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Sakina – Lives Ruined

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14 y/o Sakina continues to be sexually abused by her muslim cleric father, whilst waiting for his younger daughters to grow up

(Read one of my previous stories, ‘Sakina, her true story‘ for better understanding.)

*As told by Sakina

I’m nearing 14 now. Ammi gave birth to two more girls, my younger sisters. Anwar bhaiya, is the oldest in my family, who is 16 and the only boy amongst three girls in my family. He has a lot of responsibilities and my father hates him, just because he was deprived of a girl and instead got him.

After school, when I entered home, I could see my parents room’s door ajar and hearing noises I went near. From the bare gap, I could make out Anwar who was splayed naked on the bed, getting beaten with a belt by Abbu. Anwar was on his stomach and the belt was landing right on his buttocks, his face was pressed against a pillow at which he was obviously screaming. I knew it all too well, because Abbu used to make me do the same when he wanted me to stifle my screams as he raped me.

Hearing my elder brother’s cries made me flinch and I turned away, too scared to interfere yet feeling sad for him. I cried as I lay down on my own bed.

An hour later, Ammi came to me and asked me to help out with my brother. We both got down on our knees in the room where Anwar was still lying face down, his body shivering. Ammi made me hold his legs while she applied some sort of soothing balm on the areas where he was hit. He squealed at every touch and cursed at us to leave him alone. I wanted to run, but Ammi was calm and patient with him, as she rubbed his back, his legs and his crotch easing him into silence.

“Don’t worry. Ammi is here. I’m not going to hurt you. Sleep. Sleep. Shhh…”

“What happened Ammi? What did he do?” I asked her, frustrated.

“I don’t know exactly. Your father said he wasn’t paying attention to something important and he lost his temper.”

“Why is he such a bastard to all of us?” I received a tight slap from Ammi for that statement and for the next few minutes I stayed quiet as we both helped Anwar to ease off his pain. Ammi declared she had to feed Mehrunisa and Nazriya, my little sisters and told me to stay with my brother and not to let him sleep for longer than necessary.

When she left, I cried and smoothed my brother’s butt. He began to feel uncomfortable but I quite liked touching him, and though feeling bad for him, I also wanted to be a little wild.

“Bitch, leave me alone. Don’t you dare…” He began to shake me off as I reached between his legs and caressed his balls. Unlike my father’s they were smooth, round and without hair.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Anwar turned and screamed as he landed on his back.

“Just relax, big brother. I’m trying to help you forget your pain.”

“This is no way for a sister to behave with her brother. Stop this blasphemous act now. Oh fuck, Allah… . FUCK!” He began to rant as I ignored him and put his cock in my mouth. I chewed playfully like the little girl I was, on his tip and licked everywhere on his shaft. I held him down by pushing on his navel and spit a little, as his precum began to overflow.

“You nasty little whore. What djinn has got into you?” I glanced up at him with my eyes as he said that and looked at him, a bit surprised, while my head still bobbed slowly on his member. Doesn’t he like this, I thought to myself. Or maybe he’s just scared Abbu will see us. I drop my throat fully down his cock and he goes ballistic, shaking and moaning my name, calling me a slut, a shameless whore, a fucking child, as he grunts in pain mixed with pleasure.

I nearly belch as his cum erupts into my throat and I withdraw to my brother’s disappointment, his cock falls back shooting cum on his body. I sit on my legs, tucked beneath me, my hands wiping my mouth and lips of saliva and cum. The door suddenly opened and Abbu stepped in. Both Anwar and I froze. He looked at the both of us then stayed on Anwar, before turning to me.

“Come to your room. Right now.” He left, leaving the door open. I quickly went to my brother and licked his body of all his cum and left the room. On the way was where Ammi was with my other sisters. I waved at them. My sisters smiled while Ammi held a plate of food.

“Your father was calling for you. Better attend to him.” I looked at her. She seemed completely without knowledge about what was about to happen with me and smiled at me, as I nodded my head. Or, as a horrendous thought crept into my mind, she simply didn’t care enough about me now that she had two younger, obedient daughters. Sometimes I wondered if she knew about my abuse and helped cover it up and the more I thought about it, the more obvious it became.

I looked at the entrance of my room with dread and my wobbling legs took me further in. I could see Abbu sitting on a chair, with his pants on his thighs, stroking his too familiar cock to erection and when he saw me he pointed to the bed with his dick. Without further hesitation, I loosened my lower pants, bringing it down to my ankles, then picking it up and kicking it away.I removed my top quickly, and lost no time in assuming the position my father wanted. On all fours, my bare naked ass facing him, my arms resting on the soft bed supporting the rest of my teenage body as it bent at the back.

I shut my eyes as I heard the latch of the door close, signifying that my route out of the room was closed till my father was satisfied with me. His fourteen year old daughter, who had to convincingly pleasure a man twice her size and age, with her little body. I gripped the bed sheets tight with my fingernails as I felt him preparing to enter my asshole. It no longer felt foreign but somehow the stinging pain always reminded me of the first time.

“Do you still cry in pain when you sit in the toilet?” Abbu asked me as he fucked me harder in my ass. It burned just like the first time and I began to tear up, feeling both sorry and angry for myself, at my violation. I screamed inside at the insane humiliation I was forced to undergo at the hands of this abusive monster. I wanted to be stronger but everytime the tears came flowing. Slowly, silently down my cheeks, dripping from my chin. They were no longer because of the pain, rather than the intense embarrassing situation I was in.

I had forgotten the excuses and the pleas I had given him to stop him from fucking me, but he only laughed everytime.

A sharp sting brought me back to reality. It was my ass cheeks. He was savagely beating them now and I was whimpering in fear.

“You like it?” He asked me as he licked my asshole and vagina hole. I gave him what he wanted to hear. But first I had to gulp hard and hold back my shuddering voice, to sound sincere.

“Yes, I like it very much.” I tried to shake my bum a little but it stung so bad that I gave up and fell face forward on the bed. I glanced down from between my bent arms to see his legs being placed near me and I knew what was going to happen next. Abbu was going to mount me and this position caused me the most pain, which I think he liked.

As usual there was no warning, just direct assault on my tender hole, which made me lose control as I began to sob uncontrollably. I moaned in regular intervals, nonetheless, to spare any further abuse and my father grunted in appreciation.

“Ahh, ahhh… ummm… good girl, good girl. You’re learning nicely.” I felt his tongue on my back as he licked me in appreciation while thrusting nonstop into my asshole.

“You’re going to be great…” He grunted, stopping in the middle, as I felt him slip from me. Then I felt pain again as he entered back inside and moved forwards as he violently smacked his pelvis against mine with fury.

“Yes, a great slut for me… hmm.. I can’t wait for your sister’s turn. You know that? Just…” His next forced thrust was deep enough for me to yelp.

“Ummmmm…eeeeeooo…abbu..wait, wait… please… . Ahh, ahhhha…”

“…just imagining them…it’s so natural, don’t you think.” He didn’t relent on hearing my pleas and I wasn’t in a state of mind to think, although his words caused me great pain, knowing my sisters were going to have to go through this too.

He finally decided to come inside me and after filling my asshole, he let go.

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