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Practice doesn’t Count III

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I walked in the room and saw what I couldn’t believe. The most beautiful sight I could of ever imaged. One of my Fantasies was going to come true.

The next week I met up with Todd and told him that his time was up. He said she is really waiting for me now. He has her at his uncle’s home since his uncle is down in Italy for a few more months. It works out perfectly. Todd said his uncle doesn’t really care about the yard or plants, as long as he takes good care of the dog. We walked there since it was only a few streets over from us. We walked into the house and I didn’t see her. So, I asked him where Stella was. He said she is back in the spare bedroom. Todd then told me that he had a few things to tell me first. I was expecting him to come up with another lie to get me naked so he could trick or force me to have sex with him and that was not going to happen. I was wrong. What he told me kinda blew my mind. He told me that she didn’t know I was coming. She has no idea why she was here. He said for me to not say anything when we went into the room, if I had any questions I needed to bring him into the kitchen to ask, so she couldn’t hear us talk.

We walked into the room and I couldn’t believe my own eyes. I saw one of the most beautiful sights of my life. Now, could it be true. Was one of my fantasies was going to come true. After not being able to take my eyes off of the most beautiful girls in my class and the entire school. Tied to the bed wearing only her bra, panties, blindfold, and a ball gag. She was wearing sexy silk white panties and a bra. The panties were riding up into what you could tell was a beautiful smooth bald little pussy making a heavenly camel toe, and I wasn’t sure if she started growing breasts or not and there was no doubt about it she had little nubs growing. My cock was so hard and I wanted to push out of my pants. I thought I was going to cum right there and then.

I pulled Todd out to the kitchen and asked him what the bloody hell was going on. He said the only way he could think of was to grab her and force her here so you could fuck her, do what ever you want she is your toy. So, did I do good for you? Maybe you and I can have a little fun. I swear no one will know. I said no one but Stella and her parents will have me locked up until I’m an old man, if her dad doesn’t kill me. I almost still want to do it, but not enough to get locked up. Todd said no one will know. I had on a ski mask and she has no idea where she is. I blindfolded her and tied and gagged her before I brought her here. This morning I drove around for a good hour and a half before coming here. She thinks we are towns away from where we are at. You keep quiet and you can do what you like. If you want to look in her eyes and hear her voice then you can put on a mask. I have her already thinking that I am like 3 different people and I changed my voice and used a couple of fake names outside the room like I was talking to different people. I have her so confused that she won’t be able to tell the police anything. We can keep her for a long time and when you are done we will give her a few enemas, some dishes, and scrub her clean. I had to ask him what the heck a dish was, for any one not sure it is like a enema but for a girl’s pussy. Todd I know is not the smartest in the world, but what does that say about me? I was wanting to follow this idiot and it sounded like it might work. I might have just been convincing myself because I wanted her so bad and my cock was doing all my thinking. Todd was an adult and several years older than me. I was actually feeling like crying because I wanted to shag her so much.

I told him to stay out of the room. I wanted a couple of hours alone with her first. I then walked in and as I walked over to her I saw she was shaking. It wasn’t cold so she must have been scared. I started by clously looking over every part of her body, especially her pussy, breast, and face. She was wearing nice perfume. She always smelled good. Today it was like vanilla. I saw tears rolling down her cheeks and dry stains from other tears. I started to feel so bad for her. I wanted to hug and kiss her and tell her that everything would be alright. I was so horny that the dirty side of me had control. Her pussy had a magical scent of Vanilla and musk coming from it.

She knew someone was in the room with her. I could tell the way she flinched and tried to mumble with that ball strped in her mouth. I stripped naked and then I started to kiss her face as I stroked her beautifully soft hair. I licked the tears off of her checks. She was trying to jerk away from me. Todd has bought some professional straps, so she wasn’t going anywhere. I wanted to kiss her on the lips and plunge my tongue inside that lovely mouth I thought about so many times. I undid the strap on the ball gag and pulled the ball covered with her saliva all over it. She started to say she wanted to go home. She begged me to please let her go because she wanted her mummy and daddy. She went on and on crying like a baby begging for mommy and daddy to save her.
I couldn’t believe it. I understand being scared and asking and begging to be set free and even try to make deals.
This wasn’t just some stupid girl in our class. She is/was the most popular and mature girl in our grade. She was so far above me that there was no way she even knew who I was. She was so far out of my league that I didn’t even have the right to speak with her. She was a 12 year old goddess with all the power, I would have done anything she asked of me. She was too good for me. She should be going on dates with High School Seniors or professors and I was nothing. But now she is just a scared little girl, yes a beautiful little girl, but still just a little girl with no power. I had all the power. I am now the master and she is just my play thing, my little sex slave. She would obey my commands or else. I shut her up by putting my lips to hers. My skinny little lips felt so good being mashed into her large supple moist salty glossed lips with the taste of cherries on them. She tried to turn her head, shaking it attempting to get me off of her as she was trying to scream no. I then grabbed her hair and pulled hard. She changed from screaming no to just screaming in pain and her head stopped moving. So I stopped pulling her hair. She got the idea quickly. I then slid my tongue inside and stoked across hers and rolled it around. I could have just done that for the rest of my life and I would die a happy man.

She kept trying to ask me questions wanting to know what we were going to do with her, how long will we have her, will we ever let her go back home, are we going to hurt her. She tried to get me to speak while I was kissing and tasting her entire body. I would suck on one of her boobs while squeezing the other and then switch. I pulled her panties off and she really got scared, she probably thought I was going to shag her right then and there. I was going to fuck her good, but a little later. Her panties remained dry. I wanted to make her pussy get wet on its own first. I wanted to make her get horny no matter how much she didn’t want to. I felt those soft little pussy lips and examined all the different colors of pink and the sweet aroma of my little sex toy. I then tasted up and down the little soft hairless mounds of pussy labia. I never dreamed that it would taste this good. While enjoying my light and healthy pussy snack, I discovered something. A little area at the top of her pussy crack just inside the lips was a very sensitive part. Whenever the tip of my tongue swept over it I could feel her muscles flex. She didn’t move in pain, it was more like a reflex. I positioned myself in infront of her with my hands on her soft round firm ass cheeks. I then put the tip of my tongue to work playing with the magical spot which I found out is called the( clitoris ). She started to moan along with the muscle flexing. I started to flick it faster and faster with my tongue and she was moaning louder and louder and it was no doubt that she was moaning with pleasure. I made up my mind I was going to get my tongue going as fast as I could and not stop to see what reaction I would get. That was harder than I thought. I kept losing my rhythm and my tongue kept getting tired. I didn’t know it could do that. I had to settle for going back and forth between fast and slow, but I did get her to start to buck her hips. Finally Todd tapped me on my shoulder and pointed to his watch.

I followed him back to the kitchen. I told him we have to answer some of her questions so we could get her to cooperate with us more. So we made up a plan and Todd did all the talking, he had a movie made that changed your voice. So she will never pick it out. Todd said I had to suck him off, if I still wanted his help or it was over. I had to have her for loger, so I told him he could suck me and if all went well then when I was done I would suck him off later. He agreed, and I started to worry that I would end up as sick as he was. Then I thought as long as I got her I didn’t care anymore.

We went back in the room and told her that as long as she cooperated and kept us happy she would not be harmed and we would let her go in a few weeks. She started to cry, He then told her if she gives us problems then it would be years instead of weeks. So be good and it will be over before you know it. be bad and it will be a long time with not only the five of us, but we had some very disgusting fat, dirty, smelly, deceased routing clients that would pay us big to have you for a day or two and they might even want to buy you so you can add to their collection. We also have a few large dogs that love to fuck little girls and then we would make you such there cum covered large dog cocks clean. She was frozen and the look she had was one of pure terror. She didn’t make a sound or movement. Todd then said, so I see you decided to be a good girl and take the quick way home by making us happy for a few weeks and then go home. I didn’t even tell you all the other bad, painfully nasty stuff I had for you if you are bad. You didn’t even hear half of it. You did make the best choice possible. Todd went back to watch TV and left me with my toy.

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