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Helping a disabled boy lose his virginity

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A father approached me asking for my help to take his disabled son’s virginity.

I had a father and son over today because the father was concerned for his son. His son, Jack, is 24 years old and has some mental disabilities. The father paid me to take his virginity and that made me feel honored. He brought over and handed me $500 and told me to get to work.

I began as every chick does to check the guys cleanliness and started to suck his cock. His father had to constantly talk to him to calm his mind due to his disabilities. I sucked his cock for softly to help and once he was nice and hard, I guided him onto the couch and straddled his body. He didn’t know how to kiss or how to touch a girl so I asked his father to hold his hands behind his head.

His father also held his head back so he would stop licking my body as well. I began to lower myself onto his cock.

“You’re not going to put a condom on him”, his father asks. “You’re a whore, I don’t want my son to get an STD”.

“No Sir, I am not. Every man that fucks me does so raw and fills my cunt”, I respond I slide his cock in me and his son goes quiet and starts to calm down. As I ride his cock going up and down, I lean in and kiss him. He reacts by starting to lick me again so I grab his head and say “let me teach you how to kiss”. He stopped whatever he was trying to do and I kissed him passionately letting my tongue slip out and touching his tongue.

Omg, I can feel him cumming in me while we are kissing and he has no body tells of an orgasm. So I keep riding him and magically he stays hard and doesn’t get sensitive down there. “Stick out your tongue”, as he does, I take it in my mouth and begin to suck his tongue.

“Damn son, you’re lasting for a long time for the first time”, his father says, patting him on the shoulder.

His son got his hands free and threw us onto the floor to which he started ramming my pussy with his cock. I draw my legs up to welcome him deeply into my pussy. I’m unconsciously rocking my hips because I’m starting to enjoy this. Jack spits into my mouth when it opens due to him pulling my hair causing me some pain. He is treating me like a whore and I’m oddly enjoying this fuck.

Looking over I see his father with his pants unzipped pulling at his cock. “You like watching your son fuck a whore mister”, I say to him. “He has already dumped his cum into me and is working on his second load”.

Knowing how kissing made him cum last time, I pull Jack’s head down to meet my lips and I start exploring his mouth with my tongue. It works like a charm and he starts to deepen and slow his thrusts as he delivers a second cum dump in my pussy.

Once he is done, he rolls off of me and his father helps up and gets dressed. Thanks Susie his father tells me while rubbing the top of my head.

“What about my tip”, I ask defiantly.

“I paid you $500 for 30 minutes of sex and you never mentioned a tip”, he responds.

He starts to reach for his wallet and I stop his hand. Not a financial tip Sir, as I pressed my tongue against the bulge in his pants.

“I’m married, Susie”, he protests, trying to step back.

“I’m 14 years old and you saw me naked, fucking your son, and you paid me for it”, I say licking his bulge again while starting to undo his belt.

“I can’t sweetie, my wife would kill me if she ever finds out”, he says, less convincing than last time.

“Is she as hot as my teen body is” while I slowly put his cock in my mouth.

“No babygirl, nobody is as hot as you”, he says as his full length of his cock gets encased in my young mouth.

Taking his cock out for a brief moment I say to him “you want to fuck your daughters mouth Daddy?” He grabs me by the back of the head and is face fucking me as if I just hit the spot with him. Just then my real Daddy walks into the house and is amazed as always with his daughter. Jack’s father didn’t last long once he started to face fuck me while getting into my throat. He moves both of his hands behind my head and forces his cock all the way in and my tongue was licking his balls. His cum was delivered straight into my throat and my arms wrapped behind him to hold him in deep. I started to massage his cock with my throat muscles as if milking it for every drop.

His cock got super sensitive but I wouldn’t let him go and kept milking his cock with my throat muscles. He starts to squirm saying “get off my cock whore you’re causing me pain”.

I finally had to breathe so I released him and he stumbled and fell to the ground. “Now get dressed and go back to your old wife Sir”, I say to him before I turn around and crawl to my own Daddy. I have saliva pouring from my mouth looking like a sex crazed child as I’m on all fours. “Your turn Daddy” as I take his cock into my mouth. He was already naked because he knew I’d please him afterwards. By the time the Father and son got themselves together I already had my Daddy in my pussy. He flung a wad of money on our bodies, which I later counted an additional $400, as he left out the front door.

“Tell me who they are and what you three did” he said to me.

As I told him my story, I could feel his cum fill my pussy again. Once he finished I laid my head down on his strong shoulders and we both fell asleep in each others arms.

We were later awakened by my mother as she laid down next to us on the couch. I kissed her on the mouth and said to her “welcome home mother”.

She kissed me back and said “I love you sweetie” and we all took a nap on the couch that evening.


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