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baby sitting at its best

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two young girls need sex education by the babby sitter

I lived with my father and step-mother during the week but at weekends I would stay with my mother and her partner and his son, I was sixteen by now and about to leave school my step brother was thirteen. They lived in a small village and he and the other kids got a coach to school in the next bigger village, two of the kids were sisters Rona and Tanya who were eleven and thirteen the younger being Rona. The girls would always be out on the green Infront of our houses and would make a bee line for me as soon as I appeared on a Friday night, all innocent at this point just girls wanting to play with the big boys. They would follow me and my step brother every time they got the chance trying to kiss us as girls did back then, I didn’t mind they were just the girls up the road cheeky monkeys I called them which made them worse. This was about to change this weekend my step brother was going to his friends for the weekend to stay in his tent on their farm so I would be alone with mum as tony my step dad would be working; my mum was a chubby woman about forty-five and left my father six years ago but even then I knew she had several man friends that would appear from time to time for “tea” and me and my sister were sent out to play. When I was fourteen she came into the bathroom when I was in the bath, this was nothing out of the norm she always checked I got a towel etc and would wash my back and chest my cock on full view but it was mum so didn’t bother me but this time she washed my chest the said do you want me to wash your willie.

I had got a bush and a fairly big cock at this time but again it was just mum so I said please and stood up. She soaped up her hand and washed and rubbed and I was a hot-blooded boy so my cock got a bit hard she said well who’s a big boy now and proceeded to wank me until I spurted cum in her hands. I was very embarrassed but she said that’s nice mummy likes it, the following weekend she called me into her bedroom and well to cut a long story short taught me how to fuck a woman, it was our little secret she said and I was a randy young boy so I fucked her every chance I got. The reason for telling this is to explain how I knew what a woman wants not just a quick fuck. my step brother packed his rucksack and tent onto his bike and went off I thought I was going to have a bit of incest but the girls came to the door with a note for my mum, she said it’s from the girls mum she wants to know if you can baby sit for her you had better go up and see. I walked back with the girls to their house and into the lounge where their mum was, she said thanks Timmy people always called me Timmy I hated it but it didn’t stop them.

She said I got to go to my sister in London tomorrow and won’t be back till Sunday night can you baby sit all day and night for me as the girls couldn’t really come as it was an adult thing the girls said were not baby’s but their mum said you can’t be alone and I trust Timmy he is a nice boy; I had sat before on the odd occasion when she and her husband went to the pub but never overnight. She said the girls will share a bed and you can have Rona’s if that’s ok or the couch is comfy, I said I had better check with mum first and left the girls as normal followed me home. I asked mum and she said well I suppose so but that means I will be all alone. I knew she meant she wanted sex so I said next weekend ill spend with you mum. The girls ran back shouting Timmy can mum Timmy can, I walked back and met their mum on the door step she said thakyou we are leaving at about ten tomorrow morning and will be back Sunday about six is that ok I said yes I can get the train at seven back to dads. Then she said the girls have been told to be on best behaviour and do as you say, bed time is when you tell them and they have a bath before bed I said got it then she said do you mind if I pay you next week when I get my money and I said no problem.

I went home where mum had got dinner ready for me and my stepdad was now home. in the morning I was up and in the bath as normal mum came in with a towel and said in a low voice next weekend I want your willy all day I said yes but what about Ian so she said he will be out again so mummy can have that big cock. I didn’t know what to do my cock said fuck every pussy you can but my head told me at was wrong. After my bath I dressed and said I’m off mum ill fetch the girls down to say hello later and she said thanks that’s all I need. I left and went up to the girls on arrival their parents were loading the cat their dad said thanks for this Timmy I know it’s not what you want to be doing but I was fine with it the girls were ok just cheeky but both were cute and the older Tanya had started to get little boobs Rona was a little chunky but had a cute face and was by far the bold one always trying to kiss me or sit on my lap. There mum said right I’m off now do as Timmy says I mean it then said to me if they play up spank their bottoms then she said there’s food the girls know what to eat and there’s plenty of milk for tea and coffee.

they left and we went in both girls had big grins and Rona said are you going to spank our bums then so I said yes if I have too so Tanya said with our knickers down too I said no don’t be silly. We watched tv for a bit both girls sitting either side of me so I put my arms round them. They loved this and said were we your girlfriends now so I said little monkeys more like. Both girls were still in their nightdress so I said time to get dressed please mum is going to make cakes both girls loved this and would make cakes with my mum quite a lot. The girls went upstairs so I followed them then they went into the bedroom that they shared but I went into the loo, after few seconds I heard arguing so I listened at the door and to my shock they were arguing who was going to see my willie first and Rona was saying she would and Tanya was telling her to ask me to show them, I walked into their room both girls were in just their knickers. Rona was a little plumper than her older sister and her knickers were tight and showed her lovely pussy shape Tanya had little tits that had just started to grow.

I said without trying to look at her tits what’s going on what’s all this talk about Willys, both girls had red faces and Rona even being the youngest was the bold one said we want to see your willie. i was shocked but said why it’s just a willy but she said well we do Tanya has seen ians (my stepbrother) so I said have you but again Rona said she been up the woods with him and he had his hand down her knickers and she played with his willie. i looked at Tanya and said have you and she said yes he pulled my knickers down and touched my winkie the took his willy out and pushed it into my slit it really hurt but felt nice too then he spurted out his white baby juice into me I was scared I was going to have a baby but I didn’t. Rona said yes and you have seen us naked before too, this was true but not for over a year when they were in a paddling pool I saw them get out and change. I said well I think your both very cheeky as I didn’t know what else to say then I asked Tanya if Ian had done it too her more than once and she said yes four times but not now as I have monthly’s now and would get pregnant so we stopped, I said that’s good you should not be doing that but to be honest I was very jealous and wanted to see her knickers down. Rona said so can we see yours too but I said don’t be silly get dressed and come down, Rona said spoil sport you can see mine I love you so its ok and Tanya said yes me to love you too Timmy then she said do you see I’ve got titties now and I said have you trying to make out I hadn’t noticed.

I left them to get dressed but I wanted to let them see my cock so I could see them naked and play with my cock . my cock was getting very hard in my jeans and I went down thinking about what I was going to do with them later if I could. They both came down Tanya in a denim skirt very short and Rona in denim shorts again very small both hat tee shirts on and socks with sandals’ said ok let’s go up to mine to see mum and make some cakes both girls were still red faced but I said nothing, we got to my house and went in mum was in the kitchen and said hello girls what do you want to make today both girls said fairy cakes so mum said ok let’s do that. I went into the lounge and sat with my stepfather tony and just talked rubbish as you do. Mum came in with two cups of coffee and said here you go the girls are mixing the batter so I said good give me a break, mum said are they being naughty but I said no just the girls she said well you know both girls have a crush on you don’t you so I said no there just kids but she said well I think not both know more about boys than you think so watch it tonight or you will end up with a black eye from there dad. The girls made cakes and we had lunch wit mum and tony then they helped mum clean up and get the washing in and general housework and soon it was about 5pm so I said right it’s time to go we have to sort your dinner and tidy up your house, both girls said thankyou to mum and gave tony a hug as normal s Tanya stretched up to hug tony her knickers showed under her skirt and her bum looked so good.

We left and went back to their house then I said right what first and Rona said tidy the kitchen and hoover so I said ok. Tanya got stuff out for dinner fishfingers yuk but back then it was a normal dinner she said ill peel the spuds so I said good girl and I got a big smile; I think the girls were worried about this morning but as I hadn’t mentioned it all day had thought it was over and done with but I wanted to get them both naked now and show them what my cock did. After all the cleaning and dinner we sat and watched tv one girl either side but Tanyas skirt was so short her knickers were easy to see ,the puffy triangle between her thighs looked so sexy I wanted to touch it but resisted. it got to about eight and I said I think its bath time for you too now then you can come back down for a bit, both girls got up and started to walk upstairs then Rona stopped and said are you going to wash our hair for us mum does so I said ok I be up in a bit but Tanya said can you come up and wash us too mum always sits on the bath and washes our backs for us. Now I thought this is the perfect way to get them naked at close range so said ok I guess if I have too then tried to make out I wasn’t bothered. We ran a bath so I said who goes first and Rona said we share a bath I thought o good both naked at once, Rona took her tee shirt off then her shorts just in her knickers now then tana took off her top and her tits were amazing then dropped her skirt to the floor, Rona said to her you first so she put her hands on her waist band and pulled her knickers down then off her pussy had a little tuft of hair at the top only and her slit was tight shut with no clity showing.

I thought o fuck I’m going to cum in my pants my cock was so hard she looked so sexy she turned and stepped into the bath and her bare bum looked so good too. She sat down and said to Rona come on silly but Rona was very red faced and said nothing so I said do you need a hand sweetie and she nodded yes so I pulled her knickers down to her thighs now her plump little pussy was on show and o fuck it was fantastic no hair yet but a plump flesh triangle filling her whole pubic area, Tanya said see he don’t mind he seen your winkie before, this was true but not this close of for well over a year and she had got a bigger girl. Her slit was closed tight but she had little dimple at the top. I so wanted to just finger her slit but said in you go she shook of her knickers then stepped in the bath again her bum was amazing even better than Tanya. I said who goes first then and Rona told me do my hair first so u used a jug that was on the side to wet her hair then washed it, it felt so nice to wash her hair all soft then I rinsed it well and turned to Tanya and repeated the process. After this I said ok get washed then and I was about to leave when Tanya said aww can’t you wash us too well I didn’t need asking twice so said ok then stand up.

Tanya stood up and her pussy looked even better all wet. I said turn round then and soaped up my hands and washed her back then down to her bum. it was so soft and hot I let my fingers slip between her cheeks then her thighs and legs. She turned round and said now the front please my hands were trembling as I sopped up again then washed her tits. she were hard but still felt so sexy I washed round and round till her nipples stuck out then her belly, I soaped up again and took the plunge putting my hand over her cunt, so warm and soft my finger slid into her slit and I washed up and down her face grinned with excitement as her little clity got a rub. I washed her pussy for ages finally pushing my finger into her little fuck hole she gave a squirm and said that’s where Ian put his willy so I said did he then pushed a little more in and said well better make it clean then.

Rona said my turn now wash my winkie so I said ok stand up this she did and I now washed her little pussy all covered in bubbles both girls just stood as I fingered them and rubbed and explored they pussys. my cock now hurt it was so hard in my jeans but there pussies felt so good,ronas pussy was bigger and softer even though she was younger and I couldn’t resist it anymore and said your very sexy girls I love your pussys. rona said pussy and giggled and Tanya said that’s what boys call them not winkies so I said winkies is fine I like winkie and you have sexy ones. Then I leant forward and kissed both of them and said ok sit down and rinse off, both girls sat and Rona being the bold one said can we see you willy now well I was ready my cock was bursting so I said ok then but you must never tell anyone what we do. Both girls said yes we know I undid my zip then the button and pulled my jeans down Rona said o goody I want to touch it so I said go on then get it out, she didn’t hesitate at all and pulled my shorts down and grabbed my herd cock. she said it’s so big and hard I love it I never seen a real one only pictures and little boys at school yours is so big and sticking up Tanya said boys Willys get hard if they see a girls winkie and titties so I said only if there sexy like you too.

Rona said are we sexy and I said you are both very sexy Tanya said are you going to fuck us so I said well I don’t think so Rona is too young but she said I’m not I bet I can and Tanya said please we both want you too we have been talking about your willy for weeks we love you Timmy’s Hit my mum was right they did have a crush and I wanted to fuck them both but Rona more so her pussy was the best I had ever seen. I said we will see now what about my willy who is going to wash it for me. Rona was the first to get her hands soapy and then she touched it wrapping her fingers round my shaft Tanya said to her not too hard now rub it back and forth. She soon found out how to get my head to pop out and soon had my cock all soapy then Tanya said my turn and took over wanking my cock then she said it feels so hard I love it is it going to spurt out white stuff Rona said is that sperm and Tanya said yes baby juice. I was shocked at how naughty they were and on their knowledge of sex, I said it might why don’t you see if you can. Rona said I want too so Tanya said no me first you can watch it spurt out.

She wanked me faster and faster her little tits just inches away from my cock and Rona almost as close watching for me to cum. i said o god yes it’s going to spurt girls make me spurt, both girls grinned with dirty excitement as my cock spurted its load over Tanyas tits. rona just stared at her sisters tits with my cum on them so Tanya said I made you spurt and I said yes you did it’s all over your titties then Rona said my turn but Tanya said don’t be silly boys can’t do it twice they have to rest and make more baby juice we talked about this Rona was not happy so I said it won’t take long with two sexy girls to play with you will get your turn later tonight this made her smile and she said it jetted out really quick can I touch it so I said yes go on touch it. tanya said it’s all sticky Rona try it Rona stuck one finger in my goo and said its sloppy then Tanya took her hand and pushed it on her tit and said there now lick your hand I dare you its nasty Ian made me taste his. Rona being Rona wasn’t going to be out done so licked her hand then said its nice so Tanya said I dare you to put times willie in your mouth she just took my now softer cock and opened her mouth, go on Tanya said suck hie willy so she clamped her mouth round my cock and sucked it hard making her choke then she said it still tastes nice and Tanya said your mad its nasty. my cock was now soft and Rona said look it’s not hard anymore and Tanya said yes but it’s still nice better than ians I love it.

i said good and I love you both too you are both very sexy and have sexy bums and pussy. she and titties but you must never ever tell anyone not even your school friends both girls nodded so I said now you better wash my baby juice off . Rona said I don’t have any titties yet so how can they be sexy so I kissed both her little nipples and said yes you do see sexy. I pulled up my shorts but took my jeans off then the girls got out and I dried them off taking more time on the pussy. she and tits than the rest of them. I said right into the bedroom then and get your nighty’s on, both girls now naked walked Infront and the sight was one never to forget.

Both girls went over to a draw and took out nightshirts in plain pink but very short and put them on then I said what about knickers girls, Tanya said you come and chose some then so we look sexy so I went over to the chest and they opened the top draw that was full of knickers all different colours and size but on the top my heart skipped a beat at the sight of their school pe knickers. loverly navy blue school knickers every boys wish, I took out one pair and said these will do then a second and handed them to Rona. Both girls looked shocked and Rona said these are school ones there not sexy so I said yes they are on you too there very sexy I always like seeing you home from school on the green showing your knickers. Tanya said so you have been looking up our skirts then and Rona said good I don’t care if you see my knickers you can lift my skirt up all the time I said well I have noticed you I n them before. The girls put the knickers on then lifted there nighty’s up and Rona said well ,she looked great her navy knicks were tight and showed of her plump shape Tanya bent over and said there now you can see all of them without peeking up my skirt Rona did the same so I gently spanked there bums and said yes and very nice too your sexy naughty girls and I love it. i went down to the lounge and the girls sat either side both with short nighty’s so the knickers were just visible over there tiny wet pussys,I said so how long have you two been planning to get my willie out and your knickers down.

Tanya said we talk in bed every night about you and how we want to play sexy with you and be your girlfriends said well I think you are both very naughty and we should stop now before we go too far. rona gave me a kiss on my cheek and said I don’t want to stop I want you to fuck me then Tanya said yes me too I want to feel your willy inside me but no baby juice or I’ll get pregnant cheeky Rona said I won’t I don’t have monthly’s yet so fuck me tonight please I want it in me. tanya said it really hurts you will cry and bleed I did when Ian fucked me but the second time it was better it was nice made me feel funny inside but good and when he squirted in me it was hot. Rona said I don’t care I love Timmy and want him to fuck me and be my husband I said I don’t think so your way to young. I decided to stop all this and just get a good look at the girls in their school knickers so I said ok who wants to let me see their knickers, both girls jumped up and lifted their nighty’s o my what a view two pretty girls in navy knickers so I said your so sexy you too and you know don’t you Tanya said we knew you fancied us because you have always been nice to us even letting us sit on your lap I could feel your willy sometimes. I put my hands on their bums and gave a squeeze then said to Rona come here, she got up close and I said kiss me she gave me a little peck on the lips so I pulled her close and kissed her full on as I rubbed her cotton covered bum.

she wiggled about then as I stopped she said I’ve never kissed like that then Tanya said I have my turn so I kissed her full on but let my tongue ingress into her sweet mouth she did the same obviously not new to her so I rubbed her bum then said lift your nighty up so I can suck your tits. she lifted her nighty up all the way her little tits poking out, I kissed both nipples then sucked them hard Rona said that’s not fair do it too me but Tanya said you can wait. I began to suck hard and she gave a whimper so I put my hand over her knickers at the front and rubbed her pussy then slid my hand inside the waist and down to her little furry mound she was wet and my finger found her little clity and rubbed then shoved one finger into her wet hole with a big gasp from her. I slid my finger in and out as she gave little wimpers,rona just watched in amazement she hadn’t done this or seen it before but she was learning fast she said Tanya is that nice and she just nodded her head . I stopped and Tanya sat down still with her nighty up and tits on full view I said I love your titties there yummy then I noticed her knickers were wet so gave them a rub and said did you like that she whispered o god yes Ian never did that if felt so good then Rona said me now suck my titties but I said no I want to do something else too you she said what I told her to take her nighty off and sit down, she did this with gusto now just in her knickers her plump little hips and pussy mound looked so good. I knelt down in front of he and said I’m going to pull your knickers down she just giggled as I pulled them from under her bum then down her soft thigh and off over her ankles.

She was amazing to see her pussy not quite in bloom but plump and soft so I leant forward and kissed her mound then let my tongue run up and down her slit she trembled with the feeling so I opened up her slit to find her clity it was small but there sticking out and her pussy hole was open and wet. I said your lovely and wet now see if you like this and kicked her clity round and round she gave a grunt and said what are you doing so I stopped and said showing you how sexy you are and licked more than poked my tongue into her little hole a bit then back to her clit. she tasted so sweet I wanted to make her cum so I flicked her harder with my tongue and faster she began to buck and breath heavy Tanya said you’re going to have a lady’s orgasm Rona you lucky cow, I couldn’t believe these girls new so much but Rona’s pussy was so sweet I wanted more I was so excited too. She gave a big buck and her pussy got very wet with sweet pussy juice I knew she had cum so I stopped and sat up. She just laid there on the couch Naked and wet pussy open what a sight I was so excited I told Tanya to take her knickers off, she slid them down and and stood Infront of me so I kissed her pussy then licked her slit hard until her legs gave way. I laid on the floor and told Tanya to sit on me, she giggled and did this and between us got my cock out from my shorts and into her wet slit then I said sit down slow so it don’t hurt but she just pushed hard and my cock was in her.

She was hot and wet my cock was throbbing inside her she pushed more until my cock was deep inside her Rona now got closer and said o yes it in your winkie does it hurt but Tanya just fucked me up and down until I said stop I’m going to cum again she got up and my cum shot out over her belly. Rona rubbed it with her fingers then onto her slit and said it feels nice when are you going to fuck me. I was out of breath too but said next time sweet pea. we all sat for a while and just cuddled then I said we better clean-up and go to bed, we went up naked with our clothes and into the bathroom where we took turns at the sink to wash off then dried off. I said bed time I think its late now so we went into the bedroom where there was a single bed and a small double I said all in that one then the girls started to put there nighty’s back on but I said no naked next to me. the girls jumped int bed and I got in the middle we cuddled for ages without a word just my hands on their bum.

she all slept eventually but my cock was hard all night and I rubbed both there pussys,I while they slept. in the morning I woke up to the girls whispering to each other and Rona had her hand on my cock she was telling Tanya it was hard so I said with my eyes still closed yes you made it hard. Tanya looked under the covers and took a look at roans hand on my cock and said let me feel it too so now I had two little hands on my cock, I turned to Tanya and gave her closest tit a kiss then turned to Rona and kissed her little nipple ducking it into my mouth. I then rubbed both there pussys for a bit making them wet before going under the covers and licking them both, so good all sweet then Rona said I need to wee and Tanya told me too so they got up two naked sexy monkeys I knew we were never going to be the same again but also knew I wanted Rona more her sexy plump body was my heart’s desire. On their return Tanya said are you going to fuck Rona now it’s her turn so I said to Rona are you sure you want to its ok if you don’t it can wait till another day when you’re a bit bigger but she was up for it saying no now let me feel what Tanya has she has had ians willy and yours. I said come here then and kissed her then rubbed her slit and said lay on the bed and I liked her slit then her clit till she was shaking and I knew now was the time so I got between her legs and lifted her up a little then rubbed my cock up and down her slit Tanya said it’s going to hurt you know but Rona just said fuck me go on put it in me, I pushed at her slit my cock just inside her slit and pushing into her little fuck hole.

Her face changed to pain and she gave a squeal so I stopped and said no its not working your too small still, Rona said not fair I want to feel what a willy is like inside my winkie so I pushed again but this time my cock went in a little more just an inch but she gave a grunt and said it hurts so I stopped then took my cock out. She said not fair do it more but I wasn’t going to hurt her so I just rubbed my cock up and down here wet slit it felt so good she was wet and sloppy her tiny clit was hard and my cock rubbed over it hard making her shudder ,I told her how sexy she was and kept rubbing her sister now was rubbing her pussy too and said fuck me then I can get it in me but I was enjoying roans wet pussy she was a sexy little thing a little plump round her thighs and her pussy was soft and wet. I rubbed up and down sending her into a frenzy then just as she gave a groan I pushed my cock back into her hole just a little and shot my cum into her, it soon flooded out over her smooth plump cunty and she gave another grunt then said yes its inside me. tanya looked over and said Rona your pussy is full of cum cum you lucky bitch I wanted some in me but I can’t because of babys. i sat back and looked at her cum covered little pussy then said did you like having cum inside you she smiled and rubbed her fingers in her slit and said its lovely can we do it more. Tanya explained to her that boys need to make more sperm before they can fuck again so she would have to wait and next time it was her turn. I thought my god what have I done now I got two sex mad girl’s how was I going to keep it a secret from our parents.

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    iwent to cover for my sister baby sitting two 11 year old girls, the mother of one told me to give the girls a bath at 7, and they should be in bed by half eight. come bath time they wanted me in the bath with them, for a 14 year old this was more than i had dreamed, as i washed them i fingered their pussy’s, they washed me and played with my cock, dry we went down to watch cartoons for a time, at eight we went to bed where i fucked them both, they had masturbated before hand with a hairbrush so they took my cock easily. i didn’t cum in them both i covered theirface’s with it. weekslater my sister was babysitting them again and phoned me to go over, the girls had asked for me andmy sister asked why, they told her what we had done, when i got their they all were naked, i fucked my sister that night with the two girls, but i did cum in my sister.

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    Oh sweetheart you need guidance

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    please be aware that there are more than one tim on this site when reading what you think is a part 2 or 3?

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    You’re a lucky guy, keep it up

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    i have no stories to tell because ive never done anything…

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      There are lots of people out there that would be willing to help you any time you need it

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      Ofcourse you do they are in your fantasies. Find me on proton.me and let’s share secrets together.

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      Good for you just enjoy yourself and let come naturally

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      lets make a stoy
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      A lot of the stories are made up or fantacy

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    Part 2 please, this time let the sisters have sex with each other

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    Looking forward to the next one!

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    Part 3.. few weeks later he messaged me saying did I want to go a party with him and said he’d have coke and we would have more fun I instantly agreed .. so that Saturday I sneaked out he picked me up and we went this party and was great loads music and people etc and then we started having a few lines and then I had a cigarette and then mingled and met various others and went living room and 1 the other woman did a line and then she started sucking off a guy and then watching another couple chatting with us both made up 4vof us a line and they did theirs and as did ours , they started having sex and it was a massive turn on tbh ,, and so he looked at me and kissed me we started playing with eachother and tjen took my skirt off and his bottoms and got down Infront of the woman getting fucked and sat me on his cock and leaned me back and then I saw woman have her head pushed between my legs and then I shouted out in pleasure as she started licking my clit as both getting fucked and then both stopped and they gave us both another line and then other guy got behind me and then thrust in my pussy started fucking me and made me start moaning and then I was doggy style and other woman sucking guy I arrived with just guided his cock into my mouth and said spitroast her they did and I really enjoyed it and before knew it everyone was sniffing and all fucking and swapping,, before I knew it I was then sucking a total stranger and ended up gangbanged in this orgy

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      I love your name it’s very sexy !!

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    Pet.2 desire and wild irge to be naughty and act like a dirty slut , so then I kissed him and stopped straight away and then he started at me and he sat me back and put hand down my bottoms and inside my knickers and soon as felt him touch my throbbing aching soaking wet pussy I loudly moaned out and he said sorry want me to stop but I grabbed his hand said you dare , and I took bottoms off and knickers and then shoved his hand back and he started finger blasting me, sent me crazy and then he took cock out and stood up it was hard and massive, and I grabbed it started wanking him off and then he said suck it , so I did and then he started pushing it further in and also shoving my head onto it till I was gagging and he loved thos and got rougher till I gasping for breath and pulled off said I’m going to be sick, and then he rubbed it against my pussy and started pushing it inside me I groaned so loud and said OMFG yes then slipped in and he thrust few times then seriously hard thrust and started fucking me really rough and fast and I yelped but soon felt incredible and then I started shaking and had first orgasm and then he cum too… After told him I was a virgin and he asked did I enjoy it I said he’ll yes , all of it .. and so he said want to do it again sometime I said definitely lol..

  • Reply Charlotte ID:2kyhpc18rd

    Im Charlotte i am 17 and started babysitting for one of our neighbours about 2 months ago and then 1 Friday night I was babysitting for the wife and about 10pm I heard door open and the husband walked in and but shocked he said ohh why you here where’s my wife I said she asked me too because she was going out ..

    He said ohhh right ok and so chatting away then he said was having a drink offered me 1 said he won’t tell so I said yh ok then and so we were in conservatory chilling and after 3 or 4 drinks he said can I keep a secret I said yeah course, so he took out bag of coke and made up a line on table and sniffed it up and then he said did I want 1 !! ,,, I said I’ve never done it before and so he explained what it’s like etc and now curious lol so I said ok I’ll try 1 so he made up another 2 but much bigger and he did his and then I sniffed up my line and straight away felt amazing rush racing through my body and then he asked what I thought I smiled said wow it’s incredible, and so he put music on and I couldn’t help but dance and then he asked if I minded him smoking and light cigarette up and I was watching him , secretly wishing and craving a cigarette myself, so he said to me you ok your starring at me, and so I confessed that I was gasping for a cigarette, he said help yourself so I did and light up and took few drags and sighed felt like heaven and then he commented saying wow you look so hot , and I liked it but felt but weird… And so he apologized but I said don’t be silly and then he said let’s have another line I said yeah come on so this time did 2 each and he did both his , and I did both mine and he passed me a cigarette again and as I light up and took a drag I accidentally fell down next to him and pressed against him I said ohh god I’m so sorry as I tried get up I slipped and hand landed between his legs and felt his cock, I gasped and looking at him he just groaned out and couldn’t stop myself from rubbing it and he moaning then I had new

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    Damn Tim your story is hot. I love it. More please.

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    My sister made the mistake of having me babysit her 10 yr old daughter my niece Mallory ow a whore for my pleasure I’m 60 my sister is 48 and I am turning her son the ginger sissy boy in to my soon to be wife

    • Steve Herbson ID:1dshfqe8wlvm

      Hmmm wish I could help you Gabe with ur neice and nephew