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Step sister and I extreamly blessed

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We were both so blessed with our body changes we had no ideal how it effected each other.

My step sis and I both were 14. And that summer we both noticed our bodies we’re changing. My step sis had small tits but last year they started growing really hug. Now they were 34DD. She really felt good about her new look. She started wearing different about cloths. Tiny tube tops that most of her hugh tits were showing. And wearing short mini skirts that was so short if I was sitting in a chair or on my bed I could see her Gourgous tiny shaved pussy easily. Cause she didn’t like to wear underwear. I remember first time she put a mini skirt on I was in bed in my underwear. I had a hugh hard on. My cock was already 6 extreamly hugh thick hard inches. And I had seen sis earlier in her room changing she was totally nude. I couldn’t help but think about y what I saw. My cock was so hard and I went ahead pulled it out and started jacking off. Then she comes in. Shocked, she said my God, as she stood by my bed by my head. She said I can’t believe ur cock is so fucking hugh! And so fucking thick. I figured she done seen my hugh cock so no since huffing it now. As she stood by my head she said what do u think about my outfit. Ss I looked up she was so close to me all I seen was her gourgous tiny shaved pussy just inches from my face. Iy looked so gourgous I said it looks gourgous. Really fucking good. She said you don’t think my top is to short. I looked up quick and saw her too was do short the bottom of her hugh tits were showing. I said I see ur tots pretty good. But if that’s what you like. Ss I turned my eyes back on her pussy. She said what about my skirt. I said it’s perfect. She said u must like it, you keep staring at it. I said, I Do I really like it. She said, why are you jacking off, your always jacking off. It’s got so fucking hugh I can’t believe how hugh it is. I said well, girls like guys with hugh cocks. She said, I don’t know if u could get that in a girl’s pussy. I said if a girl gets horny enough her pussy will let it in. She said I don’t know. Your cock head is pretty fucking hugh. Oh, by the way, whats making ur cock get so hard all the time. I said I think about this girl that’d got a gourgous body, hugh tits and a gourgpus tiny shaved pussy. She said where was u to see that. I laughed and said right here in front of me. She goes, Oh my God. So I’m making your cock hard all the time. I said yep! She said then when u look at my body u want to jack off. I said hell no. My first thought is to put my hugh thick hard cock in you. She said oh my God. Your saying you want to fuck me all these times. I said what’s wrong with that. That’s a compliment to you. That your so extreamly gourgous with a very sexy body that it makes me wanna fuck you. She said you really think I’m that pretty. I said I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it. She was staring at my hugh cock as I was jacking off and said, I still can’t believe how fucking hugh ur cock is. I said what makes u think it’s hugh. She said I heard mom a few days ago kinda yelling at Dad. I went down to see what was wrong their bedroom door was open about 5-6 inches and I could see Dad fucking mom. I saw his hugh cock being forced in her pussy in and out. I thought my God that’s gotta hurt mom. But she was telling him to fuck her harder. Dad started slamming hi cock in her harder and harder. She said yes yes fuck me. I couldn’t take my eyes off his hugh cock going in and out of mom. Mom kept saying fuck me and it felt so good. Ad I watched I was getting excited. Listening to mom saying fuck me and watching dad’s hugh hard cock going in and out of her. I felt myself getting horny. I reached down under my tiny nighty and started playing with myself. The more I heard mom and watched dad I got so horny it was crazy. I felt myself getting ready to cum. Had my eyes closed . After I started cumming I looked up seen dad staring at me and smiled. He then pulled his hugh cock out of mom and pointed it at me. I could read his lips saying I’m gonna fuck you. I went back upstairs hit in bed. That’s how I know ur cock is as big as his. But yours is a lot thicker. Twice as thick. Do when u get older it’s gonna be twice as big. She sat by me one leg on the bed and the other on the floor. I was able to see her tiny shaved pussy easily. And her hugh tits were almost out of her top. Her hugh nipples were showing. She said ur cock so hugh I bet I can’t put my hand around it. I said try them. She reached over grabbed my hugh hard cock and said I barely can . I said I bet I can put my hand on your pussy and make you feel sexy. So I reached over out my fingers in her already pussy lips and rubbed her clit. She said oh my God. That feels weird. I said let’s see who wants to stop touching the other first. I started rubbing her clit more and more. She moaned a few times and said oh my God. I think I’m gonna cum. And s min later she did. I said u wanna quit now, she said I’m not a quitter. So we kept going a while longer. I said I bet I could put my hugh cock head in ur wet horny pussy and just leave it there and you’ll get di horny you’ll cum many times. She said ok let’s try. So I got up pressed my hugh hard cock head between her wet hot pussy lips against her tiny pussy hole. And I made it throab. Then made it throab harder and harder. She said oh my God. That’s driving me crazy. And she started moving her hips up and down s little. Then I rubbed it’s head between her tiny pussy faster and faster. She was moaning saying oh my God that feels great. I’m gonna cum. And she did. And as she cum she was pressing her pussy back at my cock head to make it go in her more. I said I can’t fuck you unless you tell me to. That’s the way it’s fine. So u can’t say u didn’t tell me to. I kept dubbing her pussy with my cock head pressing it in a bit. She was so horny she kept pressing back and cumming again. I said I’d love to fuck you make you have many orgasams but don’t know if u want me too. As she was getting ready to have a nother orgasam she said ih my God, fuck me fuck me. So we both started pressing against each other and my hugh cock head popped in .she said oh my God it’s so fucking hugh. We fucked a while and I said you know I’m gonna have to fuck you everyday or your gonna grie tight again and it’ll hurt you. She said, yes right, you just want to fuck me every day. Then laughed. And said you better.

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  • Reply Abcd ID:1dm8fou4s37y

    This is disgustingly bad. It is so hard to read with so many errors that it is just horrible

  • Reply Lewd76 ID:1dxo98y5gtno

    Very nice story