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Fucked my big sis

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So this happened when I was 11 and my sister was 15

I was 11 and I was aroused by pornos and I used to search incest porn specially brother sister version, and as my sister is very smart in studies she scores good score and has no relationship with any boys, but her figure is very arousing
She had Good boobs and Nice ass she was okayish in looking but her body was in a very good shape, my sister and I used to fight a lot because we used to disagree on everything

One day I checked my sister’s phone she was telling her Friends how annoying I am and all

I really got angry and went to her room to fight with her she was also fighting with me, suddenly our verbal fight lead to physical fight and we were confidently fighting and pulling hair because no one was at home to stop the fight

Suddenly I slapped her tits and she was feeling little weird I found out that that is the week point where I can win my fight and I started slapping and pressing it hard, she was feeling little different and I had a biner doing that, she suddenly slapped me very hard on my dick, I was in deep pain and the fight came to an end with my dick sympathy she started laughing

She was wearing a very short skirt and a blue panty inside, I was in boxer and I removed my boxer my erected dick was visible to her, she was in shock to see my dick and she saw a dick for the first time I pushed her and lifted her legs up in the air and removed her panty and I put my dick inside her pussy, my dick was small and she was feeling pain still as she was a virgin tooo

I tried to fuck her and suck her boobs and she was struggling with me telling this is very bad don’t do this, and I still was trying until she gave up and I took dominance and fucked her pussy I was scared to see blood on my dick and she said she is in lot of pain and I sucked her boobs while she said, she also liked it at the end she said

Now I’m 17 she is 21 we still are fucking each other without anyone’s knowledge

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    I’m so wet I need a cock

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    lol. this is hilarious short and direct. it’s just a erotic story so i can’t complain much about the overral quality i suposse.

    • OG

      How old are u?

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    Woah, you should let me do that slut

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    Part two bro pussy sow sweet

  • Reply David kenya

    Part two bro


    Great Story Do Part 2 and Did You Get Her Pregnant?