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Blackmailed mom. Part 15

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The man walked unashamedly into the doorway, as if he were at home, and walked down the hallway. As he passed by, the odors of booze and sweat that he exuded were immediately noticeable. Just as calmly, he waddled to the kitchen, saying hello to everyone present. Shorty, though surprised, obviously knew the man, for he greeted him personally. Realizing why he had come, Shorty reluctantly pointed him to the basement.

– Do you give out condoms here or what? I didn’t take any,- the man asked before entering the basement.

– No one uses condoms here, she takes birth control pills,- the kid answered.

They heard loud footsteps coming down the stairs, a man going down into the basement.

– Who the hell is that? – I asked the kid.

– The father of one of the older boys. They must have told him what they were doing, so he came down here.

He was clearly unhappy about something, and a second later he told me why.

– Am I even gonna get to fuck her tonight or not?! She’s sitting in my basement, and for some reason, any asshole who walks by fucks her, but not me.

– So say no to this guy, – I suggested.

– Yeah? So I can pick my teeth up off the floor when his son finds out I didn’t let his daddy get a fuck?

– Well, let’s at least go see it, if there’s nothing else to do.

The kid nodded silently and we went downstairs.

Looking into the familiar hole, I saw my mom pressed into the wall, and the man slowly walked on her, saying something about her attractiveness. I was also surprised to notice that mom was wearing panties, the same ones she’d arrived in. Apparently, she had put them on herself during the break, because it was unlikely that any of the boys would give them to her.

Despite the fact that my mom was huddled against the wall, watching this body moving at her, she looked quite serious, and not even tears were visible yet. When the man got close enough, he said:

– I hope you’ll be a sensible and obedient enough girl. Come on your knees.

But mom didn’t move. On the contrary, she began to respond in a rather aggressive manner to this man and send him away. He only calmly watched this, and then exhaled and just as calmly said:

– And yet you say all this to a man without knowing what influence and power he has. Well, I’m sorry to hear that. Apparently, I’ll have to keep you in this cellar for a couple more months.

Then he turned and walked slowly toward the exit. He was bluffing, of course, and had no influence, but it sounded so convincing that, without knowing anything, even I would have believed it.

As I looked at my mom, I saw her look go from serious to worried and even scared. With that frightened look, she stared at the back of the departing man, nervously twiddling her fingers as if trying to figure out if it was a lie or the truth. With the same gaze she began to quickly examine the things in the basement: pads, anal hook, box with holes, whips, gas mask, and more. Obviously looking at each of these things she was remembering how much pain each one had brought and how much more she could bring if she stayed here any longer.

At one moment mom bit her lower lip and swallowed a heavy lump, then she lowered her gaze slightly from the man’s back to the floor and suddenly her eyes filled with tears. A few drops fell right onto the mattress she was standing on.

– Wait, – mom said in a trembling voice quietly.

The man smiled contentedly, realizing that his scam had succeeded, and turned back. Mom stood silently without looking up. Then she squeezed her eyes shut, as if in great pain, and, sobbing loudly, tucked her knees slightly and began to sink down on them. Halfway down, she cut herself short and straightened back up, apparently still struggling with her pride, but after a few seconds her disappointed cry was heard, and mommy finally dropped on her knees.

– How he screwed that bitch over, I’m shocked. Dumb as a cork, of course, your mom, – whispered kid gloated.

– Disgraceful, – even somehow involuntarily burst out of me.

Additional humiliation to this situation gave the idea that, in fact, it was just a man from the street, without any influence or connections, but even he, with the help of simple deception was able to bring my mother to her knees.

– The right decision, girl, well done, – said the man, – And now to the leg.

He pointed his finger near himself and stomped his toe a few times. Though the distance between him and mom was not very big, about ten meters, maybe a little more, but it was a question of overcoming them obviously not on two legs. After all, as soon as mom tried to get up to get closer to the man, he sharply shouted at her:

– Where are you getting up? Sit down! I said “to the leg,” I didn’t order you to get up.

Mom literally looked up at him for 2 seconds, but then shamefully lowered her gaze to the floor again and lowered herself, sitting back down on her knees.

After sitting like that for a while longer, mom began to put her right hand out in front of her. She did it as if she had a weight tied to it, so morally hard was this movement for her. Having put one hand on the floor, she put the other hand on the floor, and with it she moved her body forward. And now she was on all fours. Without wiping the tears flowing down her cheeks, mom slowly began to move her arms and legs, slowly approaching the man. It was obvious how every centimeter she traveled, every movement of an arm or a leg was accompanied by enormous internal pain, richly flavored with the humiliation she felt. On all fours, in her underwear and tears, she slowly crawled to the man, whose words about prolonging her stay here she was not even sure of. But she didn’t want to risk it, it was too hard for her to be here.

Finally, when the distance had been covered, a huge, pot-bellied hog, who emitted not the most pleasant odors, appeared in front of mother’s face at point-blank range. However, when he pulled down his underwear, mom turned her head away, wrinkling her nose because the smell was so strong. And realizing that she was going to have to take it in her mouth, she was even more disgusted. The good news for mom was that, as it turned out, the man’s cock wasn’t huge, much smaller than many of the guys who had already raped her.

– I think you should clean it first, – the man said with a slightly raised eyebrow, looking down at mom.

Mom whispered something under her breath, both grudgingly and pitifully. When she raised her head, the man’s cock fell right on her forehead. He tapped it a little, and then pulled his cock down a little lower so that his balls went evenly into mom’s mouth.

– Begin, – he commanded pathosily.

And mom, of course, though still occasionally twitching with disgust, began to lick his balls gently. After a few minutes, when they were almost glistening, the man pressed on mom’s head and lowered it even lower, right under the space under the balls.

– Keep working with your tongue, – he ordered in the same haughty tone.

– What the hell is this? I can’t take it anymore…, – mom said quietly.

But after a series of deep exhalations and again unrestrained sobbing, she still continued. Unfortunately, because of the position of the man, who was standing half sideways to us and my mom’s head was too far down under his groin, I couldn’t see what she was doing, but I could see very clearly that from time to time she was pulling back a little and swallowing something forcefully, almost suppressing gagging. I don’t even want to think how disgusting and shameful it was for her to clean up whatever she found there with her own tongue, and even more so how disgusting it was to swallow.

When she was done, she moved her head away from the man’s groin and took a final, heavy sip and began to twitch in disgust, coughing as if trying to get rid of the taste of all the stuff she’d had to swallow. “No, mommy, you’re not going to get rid of him that easily. You’re going to have to silently and unconditionally accept that taste. The taste of your shame.”

– Don’t relax, – the man shouted at mom.

After saying that, he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back against his cock so that mom pressed her cheek against it. Rubbing his device against her a little, he leaned the tip of his head against mom’s lips. Slightly slanting her tear-filled eyes to the center, mom sat staring at the cock he had placed against her. I wonder if she was thinking at that moment, how did it come to this? After all, just a few months ago she was quietly working, making some plans for the future and organizing her life. And now she was sitting here in the basement, almost completely naked, humiliated and disgraced in front of an unknown man, preparing to take his cock in her mouth on his orders. Or maybe she wasn’t thinking about anything at that moment except the fact that she was about to put that disgusting cock in her mouth. Either way, whatever she was thinking, at the man’s first short order, she obediently opened her mouth and the man drove his dick into it. Due to the fact that it was not so big, my mom did not choke on it as usual, but the suction, however, was still very unpleasant. The man literally put his whole weight on her, because of which sometimes mom’s neck did not have a pleasant time. And when he pushed his cock all the way in, mom’s head was so tightly in contact with his fat body that she simply could not breathe properly. After a while, he grabbed mom’s head with both hands and began to aggressively and quickly put his cock in her mouth. Mom even had to help herself with her hands, holding her own head, because the man was yanking her too violently. But even after 15 minutes, during which this kind of movement was not interrupted for a second, he did not cum. The man was just sweating profusely, and the mom, in turn, was already making some panicked noises and banging on him with her palms in an attempt to stop him. Because of all these aggressive movements, her neck was so tired that mom felt as if she was about to disconnect from her body.

Without cumming, the man pulled his cock out and let go of mom’s head. Mom herself immediately began to cough and wipe her mouth full of drool and pre-cum. Obviously the man was having some trouble cumming adequately, but his anger at this, he decided to take it out on mom.

– You suck so badly, you useless bitch! – he yelled at her.

With the same words he grabbed the still coughing mom by the hair and began to whip her cheeks. He whipped her cheeks so painfully and for so long that mom, crying and begging him to stop, tried to cover herself with her hands to soften the blows at least a little.

When he had finished whipping her cheeks, the man pulled mom’s head slightly toward him and said:

– Pray that your other holes prove acceptable to me. If you don’t make me cum, you’re not getting the fuck out of here, you’re going to spend the rest of your life in here! Do you understand?!

“Wow, they must be acceptable to him. Did you forget that you have no rights here at all, you fucking pig?”, I thought. For some reason I was terribly annoyed with this man. Irritated by his manners, his smell, irritated even by the fact that he was able to subdue my mom. Unlike the other situations, in this case, I somehow wanted my mom not to bend under him.

After yelling in my mom’s face, he shoved her, and then he grabbed her hair in a slightly different position, wrapped it tightly around his fist, and then, without letting go, dragged her to the mattress. Mom mumbled something pitifully, but unable to resist, obediently crawled on all fours. A couple of times the man deliberately raised his fist with coiled hair upwards, which caused mom to shriek and grab her head with one hand so that it wouldn’t hurt so much. Thus it became even harder to crawl, for there were only 3 limbs for support.

After dragging mom to the mattress, the man let go of her hair. She was lying on her stomach. The man pressed her head with one hand, and with the other got under her underpants, forcing her to stick out her ass. Even though we couldn’t see his hand under her underpants, it was clear what he was doing. At first he only lightly probed her holes, but then he stopped holding back and gave my mom fisting both ass and vagina. His rough movements were accompanied by a deafening scream. At times you could see her belly bulge a little, because of the hand being pushed in too far. I think when he fisted her vagina, he shoved his hand all the way into her uterus. At least it looked really deep. And there’s nothing to say about the ass. Anyone who’d seen mom’s ass wanted to fuck it, and fisting it was just one of the attractions. When he finally finished, he ordered mom:

– Come on, you’re on your own. Spread your legs and don’t forget to move your panties to the side.

Mom was as if in a stupor, not moving and only letting out tears. “Come on, mom, resist him just a little.” But in response to my mute request, there was only another shameful submission from mommy. She, though not at once, tentatively again not restraining her crying, carefully and slowly came on the mattress. Then, from all fours, she rolled over with her back to the mattress into some semi-reclining position.

Slowly she spread her legs, closing her eyes as if to avoid seeing her own shame. Then, with two fingers, she pulled her panties aside, revealing her vagina. The man stood and watched contentedly. When mom’s pose was ready, he looked at the cherished hole opened before his gaze and said:

– You look so dry in there. Come on, girl, work there with your hand, so that it would be more pleasant for me to enter.

Mom opened her eyes and looked at the obese body towering over her with a kind of pleading look, as if the previous fisting wasn’t enough for her, then she quickly looked around several times, as if looking for some kind of help or someone to get her out of here. “No, Mommy, no one will help. You chose to humiliate yourself in front of him, now pay for it with the last drops of your worthless pride. And because of your stupidity, you’re gonna sit there and jerk off in front of a man you don’t know. You deserve it,” I thought. For some reason, I now had a real resentment toward my mom for not resisting him at all and believing so easily in the power and authority of this fat lowlife.

After looking from side to side a few more times, my mom stopped. Closing her eyes again, unable to see her shame, she brought her hand to the cherished spot and inserted two fingers into her vagina, beginning to make progressive movements little by little.

– Hurry up! Do I have to wait until tomorrow until you get wet? – the man hurried her.

Mom, although she accelerated her movements, but did not get wet for quite a long time. The reasons for this were understandable, for she was hardly aroused by the fat, smelly hog who wanted to rape her. But you can’t argue with physiology, so after a while, though with difficulty, but the place, which was being jerked by my mom, began to get wet, which could be understood by the characteristic squelching. The man, who had obviously been waiting for this moment, without any warning pounced on mom, and so sharply that she, still with her eyes closed, cried out in surprise and instinctively tried to get out from under him. But it was too late, the fat man pressed mom tightly to the mattress and, panting, shoved his cock into her. Having adopted the desired position, he began to move his torso, because of which there were real vibrations and waves on mom’s thighs, ass, and in general the whole body. The cock was clearly not as deep as it usually was with guys, which seemed to make it a little easier for mom. However, that wasn’t exactly the case. Because of the fact that the man was piling his whole body on top of her, she had to actually hold his weight. Even more difficult was the fact that because of this weight and when the man was pushing too hard, it was really hard for her to breathe. And soon he began to sweat profusely, and my mom could clearly feel all that sweat.

After fucking her for about 20 minutes more, with small breaks to catch his breath, he never finished. When he pulled out his cock, he said:

– All right, now you do it, but use your ass. Get on top of me and work until I let you stop.

After that, the man sat on the mattress, waiting for mom. She, meanwhile, was trying to catch her breath and come to her senses. Then, leaning against the wall, she slowly stood up and took a few tentative steps toward the man. When she was already close to him, he looked at her askew and said:

– Will you take your panties off, you fucking whore?

He was obviously angry that he couldn’t cum, but he was taking it out on the easiest person to do it on.

Looking at the body sitting in front of her with unconcealed hatred, mom, however, swallowed her resentment as she always did. She grasped the straps of her panties with both hands and was about to pull them down when the man interrupted her:

– No, that won’t do. Stand in front of me.

Mom, not understanding what he wanted, pulled her panties back up and came to his front. The man spread his legs slightly and ordered mom to stand even closer. Mom obediently took another half step forward.

– Now turn around, – he continued to command.

With an unconcealed sliver of nervousness, mom turned away from the man, so that now her ass was less than a meter away from his face.

– That’s it. Now take off your panties, but on one condition: you can’t bend your legs.

Upon hearing the order, mom rolled her eyes pitifully, as if praying for this to be over. “What is it, mom? You’re such a ‘proud’ person, is it suddenly difficult for you to embarrass yourself in front of this unknown man? Go ahead, humiliate yourself further and continue to convince yourself that you are still very proud and rebellious,” I could not calm down. It was starting to piss me off that she was being so weak in front of him. I think it was directly related to the fact that I was annoyed by the man himself, because when my mom was humiliated by guys like that, there were no such problems.

In the meantime, my mom, having tortured the man’s patience with another long grind of pride, grabbed the straps of her panties again and tried to pull them off as quickly as possible.
Naturally, he couldn’t like that, so he slapped mom’s ass and said:

– What are you doing, you sneaky bitch?! Pull it back and pull it down slowly.

Mom by that time had already managed to pull down her panties just below her knees. But it didn’t matter now, because she had to pull them back up.

She took a deep breath, fighting back tears, and pulled the panties down much more slowly this time. The further she pulled them down, the more she was literally sticking her juicy ass out in front of the man because she couldn’t bend her knees. I guess that was his idea. When her panties were down, as they were that time, just below her knees, the man suddenly took and hit my mom right in the hamstring with the words:

– I told you not to bend your legs. Do it again!

The blow was pretty hard, so my mom let out a painful “ouch” and fell to one knee, bending the leg that had been hit. To be honest, I hadn’t seen her bend her legs while taking off her underwear, so the man’s claim seemed like just an excuse to make mom show him her ass again.

Rising back up, rubbing her sore leg from the impact, mom returned to her original position. She started slowly pulling down her panties again and this time she pulled them down even lower, but the man didn’t let her finish, hitting her in the other leg. Now I was sure that mom had not tucked anything.

– Don’t you get it? Again, bitch! – the man said with eyes full of insolence.

Now mom did not hold back her tears, falling from the blow on the other knee. However, still silent, if you don’t count the crying, she got back up, starting to pull down her underwear again. The crying made her arms shake, but she kept her knees as straight as she could. This time, however, she was not destined to finish the job. Another painful blow in the hamstring made my mom cry even harder and she couldn’t stand it any longer and turned to the man:

– What’s wrong? What am I doing wrong? Please, enough, – she said, shaking because of tears in her voice.

– I think I’m showing you the mistakes. Stand up and do it again! – commanded the man in an imperious tone.

– I didn’t do anything wrong…

– Do it again, I said! – he yelled, interrupting mom.

Mom, still sitting on one knee, lowered her head and a river of tears began to pour from her eyes, and she herself fiercely clenched the edges of the mattress with her fists, thus either expressing her hatred for this man, which she could not otherwise show, or her own helplessness, or all at once. Either way, she got up and began to pull down her underpants for the umpteenth time. She could see her legs straining to keep them as straight as possible. And, finally, this time mom was able to pull her panties down to the end, so that they lay on her feet. But when she wanted to unbend, the next command came:

– No, no, don’t rush. Stay like that for now.

Mom’s sobbing and the way she tried to breathe through her nose, which was blocked due to crying and tilted position, were heard. And with that, she leaned forward, her hands touching her own feet. That’s how she stood for the next 5 minutes: crying, naked, forcibly jutting her ass out in front of the man who was jerking her butt.

When he was done, he made mom sit on his cock and bounce on it until he cummed. Mom, apparently realizing that she had already embarrassed herself as much as possible, sat down with her ass on his cock. Only the sounds of her lush ass slapping against the man’s body and my mom’s crying interrupted the silence of the basement for the next half hour. “It’s a shame to ride that fat ass so unmercifully, isn’t it, mammy? And how much more hurtful would it be for you to know that you could have easily avoided it simply by refusing and not believing the nonsense he was talking. He was certainly convincing. But you, looking at his appearance, which didn’t make him look like a wealthy man, really believed it. So now pay for it with every tear, every drop of pride, and let him pump sperm up your fucking ass until your stomach hurts,” I thought without regret.

After a total of 40 minutes of mom riding his dick almost continuously, he finally cummed. And considering how little cum the man had squeezed out of himself and how sweaty and tired mom was, her efforts looked kind of futile against that backdrop. Nevertheless, the man was obviously satisfied and, roughly shoving off the out of breath mom, began to get dressed. And my mother, while he pulled on a few clothes, lay almost motionless, trying to normalize breathing and occasionally wiping sweat and tears.

We immediately jumped out of the basement as we saw the fat man moving toward the exit. He came to us in the kitchen, puffing, carelessly thanked us for a pleasant rest and a minute later he left the house.

– I’m going to send that bitch to the shower, I won’t touch her until she’s completely cleaned up after him.

With these words he got up and went to the basement.

A few minutes later, there was the sound of bare feet slapping on the stairs. Mom came out of the basement, holding her only article of clothing in her hand and pushed by the kid, who yelled at her and shoved her in the back in the direction of the bathroom. After shoving mom into the shower, he returned to the kitchen. He was in a decidedly less than cordial mood. I guess it was because he was angry that he hadn’t been able to fuck her for a long time. So he told everyone that as soon as she got out of the shower, he and only he would fuck her. Everyone in the kitchen at that moment silently accepted this fact.

Meanwhile, while we were all chatting, and the kid was sitting waiting for mom, one of the guys who were there, slyly running his eyes, slowly walked out of the kitchen. I, noticing his suspicious behavior, with a gap of a few minutes, was also able to leave, referring to the fact that I needed to go to the toilet. When I reached it, I made sure that the guy had not gone out to take a piss. The bathroom and the toilet in this house were located next to each other, and therefore, being near the toilet I could hear the noise of water from the bathroom. Suddenly through this noise I heard the familiar sounds of my mom’s voice, but it was indistinct and muffled. “Her mouth is being clamped shut,” I guessed, comparing all the facts and relying on the fact that I had heard these sounds many times before. The sounds were like she was crying and trying to say something at the same time, but her clamped mouth prevented her from doing it properly. And soon, through the same noise of water, I could distinguish the sounds of two wet bodies banging against each other, and mom’s slurred words turned to moans. “I see,” I decided, “Since you’re not getting any after the shower, you’re going to fuck her before you even get out of the shower. Smart.” I wasn’t going to tell the kid anything. So after standing there for a while, listening to this guy banging my defenseless mom, I went back to the kitchen. In about seven minutes the guy came in, wiping himself dry so as not to arouse suspicion. A couple minutes later, mom came in, standing at the kitchen door.

Her panties were back on. She stood there, hand covering her breasts, and eyed the guys a little confused, not knowing what she should do next. “Why cover your breasts at all, who are you hiding them from here? Everyone here has already fucked you and seen you in every possible position,” I thought. Shorty turned his head at her and with obvious irritation in his voice said:

– Well, what are you standing there for, bitch? Get the fuck back in your place!

By “place,” he obviously meant the basement. Mom’s cheekbones visibly tensed with anger, however, she, albeit slowly, but quite obediently turned around and headed for the basement. Little one followed her almost immediately. Realizing that at the very least I would want to watch, he had forbidden everyone to go down into the basement before he left. It was sad though, but I knew it was best not to piss him off even more.

When he left, I leaned against the door to the basement to try to hear some sounds, since I couldn’t watch. And about a minute later, I did hear some familiar moans. They were very muffled, but quite distinguishable.

And these various moans and screams continued for about 40 minutes. But at one moment they stopped. There was silence for about 10 minutes. But then it began to be cut through by the little one, he was swearing at mom for disobedience, calling her dirty words and, it seemed, even hitting her. And then there was silence again. 10 minutes. 20 minutes. 30. And then it was a full 40 minutes when the sounds stopped, or at least were so atypically quiet that I couldn’t hear them. Seriously worried, I opened the first door and started downstairs. When I reached the second door, I listened again, but I could barely make out any sounds, so I had to open that one too. Once inside, I saw the little one and my mom. I saw the reason for the lull at once, and I didn’t like it as much as the other day. Mom was sitting on her knees, her shins were tied together, her hands were tied behind her back and tied to some pipe near the wall, and on her head was an unfortunate gas mask. As I entered, the little one leisurely turned around and unclenched the gas mask tube through which the air was supposed to flow. Mom immediately started pulling in air as hard as she could, inhaling it deeply and, due to crying, convulsively. Shorty let go of the tube and strode grudgingly in my direction.

– I fucking told you not to come in!
– How long have you been making her breathe like that? This is no joke, this shit is a real health hazard.

– Bitch needs training, and if she can’t follow orders properly, she gets the punishment she deserves.

– What didn’t she do? – I seriously wondered.

– In short, listen, I wrote to her boss, said that she must agree to help them with her friend, all the details described. At any cost and by any means. I fucked her up, told her to help. She flatly refused. Now she’s paying the price.

– You can’t strangle her for 40 minutes!

– What don’t you understand about “any cost and by any means”? I could make her wear a gas mask all day and inhale once a minute.

“It looks like he’s serious about accomplishing his main task,” I thought with a sliver of apprehension.

– By the way, because you violated my direct order not to go down to the basement, I forbid you to come here, – turning back and leaving in the direction of mom, said the kid.

– What?

– I’m telling you not to appear on the doorstep of this house again! – he said, raising his voice, – Go on, get out of here.

When he approached mom again, she raised her head, clad in a gas mask, and from there, though extremely muffled, mixed with crying, heard her sincere pleas for an end to this nightmare. But in response, the gas mask hose was again tightly clamped.

– I’m not letting it off until you leave, – the little man said to me.

I stood as if in a stupor, realizing that I wouldn’t be able to come here anymore and would be out of touch with everything that was going on with mom. And considering that she was going to be forced to agree to help with Anya, it was hard to imagine what they would do to her.

Meanwhile, the kid stood a little behind my mom, so that I could see her face, or rather, the fogged glasses of the gas mask, and still without letting go of the hose said:

– Look, she’s waiting for you to leave. It’s probably the biggest wish in life for her right now, literally a dream, and if it doesn’t come true, she won’t breathe again.

Mom jerked her head and body, trying to free herself, making panicked mooing noises at the same time, marking the imminent depletion of her oxygen supply. “Fuck,” I swore to myself. And, so as not to aggravate her situation, I ran up the stairs out of the basement.

A few hours later I was already at home, or rather, at the apartment with the cameras, which had essentially become my second home. For the rest of the day, I distracted myself from the excitement as best I could.

The next two days were just as stressful. I didn’t have any communication with my mom and this uncertainty even frightened me. But on the third day, about noon, on the phone came a message from the chief: “You can rejoice, we are taking your mom home. Although she is exhausted, but I’m sure our surprise will wake her up in no time”. The tension eased immediately. But there were two questions in my mind that needed answering: “What’s mom’s condition?” and “Has she really given up and decided to help them?” As I waited for these questions to be answered, I immediately sat behind the cameras, waiting for the guys and mom to come home.


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