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The continuing story of 48 states

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Fiction fiction fiction and more fiction, just like my log books, fiction

Me and Nicky would see each other at family events, which made it hard on me and on her so she told me, we never got a chance to be alone for anytime at these events, some happy some sad, you know the type of thing birth of children death of Grand parents sort of events when I could make it,

Nicky was back at school, 5th grade this year, so I was told by the wife, I would call once a week while on the road as calling every night got to costly, we did not have cell phones like now, it was calling cards and or call collect, I was in one state and the phone company only excepted major credit cards, no collect calls or phone cards, that was a very short call, the next time I was home I looked at the phone bill and told the wife we cant afford nightly calls, she was not happy but she knew I was right so it was once a week,

Nicky was at the house on a sunday and we talked over the phone, she said she wants to go with me this coming summer, I told her she would have to clear it with her mother, she said she already did, I told her I would talk to her mother later next week, she was so happy, I talked to the wife to see if she had any concerns, she did not or never let on she did, summer break was still four months away and a lot can change.

I got put on special hauling, wide loads, 10ft wide by 50ft long 6ft high loads of cooling units, lite in weight, my first load was from Richmond to Clarksville AR, I would be gone for two weeks one way down as road restrictions, no night driving in OR, CA, NM,TX, and so on, this was in mid june, I called Alice, Nickys mom and told her I would not be in town and that she would not be able to go unless she goes now, her mother asked for me to call her back in an hour, I told her i can give her 30 min, she said ok, by the way time sure seems to stop when you are waiting for it to pass, I called back in 25 min, Alice said Nicky can go as she has good grades and passed this year of school, but she also said my other niece wants to go, she is a year older and from another family, she calls me uncle but we are not related, I asked what and why, Alice said she was going to be here for the summer and Nicky told her all about the great fun she had seeing places and doing things and eating out under the stars some times and she got Alish all excited about it, Im thinking in my head OOOO shit hope she did not say anything about play time, I said what else did she say, thinking I may need to leave the area like yesterday, Alice went on and on and it was all good, I told Alice they would be sleeping in the same bed as I only have the two, she said no worries they know, I said ok and that was the end of fun time play time,

Alish is tall for her age, if she turned sideways she would disappear, she was skin and bones, she is a plain girl, straight hair, small lips, big eyes, small nose, and big ears, she was a nice kid, easy to talk to, showed respect to all,

My wife dropped them off at the truck stop I was at in town as I could not take the load home with me, we chatted for a 30 min, and as she left she told the girl behave, the said they would in stereo, and giggled there way into the truck, the wife kisses me and whispers in my ear good luck your going to need it and puts her hands on my dick and gives a squeeze, I was taken aback and looked her in the eyes and said what was that all about, she smiled and said O you will find out.

We got on the road and headed south, we got as far as just south of Portland, stopped to the truck stop and we eat and then it was shower time, I asked the the girl at the counter for two shower, Alish goes O we only need one, so one it is then I tell the girl, she smiles at me and off the three of us go, I have know idea how this will work, so I open the door and the girls go in and i wait outside for them to do their thing, Nicky opens the door and tells me there is room, so I go into the shower room with them, Nicky strips, not a care in the world, walks over to me and kisses my cheek, whispers in my ear she know, and i look her in the eyes, she tells me she told her very last detail, the fucking, the sucking, the eating, the ass pounding I give her, my cock is getting hard and it tenting my pants, she tells me she told her how I took her ass first and then her pussy, she said I left nothing out, I aske her why would she do that, Alish said because I asked her if she had been fucked and how did she like it, she told me she loved it and wanted more from only one person, Alish said but she would not say who it was so I put two and two and got you and her, she walked over and got on her knees in front of me and took my pants down, she did not even wait for my response to her thoughts about who Nicky was fucking as she knew she had me dead to rights, took my cock into her mouth and sucked it for all she was worth, she was hungry for cock, she licked and sucked my cock into her mouth deeper and deeper, she had done this before or she was told how to do it, I looked at Nicky and kissed her hard she moaned, I asked her if Alish had been with anyone, she told me nope still cherry in every hole, just then Alish shoved her throat onto my cock, I moaned and how good it felt, Nicky got on her knees beside Alish and started to lick and suck my balls, I was in heaven, I did not last long and told Alish I was going to cum, she just pushed me deeper into her throat, I blow my load into her throat, she smiled and did not miss any of my cum, nicky got up off the floor and soon Alish followed, I just stood there waiting for my knees to come back to me as I would have fell over if I moved.

Nicky and Alish went into the toilet area and there was giggles and then sounds of pooping and water, the girls came out and right into the shower, they washed each other and then me, this made my cock hard again and Alish asked if I would put my cock into her ass, she said dont worry we are both clean, How could I say no, I said we need lube, Nicky said I got it, she dropped to her knees and pushed her face into Alishes ass, she licked and tongue fucked her ass, Alish moaned and begged for more, Nicky used her finger to loosen her ass, one then two then three, and finally four fingers up Alishes ass, Alish as moaning and grunting, she was loving the feeling, she looked over her shoulder and begged me to fuck her ass, I put the head of my cock to her asshole, I pushed in just a little, she gasped, Nicky was spitting on her asshole, lubing her up, she told her push back, she did, she cried out it hurt, Nicky slapped her ass cheek hard, she told her push back and she did, the head of my cock disappeared into Alish very tight ass, she was panting, I told her deep breaths, she did it and she relaxed, Nicky said push, and Alish push and my shaft slide into her, she took maybe half of my 9 inches, she was gasping and grunting and moaning all at the same time, she was tighter than Nicky, but as I moved in and out of her she relaxed and took it all over time, I fucked her ass for maybe 5 or 10 min, she said its starting to hurt real bad, I i told her to pull off of my cock she did and when I came out it was a pop sound, Nicky turned and took my cock into her mouth and sucked me some my cock was dripping wet, she stood and bent over, please uncle fuck my ass, I shove into her ass, she took me with a grunt and a moan, she told Alish to bend over as well in front of her and she did, Nicky eat Alishes ass while I pounded her cock hungry ass, I fucked her hard and fast, I was loving the view and the feel on my cock, Nickys ass was milking my cock, trying to make me cum hard and fast,k she got her wish as I filled her ass with my cum. Nicky had made Alish cum analy with her tongue and fingers, she told her, you know the price of admission, Alish smiled and said yes I do, she got behind Nicky and eat the cum out of her ass, she sucked and licked it all out of her ass, Nicky had cum during the anal tongue cleaning, Alish got on her knees in front of me again and cleaned my cock, my cock was hard and need to cum, Alish turned around put her ass in the air and her head on the floor and asked to try ass fucking again but this time for me to just fuck her ass anyway I liked, I spit on her asshole, told Nicky to make my cock wet, she did as she was told, I shoved my cock into Alishes ass, and shr screamed, I pounded her asshole, she was screaming but it got less and less the more I pounded her ass, by the time I was ready to dump my load she was begging for mt to fill her ass with cum, I shoved all I had into her ass, I held it deep and unloaded into her cum hungry ass, she screamed as she was cumming too, she collapsed on the floor panting I was on top of her panting as well, Alish said thank you uncle for filling me up with your cum, once we got are shit together we showered and climbed into the truck and we all slept in my bed,

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