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The Nun part 1

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This is story about how I taught a lesson to nun trying to convert us.

Hello friends, I am Ajay 16yr old male with height 6’1″ tall and well built body. I had just finished college and was waiting for result of entrance exam. I lived with my mom after her divorce. Mom was at her sister’s house to help her after death of her husband. I was alone at home for almost whole week. So, I decided to rest and play games. At around at 3 p.m door bell rang and I realised who was it. She was a nun named Anna. She was 25 year old with height 5’5″ tall and 60 kg weight. Her figure was 36-26-37 with fair skin and broad red lips. She had been coming at same time and tried to covince mom to convert to christian. She used to give reasoning like your god likes to give pain and suffering while ours is compassionate. Mom always smiled and refused.

I got up and opened the door. She was wearing a black robe and head cap. She asked me for mom. I told her to come inside. She walked into hall and I locked the main door. I walked into hall and sit on sofa. I started to talk to her. I asked “Why you wanna convert my family?”. She said “I wanna help your family. Our god is compaissonate he doesn’t give despair. He loves and helps his followers”. I said “Ok, You are a nun. Your god must love you alot and never let anything bad happen to you”. She said “yes, Now you should accept our lord and feel his mercy”. I grabbed her head and placed a kiss on her lips. She pushed me back and got up to leave.

She started to walk toward the gate. I grabbed her from behind and pushed her. She fell on ground and I sat over her pinning her from back. I removed her head cap exposing her hair. I untied her hair which were black, long and silky. I gave her few kisses and bites over her neck. Then I removed her robe exposing her nude body. I said “You are a slut. You want someone to fuck you. Otherwise why will you roam nude”. She realised what was going to happen and started to struggle. I looked at her massive boobs and grabbed them. I started to massage them roughly and pinching her nipples. I started to bite her on neck and back leaving my mark of domination over her fair skin.

I could hear her cries as tears filled her eyes. I grabbed her bubbly butt and smacked them hard. She cried in pain and begged me to stop. I said “Anna you are commiting the sin by not letting people know the pleasure of loving you”. I placed one finger over her pussy and pushed inside. She moaned softly, I kept on fucking her with my fingers. Her moans kept on getting louder and pussy became wet. I removed my clothes exposing my 9″ long and 4″ thick dick. I flipped her placing her on her back. She tried to push me away as she begged for mercy. I pinched her nipple as she cried and begged me to stop. I pulled her legs apart exposing her shaved pink pussy. I placed my dick over her wet pussy and pushed hard. After few pushes I entered her pussy breaking her hymen. She cried in pain as she begged for mercy. I pinned her hands against floor and kissed her on lips while biting lower lip.

I kept on pushing harder as half of my dick entered her pussy ripping her. She begged me not to go deeper. I ignored her and kept on going harder. Her screams got louder as I went deeper. After few minutes of struggle I was completely inside her. Her eyes filled with tear and pussy bleeding from abuse. I kept on roughly fucking her going faster and faster. Her screams got louder with every thrust as her face turned red. I enjoyed every part of her body biting her lips, neck and boobs. In few minutes she got her first orgasm. I kept on going harder and deeper as she cried and begged me to finish. I kept on going rough for next 15 min and then I filled her pussy with cum. During this time she had almost 10 to 12 orgasm changing her expression to depraved one.

She collapsed on the floor hoping nightmare is over. I grabbed her hair and pulled her asking her to suck my cock. I pressed it against her lips but she was not opening her mouth. I pulled her hair hard and She opened her mouth to shout. I quickly pushed my dick in her mouth going deep. She chocked on my 9″ cock as she tried to push me. I was fucking her rough while going deep reaching her throat. She was struggling to breath and few seconds her face turned red. I pulled out as she gasped for air. Then I pushed my dick back as I kept on fucking. After few minutes of fucking I was reaching climax. I pushed my dick deep in her throat and filled it with cum.

She started to cough hard as she bent forward going on her elbow and knee. She was in doggy position and her butt cheeks looked so perfect. I went behind her getting ready to take her ass. I placed my hand on her hips pulling her buttcheek apart and placing my dick on her asshole. Before she could do anything I pushed hard and tip entered her ass ripping it apart. She cried in pain and tried to push me away. I gabbed her hand and pulled her as I went deeper. Her cries only got louder and louder as I entered her deeper. After about 1 min of hard pushes I entered her completely. I started to move in and out of her ass. As I fucked her ass suddenly she stopped resisting and crying. I realised she don’t have anymore energy to fight back and lost her conscioussness. I kept on fucking her and filled her ass with my cum.

She was lying on floor unconscious as I played with her boobs and slapped her buttcheeks. I covered her body with bites. I fucked her mouth and pussy a few times. She was looking so perfect I just wanted to keep her as my toy and use her. She woke up at around 1 A.M and looked at me with sad look. She slowly got up and picked her dress. I looked at her body and got hard. I pushed her against the wall with her back toward me. I pushed her leg apart and placed my dick over her pussy. I fucked her as she moaned and cried. I loved her soft cries making me hard. I increased my speed as she cried louder. I fucked her fo few minutes and then cummed in her pussy. She fell to ground as cum dripped from her pussy.

I told her to get dressed and leave. She wore her uniform and was ruluctant to go out. I grabbed her and threw her out of the house on backstreet closing the door behind her. She got up and limped off toward the church. I went to my room and slept peacefully. In part 2 I will tell you how I abused her again and got a free pass to fuck her anytime I want. Please do comment and tell how you liked this.

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    I will bring the part 2 soon. Hope you all enjoy.

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      you disgus me mother fucker, son of a bitch

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    That’s so hot!!!

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    Love nuns getting raped! Go, Rajesh!!

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    Wow really nice

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