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Public train ride

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It shocked me that she was wet it made me hard

Bill Wells
[email protected]
May 23 at 10:09 AM
So here is my story that I am not too proud of. I usually take the train to work everyday and you see all sorts of people. I notice all people, ie, who are regulars who are new, etc. There is this one young lady, looks to be about 16 that gets on with me from the same station, she has been a regular for about a few months. She is thin, perky b cups, a reasonably nice body, strawberry blond or light brown hair. She has a spec of freckles on her face, that give her a sweet demeanor. I’d say she is 5’3 and about 115 120 pounds.
Normally when we get on the train, it is always packed and have to push our way in. We normally stand close to each other in the middle of the train as I have 6 stops to clear before I get off, and I do not know where she gets off but it is after me. I would say about her 3rd or 4th month, she got on the train, she had on a mid thigh plaided skirt and white t-shirt with a picture of a dog making a funny face. That day she really jumped out to me. I thought damn, I’d love to hit that. Apparently some other guy thought the same. After our first stop and people got off, a guy kind of pushed his way to get behind her. I was off to his left but clearly saw he began to lightly grope her ass. She didn’t seem to notice as she normally has headphones on, so probably was distracted. After some time, he began to move his hand down her leg and got real close as to hide his hand, but I was able to see her skirt get lifted up slowly as he crept his had up. I could not see what he was doing but at some point, I saw her visibly tense up and she had a worried look on her face. He had a hold of the standing bar, above and I just watched as she tensed up. She looked around but not at the guy doing it. And we looked at each other, and gave her a nice smile. I asked her how she was doing and gave me a meek ‘OK’. I just imagined that the man behind her was working away between her legs from behind and rubbing what he could, because she suddenly stood up as straight as she could and put her legs as close together as possible. I started to talk with her a bit to try to relax her as I really got turned on and wanted to see how far this guy could go with her.
I found out her name was Emily and was 16 and lived 3 blocks from me. Around the time we were talking about our ages, I could see that the perp had his other hand obviously on his dick and stroking it. I could also see he had forced his hands between her legs and was most likely rubbing her pussy. I imagined putting my hands in her as well, I was really hard. After a few minutes the train stopped and the guy quickly stopped and got off. It was a big station because normally half the train emties out and we were able to get seats. I offered her a seat that was behind me and to my tft and she took it. We continued our chit chat and noticed how shaky her voice was. I also noticed that she wiped the side of her leg and began to clean her hand with her skirt. The guy obviously came on her side of her leg. “Oh damn!” I said, “was the seat wet”, “yeah” she replied. I offered her a bandana I always keep in my backpack. She took it and wiped her leg and hands clean. I could tell this girl was not going to say a word, but had a few tears in her eye. We chit chatted a bit before I got off.
As time went on, we chatted with each other but 2 weeks later it happened again to Emily. The same guy was bolder and got in front of her, I was standing directly behind her so I was not able to see what he was doing. His left side was turned toward her. He obviously started to grope her leg and I imagined that he had quickly slid his hand up her skirt to her pussy because I felt her ass push into my cock and got hard instantly and she started to rub it snide to side. I placed my hands on her hips to hold her down and pushed my harden cock into her ass. I slid my hands to her front to feel her pussy. The guy had pushed her panties to one side but quickly removed his hand once I hand on her. I pulled her panties down some on one side and slid my hand as far as I could to feel her. To my shock she was kinda wet. I moved my hand back to her back and pulled her panties down more to expose her more. I was able to get it rolled down about 2 inches and went over and finally got to her wet center and played. I stopped once the train began to empty. We sat down next to each other and I said, “Wow, you are a really sexy woman. I did not know you felt that way” Knowing well that she had not. Over the next few weeks, we did get to experience more. I will tell later.

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    I would be so turned on if I got groped on a train like that. I love the idea of men taking what they want.

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      That’s weird

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    Did you have sex with her on the train?

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      No, that would be a 1 way ticket to jail for sure