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The first lick

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Hi my name is Laz, this is my first time putting anything on this website so I hope you like it. When I was young I was always into watching porn and being curious about sex. When I was in middle school I started jacking off but it wasn’t till I was around 15 where I wanted to do more thing. At that time I had two small shihtzu who were around 9 and 10 years old. As I said earlier I was very curious so this one time when I was home alone I went up to one of my dogs pulled down my pants and put my penis in front of there face, I was really at the time my dog was going to bite it off but to my surprise my dog sniffed it and started to lick it. That was the first time that anything else has ever touched my penis and it felt amazing but it didn’t last long. I tried putting my penis in front of his face again but he only sniffed it. Every time my family was gone I would try new ways for my dog (Z) to lick my penis like putting peanut butter or yogurt on my penis, this would work and it felt amazing to the point I would cum a bit. But after awhile I realized that this wasn’t a normal thing to do with a dog so I stopped. After a year by dogs both passed away but my family got two new ones. At the time I wasn’t interested in my new dogs. As time passed I was 17 still a virgin without a gf and needed to find different ways where I can get turned on and cum. One night when my parents were out I decided that it was enough and grabbed the jar of peanut butter and called called to my dog Jesse and Joey (name changed so I can stay anonymous). My dogs are pit mixes, they are medium big ish dogs that weigh around 60-65 pounds. Once I shut my bedroom door I proceeded to get undressed and rubbed the peanut butter all over my penis, as soon as I did that they got all hyper and tried jumping on me. At that point I kneeled and let my dogs lick it all over. The sensation felt soo good that I came after a few minutes. After that I realized that I like one of my dogs tongue better than the other ones because joeys was more wet and felt more smoother then jesses. After that I tried doing it with joeys a few more times and tried making him fuck me in the ass but to no prevail. After that I stopped until a few months ago. Where I found out what zoopilia and beastiality was and fell to the liking of it.

I am now 18 years old guy and whenever I can I get my dogs to lick my dick. I’m still a virgin and wouldn’t say I lost anything to my dogs, I’m looking people who can help me find better ways I can do things with my dogs. I haven’t tried fucking my dogs cuz I’m scared my family will find out that I’m doing things with my dogs. As I said earlier I am a virgin and want to find a girl who’s into this and will have sex with me, with or without a dog there. I’m planning on doing more stories about me and my dogs but for now if anyone is interested in talking my Snapchat is: dmz_cw

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  • Reply Sky ID:5u0y7kjm99

    I find that so fucking hot😩 my snap is
    @Skyyyyyybitch if you wanna have some fun

  • Reply Anon ID:153ldrli6ic

    Good story man

  • Reply Slutty girl ID:3zaq42a4m9j

    My dog is licking my pussy right now as I’m reading this feels so good I love it I let him lick me almost every day. Add my kik SatansGirlfriend420 or snap @jade_melina

    • Laz ID:42ots9b0a

      Add my snap dmz_cw

    • Chiku ID:bmt65ot0c

      Can i lik it now

    • Jboy ID:7ylrena8rd

      What’s up would u like chat

    • Deadson.com ID:3zaqo67lfia

      Couldn’t find you

  • Reply AP ID:10zh13z1hrk

    When you are young and inexperienced with dogs there are a few tips you should know.
    First use of water based lube, you’re going to need it.
    Second take time and roll around and play with the dog. To a dog that’s for foreplay.
    Finally, when you’re ready to be mounted you want to be on your hands and knees with your chest down to the floor and your ass in the air but your knees spread wide. This will allow him to mount you with his level.
    Also, very important, remember to wear a shirt or put socks on his front paws.
    Tell us how it goes.

  • Reply Fuck off ID:1i2l1j55zrb

    Gay ass

    • Cumgulper ID:bf9ft808r9

      Do not knock what others enjoy until you try it out for yourself. “Then you still don’t talk”.

    • Laz ID:153ldrli6ic

      Dude if it’s so called “gay” why you here then??