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My sister’s braces

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The first time I had fun with my sister (first story)

When my little sister turned 9 years old she got braces I thought nothing of it. My mom lost her job and we moved in with my grandma, my mom gets the couch we got the spare room about a week in the new room we get ready for bed and my sis falls asleep in her panties and shirt. Like always. I’m laying on the opposite side of the bed and my foot touched something soft and warm. So I just rest my feet there wiggling my toes not knowing where they are until I look.
I was rubbing my sister’s panties and it was a wet spot there. My dick immediately grew to 6 inches. Looking at my sister on her belly legs spread with A wet spot took me over the edge. I position myself next to her and softly touch her ass and slowly move down to her panties.
I was trying not to wake her up rubbing soft as I could manage.my dick was leaking a steady stream of precum, I pulled it out of my shorts and started to stroke my big dick.
As soon as I felt the lovely sensation building in my penis she spoke in a quiet voice. “You can do it harder I won’t cry.” My heart dropped and I froze, hand on her pussy other hand on my now soft BBC. 30 seconds past in silence it felt like 10 mins. She turned and looked at me still got her legs spread with my hand on her little pussy, her panties were the only barrier. She turned towards me and and seen my dick and I tried to hide it but it was too late.
She said nothing kinda just shrugged it off like it was nothing out of the ordinary. My heart is now racing, I’m nervous as hell and my parents would kill me if they found out. I rushed to the bathroom and milked my dick I never thought I could produce so much nut at one time it was everywhere even hit the picture hanging up. I cleaned my sticky mess up and went back to the room where my sister was sleep once again but now unfortunately under the blanket. I made noise to see if she was really sleeping and she was so I lay behind her with my now soft but still active cock right on her soft little bottom. For 9 it’s a pretty big little bottom.
Soon as I make contact I get hard again. I pull my dick out of my shorts and expect to rub it on her panties till I cum. When I pulled the shirt up she was nude my dick touched her soft little butt and started to drip again making the sensation even more unbearable. I found myself fucking my sister’s thighs rubbing her clit with the top of my dick. After about 2 minutes she started to respond by pushing her ass back. I stopped and waited.
She said “don’t stop.” So I grabbed my dick and lifted it to where I was at her little entrance. I rubbed the head of my dick around her hole her breathing got heavy and she started to push back when my head slid inside of her I exploded. When I can I thrusted hard breaking her hymen.
She cried like a baby while I was still enjoying the best damn feeling of my life. I pulled my dick out of her now bleeding pussy. My mom yelled at us and asked if we were ok before I could say anything my sexy little sister called back and said yeah mama I’m good bad dream.
The next day she got braces when ever I could I would fuck her tight pussy and cum in her mouth and make her smile with my cum sliding out. I just hope my mother doesn’t see the nut in her teeth

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    Wana hear some fucked up shit. I was 26 years old when I was getting a blow job from a 12 year old. My cock skin got caught in her braces and she tried to jerk back. I freaked out in pain and told her if she fucking moved one more inch i was taking her head off. well she finally calmed down as I gently pulled my cock skin out of her braces. I told her to close her eyes and open her mouth which she lovingly did. I shoved my entire cock down her throat to my balls and came down her throat gushing 6 or 8 spurts of cum.
    She was pissed as hell choking and gaging but I was happy i got my skin out of her braces and nutted down her throat.
    Successful night if you ask me.

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