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This story is about the first time i spent the weekend with my dad at my cousin house…btw he went to jail like around 2019ish…

This all started around may, 2016 (The WORST birthday ever!…kinda teehee)
Okay well i went to my cousin house only cause my dad got kicked out of his house cause his gf didnt want him there but it was a apartment and within the apartment building he was there my cousin..lets name him J cause his name was jay (derpy derp) anyways he was like 18..19 ish but i never really paid him no mind cause i had a boyfriend but it was online but he knew me since i was 12 so it just seemed soo right even tho he was..uhm..*Cough cough* 20…ish..uhm anyways we was just so in love and i use to do naughty stuff on the phone when him every single night so when we went to J apartment his mom and auntie they had to share a room as it was only 2 bedroom apartment and his uncle and my dad and me and him and my brother was in the master room cause the bathroom was in it and my dad is asleep by me on a mattress and the other bed tht was higher had j and his uncle on it and i swear when i tell ya i woke up in so much fear i thought i was dying cause he had put his dick in my mouth and i couldnt talk i couldnt cry i couldnt yell i even tried to bite down but it was too big like it stretched the side of my mouth and he said “you like shit like this huh” and then said “I heard you on the phone earlier and if you anything ima kill you” so my scary ass just lay there while he abuse my throat like it was starting to hurt and he was on top of me hitting me and even dragged me off the bed before getting rougher and i tried to grab my dads hand but over his snoring and J strong self he grab my hands my hands and pinned them above my head and put his knees on top then grab my hair and just used all his might and destoryed my throat like i was gagging and coughing so loud but he knew i was doing it on purpose so he pinched my nose and honestly it got dark and i did pass out i think idk but when i woke up my dad went to work and my uncle had went to his baby momma house or to his gf i dont remember what my auntie said but he camed up to me and i flinch and his mom say tht and said “Girl what u flinching for” then he repeated after her while trying to ask playful and put me in a head lock( Ok can ya image a short girl around 5″0 maybe 4″11 being in a headlock by a dudes thts like 6 something like my feet wasnt even touching the floor!) But no his mom just saw us and thot we was playin but in all realty he was in my ear sayin how he was finna destroy my body then he said it was his body and tht he owns me🙄 Ughh…anyways later tht night his mom amd auntie and my dad and uncle went out for drinks but the little kids where there so i sure did i locked myself and my little cousin his siblings in his momma room i sure did cause i was scared but within the 10 mins after the adults left he actually brought his dog inside from the balcony both of them and i got so scared when he litterally jumped thru the window like i didnt even know it was cracked but he did it…only the youngest one was asleep and his sister whos like 9 was watching us and he was so aggressive and he said “Why you lock me out..did i say i wanted you tonight?” And i said no you said u wanted me bit not tonight! And i swear he hit me so many times like i had a bruise on my side and on my neck…he had eventually took me into the living room after beating me like he even hit me with a belt like i felt bad cause his sister was watching it happen! Anyways he told me to take off my onsie my pretty fuzzy onsie and i listened and he started kissin on my neck and covering the welts and bruises with kisses and hickeys before making me get into like a weird doggy style position, I was small enough or he was just big enough to sit infront of me and make me arch my back fully like my ass was wayyy in the air and he used one hand to force me to suck him even tho i told him multiple times my throat hurt but tht didnt stop him or his dog cause they came over nosey as ever and since one was a girl and the other was a boy the girl was already prego so all she did was lick me a few times before going to him and licking his face and he rub her and showed her love and then i felt the boy dog lile he was sniffing me and licking me but then J told him to get on top and i felt the soft pokes and i knew tht it was is penis and it felt soo weird but then i realize if the dog break my hymen then i can use something against him but no j was to smart or just didn’t know which hole was which cause he directed it up my ass and i cried and tried my hardest to get up but his dog was so heavy it was a great dane and a fat ass one for tht well just strong fat ig but he was heavy! Or i was just weak…as hell anyways he was destorying my insides like having someone push you from behind while another hold your cheeks open for it..like it hurts and he made it stretch abit so tht the dog can fit in my butt cause my holes where and still r very tiny even as a 17 yr old today but when the dog forced itself in he letted my ass go and start to bop my head aggressively it felt like hours till i finally felt his ball try to enter me and i was shaking and squirming trying trying to get free till he forced it inside and tried to dismount me but we was stuck and j wouldnt let my head go so they was playing tug a war with my holes till j finally cummed and let me go and letted his dogy drag me around while i coughed and spit up cum before 10 mins later the fucking door had unlocked and j raned to the room and just as they walked in i screamed the first time every i screamed in pleasure from the warmth before crying cause when i saw my dad..he for one pulled the door away while the damn dog was still humping the air and cumming and he got a belt and whooped me for hours and honestly looking back at it it was funny i was a fast girl and i wore make up so the mascara running down my cheeks with my tears cum flowing out of me my clothes every where and my face with white stuff everywhere..man i had welts and bruises already but my dad added to it then when i finally went home my mom beat my ass too and told my whole family and i finally told her what happen but not even a few hours later she found out about my 20 yr old boyfriend in Indiana👉🏽👈🏽 It wasnt on purpose but ill save tht story for another time🙈☺😉
(Btw he said he had a crush on me…if tht helps)
If anyone wanna chat…text me lol

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      I havent had any contact with a male dog for a while so…yeah but honestly i think the dog made my butt grow cause i was pretty small before it happened🤐🙈

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