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First time I got licked

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my first sexual experience true story with my 12 year old stepbrother

I have been a sex addict from an early age, maybe due to molestation. by the time I was 11 I was seeking grown men for sex. The first sexual experience I was about 7 years old the first time I woke up to my 12 year old stepbrothers tounge digging into my pussy. I had never felt anything like that before so I laid as still as I could I was motionless and scared we would get in trouble if caught. Maybe it was cause of my age but i remember feeling more curious as to why he was doing it, it didn’t really feel good to me it just felt strange. He had pulled up my pajama gown and had pulled the crotch of my panty aside. The tip of his tounge would go from sliding up and down my slit, to suddenly digging into my pussy hole. He was doing this for what felt like an hour. Finally about the 5th time he buried his tounge inside of me again, he started doing a circular motion with his tounge. I felt my hole start to clench and he moaned into my bald pussy. My hole clenched and released a few times and my heart pounded in my chest as I tried to keep laying still. I dont think this was my first orgasm but it was my first sexual experience. I started looking forward to his visits in my room at night. I started sleeping with no panties on so he had easier access. He would never say anything, he would just creep into my night light lit room between 12 and 3am and go to town on my pussy with his mouth. I lost my virginity to him around age 8 when he started penetrating but i will post those stories later.

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  • Reply Me ID:2t456p5m2

    This is sick and not a erotic adult story! Sickos

  • Reply Debbie ID:7ylren3fij

    Love the story
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  • Reply Kinda horny ID:bmseo53d2

    1 6 yo guy (real lol yeah I know lots of old men out there) snap me at varunsodh2

  • Reply kiara ID:2o4cyka7d4

    i am waiting for your stories

    • Hey ID:5q8965r209

      Kiara is a cute name do u have insta

  • Reply twinkle ID:1v4nbuh6i9

    be careful in this comment section, pedophiles are trying to lure children to contact them to live out there putrid fantasies. child molesters are sick in the head and have no place on this earth.

    • woody ID:7zv346sc8j

      Baby girl she would like to get together with you. I’m sure that this person talking about pedophiles on here may scare you but we’re just older guys that like young girls that’s all..5304343807

  • Reply Daddy ID:28asevmqrj

    Describe your body when it started

    • Mmmmm ID:5sp8osem2


  • Reply Daddy ID:28asevmqrj

    So hot.

  • Reply Ree Ree ID:15qcje3dk09

    YEEEESSSS!!!! Sounds fantastic. Love it!!!

  • Reply Mmmmm ID:pvxgce20b

    Sounds like my old neighbor that used to lure me in his basement when I was 7. He would kiss me like a woman. He tasted of beer and would touch me through my panties and then prop me up on a table, pull my panties to the side and kiss me between my legs and would groan when he licked and probed me with his thick tongue.
    His daughter used to babysit me and when she was preoccupied, he fondled me while I watched cartoons. And I let him…
    I never told anyone about it until I was in my 30’s

    • HS ID:cddykbbd3

      Is it wrong I found that arousing- and I want to hear more?

    • woody ID:7ylg5nr6ii

      Well since you’re 30 years old now. You’re little too old for my taste but maybe you have a young daughter that you’d like to share… [email protected]

    • ? ID:pw3n3h8rb

      I’d be happy to be used and I’m younger;)

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    Hey I would love to fuck you
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    • Jr ID:2yvs90rhr9

      Real what have u dont

  • Reply Anonymously ID:bpcjnotv3

    What kind of panties do you wear in what size are they?

  • Reply Mike ID:5r7msta5zrj

    What part of Louisiana?

  • Reply woody ID:7ylg5nr6ii

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a sex addict. Basically you just need to find the right man to show you all the different wonders of sex. I know you’re enjoying your brother, but you would love a man with my experience a lot more believe me….have fun baby girl

  • Reply Anonymously ID:bpcjnotv3

    What size bra do you wear?

    • Shades ID:3vi2rjploij


  • Reply A n o n y ID:5tzhyx7zm

    mmm msg me for talk please [email protected]

  • Reply Bill w ID:30rxnvr8rb

    Sorry to hear about that. This story makes me feel bad for you