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Robert Toungston Strikes Again

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I am Ninni, a 13-years school kid. This is a sequel to my earlier narration, ‘ How I was ass raped by a 65-years old male pervert‘.

As soon as I gained consciousness, I looked around. I saw my Mom smiling, and my three younger sisters looking after me to know whether I felt pain or joy. I found Robert Tonguston standing before my eyes, stark naked with his monstrous Cock in his hands. I stared at his Cock. It was 9 and a half inches long, and pretty thick. The balls beneath his Cock were also heavy. Her thighs were spread apart, and I found them muscular. I also looked at his bare chest, a hairy one.
I was still lying on the hard floor, my legs apart; my bleeding pussy visible to the naked eye It was painful, enormous pain in the beginning but it healed a little. For the first time, I experienced an aura of sexual pleasure It surprised me. My younger Sister Rani, 11 years, came near to me and she uplifted my chin, and asked if I ”enjoyed” the ‘ rape’! In response, I just smiled.
My pain was receding gradually. My mom told me skillfully about the delights of rough and brute sex. I was just listening. She told me that she likes brutal sex herself. She said to me that it is more pleasurable than normal sex. I was confused and looked into my moms’ eyes to know its secret.
My Mom loudly asked Robert Tonguston in plain words ” BEGIN”. Suddenly He tore away my mom’s clothes and pushed her to the wall, and punched her body. She slumped down on the floor but afterward, she managed to stand up. Robert ordered my mom,” Show me your ass, you bitch!!’ My mom turned around, and for the first time, I saw my mom’s plump and heavily built ass. Robert began to whip my mom’s ass globes, He spanked her ass globes harshly. I clearly noticed that my mom was crying in pleasure and repeating words like ” Oh, AAh, strike again” and the like.
Seen this I consoled my soul and smiled again.
It is true that my Mom was grooming me for the second round of fucking with Robert Tonguston. She assured me that my younger sister Rani, 11 years, will also join us today to taste sexual pleasure. So we both ( me and Rani ) were waiting for Robert’s order or ordeal
Now. Robert was standing in front of me and my younger sister to gain perverse pleasure. My Mom joined Robert’s game. while my two other Sisters ( 9 and 7 yo ) were witnessing the scene.

Robert desired that we both sisters must obey what he likes. He turned around toward both of us and quite unashamedly showed us his fat ass, very fat, obscene, and vulgar. My mom with his own hands rather spread wide and apart his ass cheeks, and for the very first time, I saw a man’s ass hole. It was my and my sister’s duty to lick it turn by turn. I looked into my mom’s eyes to get a suggestion, she winked, and I hesitatingly began to lick Robert’s ass hole with my tongue. We four ( I, my mom, my younger sister, and Robert ) were stark naked. While I was licking Robert’s ass hole repeatedly, I noticed my mom fingering my own ass hole. Turn by turn, Rani, 11 years kid, also licked His ass hole, and with my mom’s suggestion, I penetrated my finger in my younger sister’s little ass hole. After licking the ass hole I and Rani have to lick the rim of Robert’s meat reaching toward the balls and the Cock. this we performed. We both licked and sucked his balls, his shaft, the sides of the cock, and the tip of it.
The next phase was too difficult to tell. Robert wanted that I and my younger sister must show our asses in a very obscene manner. Robert first observed my ass, my mom has helped him to relish my ass and its parts. For me and particularly for my 11-years old sister it was a very very shameful ordeal. But it was necessary to taste vulgar pleasure. During this process, My ass show was conducted by my mom, and I was ordered to conduct Rani’s ( 11 years ) ass show. Rani’s ass was very small. I showed her ass to Robert fingering her ass hole multiple times, with one, two, and three fingers inside. As instructed by my mom, I even pissed on my sister’s ass globes, ass cheeks, and ass hole. Then lubricated her little ass hole spitting it., fingering again and again, and sucking it.
After this voyage, Robert himself began fingering into our ( that is Me and My Sister) assholes. He licked and sucked violently. Beating began. I and my sister were crying with pain and pleasure. He was biting the flesh of our asses, even a little blood oozed, He tasted it and found it nice. Robert even tried to fist my ass hole with his feet!!!??
My mom was happy, and he told me: Is your dear sister Rani, 11 years, ”ready? ” I said, ” Ready for what??” My mom smiled and answered that Robert Tonguston shall RAPE her next time, and you have to assist that she be properly Raped by Robert Toungston.

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    Many more little girls should be forced to lick men’s sweaty smelly assholes.

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      Mmmmm eatibg daddys ass is my favorite

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    Thanks for the story it saddens me you went though that but it was a great story