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Daddy’s New Toy Part 3

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Carl completes his training of his fuck toy daughter.

After taking two of Sabrina’s cherries, Carl had plans to take the last one later today. He told her to go get a shower while he went to fix them some breakfast. He told her to make sure that she cleaned everything thoroughly and to shave her pussy completely. She quickly went to the bathroom and started the shower as Carl went to the kitchen and started cooking.

About the time that he finished their food Sabrina entered the kitchen wearing a robe. Her hair was wrapped in a towel and she had a glow about her.

They both sat down and talked as they ate their food.

“Sabrina there are going to be a few rules that I expect you to follow if you are going to be my fuck toy!” He stated.

“Yes Daddy whatever you say I will do it!” She replied.

“First you are not to wear any clothes while you are at home. You are to remain naked and ready for Daddy to use at any time of the day or night. You will sleep in my bed and you are expected to wake me up in the morning with a blowjob!” He commanded.

“Yes Daddy I understand!” She said with a wicked little smile on her face.

“I own all of your holes and you will keep them available for me at all times and they are not to be given to anyone else unless I say so! You will keep your pussy completely shaven. Is that clear?” He asked.

“Yes Daddy I understand completely. I belong to you and you have complete access to all of my holes.” She said.

“Good girl. Now I am going to go take a shower while you clean up the kitchen and when you are done come to me.” He commanded.

“Yes Daddy!” She replied as she immediately began clearing the table.

Carl went to the bathroom and began to take a shower. He bathed himself thoroughly and made sure that his cock and balls were cleaned well. He began to think about how good his daughter was at being a fuck toy even though she was a virgin. His cock began to swell as remembered how tight and hot her pussy was. How she easily took his cock down her throat without hesitancy.

Suddenly he was snapped back into reality when Sabrina opened the shower door and stepped into the shower with him.

“Daddy I think that I should be the one taking care of your cock shouldn’t I?” She asked looking down at his hard throbbing cock that he was absent-mindedly stroking.

“Sorry baby girl I was just thinking about you and I am so used to stroking my cock myself!” He replied.

She immediately dropped to her knees and wrapped her hand around the shaft and stroked it saying “I have a rule that you must follow Daddy. I am the only one that gets to stroke your cock and make you cum from now on!”

“Yes baby girl!” He groaned as she sucked his cock into her mouth and bathed it with her tongue as she slid it down her throat.

She expertly sawed his cock in and out of her mouth vigorously and he had to brace himself up as his knees buckled. She slurped and sucked on every inch of his hard throbbing cock. She pulled off his cock just long enough to say “Daddy please fuck my mouth.” As she looked lovingly up at him.

He grabbed her head and she immediately pushed her mouth down his shaft taking everything he had. He began to drive balls deep into her mouth as his balls slapped her chin.

Glug, glug, glug filled the room as she moaned and whimpered loudly around his pistoning cock. Carl was in heaven as she expertly swirled her tongue around the shaft. Soon he felt the tingle in his balls as he continued to pound her throat.

She moaned as she felt his cock throb angrily as his impending orgasm built up. Sabrina grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper into her mouth as she felt his cock begin to spray her throat with his seed. Carl grunted with each stream of cum that flowed from his balls. Sabrina continued to stroke his cock into her mouth as she sucked the last few drops of cum into her mouth.

When she had finished cleaning up everything she stood up and said “Daddy I think that it is time for you to take the last step in claiming my holes.” With that wicked little smile on her face.

With that she walked out of the shower and dried off before walking towards the bed. She climbed up onto the bed and laid her head down onto the bed with her ass in the air and legs spread. After Carl had dried off he walked over to the bed and immediately buried his face between her legs from behind. She screamed out in pleasure as he began to devour her pussy.

He groaned as she pushed herself back onto his face. He reached between her legs and pulled and twisted her nipples as he furiously sucked on her clit while flicking his tongue across the tip. She exploded all over his face as she climaxed hard.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS DADDY EAT MY PUSSY!” She screamed as she clawed at the sheets.

Carl pushed his tongue into her rosebud as he worked his fingers in and out of her tight little pussy. He grunted as she pushed herself back onto his fingers and tongue.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE DADDY please fuck me!” She moaned as she felt another orgasm slam her body.

Carl stood up and placed his cock into the entrance of her soaking wet tight little pussy and slammed balls deep inside. She bellowed as he bottomed out against her cervix. He began to jackhammer her pussy as he worked his thumb into her tiny little rosebud. She babbled incoherently as wave after wave rushed through her body. Her juices were dripping off his balls and Carl took some of it and pushed it into her hot little asshole. He then removed his cock from her quaking pussy and placed the fat head against her tight little asshole.

She moaned loudly as she tried to relax so that he could enter her ass more easily. She felt his cock stretch her tight little asshole open and the head popped in. But instead of allowing her to get accustomed to it he pushed his cock to the balls deep into her bowels.

“HOLY FUUUUCCCCKKKKK BABY GIRL YOU ARE SO FUCKING TIGHT AND HOT!” Carl hissed as he struggled not to cum as her asshole felt like it was going to pinch off his cock.

“OHHHHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK DADDY!” She screamed as the pleasure mixed with pain filled her senses from the intense feeling of his large cock buried in her spasming asshole.

Carl set about pounding her asshole with his cock as he spanked her ass cheeks red. He watched as Sabrina’s ass turned red as it jiggled from the pounding. She grunted, groaned and whimpered loudly as she rode the waves of pleasure that coursed through her body. She had reached between her legs with one hand and frigged her pussy as the other hand clawed at the sheets.

His large balls slapped her pussy with every thrust as her fingers strummed her throbbing clit. Carl grabbed a pillow and placed it under her belly and pushed her down onto the bed with her pelvis propped up.

“Spread open your legs baby girl!” He commanded.

She spread them open wide and Carl drove into her tight little asshole as he used her ass as a spring board. He was trying to drive her through the bed as he continued to jackhammer her ass in the prone position. She could only grunt with each thrust as their bodies slapped together loudly. He placed his hands on her shoulders to pin her down as he drove his cock as hard and deep as he possibly could.

She took everything that he gave her without complaining. She had accepted her roll as a fuck toy for her Daddy. She would never dream of denying him anything or anyway. She was his slut and his to do with as he pleased.

“OHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS BABY GIRL I’M CUMMING!” He bellowed as he slammed into her battered asshole and began to pump stream after stream deep into her bowels. She felt his cum flooding her insides and she screamed out as another orgasm slammed her body. Carl collapsed onto her back with his spasming cock continued to pump his remaining cum into her tight little asshole.

Both were gasping for air from the intense orgasms that crashed through their bodies. Carl rolled over onto his back and Sabrina immediately climbed between his legs and began to suck his cock clean. She looked into his eyes with pure lust and desire as he watched mesmerized by her dedication to his cock and balls.

He thought that he was the luckiest man alive and he was going to take full advantage of his new toy every opportunity.

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