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The bus journey

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A fictional story of how I’d love to be used.

Its the summer holidays and I’m bored. As a standard 14 year old I get bored at home. My Foster mum has 3 younger kids at home and if I stay at home, I have to babysit. I don’t have much cash, but I have a free bus pass that I can use on public buses across London. I’d jump on a bus, get off, jump on another and probably be doing that for several hours a day.

One day I’m a bit further away than usual as I fell asleep on the bus. Looking around it’s a lot dirtier and rougher. The bus stops and driver says last stop. I get off, and just cross the road, waiting for the bus going the opposite direction. Its a warm day, so I’m in shorts and t-shirt. The shorts have a tie string, but I don’t use it as they fit. At the bus stop its me, then 2 old guys turn up. They are unkempt, dirty hands, faces and clothes. Both are in sweat pants and t-shirt. I glance at them, both are staring at me. They both look at least 50. One is bald and the other has greasy hair pushed back. They are drinking whiskey from a bottle sharing it between them. I stand closer to the curb, hoping for the bus to come soon.

“You got a light?” I hear, making me jump. It’s the greasy haired guy. I stare, my lean frame not moving, caught in the headlights.

“Have you got a lighter or match, boy?” He asks again. This time I smell the alcohol and cigarettes off him

“No sir, I don’t smoke” I reply. He shrugs his shoulders and turns to his mate.

“Little fag don’t smoke” the guy says to his friend as he walks back to him. They talk between themselves. Occasionally pointing and laughing at me. I try to ignore them. Eventually the bus gets here. I let them get on first, to avoid any trouble. They sit downstairs, so I head upstairs. It’s pretty empty up here, apart from a mother and daughter at the front of the bus, and an older guy sat near the stairs. I head to the back, so I can be alone. The bus pulls off and within 30 seconds the two guys from the bus stop have appeared at the top of the stairs. I try to not make eye contact, they spot me and head over. The guy with the greasy hair sits next to me, and his friend sits in the seat in front.

“Alright boy. Where you going?” Greazy says to me. Bald guy sitting side-on in his seat, watching me.

“Home” I say, trying to move more into the corner and away from him.

“Don’t move away, come back” greasy hair says, putting an arm around my waist and pulling me towards him.

“We’ve just come from my place and heading to mushrooms. You should come with us, cuties are appreciated” greasy says and baldy laughs a little. I can’t move, his grip is quite tight around my waist. They smell dirty.

“What’s your name, boy?” Greasy asks.

“Sammy” I reply, realising immediately afterwards I should have given a fake name. Baldy let’s his hand hangover on to our seated area, running his hand up my thigh.

“What a cute name” baldy says. I move my thigh, but baldy grabs it hard. I grimace and baldy let’s go, giving a little laugh.

The bus stops and the mother and daughter get off. The older guy moves back towards us, opposite baldy. While the bus has stopped, baldy suddenly grabs my arms, pulling me forward and up off my seat. Greasy grabs my shorts and briefs, yanking them down, exposing my butt and cock. I went to yell, but greasy put his hand over my mouth, and pulled me back down. Baldy held my arms.

“Now we are going to have a little play and explore, if you make a sound or try to get off, we are going to cut your cock and balls off, understand?” Greasy says, flashinga knife at me. I nod. Baldy let’s go of my hands. Greasy reaches over and cups my teen balls, that have some hair on, but they are light as I’m blonde naturally. Being a teenage boy the slightest thing and my cock goes hard. So my little cock got erect.

“Ohh he likes it, Jim” baldy says looking at my cock.

“Of course he does, mushroom. He is a closeted faggot” greasy, who I now found out his called Jim replies. Jim moves his hand up my cock and then inside my t-shirt. I give out a little moan as he touched my cock and then he runs his dirty hand over my nipples. I’m aching with hornyess. I can’t stop myself, but I’m not gay I think. Jim looks me in the eye to eye.

“Get my cock out” he demands. I lean over and I see he is hard already. I put my hand in and feel his hard cock. Jim smiles as I pull his sweat pant waistband down and pull out his cock. He is about 6 inches, it is thick and veiny.

“Rub my cock sammy” Jim tells me. I start rubbing his cock. I pull the foreskin back and see it hasn’t been cleaned properly. Jim is enjoying. I glance up and I see mushroom (baldy) is rubbing his cock in his sweat pants.

“You ever sucked a cock, Sammy?” Jim asks.

“No” I respond. Scared.

“Well you are going to suck two today” Jim replies. He puts his hands around my neck and moves me on to the bus floor. He grabs my head and forces me down, I try to resist, but mushroom starts pushing my head as well and my face is now pushed against Jim’s cock. I take in the smell and it isn’t nice.

“Open your fucking mouth, or I’m going to fucking cut you” Jim whispers aggressively. I am scared and I open my mouth, placing my lips on Jim’s cheesy cock. Jim doesn’t hold back, as soon as he feels my lips he slams his cock in my mouth. I gag, but Jim grabs my head, using my mouth as a fuck toy. He is ramming my head up and down on his cock. I’m gagging and crying, tasting his nasty cock using my mouth. Jim is relentless on my mouth. His cock is hard and hurting my jaw. Jim starts moaning and then gives out a few grunts. As he does I feel his cum hitting the back of my throat, I want to be sick, but fight the urge and swallow it. Jim pulls my head up.

“Knew you were a faggot and your cock is still hard” Jim says pointing at my cock. Come here and Jim pulls me further along the back seat. Mushroom climbs over and sits in the corner.

“My turn” he says, yanking down his sweat pants. His cock is similar length to Jim’s, but thinner. He grabs my head and shoves his cheesy cock in my mouth. I gag, his smells worse. But he shoves it right in so my nose is in his pubes. Holding me there for a bit and then letting me up. Saliva and pre-cum coming out my mouth to mushrooms cock like a spider web’s. He then starts to fuck my face. As I’m on my knees being used, I feel a hand on my ass, pulling my cheeks apart and finger rubbing over my sphincter. I try to pull away, but someone grabs my hip with one hand and I can’t move. My face is being fucked hard, I suddenly feel a wet finger shoved into my ass. I muffle a scream through the cock in my mouth.

“Ohh this faggot is tight” I hear Jim say.

“You want a look?” I hear Jim say again, I’ve no idea what is happening as mushroom is holding my head tight and fucking my mouth. I am making involuntary clucking noises from my mouth as it is abused. I feel another pair of hands groping my butt, as the one steadying me and the finger going in and out of me. Suddenly mushroom pulls me off his cock and continues wanking in my face. Suddenly I’m blasted with cum all over my face. It’s then I notice that the old guy who was sat there opposite mushroom, is wanking his old cock over my ass. I turn to complain, but remember what Jim said. The old man cums all over my ass. Jim and mushroom laugh. Jim pulls his finger out my ass and scoops the cum up. He then rubs it into my ass. The old guy smiles, puts his cock away and walks off. Jim and mushroom sit either side of me. I wipe some of the cum off my face.

“Sit up here” Jim tells me, patting the seat in between them. I do as I’m told, but Jim leaves his hand under my ass, groping it. Mushroom grips my hard cock. He slowly starts to wank me off.

“Shall I make him cum, Jim?” Mushroom asks.

“Yes, but with an extra incentive” Jim responds, pushing me forward and inserting a finger in my ass again. He then produces the knife from a pocket, a sharp army looking knife.

“Ride my finger, as mushroom wanks you off” Jim tells me, flashing the knife at me. I start riding up and down. It hurts and feels awkward as Jim moves his finger inside me. I feel mushroom wank me faster. I moan and start getting close.

“Loving my finger up your pussy, faggot” Jim asks. I am too much into the wank. I start moaning and then I shoot my load. So horny it flies over the seat in front.

“Fucking hell, horny little bitch” mushroom exclaims. “Can we keep him, Jim?” Mushroom adds. I look suddenly at him, he yanks his finger out my ass. I cry out in pain.

“Well he is coming with us to your place” Jim adds. They pull me up and I yank up my pants and shorts, as they shove me down the aisle, down the stairs and off the bus. Jim holding my hand the entire time, cum still on my face and Jim’s knife hidden in his pocket.

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    Why didn’t you just Bite Down Hard on His Cock ?? Thatwould have saved you..

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    So naughty older mmm abusing him so much!

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    Two smelly, cheesy cocks and a dirty finger up your bumhole – lucky boy!

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