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My daughter learns to play with toys with her 2 friends Part 2

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After Allison got her cherry broke with one of my wife’s old adult toys, I get to make her feel much better. Later I have a little visitor at my door.

After the girls went to bed in my daughters bedroom, I did some quick cleaning before heading up stairs myself. I went to my daughter’s room first and heard them talking to each other and I sure hoped, Allison didn’t tell the other 2 what went on in the down stairs bathroom between her and myself. If she said something, there would be hell to pay I’m sure.

I headed down the hall to my room and stripped down to my Jockeys, like I do every night, when cleaned up in my bathroom before getting into bed. As I thought about Allison I got hard as a rock again, with the pictures in my mind of her near hairless pussy and how wet she got as I finger fucked her. Then how hard she tried to stay quite as she had her first orgasm. My mind turned to Debbie who is the oldest of the 3 at 11, and didn’t my daughter say something about blood coming from the same place that it come out of sweet Allison? I’m not sure but, can a 11 year old start having periods? I know I’ve heard of 12 year olds so I guess it’s possible, god knows I’m no expert when it comes to when girls start having their monthly.

I rolled over thinking I better get some sleep myself, when I had a feeling like I was being watched. I turned over and there in the doorway was 1 of the girls. I said ” Is something wrong?” And she walked in closing the door behind as she started to lift the mans t-shirt she was wearing. It was Allison, she moved towards my bed holding her t-shirt high enough to show she wasn’t wearing any panties. My heart felt like it was trying to jump out of my chest and ran over to meet her.

She stopped at the side of my bed and asked in her little girl voice ” Can we do it again Mr.—– ? I loved what you made me feel before, and I hoped you would want to do some more.” I moved over in my bed throwing the covers off as I patted the spot I wanted her right beside me.

As soon as she was beside me she turned wrapping her arms around my neck kissing me with her little tongue dancing inside my mouth. I finally broke the kiss asked if the other girls were asleep? She smiles and said ” I didn’t think they would ever go to sleep but, they both were sound asleep when I left. Do you want to touch me again down there Mr.——? I sure hope so, it felt so good.” I took ahold of her t-shirt lifting it over her head throwing on the floor seeing her tiny nubs of starting tits, I bent my head kissing each one before sucking them both. She had her hand on the back of my head, just the way my wife would do when she was alive. I wondered if it’s something most females do.

I kissed my way down to her belly button tongue fucking it for a few minutes. She was giggling as I did that to her but, got wide eyed as I moved down to her few hairs on my tiny slit. She watched me as I opened her legs wider before, lowering my head to her hot already wet honeypot. My first lick made arch her back as she moaned out loud. That’s when I got down to eating this sexy little girl out, tasting her preteen pussy for my first time. In minutes she had her hands in my hair holding on to my head for dear life. Her hips started to hump my face as she started breathing very deeply as she give out a MMMMMmmmmm sound before she yelled YES, scaring the shit of me cause she yelled so dam loud. If 1 of the other girls weren’t in a deep sleep it may’ve woke them up. Her whole body was shaking like she was made of Jello. I put a couple fingers that had her cum on them in her mouth hoping, it would stop her from making so much noise.

I wasn’t done with her, and before she could come down from her high, I attacked her pussy that much more keeping her right on the edge, without letting her reach her next orgasm. She was now pumping her pussy into my face trying to reach that next orgasm. When I thought she had been up there long enough, I pushed a finger deep inside of her as I covered her mouth. She went off like a roman candle, as she squirted her cum into my face and in my mouth. She laid there just trying her best to catch her breathe when, I moved up kissing her mouth so she could taste her sweet pussy on my lips.

She murmured “I love you so much Mr.—-, can I marry you?” I laughed at that as she was trying to get ahold of my still rock hard cock. Once she had ahold of me, she bent around so she could lick the sensitive tip and, without me saying anything she started sucking on the tip before taking the head in her mouth. I guess it just came naturally to her but, I was so fucking close to blowing my load down her throat I had to stop her. She looked at me and asked “Did I do something wrong Mr.—–?

I said ” Oh no, what you were doing everything perfectly sweetheart, it’s just men are different from you females. See you women can have orgasm after orgasm, but us men, we need time in between orgasms, and I was about to have a orgasm in your mouth, which is fine but, I don’t think your ready for that just yet. How about we see if my cock will fit in your sweet pussy, would you like that?”

She screwed up her face and said ” OK, but as long as it doesn’t hurt like what happened earlier.” I gently pushed 1 finger inside of her wondering if, I could open her enough for me to fit in her. When my 2nd finger went in pumping in and out she started moaning in a very good way, and when I got my 3rd in her she was humping my hand again. When I pulled my fingers out she had a look of being very disappointed but, when I got on top of her and place my cock against her opening she looked nervous. I bent down kissing her as I started giving her tiny pushes. Soon the head of my cock popped inside of her opening and her eyes went wide open.

I stopped and asked if I was hurting her, and she responded that she kind of felt very full. I told her to tell me if anything hurt her in anyway. I then pushed maybe a quarter inch more inside her very tight pussy. She seemed OK so I kept pushing a little bit more by bit more until she had a good 4 inches inside of her. I waited a couple minutes more before being slowly fucking this sweet 10 year old tight pussy. She looked into my eyes and said ” Are we making love Mr.—-?’

I answered her with “Yes we are Allison, yes we are making love, and how about calling by my first name which is Dan, OK sweetheart?” She nodded and give a MMMmmm sound as she started enjoying my cock inside of her. I told her that it’s better if she moves her hips towards me as I push into her. She couldn’t match me at first but, the more excited she got the more she moved under me. It wasn’t long before I felt my balls bang against her very firm ass cheeks. I didn’t think she would be able to take my 6 inches balls deep in her but, here I am and she really getting into it.

She as hammering herself against me and as she started to orgasm I just could hold off anymore myself. We started coming together with her yelling again and me making my own noises like, UUUGGGHHHH as well. As soon as I stopped jerking in her I turned my head to see someone in the doorway,

Oh FUCK NO, there stood my daughter watching me her dad, fuck her best friend. The very same age as her is filled with my cock and my cum. I jumped up with cum still coming out of my cock and said ” Honey how long have you been there?” She didn’t say a word just stared at my still dripping half hard cock.

To be cont.

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  • Reply Jim aus ID:71ou0taghl

    Perfect story lucky man to have three to fuck

  • Reply Mei lin ID:2px1ogouh8z

    He should rape his young daughter brutaly riping and tearing her vagina and cervix

    • Nobody ID:4b06rtu1b0c

      He’ll yes

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7j3f7m2

    Actually I know a few peoples daughters that started their periods at age 9. Sam, Kylie and their mother both started at 9 as did a few others I know.
    This was so fucking hot and I know absolutely how someone would feel fucking an 11 year old.It is an amazing feeling watching your hard cock disappear into a tight bald little hole. Watching the lips stretch round your cock so tightly they turn white then watch her slam herself on your hard pole impaling herself to an intense orgasm. They love cum, they crave cum, they crave sexual desires and orgasm so why not give them what they want and deserve.
    Please write more and spell check lol!

  • Reply East Coast Male ID:1cyvoabxmh2m

    Hurry up with part 3! You left my cock in limbo.