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One night stand with my aunt or so I thought

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What started with my mom, continued with her sister

When I was a teen I lost my virginity to my mom. You can read all about it in my other story My mom was my first.

A couple years after my mom had passed away, we were having a normal family gathering. No special occasion, just a get together. In my messed up family the alcohol always wins. Something crazy always happens, usually a fist fight. It never involves me though because I rarely drink.

When I arrived at my grandma’s house for this particular gathering one of my cousins made a comment that tonight was my turn to get drunk and pick a fight. I shrugged the comment off but did decide to drink a few beers.

The night progessed without incident, and we even went as far as starting a small fire in the backyard. One by one my family members and close friends that had came were leaving. The last to leave was the same cousin who had joked with me earlier.

“I guess it’ll have to be next time” he said as he slapped my back.

“Well, I’m just not the drunken fist fight kind of guy I guess”.

“Goodnight mom, dont drive home drunk. Stay here with Grandma” he said to his mother who was sitting next to me.

My aunt, Kathy and I were all that was left. We sat quietly in separate chairs next to each other in front of the small fire. Both of us had been drinking but weren’t drunk.

Kathy looked a lot like my mom for obvious reasons. She was a bit taller, about 5’8″ but also a bit thinner. Still, you’d call her curvy to say the least. She was a few years younger than my mom, 52 years old, I was only 25. She had a short pixie haircut that had already started going gray. She had a black tank top on which revealed a lot of her fat, and cleavage. She was also wearing a pair of yoga pants as she had been trying to drop some weight.

Kathy and I had never been particularly close but her and my mom were inseparably. The close sexual relationship my mother and I carried on for close to 8 years always made me clam up around her. I certainly never told anyone about it, but if my mom had, it would’ve been Kathy.

We continued to sit quietly until she decided to break that silence. “Your mom loved you, you know”

I swallowed the lump in my throat, “I know” is all I could think to say.

She put her hand on my thigh. “i wish I had the relationship with my boys that you two had” she said.

Now I’m freaking out. Did she know? Of course she knew, why would she put her hand on my thigh and say those exact words? Maybe she’s more drunk than I realize. Still, a million thoughts and emotions now flooded my head. I became noticably nervous. Nothing sobers a guy up quicker than aunt knowing about an indecent relationship with his own mother.

Her hand slid down, now touching my bare knee. She adjusted herself in her chair so she was facing me now.

“Relax, I know. I know everything you two ever did together. And before your freak-out gets worse, its OK. If I thought it was wrong I would’ve stopped it when she told me 8 years ago.”

I still sat speechless. At the same time her hand moved back up to my thigh, this time under my basketball shorts. I tried so hard to relax but I couldn’t. My dick was hard as a rock now. Relaxing was no longer an option. Even if this was normal we were still outside and all be it approaching 2am, there were still neighbors that could see if they were looking, not to mention my grandma and a couple cousins that were passed out drunk in the house.

She leaned toward me and whispered in my ear. “I want you to fuck me! Tonight,I’ll be your mommy.”

She then ran her tongue from my ear lobe all the way up the outside of my ear. At the same time her hand slid up my leg, under my boxers and grabbed my throbbing dick. Any thought of resistance went out the window. Her hand felt amazing . Within the first few strokes I was edging.

She stood up and gestured for me to follow her. We walked over to a darker corner of the yard that had a picnic table in it. The darkness helped considerably with any fears of being caught.

Kathy sat on the end of the table and pulled me in close. I noticed she was wearing the same perfume my mother wore. We began kissing rather aggressively. Our tongues were entwined and I noticed she actually tasted the same as my mom. It was clear she had been planning this.

She took her tank top off and i unhinged her bra. Two beautiful 46D’s fell out and my hands and mouth went straight for them. They were big and a bit saggy but it only reminded me of mommy more so.

She laid back on the table. I could see from what little light the remaining fire gave off that her yoga pants were soaked. I grabbed on and yanked them down around her ankles. Wasting no time I buried my face in her wet fat pussy. My tongue started digging for her clit. When I found it I began swirling my tongue around the outside. She then pushed my head up, kicked off her shoes and her pants. She grabbed a hand full of my hair and pulled me back in. I plunged my tongue as deep inside her as I could. She let out a loud moan! “AWWWW GOD YES!”

Her hand on the top of my head keeping it firmly in place, she managed to pull my shorts and boxers down with her feet. Suddenly I feel her cold foot rubbing my cock. It felt amazing. She was moaning louder now. “I’M GONNA CUM! I’M GONNA CUM! OH FUCK YES!” she screamed.

Her big thick thighs squeezed my head. In all the times I went down on my mom, I never made her cum like this. My head held tightly in place, my tongue vigorously playing with her clit, and her feet playing with my dick the best she can, I hear the loudest scream yet. “AWWWW SHHHHHIIIITTT!”

I feel her pussy getting extremely wet. She squirted every where. Not that ridiculous porn star squirting halfway across the yard, just a more natural squirt. It took me by surprise as I had never seen a woman do that let alone make her. When she released me from her thighs the table and my beard was dripping wet. I had thought she pissed but since I was so in the moment I wasn’t going to worry about it. Besides, aside from turning me on, it didnt taste bad.

“Wow that was fucking insane! I’ve never squirted from getting my pussy sucked.”

There was my answer. I had heard of woman ejaculation and even the term squirt before, but now I knew it was real. I also took it as a sign that I done good.

She got off the table and started sucking my cock. Her warm mouth was much more welcoming than her feet that’s for sure. I had reached my limit of what I could take shortly after her lips wrapped around my cock and even though it far exceeded any cock sucking I had received before, I had to put a stop to it.

I pulled her up and bent her over the picnic table. I wanted another taste of her pussy and the juices dripping from it. I started from her clit then past her lips. It tasted even better now! She was so wet that my tongue slipped upwards and tickled her asshole. “Oh yeah!” she quietly moaned out. Finding myself distracted and all my inhibitions long gone I kept lightly licking her butthole if only to see how she reacted. She loved it! And so did I! She reached around and held the back of my head much like when I was eating her pussy.

“You’re full of surprises aren’t you?” she said as she let go.

As much as I enjoyed my face between my aunts legs, there was still another task at hand. I stood up, bent her back over the table and shoved my 8.5″ as far inside her as I could.

“JESUS FUCK YOU’RE DEEP” she said with a small look of discomfort.

That just made me want to go deeper though. Several hard thrusts and she began pants again. The same sounds she made a few moments ago. My hands had a firm grip on her wide hips as I continued to pull her fat ass closer and harder towards me. She reaches down to begin rubbing herself and I can feel her fake nail ever so gently tickle my balls. She lets out the same loud moan. “OH MY GOD I’m CUMMING AWWWWWWW!”

This time I feel her squirt trickling down my balls and my legs. “FUCK, I’M CUMMING” I yell out.

She pushes me off her and gets on her knees. She squeezes the base of my cock before putting it in her mouth. I let out a loud groan and drop my entire load down the back of my aunts throat. She keeps sucking until I cant cum anymore. She stands up. She kisses me long and hard. The taste of her squirt mixes with my hot cum still in her mouth. She spits whats left in my mouth. I swallow a bit of my own cum.

“Oh, sweetie I’m going to have some fun with you.” she says as she begins to get dressed.

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