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My Wife Agrees To Have Sex With A Stranger

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This is a story about how I convinced my loyal wife to have sex with a total stranger. This later turned into her having sex with a black man.

This is a story of how I finally convinced my wife to have sex with another man. My wife is a very attractive, very fit 50 year old brunette who looks many years younger. My wife has been very loyal to me in marriage, and I am the only man that my wife has ever had sex with until I set this up for her.

It took me a few years to convince my wife to finally go along with my plan. I started out asking my wife would she like to have sex with another man while we were having sex. I then convinced my wife to let me take naked photos of her, and I now have quite a collection of them. My wife is more of the proper type of woman but she does loosen up while we have sex. I told my wife that I know that many men would love to have sex with her and my wife said that she didn’t believe that because she was now getting older.

I told my wife that I could prove to her, that she could easily have many men that would like to have sex with her, and that I could prove it to her if she would let me. My wife said that I would be waisting my time. I had recently found a couple of wife chat sites on the internet and you could post naked photos of your wife or girlfriend and chat to other men about your wife. I asked my wife would she let me post her naked photos on this site and she reluctantly allowed me to do so.

I had many horny men respond to my wife’s picture post on this porn site. Many of these men were older very desperate men who’s wives had not had sex with them for many years. There were many black men who were very interested in my wife also. I told my wife to look at how many were interested in looking at her naked photos and many wanted to have sex with her or chat to her while they jerked off on camera for her.

I told my wife that a black man was very interested in chatting with her and he wanted to show her his black cock and my wife said that she would definitely not be interested in that, but she did say that maybe she would like to see a white guy and chat with him.

I found a older man who was a long distance truck driver who said that his name was Bill. This truck driver said that he was divorced and that he hadn’t had sex with a woman for five years. He was on the road in his truck spending the night in the sleeper and I got my wife on my computer to chat with him on this porn chat site. My wife was hesitant to do this at first, but I finally convinced her to have a chat with Bill. He told my wife that she was a very pretty woman and that he really enjoyed looking at her naked photos that I had posted of her on this porn site.

After a while my wife got more comfortable chatting with him and he asked my wife would she like to see his cock on camera. I looked at my wife and told her to go on and let him show it to her. Bill slid down his pants and he pulled out his cock and he asked my wife would she like to put it in her mouth. Bill had a nice uncut cock about six inches long that was very thick. He had a large set of balls and my wife was now starting to breathe a little harder as she watched Bill stoking it hard as he chatted with her.

Bill asked my wife would she take her clothes off and pose for him naked while he jerked off for her. My wife refused to do it. Bill started talking dirty with my wife telling her what he would like to do to her, and I could tell that my nervous wife was getting worked up listening to him. I told my wife to go ahead and take her clothes off for Bill. Now very worked up she finally agreed to do so. My wife was now standing totally naked in front of the camera in front of a total stranger who was jerking off his very hard cock in the sleeper cab of his truck.

Bill asked my wife to get on our bed and open hers legs so that he could see her open hairy pussy. My wife did so, he asked her to open her pussy lips wide and rub her clit for him. My wife was very close to climaxing when Bill couldn’t hold back any longer and he shot a huge load of white thick cum, that ran down his thick uncut cock over his big ball sack. My wife also reached her orgasm at about the same time.

Bill asked my wife and I if she would like to ever meet up in person, because he would really like to have sex with my wife, and my wife said that she enjoyed what she did tonight on camera but she wouldn’t want to ever do anything like this for real and in person. Bill told my wife that he was going to be driving through our part of our state next week on Thursday and he would like to at least meet up with us and maybe have dinner together and he would behave himself and that he wouldn’t have to have sex, that he would just like to have some social time with us.

My wife looked at me and I said what would that hurt and we both agreed to have dinner when he drove through our town on Thursday. That week went by very fast, and Thursday finally arrived. My wife was very nervous as we drove to the restaurant that we were meeting Bill at. My wife was dressed in a skirt and blouse and she looked very nice. We pulled our car in the parking lot of the restaurant and Bill walked over to our car and my wife and I got out and we introduced ourselves in person to Bill. My wife was somewhat embarrassed and had a slight look of shame on her face, knowing that a week earlier, this old man had seen her hairy open pussy on camera.

Bill told my wife that she looked even better in real life and he gave her a hug. We walked in the restaurant and we ordered our dinner and we had a few drinks making small talk as we got more comfortable with each other. After dinner Bill said that he was staying at the hotel across the road and that it had a bar down stairs and that he would love to have a few drinks with us. I looked at my wife and we agreed to go over to the hotel with Bill and we sat down and enjoyed a few mixed drinks.

My wife was now more comfortable with Bill and he started telling my wife how much he enjoyed jerking off his cock for her on camera last week and he said that he really would like to do this tonight up stairs in his room if she wanted him to. My wife said that she was, and has been loyal to me, and both of us have been married for over 15 years, and she really wanted it to stay that way. I told my wife that I would not care if she really wanted to just watch him jerking off in person and that she didn’t have to have sex with him unless she wanted to.

After a few more drinks and a lot of persuasion by both Bill and I, my wife agreed and we went up to Bills room. As we walked in the room, Bill fixed us up a drink and my wife was very nervous about this. Bill hugged my wife, and he kissed her as he took off his pants and underwear. Bill told my wife to sit down in the corner chair and he took his uncut cock and he stood in front of her jerking it hard. He asked my wife would she take her clothes off for him and she said that she didn’t want to do that. Bill wasn’t pushy with her and he was now very hard and he started talking dirty to my wife as he jerked off in front of her. He told her that he would really like to lick her hairy pussy and put his cock in her mouth and pussy as he jerked off.

My wife I could tell was really getting very excited watching this. I looked at my wife and I asked her to take off her clothes for Bill and she refused to do so. I asked my wife would she be more comfortable if I was not in the room with her and Bill, and after much convincing my wife she said, if that was what I wanted, she would probably do that as long as I wasn’t in the room watching it. I looked at Bill and I said I will wait outside in my car in the parking lot, and when you are through just give me a call and I will come back up to the room to get my wife.

I kissed my wife and I told her that I loved her and to have fun and not worry about me being jealous about this and I walked out to my car in the parking lot, leaving my pretty wife with this total stranger in his hotel room. What little did my wife know, Bill and I had discussed this scenario before without my wife’s knowledge that just in case my wife wouldn’t want to have sex with him with me watching, that I would leave them both in the room alone and I would go out to my car and wait for him to enjoy my wife. What little did my wife know Bill had set a hidden video camera aimed at his bed and it was connected to his computer sending it out livestream to me sitting outside in my car for me to watch.

As soon as I got in my car in the parking lot I turned on my tablet and I saw my wife still dressed setting on the edge of the bed as Bill was kissing my wife felling her small tits through her clothes. Bill’s 6 inch cock was very hard. Bill stood up and he asked my wife to suck his cock for him. My wife put the tip of Bills cock to her lips and she opened her mouth and she started licking it with her tongue. This was the first time that my wife had ever put another man’s cock in her mouth. My wife sucked Bill’s cock for a few minutes and Bill told my wife to stand up and remove her skirt and blouse. My wife stood up as Bill removed all of his clothes and my wife slowly removed her blouse, bra, and her skirt. My wife was now standing dressed only in her pantyhose and panties in front of this total stranger, who she had only met a week earlier on a porn site. My wife had no idea that I was watching what she was about to do with this old man in just a few minutes.

Bill got on the bed with my wife and he asked my wife to suck his cock for him. My wife still in her pantyhose and panties curled up on the bed and she started sucking Bill’s stiff uncut cock. My wife sucked Bill’s cock as Bill started talking very dirty to her telling her what a fucking whore she was.

Bill grabbed my wife by her head holding her mouth tightly on his hard cock telling her to suck his dirty cock and she had better make him cum. Bill grabbed my wife by her hair and he said when I cum you had better swallow my load you bitch and I mean it. He let go of her hair, and he said suck it you miserable bitch. My wife was now looking scared as she put Bill’s cock in her mouth. Bill held my wife by the back of her head and he started humping her mouth very quickly and he grunted and groaned and he told my wife to swallow it bitch, swallow it. I could see my wife’s throat contracting as she swallowed his load of cum, something that she had never done for me before.

Bill then got up off the bed and he made a phone call and he said you can come over now and he hung up. I was sitting outside in my car, and I was now wondering what Bill was up to because it wasn’t me that he had called. Bill looked down on the bed at my wife still dressed in her pantyhose and panties, and my wife said that she wanted to get dressed and that she wanted me to come and get her now. My wife said that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea anyway, and she reached for her cell phone. Bill grabbed it from her and he threw it on the desk in the room. Bill pushed my wife back on the bed roughly and he grabbed the crotch of her pantyhose and he ripped them open. My wife’s white panties were the only thing keeping this old man from seeing her hairy pussy. Bill reached between the crotch of her white silk panties and he roughly pulled them very hard until her hairy pussy was now totally exposed to him.

Bill got between my wife’s legs and he started licking my wife’s pussy as she tried to push his face away from her crotch. My wife was frantically trying to keep Bill from eating her pussy but she finally just let him do what he wanted. Bill licked my wife’s pussy for a few minutes and he then got on top of my wife and he put his very hard cock in her hairy pussy. Bill started humping my wife very fast and furious, calling her a bitch, whore and slut. Bill’s hidden camera was aimed perfectly between his and my wife’s legs and I could see Bill’s big balls and his pale skinny wrinkled ass humping her. I could see Bill’s cock jabbing in and out of my wife’s pussy hole. Bill was kissing my wife running his tongue down her throat also. Bill moved his face back from my wife’s face and he spit in her face calling her a miserable whore as he grunted and groaned and he unloaded his big balls in her hairy pussy. As he did this I could see his asshole winking as he filled my wife’s hairy pussy with his load.

Bill rested for a while with my wife under him with his now softening cock still in her pussy, until it slipped out of her. When his cock slipped out of her hairy pussy, his cum load oozed out and ran down over her asshole and on the bed sheets. My wife said that he had gotten what he wanted, and she wanted to get dressed now and that she wanted her phone to call her husband to come and get her. Bill told my wife to go into the bathroom and clean out her pussy and get freshened up and he would call me to come and get her. My wife went into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her.

It was then that I heard Bill’s hotel room door knock and Bill opened it up and a big bald headed black man walked in the room. Bill put his finger up to his lips and said shush, to this black man, and he told him to sit in the chair by the bed behind the bathroom wall. I was out in my car watching this and I didn’t know what to do, but for some reason I was frozen not knowing whether to go get my wife or see what these two men had planned for her when she walked out of the bathroom.

I know that my wife would never want to have sex with a black man, but I couldn’t get myself to intervene and stop this. My wife opened the bathroom door with a towel around her body. As she was walking around the corner of the bathroom and going into the room with the bed she noticed this big black bald headed man sitting in the chair by the bed. My wife said what is going on, and she said, I want my husband to come and get me. My wife walked towards the desk to get her phone and Bill grabbed her, as this big bald headed black man got up out of the chair, grabbing the white towel that was covering my wife’s naked body throwing it on the floor. My wife was totally naked with both of these men holding her. Bill pushed my naked wife on the bed, and he told the bald black man to take his clothes off and fuck this bitch like the whore that she was.

My wife started crying and was trying to cover herself on the bed. Bill grabbed all of the covers on the bed and he threw them on the floor. My pretty wife was now on the bed totally naked with no way to cover her slim fit body from these two men. My wife was crying saying that she didn’t want to have sex with a black man. This old black man was quickly talking off his clothes, and he finally was totally naked. He walked over to the side of the bed looking down at my helpless naked wife trying to cover herself with her hands.

Bill told my wife to move her hands away and lay on her back with her legs and arms spread open so that his black friend could jerk off looking at her on the bed. I saw my wife slowly remove her hands from her small B-cup tits and her hairy pussy and she opened her legs and put her arms above her head. I thought, and I am sure that my wife figured that maybe this big black bald headed man was just going to jerk off a load as he looked down at my naked wife spread out on the white bed sheets below him.

I am sure that my wife was petrified looking at this big black naked man with his big thick 12 inch uncut black cock, as he jerked it off. He was a very black skinned man, about 50 years old, and he had a rough pock marked face. As this big black man was standing beside the bed jerking his cock, Bill got on the bed and he squatted against the head board of the bed grabbing my wife’s arms holding her by her wrists. Bill nodded to the big bald headed black man and he got in the bed on top of my wife spreading her legs wide open, and he got in between them, as my wife started begging and screaming for him to get off of her. This big black man positioned his now fully hard uncut to the entrance of my wife’s hairy pussy and he pushed it balls deep into her as Bill held her arms above her head.

This big black bald headed man started fucking my crying wife very hard and rough. His black balls were slapping her ass asshole with every stroke. Bill was calling my wife a slut, nigger fucking whore. He said I bet you have always wanted a big black cock in your pussy you fucking miserable whore. Take that black cock, take it you bitch, and he spit in my crying wife’s face.

By now the big black bald headed man was getting very close to cumming, he didn’t say anything as he roughly fucked my wife, he looked down at her face inches below him and he made a ugly look on his face, as he grunted and groaned and I noticed his asshole winking as he unloaded his sperm in my crying wife’s hairy pussy. My wife was totally exhausted, laying under this black man, breathing very hard crying. This big black man pulled his softening uncut out of my wife’s hairy pussy and his white thick sperm load oozed out and down her ass crack and onto the bed.

This big black man got up, and not saying anything put his clothes on and he opened the hotel room door and he left the room leaving my wife on the bed with his load deep inside of her pussy. Bill got up and he told my wife to go get in the shower and clean herself up and he would call me back up to the room to get her. My wife got up and Bill said I don’t think that you should tell your husband what you did tonight, because he was sure that if I found out that she had been fucked by a black man, I would probably divorce her if he found out. My wife went into the shower and she cleaned herself up and came out and got dressed in everything but her torn pantyhose and panties that Bill threw in the trash. Bill again told my wife that she had better not call the police on him and the black man because she agreed to sex with him and your husband knew also by leaving you up here with me. He said again that she should not even think of telling me about her fucking a black man tonight because I am sure that your husband would be furious with you for that. My wife didn’t say anything.

I was outside in my car and had seen everything my wife did tonight with these two men, and she had no idea that I had witnessed it. I saved this video of this event on my tablet in a video file. My cell phone rang and Bill said that he was through with my wife and I could come back up and get her. I walked into the hotel bedroom and I noticed that my wife had a sad look on her face.

Bill didn’t say much to me and he said that my wife was a lot of fun tonight. I asked Bill did he get what he wanted and he said yes and that he might want to see my wife again, and my wife didn’t say anything to him, and my wife asked me if we could go now. I told Bill that I would talk to him later and my wife and I went home. On our way home I asked my wife did she have fun tonight, and she wouldn’t talk to me. I asked her what happened tonight and what did Bill do to her, and my wife said that Bill just jerked off as she posed for him on the bed, and they just spent a lot of time talking. I said did you suck his cock, and she said no, I said did he fuck you, and she said he only asked me to pose naked on the bed and he j we jerked off looking at her. I asked my wife did he cum a big load and she said not really. I asked my wife how many times did he cum jerking off looking at her naked on the bed and she said he did it two times.

My wife never did tell me the truth about what she did with these two men, which surprised me. My wife was always loyal and she never has held anything from me until this happened to her. In the following weeks I tried to get my wife to do this again but she would never do it again. I still enjoy watching my wife fucking Bill and his big black friend on the video that I saved to my video file. One day I called Bill and I asked him who the old big black man was and he said that he didn’t really know who he was. That he had always wanted to see a pretty woman like my wife fucked by a old rough looking black man, and that he had met him walking down the street and asked him if he wanted to fuck a pretty white woman, and he agreed to it. I asked Bill did he think that the black man was safe and clean and not carrying any sexual transmitted diseases and Bill said that he had no idea that he just happened upon him walking down the street from his hotel that night.

I never gave this any thought and I was wondering if maybe my wife had caught any disease from this black man or even Bill for that matter. My wife really didn’t want to have sex with me after that night and she would only suck my cock, and she never let me fuck her after this happened. My wife was to old now to get pregnant from them and that was nothing for me to worry about, but her maybe catching a disease from this did.

Several weeks past after this, and I kept asking my wife what happened that night and she never has revealed to me the truth. I now knew that my faithful, loyal wife was now holding information about what she did that night from me. She had fucked a black man, and an old truck driver, along with sucking the truck driver’s cock, swallowing his load, and taking both mens loads deep in her hairy pussy, and to this day has never told me the truth about it.
The End.

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    My wife has done this loads of times for me with me either watching or her not knowing I was watching by camera or hiding some were she,s loves cock has done since the was 13 she,s now 64

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    There are some experiences worth telling husband about but i prefer keeping certain adventures a secret. It makes it so much more intense and enjoyable to keep dirty secrets.

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    On which sites are you sharing your un@ware wives pics?

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    My last boyfreind Chuck let me fuck his buddies in frount of him. I kept fucking some of them after I left his no dick sorry ass. They would sneak me in the plant on night shift and Id fuck an entire scaffold crew in their lunch shack. Loved being spread eagle on the table when they came in for lunch…..

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    She probably didn’t tell you because she wants his big black cock again. That’s why she’s not ducking you anymore. Be persistent and insist she fuck the black man again. You’ll be surprised by her answer.