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Fun in School

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James gets caught watching porn…wants to get back at teacher ALL CHARACTERS INVOLVED ARE OVER 18

James stared at his phone under his desk. His teacher, who happened to be his dean, was droning on about chemistry or something science-related while he stared at videos on his phone. The one he was watching involved a middle-aged woman being bent over a table by her boyfriend and him fucking her hard. He watched as she screamed with the pain of her boyfriend’s cock in her ass. James felt his cock lift up and realized he was getting hard. He desperately tried to cover the bulge and looked around to check if anyone was watching. As he scanned his classmate’s faces, he saw the face of Madison Sanchez. She was by far the hottest girl in his class, with long blonde hair and dreamy blue eyes, and below her head wasn’t too bad either. She had C-cup breasts, practically the biggest in a class of flat-chested girls, and a perfect ass which James wanted to fuck. Even the thought of that made his cock almost pop out of his pants, and it didn’t help that his teacher was only 26, she had a slender body with for D-cup breasts and a perfect bubble butt. Every time she turned around all of the boys’ eyes were fixated on her ass.

James decided he needed to do something about his erection. He asked to use the bathroom and did his best to get out of his classroom without anybody seeing the bulge in his pants. He sprinted to the bathroom, locked the door on one of the empty stalls and pulled down his pants. He had a 6-inch cock not too bad. After a few swift hand movements, the stall door was stained by James’s semen, but there was nothing he could do about that now, by that time class was over. When James approached his classroom, the teacher was standing outside and stopped him. “James,” the teacher, Mrs. Williams said, “you left your phone on and I saw what you were looking at…to be honest, I am very disappointed, I will hold onto it until the end of the week, but next time I will not hesitate to get the principal involved, and as a result you are banned from coming to the sports day tomorrow.” James nodded and watched as she strutted down the corridor, her ass moving side to side each time she stepped.

Fuming James entered his class and was approached by Daniel Davidson, the most annoying guy in the class who just happened to be Madison’s boyfriend.
“I don’t have time for this Daniel.” James tried to push past but Daniel pushed him backwards and into the corridor then closed the door behind him.
“Look who got their phone taken away,” taunted Daniel.
“Come on… can’t you just let me off this once?”
“Alright…but I’ve got a new nickname for you.” James groaned and asked, “Okay what is it?”
“It’s Voyeur Boy, ‘cus you always lookin at people fuckin’ bitches, but never doing it, haha!” James clenched his fists as Daniel walked back into his classroom. James needed to do something to release his anger and he was going to do it to the person that had caused him the stress in the first place… Mrs. Williams.


The next day, James approached the dean’s office. He had brought a sack which he was going to put her in. The corridor was empty as everyone was at the Sport’s Day, including all the teachers. He knocked on the door, and for a second his heart dropped when it was not open, his whole plan would fail if she was not there. Luckily, the door opened, and Ms. Williams stepped out. She had ditched her normal outfit for a loose t-shirt which allowed her breasts to pop out and shorts, which made her ass look even larger.
“Hello, James,” she greeted him, “I hope that you’re done with what you were doing yesterday.”
“Yes, Miss,” he responded, “and I’m sorry.” He stepped aside so that she could exit the office and then he knocked her out. He stuffed her into his sack while his heart raced faster than Usain Bolt.


James watched as Ms. Williams woke up. He had handcuffed her arms and legs to his bed and had cleared his desk and put a few sex toys on it, he had a dildo, nipple clamps, a paddle. She was still clothed…for now.
“Hello, Miss Williams, or should we skip the formalities and I just call you Jane?” he enquired, “you’re probably wondering why you are here. Well, it’s because after you caught me watching porn, I thought you might want some thing in your pussy.” He could hear Jane struggling to get out of her bonds.
“Don’t worry Jane, those bonds are tight, just like I hope your pussy is,” he said.

James grabbed the toys and leapt onto the bed. Jane craned her neck to see what he was doing as James released the cuffs on her legs and she began kicking about. James grabbed both her legs and squeezed them together before putting them under him and sitting on them. He pulled off her shorts revealing her pink panties. He gave both her buttocks tight squeezes, before taking out the paddle and whacking each of them.
“Every time you make a mistake, you get that,” he said. Slowly, he pulled down her panties revealing her ass. He licked his finger and then stuck it up her ass, causing her to scream, which was muffled by the rag. “Sorry, I can’t hear you,” said James, as he moved it around causing her to begin to scream louder. Eventually, he stopped. As soon as he realized Jane calmed down, he grabbed the dildo and shoved it up her ass. She began to scream again. James used the paddle to push the dildo in further and then ran to the front of the bed where her head was and pulled down his pants.

His cock was already firm from staring at Jane’s ass but when Jane saw it her eyes lit up for a second and then she closed them. “Open wideeee!” James taunted as he forced her mouth open and stuck his hard cock inside. He pushed it down further until he was practically gagging her.
“Taste good?” he asked as he finished in her mouth. He pulled his cock out and she spat out the cum.
“YOU BITCH!!! YOU’RE A FUCKING BASTARD YOU KNOW THAT!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.
“Yeah, I know,” he replied. Amid her curses and insults, he grabbed her sides and flipped her over so that she was facing the ceiling. He reached under her and pulled out the dildo.
“Ooohhh, someone’s been a naughty girl, haven’t they,” James said. He stared at her pink pussy. It was shaved clean.
“Like you’ve been expecting that I would penetrate you, thanks for clearing up your pussy for me.” He stuck his tongue out and began furiously licking the outside of her vagina, before sticking it inside and wiggling it. The discharge came out and ended up on James’ face but he wiped it off with his bed sheet.He held his cock and pushed into her vagina. He placed his body on top of hers and held her face in place while he gave her an intimate kiss. When he finished he grabbed her shirt and pulled it off her.
“Ooohhhh, nice tits,” James said. He grabbed both tits and began moving them around like they were computer joysticks. When he was done he took the rag and forced it into her mouth before grabbing the nipple clams and saying, “This is going to hurt a bit.” He clamped them onto her nipples and he could see the pain in her eyes. He only left them on for ten seconds before getting up. He placed the chains back on her legs and then said, “Have a good time here, Jane, I’ll be back soon.” He put back on his clothes, turned off the light and exited the room leaving her in total darkness.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer Cr ID:2e0667y6ia

    Fucking cunt got what she deserved. Why shouldn’t you watch hardcore porn in class when you want?

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    Fantastic story so many different areas to go I’m thinking huge gangbang with high school boys make sure to breed her invite her boyfriend and rape him