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The Mighty Sumina

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How I became the queen of the superheroes.

I’m just a reporter working the beat when I interview Sunima the mighty. This was a beautiful native american goddess with sky grey eyes and silver white hair and mocha like skin. She had just finished fighting the Green Claw while resting from her battle she let loose how she became Sunima.

She was a young newlywed with her husband Rane Brightfeather leaving the rez for the first time coming to the big city of Nedor. She was so happy to have her honeymoon in Nedor. The first few days were magic with her hubby until third night coming from dinner. They went down the wrong street until they got lost in alleyway in the dark.

It was King Doms turf with his crew the Headbangers. The couple stood their gound when approached by Doms. He let them know to leave the alley to give them all their money. Rane told them no and move forward to leave with Sunshine his wife. One of the headbangers grabbed Sunshine throwning her down on the wet ground.

King punched Rane in the gut and cut his long black hair with his switch blade. As he blacked out they took both of them to their warehouse not to far from the alleyway. Sunshine was now scared for her and her husband as the headbangers were laughing dragging Rane’s limp body in the fowl smelling building

They hung his body on chains and focus on the slim body Sunshine. King Dom started punching Rane’s face telling Sunshine to get naked quickly. She did what she was told as they start yelling and scream at her. King looks at Rane’s blood face then walks over to Sunshine with his bloody fist telling her to suck her husband’s blood. King told her to run it makes the raping better. Sunshine took off but didnt get far as one of the headbangers grabbed her by the waist.

Dropping her to the wet slimey floor crying King Dom rolled her on stomach putting his thick boots on her neck. They grab her up placing her on cold metal table with four headbangers one each side holding her down. King stood in front of her pussy. The clean smooth shaved cunt was wet with female grool dripping onto the table. King rammed his fist deep in her pussy making her scream. King Dom loved to make bitches scream it made the raping more fun. Delgado the little headbanger jump on the table and sat on Sunshine’s chest with his smelly cock rubbing on her face.

King rammed his fist in her again with Delgado shoving his cock in mouth she was made to suck as Delgado slapped her face. King then dropped his pants and shoved his long thick cock into her small asshole. The torture didn’t stop she bled from the anal rape. Rane awoke from the beating to yell out at the headbangers. Dom walked over to Rane and ripped out his throat. He motion his boys to finish up they raped and beat her almost to death.

When done they dumped both bodies out back. A thunder storm was coming an in a freak of nature Sunshine near dying was shock with a bolt of lightning giving a new lease on life.

That day Sunshine Brightfeather died and Sunima was born. With her lightning powers she rose to take her vengeance against the headbangers. A nude Sunima entered the warehouse. King Dom just smiled an evil smile then in flash she ripped out his heart. The other members froze in place as she held his heart. Now they started to run but Sunima was to fast and took apart the headbangers piece by piece.

She returned to rez with husband to bury him. After that she became a champion for the defenseless. Now I must delete this and find something new to report.


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