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“Can I Cum 2?”

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I asked innocently enough, but my brother just said “No.” Then, daddy told him to “Take your sister with you.”

“Oh!”  He whined, but he put his jacket on in his room.  So nobody could see what he had up under his shirt in the back.

“Where we going?”  I grabbed his hand, when we got to the street.

“WE, aren’t going anywhere.”  He took me over to a friend’s house, in the next neighborhood over.  

Nobody was home, “They’re all at church,” I told him, “And they’re gonna be there all day probably.”

“What for?”

“Easter Sunday?”  He forgot, “So, they’ve got Easter-egg hunts, and potlucks, and something.”

“Well, I don’t hang out with Christian girls, so I wouldn’t know.”

I giggled, “You don’t hang out with girls at all.”

“Don’t rub it in!”  He just tried to leave me there on the doorstep, so I had to follow him.  

“What?” I didn’t get it, because I wasn’t thinking about that. Boyfriend/girlfriend stuff, because honestly. All the boys at school weren’t interested in girls yet. At least I didn’t know any, because none of them came up, and talked to us.

You know, elementary school? “Now where you going?”

“I just have to drop something off,” he said, and stopped me. “Wait here.”

All alone, on the end of the street? I don’t think so, he knows full well he’s not supposed to leave me alone out here. So, I followed him back down the trail, but then he ducked down, and disappeared.

I ran up to the spot where I last saw him, but there was this hole under a log. On the end of a hill, or all the way up on top, but behind it, there was this hole, and when I got down far enough. I saw him pull some magazines out from under his jacket.

“Oh!” He jumped, and hit his head on the board. “Where’d you get those from?” I pointed, but it said Barely Legal on the cover, and the girl made it pretty obvious that she wasn’t buttoning her clothes up. Her shirt was barely closed over her bra, and her short cutoffs were opened. So you could see the waistband of her underwear, but I bet she was going to keep taking them off inside.

“None of your business.” He just pulled up some cushions, set up like a couch, but on the ground. The hole sloped back like a sofa too, so they didn’t have to try, and fit the whole thing down there. But I saw even more under there before he dropped the cushion back down.

“Well, I won’t tell if you let me see.” I nodded.

“You’re too young, let’s get out of here.”

I shook my head, “No, you’re too young, too. Just because you turned 13 doesn’t mean that you get to look at dirty sex mags. You have to be 18, at least.”

“Who told you that?”

“I can read? It says Adults Only right there on the cover.” I pointed. “Wait, you stole those from under mom, and dad’s bed, huh?”

“No? He threw them out, so it’s not stealing if they’re trash. Let’s go.” He finally pushed me out, so he could climb up.

“Well, okay. I guess I’ll go wait at Summer’s house, until she comes home.” I ran off.

“Wait, COLLIE!” He yelled, but I couldn’t out-run him. “Don’t run off alone like that!”

“Why not?” I stopped at the dead end of the street. “You just left me right here, so it’s just as bad as if I run off without you.”

“I know, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Now that I knew where the boy’s secret dirty den is. I guess, that’s what it is. I can only guess that they go there, so they don’t have to worry about their daddies walking in on them, with their dirty mags, looking at pictures of naked ladies.

Besides, I’m a girl. So it should be okay to look at teenagers getting naked, right? I’m going to be a teenager, one day. So, if you think about it, I’m going to have to put on real bras, and take them off too. It’s not like I have to wait, maybe a whole nother year or 2 before I outgrow my training bras.

He thinks I’m stupid, just because he’s older, and he doesn’t know that I already got the talk from mom. With my panty liners, to soak up my. Stuff, whatever that thing is, you have to grow for an egg so it can grow into a baby. I know it’s like a bed for the egg to grow into a baby, I just forget what you call that part. There was a whole lot of words, and it’s not like she gave me a vocabulary test after.

Finally, we got back to Summer’s front yard. “You’re going to wait here.”

“Yeah,” I crossed my heart. “I promised.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back, then.”

This time, I waited until he was gone. Since I knew the way, but this time, he stayed down there. He took his jacket off, and hung it on the log, but it was easy to peek. He had a flashlight too, and his pants down. He bent over, looking at the pictures, and playing with himself.

I bet, I couldn’t see it, but before he was finished. I looked around for a place to hide. I finally just found a thick tree, so I could stand sideways, and peek around when he climbed back over the log. Holding back giggles, I snuck quietly down to the cave, and went right for the stash.

What’s the big secret, anyway? I mean, come on. I’m almost 11, and it’s not like I can’t spell. “S. E. X.” As if I can’t hear them whispering.

“Ooh,” Juggs. I guess I got enough of Hustler Presents: Barely Legal at home. That means they just turned 18, so they didn’t have to wait no more. They could finally take pictures naked, and find a hot hard man to come give them what they really craved.

Dick, cock, cum, and fucking. I know all these words, even if they’re not supposed to say them around me. The Juggs ladies, though. They’re not teenagers, and I bet they even have kids of their own. I wonder if my mom ever showed off her big jugs, after she stopped having kids. Nursing, and that kinda makes me wonder what she looked like?

I mean, other than with her clothes on. Probably like me, only in black and white. Did grandaddy have playboys under his bed, in a big boot box? He did have an old pair of boots so worn, and muddy that you couldn’t hardly tell they were leather once. They’re almost like fossils. Of course he did, grandma had mom, aunt Miriam, and uncle Lemmy too.

That’s what they keep them by the bed for, right? To get in the mood, so his penis is hard enough to stick it in her V. Thingy. Right here, only much much harrier. Just looking at the juggs ladies with their big fat nipples, their legs wide open, ready for another baby right there.

“Huh?” A boy dropped down.

“What the?” He almost kept going, all the way down the hill. There’s a little ledge there, but not a whole lot, and he’s big enough, he might just miss it. He had lots of branches to hang onto, though.

“Oh, sorry.” I didn’t know to bring a jacket to hang over the door. Honestly, it was too hot out there to wear one anyway, unless you had nudie mags to smuggle out.

I crossed my legs, and stuffed the Juggs back under the cushion next to me.

“Oh, no. It’s okay. We just don’t get many girls under here.” He ducked down to get a better look, but he didn’t come in with me yet.

“So, it’s not a no girls allowed club?” There’s barely enough room under here for a 2 seater as it is, but it’s a pretty nice view, and it’s cool in the shade, too. I forgot to check, but I think they buried the plywood under the log, so you can’t see it from up there, either.

“No, not that I know of, but you like looking at pictures of naked ladies?”

“No?” I shook my head. “I’m probably going to get married, have babies, and get big milk jugs like these to feed them some day.”

“Yeah, but how does it make you feel?” I shrugged. “You don’t feel anything between your legs?”

“Like what?” I shook my head.

“Like wet?”

“Don’t look.” He turned his head, but then he looked back. So I had to close my legs before I got a chance to check my underpants. “I said don’t look!”

“Why don’t I come in, and join you?”

“Okay,” I was kinda trespassing, in their. “What is this place anyway? I mean, what do you call it?”

“The dugout?” He sat right down on the cushions next to me, like a love seat, and he didn’t even pull out any dirty magazines to look at first.

“Oh, I was thinking it was like a den.”

“Like a lion’s den?” He put his arm up. “Put your head up, there.” He put it around my neck.

I shook my head, “No? I never saw one of them, but I did see this one show on the arctic. There was this white wolf, and she was pregnant. So, she dug a den in the snow to have puppies.”

“Did they show how she got pregnant?”

“No, it was rated G, but I don’t want to get pregnant.”

“It’s okay, we’re just talking here.” He patted my dress, and smoothed it over my lap.

“Oh, so you don’t want to kiss me?” I closed my eyes, and puckered up. For my first real kiss from a boy. My brother doesn’t count, because mom made him kiss us good night, and he hated it.

He’s a teenager now, so he doesn’t have to do that any more. “Smooch, how’s that?”

“I think, I feel something now.” I touched his hand, and pulled my dress out from under it.

“In here?” He felt up to my underpants, and I closed my eyes. Nodded, and waited for him to kiss me again, but I’m not really a child any more. I think, maybe there’s something else, between an innocent little girl, and a full fledged teenager. I don’t know what you’d call that, but my body sure started feeling ready, for him.

“You like that?”

“Huh, yeah.” He just rubbed the front of my underwear in, so the little hairs crackled, and rolled over the skin. “I don’t know if it’s wet in there um. You want to check, and see?”

I know he’s not supposed to even look at my underwear, but since he touched it. I don’t care about that, he can’t rub it more, let alone tell if it’s getting wet if I keep my legs closed, like I’m supposed to. I know he’s not going to tell mom that I acted so immodestly, he doesn’t even know her, and if he tells my brother.

Well, it’s his fault too, for letting me run off alone. Trying to leave me all alone, so he can run off to his dugout, and play with himself looking at naked ladies instead of out at the trees, and stuff.

Then he pulled his hand back out. “Huh?” I blinked.

“Nope,” he licked his fingers, “But I know a trick, so try this.” He stuck his thumb in first, so he could turn his hand around, and wipe his wet fingers in. Without drying them off on my underwear first.

“Oh, yes! Huh, that does the trick!” Good idea, but then all I could say was “Oh! Oh!”

“Grass on the field, too bad you don’t have any tits yet.”

“Oh,” I had to pull his hand back out. “Not really, you want to see?” I had to get up to take my dress off, but it was so low, I had to bend over, so he grabbed my underwear from behind. “Ooh!” He goosed me, so I turned around. “I know they’re not big fat milk jugs, but. Uh!” I had to twist around, and pull the training up one side. Then the other to get my shoulder out. Then pull it off my head, and my other arm, but finally I was right there in front of him, with nothing but my socks, shoes and panties on.

“No, that’s fine. You really have nice puffy nipples.”

“I do?” I looked down, and felt them. “Huh! They are puffy!”

“Yeah, that’s because you’re turned on, but you mind if I show you something?”

“Your boner!” As soon as he reached for his fly.

“Yeah, it’s really hard for you, look.” He got it out.

“Okay,” I just looked. Yup, sure enough it was sticking straight up. “Now,” I pointed, “Play with yourself.”

“Okay,” since his hand was busy, I licked my fingers real good to try that trick he showed me. “Lumn, not like that.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Huh, I can’t see it with your fingers in the way.”

“Well, why don’t you do it?”

“Oh, okay.” I put my dress down, so my knees didn’t get dirty. Just as soon as I got my wet fingers in to squish around with his spit, and tried pinching it. “Like this?”

“You can use your whole hand.” He wrapped it up in a fist, and pulled it up and down. “Like this.”

“Huh!” Since he did it for me, I could just close my eyes, and feel around in my panties. Trying to touch myself the way he touched me, but he didn’t have any grass on the field. So to speak, it sure wasn’t any bush.

The barely legal girls, they didn’t have any bush. They shave it, since they aren’t supposed to show bush here. That’s Euro, so I guess you can get dirty mags there, where they show bush. Does that mean Juggs is European?

“Uh, here it cums, look. Quick uh! Uh!” He just stopped and let go. He shook, and I even felt it twitch. Trying to get out of my hand, but I held on tight, until he stopped, and blinked. “Huh, fricken awesome!”

“Uh, what was that?”

“Huh!” He was still out of breath. “You just gave me an orgasm.”

“Nu uh. Where’s your sperms? You’re supposed to shoot sperm when you do that.”

“Well? What do you want, I’m sorry I’m shooting blanks, but.”

“Well, don’t yell at me! I never got this far with a boy before, so how should I know?”

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell, but you didn’t get one yet, did you?”

I shook my head. “You mean, an orgasm? I don’t think so.” Why didn’t mom tell me I could get one too?

“Well, let me see what I can do.” He licked his thumb, and spit in his hand. “Pull down your panties.”

“Okay!” He sure gave it his best shot, but no matter how many times he wet his fingers, and no matter how fast he slipped them up and down through there.

“Huh, okay stop.” I gave up. “Huh, I better go, before somebody misses me.” So, that answers that question.

“Okay,” he sat back, but he still had his pants down, so he grabbed another magazine. “Hey, new BLs!”

I pulled my bra on, and stopped, before I tried to get it over my nipples, and straight on my ribs. “What’s that?”

“Oh,” he showed me, “Barely Legal.”

“Oh, yeah. No, that’s from last month. You won’t get to see this month’s until next month, when my dad throws the new one out.”

“So, you’re the one that’s been leaving these down here?”

“Yeah?” I guess he doesn’t know my brother, after all. It must be like some kinda dirty library for kids. “So I can look at the Juggs.”

“Oh,” he shrugged, and went back to playing with himself, while I got dressed.

Now, I’m going to have to think up some excuse, so I can sneak back. Maybe Summer wants to sneak out with.

“No, duh.” She’s Christian, but not all my friends are Christian good girls.

You know what? That dugout need more girls, I bet. No wonder my brother can’t get a girlfriend…

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  • Reply John

    That’s the nice thing about secret forts.
    My friend and I were both 14 we jerk off to magazines.
    We said we should find girls to play with. He said how about our sisters they were 11 I said I’m not doing my sister he said no we switched sisters. We got them both there and took.their virginity.

    • Phantazy

      Yeah, this isn’t exactly a true story, but it’s based on how I discovered 80s father’s porn. Not in my dad’s stash, but in the “No girls allowed” treehouse. The problem was, they left their stash up there unattended, and they didn’t even have a hatch on the trap-door. Let alone a lock on it. I never got caught up there with them, but I found my dad’s stash, and my grandaddy’s old spank mags from the 70s in his old garage later. I basically just made up the fort I would have liked (Pretty much a private love-seat in a hill, with a view) and fantasized from there…

    • AP

      John, that sounds like a great story you should add more details to and post.