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Friends, neighbors, and family

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Everybody that cums together stays together. A young man don’t care. But he’slearning about himself. And finds new and fun ways to learn.

To start the story off. James is a 14 year old walking hormone. He lives with his 32 year old mother Jill and 10 year old sister Amy. His best friend Doug is 14 and lives next door. He lives with his 40 year old dad.

Everything started in the fall. Just after James’s 14th birthday. School was in full swing, leaves were falling and the air is turning colder. James wasn’t your average teen. He was raised by a single mother. His dad died in a plane crash. He wasn’t on the plane it landed on him. He worked for the government’s ground crew testing airplanes. So his family was pretty set but his mother still worked to keep extra money in the house. It was thier vacation fund, school clothes, and dine out. Being set for them ment the bills were payed and the house was payed for along with the two cars. His mom and his dad’s. Although his mom never drove it she kept it for when James got old enough.

So he never got the birds and bee’s talk. His mom thought that was a fathers job. But now it was the schools sex ed. And this year he was in the class. The closest he ever got to a nked girl was when his sister climbed in the shower with him. He hardly ever payed her any mind. But since his birthday his started noticing things and he would get hard. He asked his mom to get Amy to take a shower by herself. His mother said she’s a little girl and your sister. The bills are payed but it helps conserve water on the bill. So be nice to her you are the only.
man in her life.

So he was defeated. October rolled around and Halloween was here. James wanted to hang out with Doug. His mom said no she had to work tonight and won’t be home to take Amy trick or treating. He wanted to argue but he couldn’t tell his mom the reason. Doug found his dad’s dirty mags and wanted to show James. When night got there thier mom kissed them good night and told Amy to mind her brother. Off they went Amy was dressed as a cat in a skin tight outfit. James couldn’t stop looking. It was so tight it showed her budding little cones, tight but and a small camel toe. When they got home Doug was there. He want to hang out after Amy went to bed. He sent her up to play before they got a shower for bed. The 2 boys sat at the kitchen table and pulled out the mags. While the looked at all the naked women. James noticed some had hair. James made the comment Amy don’t have any hair there. Doug said man you saw your little sister naked. James didn’t know what to say. So he lied said yeah when she was a baby.. He felt embarrassed he didn’t want his friend to laugh at him because he still showered with his sister. Doug said oh that doesn’t count and left it at that. They continued looking at the mag.

James kept getting a hard on and was hiding it from Doug. They say how and where a penis goes. James looked at Doug and told him it’s getting late. I need to make sure Amy bathes and me and we’re in bed soon. They said thier good nights and see you at school. Off Doug went. But he left a couple of magazines. He thought I need to hide them quick so he hide them under his mattress. He went and told Amy time for a bath. He went and got his underwear and the shower ready. He was washing his hair when Amy stepped in. He couldn’t help but look and think about the magazines they looked at. He didn’t realize he was getting hard till Amy grabbed it and said why did this get so big. James couldn’t think straight but he pulled back and asked why did you grab me. She started crying say sorry. She said she saw it a couple of time before get hard like that and was curious how it felt. James felt bad and told her he was sorry for yelling. But she should touch him like that. She asked why. He explained boys and girls to her. It never crossed his mind to also tell her it was wrong for a brother and sister to do things like that. He didn’t know about that part yet. He was still learning sex education. They have not got that far yet.

She surprised him and said I saw you rubbing it a couple time and saw white stuff coming out. He could think straight but told her all about it. He told her he would explain more when they were done so they should stay naked so he could show her what she wanted. They finished and Amy asked your room or mine. He said his mom won’t ask questions if she finds you in my room in the morning. By the time they were in his room his erection was back. Amy said can I touch it agian. James thought why not she’s already held it once. She clapped and grabbed hold of him. Ouch not so hard here let me show you. So he helped her. Amy giggled ohhand ahh the whole time. He said can I touch you to she what you feel like. She giggled and said I don’t get hard like you. He said I know. So that sat there exploring each other as he explained what little he knew.

After a few minutes he thought about the magazines and what he saw. So he asked Amy if she want to di what he did by himself. She giggled and said yes so he showed her. Man it felt good all he could think about was one picture. A woman had the man dick in her mouth then the next page showed what he knew was cum in her mouth. He was getting close and asked her if she want to do something else. She said what? He told her she could put it in her mouth and suck in it like a lollipop. She made a face so he said it’s clean. She said but you pee out of here still pulling on his dick. He lied to her say all the big girls do it and they like the creamy stuff you saw coming out of me please. She couldn’t say no to her big brother she said ok. He explained what he saw to her and said remember we can’t tell anyone cause they say we’re to young. She said ok but she’s a big girl and wanted to be treated like one. So she took a little lick and said she couldn’t taste anything. So she started to slowly put his dick in her mouth and suck. She couldn’t get it all in but he told her keep using you hand. In no time he felt it coming and told her. Keep moving you hand but but just the head in your mouth. She did as asked. He said her it comes and started to cum. At first she thought he was going to drown her but she swollowed. Then more came out she swollowed till he told her to stop his was getting sensitive. Amy sat up licked her lips and made a smacking sound. James looked at her and ask what she thought. She said it was really sweet and not bad tasting like she thought it would be. So he asked if she wanted to do it agian sometime. She thought about it and said ok.

After that night she couldn’t think of anything else. She kept her word and hasn’t told anyone. But she started sneaking in his room at night to suck him some more. James would be asleep and he be woken up by her sucking him. He tried to explain it was dangerous if they got caught. He now kbew that brothers and sisters are not suppose to do these things. But he couldn’t stop it felt to good to be wrong. So he said nothing but don’t let mom find out. When they took a shower he would let suck him off if mom wasn’t home. That went on for a couple months. Amy had been talking to her friends older sisters asking them questions but wouldn’t tell them why but that she was getting curious. They thought ok. By now Amy was getting wet everytime she sucked her brother and at first thought she had peed herself. The older girls explained why it happened. What she told them is she was having weird dreams and wake up like that. New Year’s eve day thier mom told th8she was going to a party at work. If they wanted they could stay up and watch the ball drop but right to bed after.

Thier mom left about 4 o’clock for work kissed them and reminded them of what she said. No sooner was she gon Amy asked James if she could suck him. He told her he has a book to show her other things they could do if she wanted. She already knew but they didn’t tell her how it looked. So off they went to his room. He pulled out the magazines her eyes got big around. He said let’s get naked and look at the pictures. They laid on his bed looking and Amy was the first to speak. She said I want to try this pointing at a picture of a man with his dick in a woman’s pussy. James said I don’t know your still small it might not it and hurt you. She thought about it and remembered what the older girls told her. Sge said I’ll make you a deal if it hurts to bad or don’t fit. I will suck you every day for a month how ever many times you want. But if it does fit and we do this pointing at the pictures. Then you have to do this again pointing at the pictures and turning the page and pointed at one of a man going down and licking a woman’s pussy. He thought what the hell it was a win win situation. So he rolled over on his back and told her. You get on top so if it hurt or wouldn’t fit she could stop.

Amy got up like the book showed and lined his dick up. James was shocked he didn’t think a girl his sister’s age could get wet. She tried a couple times and no go. But she had a idea so he wouldn’t chicken out. She remembered the girls told her about a hole. They said it will hurt a first but start to feel good in a few minutes. She felt herself for her hole and lined his dick up agian. She started and at first it felt ok then she started to stretch and get uncomfortable. She also remember one girl told her when your old enough to do it do it fast so it won’t hurt as bad. Amy steadied herself and dropped with a slight squick. I hurt like the dickins but didn’t want her brother to stop. She reached down and delt he was in her but not all the way. It was feeling better so she thought I can get it all in. She sat up and looked him in the eyes and said I told you. Then lifted agian and sat down hard and this time screamed. James thought he hurt her but this felt a whole lot better than at first. After a while Amy started doing what came naturally dy bouncing on his dick it was then she had her first cum. Again James thought he hurt her but she kept bouncing till his balls tightened and he tried to pull out. Cause he now knew where babies came from but she won’t get off and he blasted her full. They were both tired after they fell asleep like that. For the rest of winter it went by fast once they got a taste that was all they could think of and that’s all they did.

Buy the time spring rolled around they were old pro’s at it. February Amy woke bleeding her mom it’s ok you a you woman now still her mom forgot to tell her everything. Why tell her now though her mom thought she’s not old enough to do or understand. How wrong she was though. But back to that spring. They got new neighbors. A single mom and 2 young girls. One about Amy’s age and one about James age. James friend Doug was excited then asked James why he didn’t hang out as much. James lied to his friend agian and said hes been busy with everything he’s doing at school and hasn’t had much time but to take care of Amy. Doug understood because he’s been busy to now.

They look at each other a said want to introduce ourselves. Before they could answer the girls were gone. James told Doug maybe when they’ve been here long and I see you later. James was walking in the house as his mom was walking out. She said remember the rules I got to get to work. When he got in Amy wasn’t anywhere to be seen so he went upstairs to her room. There she was naked on her bed with her leg spead wide. James got naked too and was getting ready to mount her she said not so fast get me wet first. They learned alot over winter. He love her taste and she loved how it mafe her feel. James was eating away. Amy was cumming none stop. He got up to mount her agian as sje held out her arms when the door bell rang.

James didn’t want to stop because he wanted to finish plus his mother always told them be careful opening the door for strangers. Amy wiggled out got her robe on and told James to do the same. When they got to the door and looked out it was the new neighbors. Amy told him to open it they are girls what’s the worst they could do. Only the mother is bigger than you. They opened the door and introduced them selves. James and Amy went first. They the older woman said hi. My name is Barbara and this is my daughters Annie and Steph or Stephanie if you prefer. The older said call me Steph please and Annie said Ann would be fine and thier mother said well ok call me Barb then. Barb asked if thier mom was home. They said no. She’s at work. They said we’re new here and don’t know anyone so wanted to introduce them selves.

They invited them in to get to know each other. Ann was my sister’s age. Steph was 13 a year younger than me and Barb was 42 but still hot. She looked like she was in her 20’s. My sister an Ann hit it off right away and talked about school a hoped they would be in each other classes. Barb told JamesSteph was going to the high school cause she skipped a grade and hoped she would be in some of my classes. Then Barb bent over to get her drink and James saw down her lose shirt. Man no bra and nice small tits. Barb caught his gaze and smiled not wanting to make it embarrassing for him she coughed. He looked up and turned red he was caught. Barb just smiled and mouthed not to worry it was ok.

Right about then Amy and Ann came down talking a million miles a minute. They slowed down to ask if Ann could spend the night. Barb wasn’t sure they just met. James said he’d call his mom and ask. She said ok if he thought he could handle it. He said sure thing. Barb talked to his mom and told her she’d leave her older daughter Stephanie there to help him. Barb gave James her rules for the girls and kissed him on the cheek. She whispered in his ear hoped you like what you saw. He turned 3 shades of red and said yes. The girl’s came over she kissed them both then whispered something in the ears. She said good night and behave. The girls forgot they didn’t bring close. Steph told Ann they have to sleep in thier dirty clothes till tomorrow when they un pack.

Ann spoke up why Amy and James see each other naked. James eyes bugged out as he looked at Amy. Steph said they’re brother and sister we just met them. Ann then shocked Steph and James and said. Amy and me have talked. James and Steph were both white. With that both Amy and Ann stripped naked. James and Steph were hesitant but slowly started removing clothes till they were as naked as the little ones. James told them if thier mom came home and saw hell would be paid. Ann said mommy lets us all the time. Steph said it was only girls so it doesn’t matter. James is a boy it’s different. James sat down fast. Amy started to giggle and Ann too. Steph spoke up saying it was time for bed you two in Amy’s room. Then Steph said something to make James even harder. She said she share with him because they were the same age basically. Ann giggled and Amy had a frown. The girls all agree to be dressed by the time Jill got home.

Amy was jealous Ann was a little disappointed too but happy to have a new friend. James made pulled out a cot and told Steph she could have the bed. They all went to sleep. James had one of his dreams agian not opening his eyes he to look. He thought he’s sister came in while everyone slept. It was till she sat hard on his dick did he realize it won’t Amy. He looked up and saw Steph set on him. He asked her what she was doing. She told him her mom could tell how me and Amy acted when you opened the door. Then you guys in your robes. Then she said they saw you guys were naked a couple times. Then Ann told her what Amy and her talked about. Then she said her mom and her talked. She told her if she wanted to go ahead but be careful. It hurts at first. James said that’s what your mom told you on the way out. Steph said yep she also said have fun. She told Ann the same thing. So James and Steph fucked all night losing track of time and how many times they cam.

That’s how Jill found them the next morning. Steph laying on top of James and Amy and Ann naked and cuddled together. Jill wasn’t mad at them but she was upset with herself for not talking to James and Amy about this stuff. And she hoped the two girls wouldn’t tell thier mom till she talked to them and thier mother. So hopefully she won’t call the police on her and her kids. Then one more thing hit her. Amy hasn’t had a period since February. Then her heart really fell. She blamed herself for not explaining it and for not seeing it. She was too blind to see Amy started her period awful young. But can’t change things now just try to explain everything and get answers from them then get Amy checked out.

Leaving on a cliffhanger if you enjoy will write the rest I have throughout. Thank you in advance.

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  • Reply BayratPirate ID:1ck6knnj5l60

    Moar Shaggy… Moar!

    Great story… but you might want someone to help you with the spelling and grammatical errors… only reason I gave it a 4 instead of a 5.

  • Reply Jack ID:fzq5op5hm

    Please continue this it’s really good