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Ginny’s (Stories)

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During breakfast my Daddy raped me on the kitchen table

My name is Ginny i’m age 11

I was eating my pancakes for breakfast when suddenly daddy called out my name “Ginny” and he said to me. It’s time for me to fuck you sweetie now you need to get naked for daddy and jump up on the kitchen table so daddy can fuck your pussy there on the table. I knew its no use to say no and refuse my daddy so i toke off all my cloths and got up on the table. Daddy had his cloths off he made me lay down on my back and daddy climbed on top of me with his naked body i felt all of daddies weight press down on me then daddy starting raping me in the vagina with his penis. Daddy kept raping me on the kitchen table with his penis i beg my daddy to stop. Daddy whispers in my ear ‘I LOVE YOU GINNY’ be a good girl and let daddy finish raping you sweetie. Be a very good girl for daddy and soon daddy will cum inside your young bald pussy. You need to be a good girl now for daddy now lay very still so daddy can shoot a big load of cum into your pussy.

Daddies naked body pressed down on me his arms pinning me down on the table he shouted out my name very loud ‘GINNY’ ‘GINNY SWEETIE’ daddy is cumming in your pussy sweetie be a good girl.

My daddy looked into my eyes and shouted in my ear ‘IM CUMMING’ daddy shouted very loud as he cum in me i felt lots of liquid going into my pussy hole. The liquid felt very sticky and warm as my daddy cum in me. Daddy whispers ‘YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD GIRL’ then daddy kisses me a couple times on my lips and mouth i feel daddies tongue go into my mouth and his tongue made me start to gag. I made some gagging sounds in my throat as my daddy kissed me each time he stuck his tongue deeper into my mouth. I felt daddies tongue swirl around in my mouth then i nearly choked and gagged as my daddies tongue went down my throat. Then i began crying then daddy stopped kissing me and he climbed of me with his naked body. Daddy told me over and over i was a good girl for daddy and to stop crying. ‘I LOVE YOU GINNY’ he told me as he looks in my eyes and smiles at me.

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  • Reply Piti ID:1ds16yt9s2xv

    Ginny du kleine Schlampe melde dich bei m6r und ich kümmere mich auch um deine zwei anderen Ficklöcher und Gülle sie fir mit meinem Sperma meine Email ist [email protected]

  • Reply Horny 69 ID:1ck6yj0ut7q9

    It’s a little girl’s purpose to have babies with her daddy.

    • Ginny ID:e65yxzisqxi

      @Horny 69…. I feel so embarrassed

    • Horny 69 ID:1ck6yj0ut7q9

      @Ginny Don’t be embarrassed, be happy that your dad is showing you your place.

  • Reply Mark ID:2wcnr0tqri

    You are so lucky to be fucked by your dad,wish I could fuck you .

    • Ginny ID:1dqr2iqjlbrp

      @Mark…My Daddy tells me i’m a good girl

  • Reply John s ID:ffh2ubrhj

    Gunny I wish I was your daddy so I could be nice to you

    • Ginny ID:1ekudh80dgpn

      @John s…..My daddy bought me a night gown

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0wlevm4

    Hope your daddy will get more violent with you!

    • Ginny ID:16on3kyzvg39

      @Cracksniffer……I was only eating my pancakes when it happen

  • Reply Horny 69 ID:1ck6yj0ut7q9

    He needs to get you pregnant, that’s your purpose.

    • Ginny ID:16on3kyzvg39

      @Horny 69…..Sounds so scary!!

  • Reply Daddyrichardddd ID:1g69i4ilt09

    Nothing hotter than incest if anyone has any incest experiences message me on kik my Kik is daddyrichardddd

  • Reply ChingaTuMadre69 ID:29kcjdmzrb

    Ginny do you have any social media so I can chat with you?

  • Reply Ginny's Man ID:74uvwnrb0c

    want me to fuck u better than him?

    • Ginny ID:1doyz9daell6

      @Ginny’s Man….My daddy he is very rough

    • Ginny's Man ID:8bvupujk0b

      i’m a lot rougher than him
      i’ll fuck u till ur pussy breaks