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Daddy wanted to give me his love

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Daddy woke me up in the middle of the night to take me in to his bedroom so he could give me his love.

When I was 10 years old my daddy gave me his very special love

I woke up about midnight, my daddy was peeling my warm blanket off me, I was a bit confused because it was still dark outside and daddy didn’t wake me up until it was light, “Daddy?” I said, wondering what was going on.

He tucked his hands underneath me and then scooped me up in to his arms, “Shush – it’s alright, princess, you’re just going to sleep in daddy’s bed tonight.” He said.

I didn’t have any reason to question him, he was my daddy, I loved him, if he said I was sleeping in his bed then okay, I put my arms around him, still half asleep, and he carried me out of my bedroom, down the hall and in to his bedroom, he then gently placed me down on his bed and I was so tired I drifted off to sleep almost instantly.

I woke up again sometime later, all of my clothes had been removed, my knees were up in the air and my legs were widely parted, and my daddy was laying with his head between my legs and he was licking my pussy and it was making me feel odd in a nice tingly way, but I didn’t understand what was going on, “Daddy what are you doing?” I asked.

“It’s alright, princess…” he said, then he licked my pussy a few more times, “… you go back to sleep. Daddy just wants to give you some love.” He said.

But I couldn’t go back to sleep, my entire body was tingling from my pussy all the way up to my head, I could feel my heart racing, my whole body was feeling very hot, and I was breathing heavier, I was confused but submissive to him.

After 10-15 minutes my pussy was very wet and something was happening inside me, my legs were shaking, I got goose bumps all over, I could feel something intense was about to happen, and I was gasping wildly and started to let out brief moans, “Ooh – Uh – Uh.” Then I got scared and grabbed the bed sheets tightly as an explosion went off inside me, I had an orgasm and it was the most intense feeling I’d ever experienced in my life, “Ungh – Oooah Daddy – Ooooah”, my toes curled and fluid gushed from my hole.

It was a nice and scary feeling, I didn’t understand it, and I wasn’t sure how to interpret it, and so I started to cry from confusion.

Daddy comforted me and told me it was alright, then when I was calm again he straddled across my chest and suddenly his cock was in my face touching my nose, he pushed it against my mouth, “Open.” He said, I don’t know why I did it but my mouth just instantly opened when he said it, then he pushed his cock inside my mouth and I just started to suck on it.

As I sucked on his thick long hard cock I was thinking to myself, “What the hell am I doing?”, I didn’t know what I was doing or why my daddy wanted me to suck his private part, I just instinctively did it, like it was normal and like I’d done it before but I hadn’t done it before, and yet, I knew exactly what to do with hit.

After maybe 10 minutes Daddy held the back of my head, “Get ready.” He groaned, “Ready for what?” I thought, then I felt his cock swell and twitch in my mouth and something warm and sticky impacted the back of my throat, I wanted to move my head away but couldn’t because daddy was holding it, he had ejaculated down my throat and he made me choke it all down, “Oooah good girl – Drink daddy’s love, princess.” He groaned, and sounded happy with himself.

Daddy’s love was really warm and salty.

About an hour after daddy fucked my mouth he spread my legs apart, put my knees up, and then he kneeled between my legs, he then applied some sort of gel to my pussy and also on his cock, but it wasn’t lubricant, it was some kind of anaesthetic gel that made my pussy feel a bit numb.

Then he leaned over me and I watched between us as he slowly pushed his very long cock in to my pussy, I could feel a sensation of it going inside me but it didn’t hurt, the gel he used had stopped me feeling any pain down there, but I could still feel his cock inside me.

I was scared and worried about him putting his cock inside my body, but it sure felt nice, I could feel how long and hard his cock was as it rubbed against my inner walls, stretching them as he thrust in and out, “Oh – Uh – Mm – Uh – Uh.”

Daddy was very eager to give me more of his love because he was thrusting in and out of me very fast indeed, and it was making me moan so much that I could barely take in a breath, “Uh – Uh – Uh – Uh.”

At one point he had his cock so far in me that I could feel his balls pressing against my butt when he pushed it in.

Just like with my mouth I felt his cock swelling and twitching inside of me as his sperm warmed my insides, and it made a very sticky mess on the bed when he took his cock out of me.

We went to sleep and when I woke up in the morning daddy wasn’t in bed beside me, but he came in with a tray with my breakfast on it, he brought me cereal, toast and orange juice, “Sleep well, princess?” he asked as I sat up and he gave me a kiss on my forehead.

“Yes, thank you, Daddy.” I said.

Then he told me how much he loved me and he stayed with me while I ate my breakfast.

I don’t hate my daddy for doing what he did to me that night, I liked it if I’m honest, and I know he only did it because he loves me so much.

He never did it again though, which was a bit disappointing.

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    You know I have a similar story. I had my mom’s ex do this to me tho he never popped. He just touched me a lot and awoke sexual desires in me I didn’t know was there. He rubbed my clit so hard and I haven’t found a guy my age who knows how to.

    I’m 16 and kinda obsessed with older men and that’s crazy cos it ain’t everyday you meet an older guy who wants this.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:1dw6i300s3ub

    Lovely story but to bad it was a one off. The night my daughter barged into my room demanding I make love to her like I did mommy was so magical but unlike yours ours lasted for 9 years with a few pregnancies and scars. Her oldest child is ours but I did not find out until years later after she married her BF to cover it up.
    Lovely story n would love to hear more.

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    That is a shame…..your sexual needs which were just awoken were then denied. So sad that he didn’t love you enough to continue to show you the love you needed and learned to crave. I’m sorry he didn’t continue to put his cock in you and hopefully breed you eventually. I’m sure he would have loved to see your 11/12 yo body swelling with his child inside.

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