it were not clear.

Next visible lines said he was killed by a group of priests from east… But his spirit was indestructable.He grew stronger upon becoming spirit and started torturing everyone in the kingdom.The priests again with their powers confined him to the palace.

The last line said “His spirit still roams in the mansion craving for human blood with hunger and female to fulfill his lust.It is highly NOT RECOMMENDED for anyone to enter this site.especially women should stay away”

Yes…said Tina in scary voice and Christie jumped in fear.Tina said there are stories that his spirit roams in this cemetery and recently a school girl went inside the cemetery to catch a cat and was abducted by the ghost…

Christie was not ready to leave the place without witnessing paranormal activities.christie’s curiosity and Tina’s dareness pushed them in. both entered the gate by jumping off the fences.

As soon as they entered wind gushed again and clouds covered moon..a shadow moved behind them.They felt someone is behind them but there was nothing when they turned behind.

Tina said there’s no stuff like ghosts and spirits its just our mind’s behaviour.I wont believe in these.Christie said I have holy cross and devices in my bag to sense these activities,well check once we are inside.

They entered the mansion opening large door at its entrance,It creaked and opened, Pendulum clock inside mansion struck 11 times.

They moved further…

An image appeared on the window glass outside the mansion.It smiled…an evil smile..

I’ll make you believe ghosts do exist…and I’ll get my hunger and lust satisfied today,It thought looking at Tina…

As both the girls went in… Christie turned on her torch.lights inside the mansion turned on suddenly. They were shocked for a moment…but proceeded further.. Christie was in front…Tina followed..


Ahhhh!!! Yelled Tina with pain in her ass

Someone spanked her ass… hardly

Now bravery of the girls got a little low…

Again there were no one when they looked back…

Tina got spanked again…Even Christie was looking her..she turned back again.. rubbing her ass..As Christie was looking at her…Her large boobs went in and came out as if someone pressed them hardly…Tina felt the press.

Now they were completely scared.Christie proceeded to take holy cross of her bag but to their shock…the bag had disappeared!!!!

The ghost detector came levitating…lights on it were glowing detecting the presence of spirit.

They ran to get out….shock again!!!

There was no door…torch in Christie’s hand explodes…They screamed in fear… completely scared now… crying to get out..

Lights went off in the mansion.Girls held their hands with each other.They felt something is moving around them..

It started sniffing them…from head to toe…it sniffed them. Tina felt something poked her belly button.She screamed in fear.

A loud laugh came…

Centuries of waiting ends today…blood to my hunger and body to lust…prey came searching the hunter… it said.

Girls in fear hugged each other. Christie felt something on her waist.Feeling of hands holding her waist.Before she could even scream, she was pulled away from Tina…

Lights flickered…Tina saw Christie being dragged to upper floor through steps..

Tina ran before her but when she reached the top floor there were many rooms. She took some more courage and started looking for Christie.

She took out her phone to call someone but the phone was blank with a single message displaying on the screen..

“You are next” …the message said and it explodes as she finished reading it.she continued her search.

She went inside a room and was shocked looking at the paintings inside the room.The paintings of various cruel tortures given to women by the king… chills went through her spine looking ar sadistic nature of king, and was completely in fear thinking what would happen to her when she gets caught by his spirit… suddenly she heard a scream…a loud scream of Christie from downstairs..

Tina got confirmed the mansion is full of illusions, the spirit made her to believe it took Christie upstairs but actually took her down..She ran down..

Christie was dragged to dungeon like place in the underground of the mansion.It was completely dark.When moonlight entered the place through ceiling she saw a cot inside, weapons, pieces of glass, various things she didn’t understand. Her boobs were bouncing as she was breathing hardly . she was sweating even in cold climate..

She felt something passed beside her.When she looked around…she saw the spirit in moonlight..A muscular structure of man, completely naked with erect dick which was craving to fuck her in all her holes.

It had scary canines like vampire and nails like a beast and was levitating in air. Suddenly clouds covered moon and it disappeared.lights inside the place turned on.

She looked at the door and got up and ran to escape. As she was running her pants fell down! She stumbled and fell down. In fear she grabbed her pants and pulled them up.

Suddenly she was dragged to the place she was before. She tried to get up again but couldn’t. She felt her ass sticked to floor and her back was pressed against the wall.

Her zip of hoodie started unzipping itself..when she tried to hold it her hands were pulled apart forcibly. Hoodie got unzipped and her boobs through her tight white T shirt revealed.

Neck of her T shirt was pulled down to reveal her cleavage and her left boob went inside as someone squeezed it. Squeezing continued few more times and her nipple got erected and its outline was visible through the T shirt. Now the outline was more intense as something is holding her nipple.

Squeezing of left boob continues and nipple of right boob was twisted harshly and pulled hardly. Christie was screaming in pain and fear wriggling her legs trying hard to resist it but was helpless.

Her t shirt started lifting up revealing her smooth white and sexy belly and waist.She felt something is rubbing her belly with hand. Her belly button poked with finger.. rubbing continued in circular path, which extended and now…she felt hand entered her pants..

She wriggled more screaming nooo…leave me..but spirit’s work continued..she felt hands on her pussy.Even she didn’t liked anything her nipple got erected and pussy was wet.Now she felt her lips of pussy getting opened and a finger entered her..it was followed by another finger..

Meanwhile her hoodie and T shirt flew off!!
Now her sexy breasts were covered only with bra.. she was getting fingered roughly and intensity both in speed and depth increased every second..

A glass piece beside her started levitating..it came near her and with its sharp edge, it cuts left strap of her bra..now coming to right side it made cut…but this time on her skin..wound started bleeding and her white bra was turning red with her blood.

Tina reached the door of that place.On hearing Christie’s screams she just opened window of that place and looked at poor situation of Christie. She saw Christie’s blood stained white bra and movement of hands inside her pants.Tina decided not to enter the room in fear of getting caught by the spirit and continued spectating. Moonlight entered the place again and now the spirit was visible again.

The spirit was rubbing Christie’s waist and was fingering her.Now it pulled down strap cut side of her bra down, her sexy boob with large nipple was exposed.The spirit grabbed her boob and squeezed it, pulled it , moved it up and down and with its finger it pushed her nipple inside making her boob appear like doughnut.

It licked blood from her bleeding wound above breast .it took out its hand from her pants. Its finger were completely smeared with juices of her. He smeared the juices on her nipple and proceeded to suck it.

Half of her boob was in its mouth.It sucked her boob hardly and licked her nipple.bit her nipple and started chewing her nipple causing her great pain.

With a wave of its hand, her pant flew off and her green panty came levitating to its hand.it licked juice soaked panties of her and rolled it and pushed it inside her mouth.

Now it took a glass piece and with a grin placed it in her cleavage.. Christie was moving her head side to side crying begging not to..but spirit didn’t care…pulled down the glass…snap!!! It cuts her bra..and it removed her bra fastly.

Now she was completely naked.Spirit started licking her body. It licked her hairy pussy and moved above.It grabbed her pubic hair and plucked them forcibly.

Now it got up and pointed its hand towards her and her body started levitating. It sat down and pulled her body down making her to sit on his erected hard dick..

It grabbed her ass in both of its hand..pulled them apart hardly and placed her asshole on his dick and pulled her down hardly.. pushing his dick inside her asshole.

His dick started fucking her without his moment. Christie was crying in pain.

She had crossed her legs tightly not to reveal her pussy. Fucking her ass hole, the spirit placed its hands inside the gap between her thighs and pulled them apart.

Christie was resisting it hardly.The spirit slapped on her pussy hardly for resisting.It then started stroking her pussy with its index finger.Fucking her ass hole hardly.

It looked at her pussy and lips of her dripping pussy opened wide. It inserted index finger of its right hand and then inserted index from the left hand too.

Her virgin tight pussy was in great pain.as she was wriggling..it smiled and started pulling its inserted fingers apart… pulling her vaginal hole. It pulled her pussy hole hardly and enlarged it, then it looked at a stick which was lying in the corner of that room.

The stick flew in air and thrust her pussy with great speed and force. The spirit removed its hand from her pussy and holding stick which is inside her pussy pushed it further.

It pushed the stick hardly in such a way it went through her vagina and enterd her uterus. It started moving stick in and out.

The spirit finished fucking her ass. It lifted her body after giving a hard completion thrust to her ass.

The spirit removed stuffed panty from her mouth and she started screaming in pain and despair. It slapped her in the face. She fell down with the slap. With stick inserted in her pussy she started crawling towards the door.

A whip emerged in the hands of spirit and it whipped her bleeding ass hardly. She stopped Crawling and fell down on the floor.

The spirit grabbed one of her leg and dragged her to the same previous spot and pushed her down.

The spirit made her to sit leaning against the wall and made her legs spread out. The stick started fucking her and the spirit holding her hairs pulled her face towards its dick to get blowjob.

Christie turned away crying begging not to. The spirit kicked her pussy hardly.when she opened her mouth to scream it inserted its dick into her mouth.

It fucked her mouth hardly. The dick was so long it touched her throat. She couldn’t even cough . After fucking her for some time it took out its dick and pulled her face more near and pulled it back holding her hair, getting her nose near it’s dick.

She pushed its dick away from her nose but her hands were telekinetically pulled away. The spirit then cummed inside her nostrils.

And pushed her down to the floor forcly. She fell down coughing cleaning her nose with her hands.. crying and breathing hardly.

The spirit was not finished yet..it had the conclusion part yet.. holding her boob it pulled her up. Holding her boob in one hand and the stick inside her pussy in another, it lifted her body up.

Then left its hands…her body was levitating in air now. The spirit removed the stick from her pussy. The stick was smeared with juices of her pussy and blood. Her thighs were also smeared with blood . Her pussy was bruised badly and was bleeding. Juices were flowing out of her pussy.

The spirit lifted her body more..to the level of its mouth. It pulled her pussy near to its face and smelled her pussy with full of lust.

It licked blood from her thighs . then opened her pussy lips and took out its long tongue and licked her pussy completely and inserted its tongue inside her pussy.

It grabbed one of her pussy lip and started biting it. She was wriggling her legs in air .

Then it pulled her body down to the level of its dick. Spreading her legs completely…it extended its hands to reach her breasts.

Her pussy lips opened completely and revealed her clitoris, ureter and her sexy pink drippng wet pussy hole. It pulled her pussy near and thrust its duck inside her.

She fainted by this time and the spirit fucked her more and more… Hardly and fastly.

Her body fell down to floor as soon as he finished fucking her making a thud sound.

The spirit was satisfied fucking her. looking at her sexy body it gave a grin.

Tina who was watching all this was completely in fear. She planned to escape silently.

When she turned back to run away… Her shorts fell down… The same way happened to Christie… She fell down stumbling upon it and as soon as she fell she pulled her shorts and sat leaning to wall in fright breathing heavily. Before she could get up again…

Hands emerged from the wall behind her and grabbed her sexy large bouncing breasts and squeezed them pushing her hardly against the wall…

“Didn’t you see the message on your phone??”

She heard this and the spirit emerged from the wall… holding her from the back laughing loudly….

Next part coming soon……

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