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A little family fun… Part one

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When I was young my parents let one of my cousins from out of town come stay with us for a while. Ron had been getting in trouble for years but had gotten out of most of it because of being under age. But having turned 18 they were afraid he was going to end up in prison. He’d just pulled 30 days in the city jail for drug charges. But they figured in a small town like ours maybe he’d straighten out. Plus his dad had been out of the picture most of his life and they figured my dad being there might help him get his life straightened out. He’d stayed with us for about a year and had gotten a job at a local car dealer doing minor jobs on cars like installing radio’s. It turned out he was quite good at his job and it looked like he was going to straighten out. He’d even started dating a girl who worked in the office there.

I was about 13 and the girl he was dating was in her mid-twenties, He always seemed to go for older women. One night he took me to her apartment and they thought it would be cool to have sex and let me take pictures for them. I probably took about 40 pictures of her sucking his cock and them fucking in a few different positions. She wasn’t that pretty but wasn’t a dog by any means, but her body was sexy as hell. I was thinking the whole time how I couldn’t wait to go home and jerk off. But I got a huge surprise when he got off the bed and said now it’s your turn and she smiled and motioned me over to the bed. So I undressed and got in bed with her. I sucked on those big tits of hers and felt every inch of her body. She sucked my cock and I shot off in no time. I figured that was it but she kept sucking me off and had me hard again in no time. My Ron was rock hard again and came over to the bed and said she’d told him she wanted to have a threesome. He handed her a coin and it was obvious they had pre-planned this.

She said I got to do what the coin said. She flipped the coin and it landed on tails. Ron said lets do two out of three. She flipped it again and again it landed on tails. It turned out I was going to fuck her in the ass while she sucked his cock. She seemed pleased because despite being so much younger my cock was bigger than his. He got some lube and put it on her ass and surprised me when he reached down and put lube on my cock and stroked it for a long minute and seemed to be getting aroused while he did it. He got in front of her and she started sucking him off while I eased my cock inside her. It felt fantastic and I could see why he’d wanted to fuck her in the ass. In no time I was pounding my cock in her ass and she had stopped sucking his cock and was moaning and at times almost screaming as she had orgasm after orgasm. I was so turned on I couldn’t hold back and asked if I should cum in her ass? He said yes, but she said no. It being her ass in question I pulled out and shot off all over her back.

She went back to sucking his cock and he pulled out and shot off on her face. It surprised me when he immediately started kissing her knowing she had just sucked his dick and that she had cum on her face and mouth. We all cleaned up and she took a quick shower and put on a sexy see through baby doll. We sat around and watched a movie and they drank. By the time we left he was so wasted he told me to drive. I’d driven in parking lots and various places and at 13 I jumped at the chance to drive. Plus I figured our chances were better to actually get home in one piece. I’d seen him drink before but never like that. It surprised me when on the way he asked why I didn’t shoot off in the girls ass? I told him she said no and that it was her ass. But that didn’t surprise me near as much when he told me why he had wanted me to, when he said he’d wanted to eat out her ass full of cum.

I’d never even heard of anything like that, but I knew it sounded kind of sick to me back then. But he wasn’t finished with the surprises that night. We slept in the same room but with different beds. Once we were in our beds he was almost begging me to fuck him in the ass. I found out when he was in jail in Chicago he’d had several guys fuck him in the ass and had gotten to like it. I refused and after him asking several times he finally gave up on that. He started talking about what had happened earlier and said she’d come up with the idea after meeting me once and him telling her I had a big dick. But I wasn’t the only guy they’d done that with. Which I’d thought it seemed like it wasn’t a spur of the moment thing. He started telling me some of the things they’d done and I’d gotten turned on. I’d slid my underwear down and was rubbing my hard cock planning on going in the bathroom and jerking off. Apparently he knew what I was doing and he came over to my bed and pulled the covers down. He didn’t hesitate and leaned over and started sucking my cock. He told me he hadn’t sucked a dick since he’d been in jail. Then said that he’d been wanting to suck mine since the first time he’d seen me naked.

After I shot a hot load down his throat he asked if I’d suck him off? I said no and he just said OK and got back in bed. He was asleep in no time and nothing was said the next day. He didn’t remember anything after being at his girlfriends house. He didn’t know I’d driven us home until he got in and couldn’t reach the pedals where I’d slid the seat back. We eventually talked about the threesome with his girlfriend and how cool that was. But I really didn’t think he remembered asking me to fuck him in the ass or sucking my cock after we got home. Over the next few months he’d tell me about threesomes they’d had with different guys and a couple with girls and when he told me she was bi he slipped up and said she was bi too, then to cover it up said you know just like the other girl they are both bi. She’d suggested he bring me over again and we were planning on doing that when he just up and left town. He didn’t tell his boss or anyone. I got home from school one day and he was putting his stuff in his car and he told me to thank my parents for letting him stay. When I asked why he was leaving he said he just felt the time was right.

I learned later a guy had brought his car in because the radio stopped working and thought it had blown a fuse. But it hadn’t and Ron thought there was something wrong with the antenna. The antenna was on the back of the car and tracing it back it turned out to be the antenna. But in looking he’d found 2 kilo’s of pot and had taken one of them. When he told the guy his car was ready he said it was just a fuse so the guy wouldn’t know he’d been in the trunk. He left work not saying a word to anyone and came home and packed his stuff & left. He called a few months later to see if anyone had been looking for him and one guy had come by the next day looking for him just asking for Rob from the Chevrolet dealership. I said he’d left but I wasn’t sure where he’d moved to and it was dropped. I knew who the guy was because he owned a couple of convenience stores.The guy never came back, I guess being a respected business man he couldn’t draw too much attention to himself and he sure couldn’t call the police. And over the years it started to get out that he and his brother sold pot out of their stores. But didn’t sell any other kinds of drugs and after the brother got caught they stopped. But by then they had about six very nice stores bringing in lots of money.

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