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Hand Me Down: Double Breasted

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Mom, and dad picked us up from school to go look at houses.

My brother from High School, while I was still in middle school, but mom had to stop by the elementary first. So Claudia met us at the first one with Ryan and Dad already there. Checking out the garage, but he looked around suspiciously when we got out of the car.

Mostly at mom, because dad was talking to Claudia, and she had on this great pantsuit. The jacket was tailored extremely tight, showing off her fantastic body, and mom noticed too. So, she went to break them up, while Ryan watched from the corner.

I knew what he was doing, because he got a new coat for Christmas, and I got the old one. It hung down past my knees, and buttoned over in front like a robe with pockets, but the secret was you don’t have to put your hands in the pockets.

You can slip them in behind those, and feel around inside your clothes. Which is what he was already doing, but mom told Claudia to take us inside, to look at the kitchen. Dad was blushing around his face mask, and he stood back a social distance.

We all did, it was force of habit, and Claudia’s job ment going out all over the place to meet people, and show them real estate. So, she looked really good, I’m sure it’s a big part of her success. Isn’t that what they say, “Dress for success?”

Well, mom sure was jealous, and dad went off somewhere on his own, still blushing. It was kinda cute, but I’d seen her photos on her virtual brochure. Smiling for the camera, not a speck of makeup, because she didn’t need it. She has this natural Scottish beauty, red hair, sparkling green eyes, and freckles.

Now, her hair was up, and she pulled a green scarf out from under her collar, which really brought out the color of her eyes. Meanwhile, Ryan undid his coat in the living room, and took it off to throw over the back of the couch. “Ms. Kelvin, are all the rooms furnished?” He asked her like she was a teacher, but he didn’t raise her hand.

“Yes, of course, but pay no attention to which rooms are coded for boys, or girls.” Our little sister ran right upstairs, while I went around the bar, and flipped back the corner of his coat. He had been careful, to fold it up so the lining was inside, hiding the suspicious stains I knew would show up under a blacklight.

Well, he had been wearing it for a couple weeks now, and even though the collection wasn’t quite as good as the ones I found in my coat. I had to have it dry cleaned, but fortunately, the lining zipped out, and that was machine washable. Polar fleece around the arms, and under them, but down below the belt it was some satiny polymer blend. Not silk, but silky, and I’d even caught him sticking it out, to joystick around the inside.

That was the secret, and for a teenage boy, it was a game-changer. People might suspect that he was wearing that to steal, or conceal weapons. When really the sick truth was he could jerk off any time, any where. Nobody else knew it, and it was about time I showed him that I did. I did it too, since it was just as easy to unbutton my pants, and stick a hand in my underwear, with it through the slit, instead of a pocket.

It’s funny how I even stopped wearing skirts, and dresses because they just got in the way. Normally, you could play peekaboo between your legs, and get boys to drop things to look under the table. With the coat on, and my hands inside it, it was much better to have a pair of pants, with a fly in front to get my fingers in my underwear. So, it was almost like cross dressing?

Even out in the cold, so I picked his new one up, and handed it to him. “Why don’t we go out, and see the yard instead?” He pulled it on, looking at me funny, so I handed him the hat that went along with it. I don’t know whether you’d call it a fedora, or a trilby, whatever the difference is, it has a broad brim to keep the rain from running down the collar, or the drips from the melting snow.

There were gutters, but either they were full of leaves, or frozen. I looked up, but if there were any icicles hanging down, they must have frozen. Backing up, I saw that snow still covered the roof, even though the yard had gone all muddy.

“Uh,” Ryan looked around, suspiciously again. It’s a good thing he wore that hat, so nobody could see where he was looking, because that was a dead giveaway. “You want to talk to me?” He guessed.

“Yeah, I know what you’re doing, with your hand in your coat. You zipped your fly up before you took it off, but how cum you save it on the inside of the lining?”

“My jizz?” He shrugged, and put his hands in his pockets. I could tell, because he used them to push out the sides of his coat, still unbuttoned, and unbelted. I still had mine belted, and everything, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun. So, I undid my collar, to let some of the cold air in around my hot neck.

“Look,” I turned to the corner, and he followed me to the side yard.

“You’re not going to tell mom, and dad.”

“Mom probably already knows, since I found out when I had to have this dry cleaned, but I hope you’re keeping your hands nice, and warm.” I just turned around, still unbuttoning my shirt until they got down to the lapels, and I couldn’t go no further. Far enough that he could stick his hand down it, and I shivered, but he went right for my bra cup, and pulled it out to slip his hand in.

“You’re really hot.” he sounded muffled through the mask, but it was about time he noticed. I know, I’m only 12, and not that developed, but the belt sure helps. “What size bra you wear?”

“0, but 30-A in inches.” At least I started shopping for clothes, and underwear by size in inches, instead of by age, or Junior/Missus. Of course, I’m a 0 in either Junior, or Missus, but Ms. Kelvin is still single, and I have to think it’s by choice.

“Ryan?” Dad called out the back door, so he had to pull his hand out of my bra, and I hurried to button up my pants. She sure could get any husband she wanted to marry, even if he was already married, she could probably get him to leave his wife to marry her. Just going by my dad, but then Ryan ran around the side of the house. So, he said “You better check out this room downstairs, where’s your sister?”

“Oh, I’m right here. What room downstairs?”

“Well, if he decides to live down there, than your sister can have her own room, too.”

Ryan ran in, embarrassed, and disappeared. “Well, what if I want the room downstairs?”

“Well, there’s a window, it should be around there.” He pointed down from the porch, but I had to go around the stairs to even see it. In the basement, the window was down in this gully? I think that’s what they call that spiraly metal tube. They cut in half and buried around it to keep the water from flooding in, but it just looked like a planter until I looked down.

“Yeah, there’s not much of a view out.”

“There are some nice rooms upstairs, so why don’t you come up, and check them out?”

“In a minute.” He went back in, but sure enough, Ryan took his coat off, and lay down on the bed. With his shoes still on, even though it was just a cot. Maybe they just stored it down there, and they weren’t planning to show it to anyone, but he pulled his dick out of his underwear, as soon as he got his pants back open, and started waling on it.

“Oh, huh!” Dad sure was no slouch when he was protecting us girls from boy like that. So good in fact, it wasn’t until he went back in that I realized he didn’t care about Ryan’s privacy. as long as we were up above the top floor, where his friends couldn’t peek in our windows when we’re changing, or I play with myself, but then if I do get my own room, that means I don’t have to worry about Natalie walking in on me, and telling mom, again.

“Huh!” As soon as I got my fly down, the button popped out, and my pants fell, with a rush of cold air up my bare legs. “Shit,” I had to pull my hand out of my coat, and bend down to pick them back up, but I forgot to look around. Like Ryan, I guess I’m new to this, but what the heck is Ms. Ginnis looking out of the breakfast nook for when she’s supposed to be showing mom, the kitchen?

“Jesus, I. Uh?” Got so nervous, and ashamed, I tried to say something, out here alone, with a good view of my brother pumping his prick, and being watched by mom, and dad’s real estate agent, but Ryan finished. I saw him pull his shirt back down, and rub it in to the sticky stripes all over his chest, and belly.

Well, I did just tease the hell out of him, even though I intended to get my hand on it, and inside the coat, but I wasted my chance, or dad ruined it. So, I went back inside, and made sure my pants were buttoned and zipped securely. “Huh!” Mom came up, and felt my head, under my bangs. “You okay honey? You feel warm.”

“Fine mom.” I finished unbuckling the belt, and unbuttoning the jacket. “It’s just hot coming in before I take my coat off, and my face is probably red from being out in the cold.”

“Well, you’ve kept your mask on at school, and made sure to wash your hands…”

“I know mom. I haven’t been exposed to anything, I haven’t even gotten the flu.” For the first winter in my whole entire life, not even a cold!

Ryan came upstairs, and Ms. Kelvin stopped looking at me, to look at him. “Let me take that,” she threw it over the end of the couch, to cover the new coat, which I’d left folded back so anybody could see the evidence I’d uncovered in the lining.

“We better go.” Mom pulled out her pendant watch, she’d gotten from great grandmother. It was like a tiny pocket watch, only you wear it around your neck, like a locket with a picture of her grandad inside the lid. “Hon, HONEY?” She raised her voice.

“Yes, dear?” Okay, he only yes deared her when he was feeling guilty, and that Ms. Kelvin was proving to be a real home-wrecker, too. Maybe that’s why she wasn’t married, because she knows full well how easy it is to get a divorce, but a big benefit to that is not having kids, and keeping her body. Well, not young, but you could sure tell that those hips never carried a child around, the way she dresses.

“Well, we should be able to get in another place, and grab dinner on the way, so why don’t you and Ryan go get dinner.”

“Me too!” That just left me, and mom in the car, to follow Ms. Kelvin over to the next place. An apartment nearby, so we could drive right over, and mom didn’t have to worry about dad being alone with her there.

“Huh, so that’s why you wanted your brother’s old coat.” She said, as soon as she shut the door.

“Yeah, it’s cold out there, and wet even when it isn’t raining. The trees, and gutters drip all over the place, and if I could have a hat like that too, I would.”

“Well, he dresses like stranger danger.”

“Yeah, but he’s not like those,” quote, “Nice guys.” I put my fingers down.

She took her mask off, and sniffed, but she wasn’t crying or anything. “Well, I don’t want you masturbating in public.”

“God, mom! What makes you think I would even do that?”

“Well, what did you drop your pants in the back yard for, to write your name in the snow?”

“No, they just fell down, but it’s okay if Ryan does it?”

“No, of course not, but the danger there is that he’ll get arrested for indecent exposure.”

“And that’s okay?”

“No, but if you get caught, you could get assaulted, or worse.”

“Well,” like that’s a bad thing, “If I wanted that then I’d just play grab-bag at school.”

“Is that some sort of sex game?”

“Yeah,” Sometimes, they call it lunch-bag on lunch. “You see ever since we started wearing masks, some girls decided that they could fool around with boys anonymously. So, they put on their school shirts with the hoods up, and the draw strings so tight you can’t even see their hair. Then, they hold them up like this.” With the seat-belt on, and my coat belted tight, I had to mime it. “So the boys can find out who’s got a bra on, and try to guess their boob size through their clothes.”

“Well, I’m glad you’re avoiding that, because it doesn’t sound very safe.”

“No, mom. I tried it, but I didn’t like it, because it was just a big tease that left me hot, and bothered with nothing to show for it.” So, I had to find a place to go play with myself anyway. At least, until I got a coat that I could masturbate in wherever I want.

She pulled up, and put it in gear, but grabbed my hand before I could unbuckle my seatbelt. “Snh?” She sniffed my fingers, and frowned. “Well, at least you didn’t get a chance to smoke, and cover up the smell.”

“No?” I pulled it back, “I don’t smoke, mom.” I didn’t have a cigarette, nor a chance to bum one from the neighbors after school.

“You told me, you just held them for a friend.” I nodded. “To cover up the smell.” I just kept nodding. I only take a puff or 2 after some orgasms, but with the car parked, I got out before she could fix her mask. “Huh!” She caught up. “It’s okay, to play with yourself. I understand that, and it might surprise you to know…”

“I know all about your toybox, mom. I know, I’m not supposed to be getting into your things, but come on.”

“Well, let me explain.”

“What, the strapon, or the buttplug? You use it on dad?”

“No, honey!” Now, it was her turn to look around. “Keep your voice down.”

“Oh,” I looked over, just in time to see Ms. Kelvin walk up. I frowned, hard enough for her to see it.

“What?” She shook her head, “We better go inside, but what were you doing out back?”

“What were you two doing, watching me from the window, together?” Now it was starting to add up. Of course, she could get any man she wanted, if she wanted to marry a man, but what if she prefers married women, with strapons? I looked back and forth. As soon as we got inside, “Does dad know?”

“What? That we’re having a threesome? Of course.”

“Uh!” I rolled my eyes, and took a deep breath. “Huh, well you better show me the bathroom, first.” Stupid hypocrite. What was all that about checking my temperature, and asking me if I was avoiding social contact, when she’s been seeing a real estate agent, with dad. I wonder who wears the strapon, but I bet it’s Ms. Kelvin.

“Huh, frigid Ms. Kelvin?” Of course, that’s the joke. She might be a firey redhead, but she acted so. Professional? She didn’t even wear nail polish, and I should have known what that ment. The only kind of woman that keeps her nails that short, and yet dresses so feminine. Maybe she’s just bisexual, and that’s why she can’t pick whether to be butch or a skirt, but she’s a real skirt. Long hair too, but so manly? The way she hides her feelings, really. I’m sure she’s the top, and maybe she just makes dad watch?

I don’t know, but I finished peeing, wiped, and made sure to button my pants back up carefully before I came back out to the family. Sitting around on the kitchen floor, with a big box of fried chicken, and paper plates. Ms. Kelvin standing up, and eating from the counter, but keeping her distance.

Well, this was awkward, but of course Ryan’s eyes kept going back and forth from her to look around and see if anyone else was watching. Of course not, mom, and dad don’t care. She knows damned well what effect she has on men, and teenage boys. Not to mention the fact that she’d been with my mom and dad. In some way, so it was just awkward for me, I guess.

“It’s too small,” we all pretty much decided, “We’ll take the 4 bedroom.” As a family, even though Ryan’s room was more like a jail cell than a bedroom. 2 cinder block walls, no bars on the window, but nothing but the culvert, and blue sky to look out at. Of course, he could put up blinds, and replace that cot with his own bed.

But still, that bare mattress, with the prison stripes, and the bent pipe at the head, and foot. I can’t help thinking that you could get some hand cuffs, and shackles. So, he can’t get out, and maybe put a bucket in the corner for him to piss in, and squat over. Serves him right, and it’ll just get him ready for a life in prison once he finally gets arrested for being a pervert, and dressing like a sex spy.

Of course, I can always sneak down there after dark, with all that privacy. 2 whole floors below mom, and dad, if I pick the room down the hall. The farthest from them and maybe check the stairs for loose boards. “Well, we better get the furniture moved out of there.” Ms. Kelvin wiped her fingers on a wet wipe from her purse. A disinfectant wet wipe, we had a big family sized bottle of hand sanitizer too, but maybe. It’s just possible that she can get away with showing people houses, and sleep around without getting exposed. Isn’t it?

I sure hope so….

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