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Groomed Pt1

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My sick uncle takes advantage of me after his son got caught.

I was only 6 when my 11 year old cousin Peter started using me as a play toy. He’d often try to touch my private parts as much as possible, like lifting me up on a tree promising me he wouldn’t touch my little pussy. He lied and would lift me up by cupping me between my legs. As I got older, I was 10 when Peter took me behind the shed and pulled his pants down, exposing himself to me and I ran away screaming! I didn’t know much but I knew I wasn’t supposed to see that. My uncle drew saw me run away and stopped me from bolting out of the yard asking what had happened. I didn’t want to get in trouble so I just told uncle drew I got hurt playing and didn’t want to play with Peter anymore. “Why don’t you want to play with Peter, baby?” I looked down in shame as I knew something wasn’t right and I didn’t want to say. “No reason I just hurt my leg.” “Oh well let’s go inside and see if I can find something to help with your pain” he said optimistically.

Uncle drew took me inside to my grandparents bedroom and had me sit down on the bed. I was feeling safer now that I had gotten away from Peter and decided to tell uncle drew what he did. “uncle, there’s something I probably should tell you i just don’t want to make a big deal out of it.” Uncle drew was digging inside a drawer for something I thought bandages or something to help with my fake pain. “Oh what’s wrong, sweetie doll?” All the older men in the family loved to call me pet names, it made me feel special. “Well, Peter touched my privates in the past and it felt weird and wrong.” Uncle Drew’s face looked confused, as he looked into my eyes with his jaw dropped. He then pulled out grandmas back massager out of the drawer and walked toward me on the bed. “Hmm well maybe it was supposed to be a good touch. Here lay down on the bed and let’s try to heal your leg.” I did as I said and felt too embarrassed to say anything else about Peter, after all, Peter is Drew’s son.

“Hmmm, I’m going to try something but I need your cooperation. Close your eyes and stretch your arms out for me.” I did as uncle drew said. I felt a cloth wrap around my left hand and opened my eyes to see uncle drew tying my arm to the bed post.

“Hey! What are you doing?”

“Oh don’t worry, I just want to make sure I get the right area without you flinching, I don’t want you to get hurt sweetie doll”

I was a naive preteen and I had no reason to doubt my uncle, I trusted him! I relaxed while he tied my other arm to the bed post.

“Okay now I’m really going to need you to trust me, when Peter touched you, did it hurt?”

“No” I said feeling guilty that I ratted Peter out over probably nothing.

“Good.. now tell me did it feel something like this?”

I gasped as I felt my uncles cold finger press on my clit. I was startled and shouted “what are you doing?! You shouldn’t touch me there!”

“Shhhh baby it’s okay, I’m family. I’m not going to do anything that will hurt, I still want to help your pain go away, so trust me, okay?”

I began becoming skeptic but I still had no understanding about what was about to happen, and his finger felt good pressing me right there in that specific spot. “So is this where Peter touched you? Right here?”


“Hmm okay. Well it seems fine, but just to make sure, I’m going to remove your pants and take a look, okay?”

“Okay uncle drew.” I said fully accepting his help.

He slid my pants and tiny underwear off my body and spread my legs open. I watched him as he got close to my little pussy and looked up and down at the sight of me. I started feeling super weird and wanted to stop, but didn’t say anything yet.

Uncle drew opened my pussy with his fingers and inspected it further. I started to breathe heavier and tried to avoid eye contact. I was embarrassed! What was he looking for?

He quickly got up letting go of my pussy and took the massager and plugged it in. He walked back over to the bed and spread my legs wider. “Okay sweetie doll, I’m gonna massage your legs, tell me if you feel anything weird.”

He turned it on and I heard the pulsating rattling of the vibrations coming off the massager. He slowly went from my knee upwards to my inner thigh, slowly and just lightly tapping my little clit with it making me shout out a loud yelp! I never experienced anything that felt like that! He quickly moved down to my other thigh down to the other knee, then went back up and help the massager right in my inner thigh almost touching my pussy.

The vibrations were so strong I could feel it shaking my outer lips. He then pressed the massager right on my little clit softly and held it. “Ahhhhhh what are you doing uh uh UH what’s happening!!”

“How does it feel baby? Does it feel good?”

I was moving my pelvis up and down left and right trying to free myself. “It feels weird! It’s like a big tickle.. What are you doing?” I was panting heavily and moaning loud in short spurts.

“I’m just tickling your baby parts, haha! Now you see why I tied you up! Don’t worry sweetie doll, you’re about to feel so much better!”

The vibration was so intense I felt like I was about to go crazy! Then it started feeling so warm and good I didn’t want it to stop. My clit felt like it was shaking so fast and my uncle was enjoying the show. I started feeling the tickle building up to something and started to moan along with the feeling. Right before that warm feeling hit its high, my uncle pulled the massager away leaving me gasping.

“Oh honey! You’re so wet.. you want more?”

“Uhh okay” I said, sort of embarrassed that I was seen like this.

Uncle drew stepped away from the bed and stripped his clothes, revealing his hard 7 inch cock in front of me. “Oh no! I’m not supposed to see those!” I said while my uncle chuckled and placed the massager back on my clit and turned it up high.

“OH GOD THATS SO MUCH ITS TOO MUCH STOP PLEASE AH AH AHHHH” I was squirming around while bound to the bed trying to break free as my uncle though it was so funny I couldn’t go anywhere while he was tickling my little clit to the extreme.


He ignored my cries while stroking his cock and pressing on my clit even harder with the massager.

“Awwwww my little niece is so wet! What a good girl. Don’t try to fight it baby, it will only make it last longer!”

I couldn’t take it anymore and started shaking from pleasure. I just had my first orgasm and didn’t even know it! When I stopped screaming and squirming, my uncle knew I had just came and stopped the massager and discreetly put it back without rinsing it off. He untied me and sat me up and hugged me.

“Feel better sweetie doll?”

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  • Reply I wish it was me ID:1dfldgjb5kn5

    Grooming is an amazing way to love a baby girl. More baby girls want to be groomed than older men realize. The grooming allows the young girl to have her body enjoyed without taking full responsibility for giving her body over. Although she really wants to be touched and used….

    • Sweetiedoll ID:1ei3jth026w4

      This comment just made me so wet I immediately reached for my vibrator

    • Tonguepleasureforyou ID:cmea9188rj

      I love grooming young girls but I usually use my tongue instead of a massager write me at
      [email protected]

  • Reply Hornydom ID:nnn4gwxic

    Please keep this going!!! And is it real?

  • Reply Mei lin ID:2px1ogouh8z

    He should of raped her vagina bloody when she was 6

  • Reply fw ID:iy7qpby499

    so good

    • @text me ID:4bn00en3fia

      y? how old r u? also what gender?

  • Reply Anonymous ID:5srfrtct09

    Wow part 2 plz

  • Reply Lucky one ID:1ecfbrvjqy86

    Oh yes please keep this going!! So hot and erotic!!

  • Reply loveallporn ID:nhb13f58m

    please continuue

    • Sweetiedoll ID:1efr69gbhzj3

      Okay (: