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Masters High Chapter 5: Homecoming

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Luke needs to raise money for the corrupt headmaster, or risk expulsion. How far will Luke be willing to go to serve some sadistic alumni?

FULL SUMMARY: Homecoming should be a time of celebration, but Luke Dunn has other things to focus on. He needs to raise money so he doesn’t get expelled… and that means “opening himself up”, if you know what I mean. With a bunch of famous alumni coming in for the week, will Luke make a good impression?

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I’m also exploring different POVs in this chapter. Luke is still the protagonist, but every so often I might change up the POV to keep things fresh.

“We now go live to Alexa Chase, who is at Masters High,” the news anchor said on the TV in my room.

“Thank you Jordan. I’m here at Masters High, where later this week, some of the most powerful men in the country will be descending to celebrate homecoming weekend. This elite boarding school here in Silvergrove was the high school for many big names, including famed director Christopher Caldwell, North Carolina Senator Alexander Hawthorne, and even Secretary of State Nicholas Hines.”

I turned off the TV. My slave Sarah was back from the infirmary, and was on her knees sucking my cock.

“What’s wrong, Master?” she asked. “Are you not excited for homecoming?”

“No, Sarah,” I sighed. “I have to individually raise $100 million, or risk expulsion.”

“Master, what?!” Sarah exclaimed. “But why? What did you do wrong?”

“Bullshit trumped-up charges,” I explained. “Mike Stone tried to kill me, so I acted in self-defense. But he gets away with it while I have to deal with this shit,” I sighed.

“Master, that’s fucked up,” Sarah remarked.

“I know,” I sighed, pushing her face back onto my cock. Fuck, she was so good at giving head. “But it’s whatever. You’re so good at giving head, Sarah. Keep going. Relax your throat.”

Sarah obliged. She relaxed her jaw, and was taking the whole length of my cock into her mouth. Sarah was making gagging noises as my cock hit the back of her throat, but she was an expert deep-throater, and was able to take my entire 6-inch length.

“Mmmph, Master,” Sarah panted, and wiped the spit from her chin. “Have you invited Mistress Sophie as your date to the dance?”

Fuck. I was so worried about what kind of torture I’d have to go through at the ceremony that I completely forgot about making a homecoming proposal.

“Shit!” I complained. “I totally forgot. Sarah, I know you’re a slave and don’t know much, but do you know what’s a good way to ask her?”

“No clue, Master,” Sarah admitted. “All I know is how to please a Masters Boy,” she smirked, and licked up the length of my shaft.

“Damn,” I smiled. “Well, at least you’re good for something,” I said, caressing her hair. When all else goes wrong, at least I have Sarah to help me forget my woes. “Keep sucking, Sarah. You’re so fucking hot.”

“Anything for my Master,” Sarah smiled, and engulfed my cock once more. Sarah was gagging as my cock hit the back of her throat, and she had drool dripping down her chin, but she didn’t care; she was enjoying sucking her Master’s cock. Fuck, I need to bang that ass.

“Sarah,” I panted. “On all fours.”

“Yes, Master,” Sarah smiled, and obediently assumed the position, her ass in the air, and her pussy dripping.

“Mmmm, your ass looks delicious,” I smirked, and grabbed her hips.

“Thank you, Master,” Sarah purred. Sarah arched her back, and wiggled her ass. God, she was such a dirty girl.

“Here it comes,” I whispered, and pushed my cock into her asshole, making her yelp.

“AHHHH!” Sarah exclaimed, and gripped the bed, steadying herself. “MASTER, IT FEELS SO GOOD!”

“God, Sarah, your asshole is so fucking tight,” I groaned.

“It’s all for you, Master,” Sarah smiled, looking back. “My asshole is yours. It’s a part of my body that only YOU get to use, sir.”

“Fuck yes, Sarah,” I panted, pumping her ass. “Take my cock. Take my big fat Masters’ cock in your dirty slave’s asshole.”

“YES, MASTER!” Sarah screamed, as I plowed her ass. “You’re so much bigger and stronger than me! Use me, master! Fuck my slave asshole sir!”

“Ugh, FUCK Sarah, you’re so dirty,” I exclaimed, slamming her ass. “FUCK!”

“Yes Master, fuck my dirty slave asshole! Use my body, sir!” Sarah screamed, and buried her face in the sheets. “I’m nothing but a worthless slave slut! An inferior sex slave for superior Masters’ boys like you! OH FUCK, MASTER, YESS!”

“Yeah, you like that?” I panted? “Remember when I beat you so hard you went to the infirmary? You’d like that again, wouldn’t you, you slut?”

“YES, MASTER!” Sarah was screaming. Spit was running down her chin. “I’d love for you to beat me until I bleed and can’t walk! To make me your sex doll and use me as you please! To make me your WORTHLESS, USELESS, DEFEATED, SUBMISSIVE SEX SLAVE!”

“YEAH, SARAH, UGHH FUCK!” I screamed, and pumped her ass full of cum. Sarah’s arms gave way, and she collapsed onto the bed.

“Yes, Master,” she panted, exhausted. “Thank you for using me, sir. Your sex slave is thankful.”

“Wow, Sarah,” I panted, wiping the sweat from my forehead. “You’re fucking hot. Fuck, I should beat you up more often.”

“I’d love nothing more, Master,” Sarah smiled, arching her ass in the air.

With my needs, uh… out of the way, I walked over to the student union that afternoon. Will came up to me, two coffees in his hand.

“Hey man!” Will greeted, handing me a cup. “How’s it going? Ready for homecoming?”

“No,” I admitted. “Not only am I worried about what to do about the alumni, but I also forgot to ask Sophie out,” I sighed.

“Hmm, I see your problem,” Will said, taking a sip. “Hey Tyler!” he signaled, and Tyler Armstrong walked up.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” the young model asked.

“Luke, here, needs advice about asking Sophie out to homecoming,” Will explained. “You’re a model, right? You know all about this sappy nonsense.”

“Ooh, sure!” Tyler said, excited. “Yeah, I’ve done lots of shoots about romance. So here’s what you’ve gotta do…”

Tyler explained his plan to me, and fuck, it was a good idea.


I just got out of Toddler Abduction, my last class of the day. It’s a fun class, but fuck, I’m tired. My friends and I were walking back to our dorms.

“…Yeah, Ronny asked my last week!” my friend Kelsey was saying.

“Oh, Cody gave me his Hoco proposal last weekend!” my other friend Julia added.

“Lucky!” Kelsey smiled. “He’s hot and I heard he has a big dick.”

“Well you heard correctly,” Julia winked.

“Sophie, are you excited?” Kelsey asked.

“Huh?” I asked, distracted.

“Masters High homecoming, silly!” Julia laughed. “Did your little freshman boyfriend ask you yet?”

“Um, not yet,” I admitted.

“Wow, Soph, rude,” Kelsey smirked. “I tried telling ya, new money boys don’t know how to treat an RG.”

“Well, Luke’s different,” I insisted.

“Sure, Sophie,” Julia scoffed. “Whatever makes you feel better.”

The two of them went into the dorm rooms. When I walked into my room, I noticed a note right inside the door, written in beautiful calligraphy on some fancy stationary.

*Sophie, as twilight paints the sky in hues so deep, In a place where words and wisdom silently sleep, Let’s rendezvous where the clock strikes nine, In the heart of tales, our stars will align. Follow the trail where minds often wander, To a haven where time seems to ponder. At the stroke of night, amidst pages we’ll roam, Find me where stories make their home. – L*

I couldn’t help but blush and chuckle. What the fuck does this all even mean? Where are we meeting? This is so mysterious and romantic, and ugh, I can’t help but smile. I took out my phone to text Luke, but it looks like he already sent a message.

Luke: wear a sexy dress 😉

Sophie: where the fuck are we even meeting lol

Luke: you’re smart, figure it out xoxo

Sophie: fucker

Luke: only if you’re lucky 😉

This boy will be the death of me. I knocked on my friend’s Julia door; she’s pretty smart, she could probably figure out what this is all about.

“Julia, can you help me with something?” I asked her.

“Uh, maybe,” she said, and let me in.

“Read this,” I said, handing her Luke’s note.

“Oh, Luke’s a cheesy romantic, isn’t he?” Julia smiled, and read the note. “Okay, look at all these references. Twilight… the sky… where words and wisdom silently sleep, basically libraries… tales and stars, obviously fairytales. And the last line, find me where stories make their home. Boom, a book is a story, and the Masters High library is known for its rare book collection. Luke is meeting you at the Masters High library.”

“Wow, Julia, you’re a genius,” I complimented, reading the note. Fuck, this was a really romantic gesture.

“Aww, Sophie,” Julia smiled. “You must really like this boy if he’s putting in this much effort to impress you. Luke must really, really like you.”

“I hope so,” I blushed.

“That’s so sweet!” she smiled. “Now get the fuck out Soph, I have a booty call in ten minutes.”

“Ha, alright,” I smiled.

I arrived on the campus of Masters High right at 9 PM, in full evening attire. Luke better have gone all out, because these heels are killing me.

“Can I help you, miss?” the security guard at Masters asked me.

“Um, yes,” I replied. “I’m here for a date.” The security guard looked at me confused.

“She’s with me!” I heard a voice say. Oh, it’s Luke’s friend Will, wearing a full tuxedo.

“Very well,” the security guard said. “Go right ahead.”

Will escorted me into Masters High, and led me to the library.

“Thanks for getting me in here Will,” I said. “What’s all this about?”

“You’ll see,” Will smiled. “Luke planned everything.”

“Of course he did,” I laughed.

“Okay, here it is,” Will said, stopping outside the library. He opened the door, and… Wow. The library was breathtaking. There were candles EVERYWHERE. The ceiling lights were turned down. There were rose petals on the floor, making a path, and dozens of white roses were sitting on the table. Soft, classical music was playing, and there were champagne glasses and a bottle of the finest alcohol on the table. I walked across the room, mesmerized at how beautiful everything was. Luke was nowhere to be found, but this was a setup straight out of a movie.

“Enjoy,” Will winked, and left the room. Fuck, this was so perfect. I followed the rose petals up the stairs, and saw Luke standing on the second floor balcony, sniffing a rose. He was wearing a white suit and black tie, his brown hair neatly combed. My god, he looks so handsome.

“Sophie,” Luke smiled as I walked towards him. “You look stunning.”

“Luke, what is all this?” I giggled, looking around. “I feel like Cinderella.”

“Well, Sophie,” Luke blushed. “I wanted this to be the most romantic homecoming proposal possible. So, Sophie Hines, will you go to homecoming with me?”

“Luke, yes!” I exclaimed, and wrapped my arms around his neck. “This is all so romantic. Thank you.”

“Anything for you, Sophie,” Luke smiled. Fuck, his lips, I want to kiss them.

“Luke,” I blushed. “Kiss me.”

“Gladly,” Luke smiled, and our lips collided. Fuck, this is magical. His arms felt so good on my body. His lips were so soft and gentle. God, his breath, I can taste his mint toothpaste.

“Luke, take me,” I panted, and pulled out of the kiss.

“Right here?” Luke asked, stunned.

“Yes,” I nodded. “Right here. Right now. You were somehow able to deck out the library, you should be able to fuck me in it. Please.”

“Well, okay,” Luke chuckled, and began unzipping his suit.

“No,” I smiled, putting my hand on his. “Leave it on.”

“Okay, Soph,” Luke smirked. He was a bit confused, but he obliged.

“Let me undress for you,” I whispered, and slowly removed my black cocktail dress. God, the look on Luke’s face is priceless. Slowly, teasingly, I revealed my bra and panties. Luke was staring at my breasts as if they were two ripe peaches. Fuck, I want his hands on them.

“Sophie, holy shit,” Luke gulped, staring at my body.

“Do you want them?” I smiled, and walked up to him.

“Fuck yes,” Luke breathed, his hand reaching out.

“Then take them,” I smiled, and leaned back, wrapping my arms around Luke’s neck.

“Fuck Sophie,” Luke panted, and unhooked my bra, my breasts spilling out.

“They’re all yours,” I giggled. Luke’s hand was trembling as he reached out, his hands finding my breasts.

“Ugh, Sophie,” Luke moaned. “They’re so warm. So fucking soft.”

“Yeah?” I smiled. Luke was exploring my chest with his hands. He was groping them, his thumb brushing against my nipples.

“Sophie,” Luke panted, and bent down, engulfing one of my nipples with his mouth.

“Mmm yeah, suck my tits,” I moaned. Fuck, his tongue feels so good on them. “Play with them,” I encouraged. Luke’s free hand was massaging my other breast, his fingers running over my erect nipple.

“Sophie, fuck,” Luke moaned. Luke was breathing heavily.

“Does my body turn you on?” I flirted, and grabbed his crotch, feeling his bulge through his suit.

“Fuck yes,” Luke panted.

“So does your body turn ME on,” I winked, and unzipped his pants. Fuck, his cock is already fully erect.

“Sophie, shit,” Luke moaned, as I stroked his shaft.

“You know what would look good on this balcony?” I whispered in his ear.

“What, Soph?” Luke panted.

“Me riding your cock,” I smiled. Luke moaned as I teased him.

“Fuck, Sophie,” Luke panted. “God, get over here,” he said, bringing me in for a passionate kiss. Our tongues danced, and his hands were all over my breasts. Luke backed me into the railing, and his hands were rubbing against my panty-covered pussy, and I moaned in his mouth.

“Come on Luke,” I begged. “Fuck me right here on the balcony, fresh in your suit and tie,” I pleaded, and pulled my panties down.

“Fuck Sophie, that’s hot,” Luke gasped, looking down at my exposed, bare, wet pussy. As I looked out from the balcony, I felt his cock enter me, and I exhaled. Fuck, he’s stretching me out, he’s filling me up.

“Ahh fuck, Sophie,” Luke moaned, his eyes rolling back.

“Yessss,” I hissed, as I adjusted to his girth. “Luke, fuck me right here. Make the whole school hear us.”

“As you wish,” Luke winked, and grabbed my hips, pumping his cock in and out.

“AHHHH YES!” I screamed. “Fuck Luke, your cock feels so good!”

“Ugh Sophie,” Luke moaned. “You’re so fucking tight. That pussy is so fucking hot.”

“My pussy was meant for only for you,” I flirted, and leaned back and forth across his shaft. “You’re the only one who gets to use it.”

“Fuck, Sophie,” Luke moaned. “Your pussy feels so fucking good. You’re worth almost dying over.”

“Oh yeah?” I moaned, grinding against him. “You’re going to stab more guys just so you can be with me?” I asked as he pumped my pussy. “I heard about what happened with Mike. God, that’s so hot.”

“Yeah, Sophie?” Luke grunted. His hands were groping my ass as he fucked me. “I beat that bitch up because he was trying to take what was mine. Because Mike is jealous. Jealous that he’s a nobody, and that he’ll never be able to experience a perfect, tight pussy like yours again. Because he knows that no matter what, you’ll always come back to my cock. My superior, bigger cock.”

“Oh, FUCK YES,” I screamed, and Luke grabbed me by the thighs, and lifted me, lowering me onto his cock. Fuck, it’s even deeper in this position!

“Fuck Soph, you’re gonna make me cum,” Luke panted.

“AHHH, LUKE, YES!” I screamed, bouncing up and down. Fuck, people are going to hear us, and it’s fucking HOT. My tits were bouncing as he pounded me. His body is so warm, and his dick is hitting just the right spot.

“Sophie, fuck, I’m gonna CUM!” Luke moaned.


“AAAAHHH FUCK SOPHIE!” Luke screamed, and came, his seed spurting into my womb.

“Ohhh, yessss,” I moaned, and rode his dick until every last drop was inside me. Fuck, that felt amazing. We’re panting and sweating, and Luke’s hands are holding me up.

“Fuck, Soph,” Luke panted, and put me down.

“Yeah, Luke?” I smiled, catching my breath.

“That was fucking amazing,” Luke exhaled. “Uh, sorry that you’re gonna have to walk back with your pussy full of jizz.”

“Oh, I was hoping I would be walking back like that,” I winked, as I put my dress back on. “Oh, and Luke? This was so romantic and I’ll never forget this, but I would’ve gone to homecoming with you even if all you did was text,” I giggled.

“Wait, really?” Luke asked.

“You boys always try so hard,” I said, caressing his cheek. “All you have to do is ask, and girls like me will be all over you,” I said, pulling him in for a kiss. “I’ll see you later stud,” I whispered in his ear, taking a rose and walking down the balcony.


As I walked down campus Thursday morning, I saw the most intense security I’ve ever seen. All the famous alumni were coming in, and the security had to make sure no press or anyone who could potentially find out our secrets could sneak in.

“Well would you look at that,” David said, coming up to me. “The most powerful men in the world are all coming to one place. This is the place to be this weekend, Luke.”

“Yeah,” I said, amazed at all the power coming in. Then, a young man who looked to be about 21 years old approached us.

“David, long time no see!” the man said. David hugged him.

“Ben! It’s great to see you!” David cheered. “Luke, this is my brother, Ben. Ben, this is my friend, Luke. Luke is the guy I was telling you about who beat up that sophomore.”

“Nice to meet you, Luke,” Ben said, shaking my hand. “David’s told me a lot about your situation. You know, when I attended Masters, I unfortunately saw some of my friends get killed by much more dominant boys. I’m glad David’s been guiding you, because otherwise, you might have joined those poor kids,” he chuckled.

“Oh, uh, thank you Ben,” I said. “Yeah, I was scared at first, but David’s been a big help.”

“Good,” Ben replied. “Now weren’t you the boy I saw on the homecoming promotional video saying something about servicing the alumni?” he smirked.

“Ah, yes,” I gulped. “I kinda got into trouble, and I have to raise $100 million this weekend.”

“$100 million is a LOT of money, Luke,” Ben laughed. “How do you plan on doing that?”

“I was gonna say,” David laughed. “My poor friend is going to have to be fucked and tortured by the richest and most influential men in the world, just so he can stay enrolled. Oh Luke, the things you have to do for a prestigious education.”

“Yeah, haha,” I chuckled nervously. Ben and David were laughing.

“Good luck, Luke,” Ben laughed. “Believe me, I’ve seen a lot of these men, and they can be ruthless. They’ll make you beg for death. They’ll rape you. They’ll beat you up. They’ll humiliate you. They’ll-”

“Okay, thanks Ben!” David cut him off.

“Haha, well Luke,” Ben smiled. “Have fun.”

“So what are you doing for work?” I asked Ben, hoping to change the subject.

“Oh, I’m an executive producer at Starlight Studios out in Hollywood,” Ben answered. “If you watch the show ‘Echoes of Tomorrow,’ be sure to look at the opening credits. You’ll see the words ‘Executive Producer: Benjamin Webber’ flash by,” he smiled.

“Wow, that’s cool,” I said.

“Yeah it is,” Ben replied. “I’m sure my brother has told you about our little brothel?”

“Based on what I’ve heard, the only thing ‘little’ are the girls,” I laughed.

“Ha, good one,” Ben smiled. “That’s where the real money comes in. I don’t know a goddamn thing about producing TV shows, but I know a thing or two about trafficking underage girls. The higher-ups at the studio fuck them all the time. That’s how you advance in this world, Luke. You’ve got to use sex slavery to your advantage.”

“Uh, okay,” I stammered. David was shaking his head.

“Well, Luke,” Ben smiled, and patted my shoulder. “Have a good day.”

“You too, Ben,” David said, as Benjamin left.

“Man, David, your brother sure is…”

“Psychopathic?” David asked.

“Yeah,” I nodded.

“I know,” David sighed. “Ben’s had sex since he was 4 or something. When you’re raised on that much sex, it warps your brain, Luke. It fucks up your morals and your ability to empathize. It’s fucked up, Luke. But hey, if sex slavery didn’t exist, then my dad wouldn’t be so rich, and our family wouldn’t be making hundreds of millions of dollars from the brothel. Sex slavery is the fuel that drives our economy, Luke. Without it, we’d all be poor, living under a bridge, and Ben’s life would be meaningless. So believe it or not, sex slavery is necessary,” David insisted.

“Hm, interesting,” I sighed.

“Listen Luke,” David said. “If there was ever a time to get cold feet about sex slavery, tonight is NOT the night. Alumni like Ben will eat boys like you for breakfast. They’ll tear you limb from limb, and no one will bat an eye. There’s a reason why billionaires and government officials attend Masters, Luke. They’re the most ruthless, powerful, sadistic men on the planet. They’re the elite. They’re the men in charge, and the men who run the world.”

“Yeah, David, thanks,” I gulped.

We all took our seats in the auditorium. All 80 students, plus maybe about 1000 alumni. I was sitting between David and Will, as usual.

“Students, alumni, and esteemed guests,” the headmaster said, standing onstage, in front of the Masters’ banner. “Welcome to the annual Masters’ homecoming weekend. We hope you’re enjoying yourselves, and will donate to our cause. Our mission here at Masters has not changed since 1878: To produce the most powerful and influential men on Earth, and to preserve the system of sexual slavery.” Everyone in the room clapped. “And to that end, we have modernized our approach so that the boys of today become the leaders of tomorrow. For example, this past year we have partnered with the social media company EliteSphere, so that our students can corroborate on the best ways to grow their status and share methods of sexual slavery.” Well that’s one way to put it. The headmaster continued. “Additionally, we have updated our American history curriculum, emphasizing the importance of aristocracy and the failure of democracy. This allows our boys to understand that the privileged elite will always remain at the top.”

“This is all bullshit,” Will scoffed.

“Shhh,” David whispered.

“Furthermore,” the headmaster smiled. “In order to keep up with our ever-changing technological world, Masters High has partnered with the technology giant Futurtech, in order to provide our students with the latest devices and software. Through our partnership, the faculty, staff, and students of Masters High have access to the newest technology before it even hits the market. This ensures Masters Boys will always be on top… and not just in sex!” Headmaster Wentworth chuckled, and the alumni applauded. “Masters Boys are the future leaders of the world, and it is imperative that we ensure their success, both in terms of sex slavery and technology. Now, let’s give a round of applause for our keynote speaker, Secretary of State Nicholas Hines!”

“Holy shit, dude!” Will said. “That’s your girlfriend’s dad!”

“Yeah, no shit,” I sighed.

“Thank you Dr. Wentworth!” the Secretary said as he approached the podium. “And thank you all for attending. In an increasingly divided world, Masters High is an oasis for boys of the elite, a safe place for our children to learn and grow while the rest of the world crumbles. As Secretary of State, I’ve seen our elite way of life challenged throughout the world. Democratic uprisings, the poor demanding a seat at the table, and a global loss of wealth. We Masters alumni must unite and preserve our way of life, before it’s too late. I pledge to you that I will do everything in my power to protect the aristocratic lifestyle for generations to come. For example, I’m making sure that no countries that have democratic uprisings will receive foreign aid.” Everyone in the auditorium applauded. Holy shit, this is fucked. “We are secretly funding regimes that support aristocratic values, and making sure sex slaves are prevalent in third-world countries, ensuring that our values remain alive.” More applause. Holy fuck. “And I have personally helped push bills through Congress, giving wealthy Americans an extra tax break. And as Secretary of State, I am also using my influence to ensure that the CIA and other agencies target dissidents and enemies of the state. Anyone who challenges the aristocracy, or is a threat to Masters Boys, will be silenced.” Secretary Hines stepped down from the podium, and everyone in the audience stood, applauding and cheering him. Holy shit, this is insane!

“Damn, Sophie’s dad is ruthless,” David said.

“No kidding!” Will said, amazed.

“Damn, so the Illuminati conspiracies are just a front for what’s really going on,” I chuckled.

“Oh yeah,” David said. “My brother told me all the ridiculous conspiracies about QAnon and lizard people and all that shit are to keep the uninformed arguing, while we, the rich and powerful, actually gain more power.”

“And now,” the Headmaster announced, returning to the podium. “Please join us in the function room for a special reception.”

All the students and alumni were in the function room, eating food, and drinking, and chatting. Hundreds of men, and hundreds more sex slaves crowded the room. “Shit Sarah, get me another tequila please,” I nervously told my slave.

“Of course, Master,” Sarah said, and walked away. As I stood there alone, up walked Will with his senior mentor James Caldwell, and holy shit, famous director Christopher Caldwell.

“Luke, dude!” James said in his surfer-boy accent. “This is my dad, Christopher Caldwell. Dad, this is Luke Dunn, he’s a freshman from Bumfuck, Alaska.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Luke!” Mr. Caldwell said in a very friendly manner, reaching out to shake my hand.

“Yeah, you too!” I smiled, starstruck. “Um yeah, it’s RUMLUCK, Alaska. I play hockey there. My dad owns the Alaska Ice Guardians NHL team.”

“Well good for you Luke!” Mr. Caldwell cheered. “Hockey is such an exciting sport! All the violence and fighting! Reminds me of some of my movies.”

“Oh yeah, I love your movies sir!” I said. “I think ‘The Rape Room’ is my favorite.”

“Ah yes, one of my most controversial works!” Mr. Caldwell smiled. “The media skewered me for it because they couldn’t handle such graphic content, but audiences loved it! That movie won two Academy Awards! Tell me, Luke, what’s your favorite scene?”

“Oh um,” I stammered. What do I say? The scene where the girl was brutally raped and sodomized by two dudes at once? “The scene where the girl was like tied up in the chair and was made to watch her boyfriend get raped and beaten up?” I gulped.

“Yes indeed!” Mr. Caldwell smiled. “There’s a lot of symbolism in that scene. The men who are raping the boyfriend are symbolic of the power struggle in the Middle East.”

“Oh yeah,” I chuckled nervously, even though that made no sense. “Definitely.”

“But it’s great that you liked that scene!” Mr. Caldwell cheered. “That means you’ve got an eye for true art! My favorite movie to direct was probably ‘Bloodlust.’ Have you seen that one?”

“Oh, I LOVED Bloodlust!” Will interrupted. “My favorite scene is when the killer cuts open that guy’s neck with a knife, and blood shoots out in every direction and covers the walls.”

“Ah yes! A classic scene!” Mr. Caldwell smiled.

“Don’t judge me, but I’ve beaten off to that movie!” Will continued.

“Same,” James replied.

“Well that’s certainly one way to look at my art,” Mr. Caldwell sighed. “Ah, and who’s this?” he smiled, as Sarah returned with my tequila.

“Um this is my slave, Sarah,” I said.

“Ah yes, such a fine specimen!” Mr. Caldwell exclaimed, touching Sarah’s hair and examining her body without asking. “Masterfully bred! She’s lovely!”

“Thank you, sir,” Sarah said obediently.

“Are you going to be a good slave for your master tonight?” he asked, probing her mouth with his finger. Sarah nodded.

“Well, not tonight…” I stammered. “Um, the headmaster is making me service the alumni or something. A kind of punishment.”

Mr. Caldwell looked at James, and they both looked very uncomfortable.

“No Masters boy should have to be used for… that,” Mr. Caldwell said, his attitude changing drastically. “Um, I’m sorry you have to do that Luke. I’ll, uh, catch up later,” he said, and he and James walked away quickly, leaving just me and Will.

“What the fuck?” I said to Will. “They looked at me like I had ten heads when I mentioned the alumni were going to fuck me tonight.”

“Yeah,” Will frowned. “I don’t know what that was all about. Anyway, I’m going to find my slave Alexis. Catch you later man,” he said, patting me on the back as he left.

“Well that was weird,” I mumbled to Sarah. “Hey Sarah?” I asked. “Have you heard any Masters boys talk about servicing alumni at homecoming?”

“Well sir,” Sarah started. “I believe it’s a rule in the Masters Code that no Masters Boy shall ever be raped.”

“But the headmaster is making me do this?” I gasped. “God, Sarah, what am I gonna do?”

“If it makes you feel any better sir,” she said, looking at the ground. “When it’s all done, you can come back to me and beat me and torture me all you want to make you feel better.”

“Well, that does sound tempting,” I blushed, and brought her in for a passionate kiss. Our tongues danced together. God, her body feels so good pressed against mine. “I could always fuck you senseless, then make you crawl across campus with my jizz in your pussy, just for the fun of it,” I whispered in her ear, and she giggled.

“Mmm yes,” she moaned. “Anything to help my Master. My only purpose is to serve you.”

As I flirted with my slave, Ryan O’Neill approached me with who I imagine to be his father. Ryan was wearing a dark red suit; his father was wearing a gray one. His father had copper hair, and he seemed more… stern, and serious. Ryan had a glass of scotch in his hand.

“Luke,” Ryan greeted. “I’d like you to meet my father, Lionel O’Neill. Owner of the O’Neill Hospitality Group hotel chain!” he forced a smile.

“Pleasure to meet you Luke,” Lionel O’Neill extended his hand out to shake mine. Holy fuck, this man is intimidating. His handshake was firm and rigid. It’s almost like he wants to crush my hand. “Ryan has told me so much about you.”

“Thanks sir,” I replied politely.

“I’ve also heard that you’re quite the fighter,” he said in a stern tone of voice. “Heard that you beat up a sophomore the other week?”

“Um yes sir,” I replied, looking down at the floor.

“Ha, well good on ya lad!” Mr. O’Neill cheered, and clapped me on the shoulder. “Being weak is not the way to survive in this world! I’m proud of you for sticking up for yourself!” he smiled, and took a drink of his whiskey. “Now Luke,” he started, leaning in closer. “I also heard that Alastair – I mean Headmaster Wentworth – is making you offer yourself up as… pleasure to the alumni tonight.” Ryan looked uncomfortable as his father said this.

“Um, yes sir,” I gulped. “That is correct.”

“Ahh,” Lionel O’Neill smiled, staring me down. “Well I think you and I are gonna have a lot of fun tonight Luke,” he said in a somewhat sinister manner. “But it can’t happen on school grounds. The ‘Masters Code’ and all that bullshit. ‘No Masters boy shall ever be raped.'”

“Sir?” I gulped.

“Don’t worry lad,” Mr. O’Neill said in a sinister voice. “Some friends and I have a mansion we’re renting for the weekend. Here’s the address,” he said, giving me a business card. “Be there at 8 PM. Do not be late,” he warned. “I hope you enjoy a good gangbang, lad.” With that, Mr. O’Neill walked away, leaving me, Ryan, and Sarah standing there, speechless.

“”Uh… what the fuck was that?” Ryan asked, looking genuinely confused.

“Ryan…” I sighed, not believing I’m saying this. “I have to uh… entertain some men tonight or else I’m going to be expelled. It looks like you’re dad will be one of the men.”

“Oh…” Ryan said. I swear he looked concerned for a second, but then he turned into his usual asshole self again. “Well good luck, Luke!” he chuckled. “My father is quite the sadist. You’ll be lucky if you can still walk tomorrow!” he laughed.

“Uh, yeah,” I sighed. “Great.”

As I went back to my dorm at 7:00 PM, I couldn’t help but feel uneasy. What will these men do to me? Will they kill me? Torture me? Beat me up? Who’s even coming? Lionel O’Neill invited me there, but I’m assuming others are coming too.

“Hey Sarah?” I asked her as she lay naked on my bed, waiting for me to torture her as I wore my casual clothes. “What happens to slaves once they get all old and wrinkly and bad for sex?”

“Well master,” Sarah said in a submissive voice. “Once a slave gets to a certain age, their owner either trains them in other tasks, or…” she gulped. “…takes them out of their misery.”

“Takes them out of their misery?” I asked.

“You know Master,” Sarah sighed. “The masters kill them.”

“Oh my god,” I gasped. “So what happens if a slave ages out of sex slavery, but doesn’t learn new skills?”

“That slave would be killed, Master,” Sarah replied. Fuck, I wonder if these alumni have ever killed any of their slaves. And if they’re cold-blooded murderers, what kinds of sick shit could they do to me?

“Fuck,” I gulped. “Um, Sarah?”

“Yes Master?”

“I’m scared,” I confessed. “I’m scared about what’s going to happen tonight.”

“Aww Master,” Sarah consoled, hugging me. “Your slave is here for you, Master,” she smiled. “I can see that sex is probably the last thing on your mind,” she said, putting on a robe. “Lay down Master, and let me massage your back,” she suggested. “Massages always make me feel better.”

“Oh yeah,” I agreed. “Okay.”

Sarah began massaging my shoulders with her soft hands. She worked my back muscles, easing the tension in them. It felt so relaxing. “Ohhh,” I moaned, as Sarah’s hands worked their magic.

“Does this feel good Master?” Sarah asked in a soothing voice.

“Yeah,” I exhaled, my eyes closing as her fingers reached deep into my back muscles. “That feels so good.”

“Good Master,” Sarah replied. “Just relax Master. Your slave will take care of everything.” Sarah’s hands trailed down to my lower back, then up my shirt, massaging my bare chest and shoulders. God, her hands feel so good on my skin. All of my worries and concerns are drifting away. Sarah’s hands went down to my waist, and as she did so, she slowly undid the zipper on my pants and pulled them down. Sarah’s hands were rubbing my ass, her fingers nearly reaching my hole. God, I feel so relaxed right now.

“Ahh Sarah,” I moaned, as her fingers teased my asshole.

“Do you like that Master?” Sarah whispered in my ear as her hands played with my ass.

“Oh yes,” I moaned. Her soft, soothing touch is melting the stress away.

“Then don’t worry about those mean men tonight, Master,” Sarah soothed. “Just remember that when it’s over, I can do whatever you need. Massage you, blow you, be your punching bag,” she soothed in my ear. Sarah’s fingers were now massaging my hole, and god it was amazing. “Anything to make you feel better.” Sarah’s fingers entered me, and I nearly jolted off the bed. Her fingers were exploring me, hitting nerves I didn’t know I had. “Just focus on my fingers Master,” she whispered in my ear. “Just feel them in you.” God, her voice sounds so relaxing. So soothing. “Those men will come and go, but your slave will always be here for you.”

“Sarah,” I moaned, as her fingers pumped in and out of me. Holy shit, I’ve never been fingered before! The sensations were surreal! I can see why girls like this!

“So Master,” Sarah said, as she lay down beside me and pushed my chest up, pulling my boxers down. “Let me give you a massage for the front side too.” Sarah began stroking my cock in her hand. Fuck, that feels good. “I want to make sure you’re relaxed before all those scary men take advantage of you.”

“Yesss,” I hissed. Fuck, her soft hand feels so good around my cock. Her fingers are magically brushing against the most sensitive parts of my dick. Her hands are just so soft and relaxing. “This is nice Sarah.”

“I’m glad Master,” she smiled. “It’s my job to make sure you’re completely relaxed and calm.” I turned over and watched as Sarah straddled me and swallowed my cock in her mouth. Fuckkkk, her tongue feels so good around my cock. Jesus fuck this feels soooo relaxing. Sarah was bobbing her head up and down, her tongue licking the most sensitive parts of my member.

“Mmm, that feels great Sarah,” I moaned as she sucked me off. Her body felt so good pressed up against me. God, her hair feels so good in my fingers.

“Glad to please you, Master,” she smiled as she got off of me, and slowly lowered herself on my cock. “I just want you to be completely comfortable when you have your little time with those alumni.” Fuckkkk, I can feel her cunt tightening around me. “So tell me, Master,” she said, leaning into my ear as she rode my cock. “How does this feel?”

“S-s-so good,” I stammered. Sarah was riding my cock back and forth at the perfect pace. Not too fast, not too slow. “Your body feels so amazing on top of me.”

“Oh yeah?” Sarah smiled and kissed me. Her breasts were bouncing up and down as she rode my cock, her nipples were hard. “Your cock feels amazing inside of me.”

“Yeah?” I moaned. Sarah was riding my cock so smoothly, going up and down, back and forth. My dick was being engulfed by her pussy.

“Yeah,” Sarah giggled and licked my neck. “You’re so fucking big in me Master.”

“Mmm,” I moaned, thrusting into her. God, her pussy feels so wet around my cock. I could fuck her all night long. “I want to pound you.”

“Pound me, Master?” Sarah smirked.

“Yeah,” I replied, grabbing her hips and thrusting up into her. Fuckkkkk, the sensations are so amazing! I’ve never felt anything like this! Sarah was moaning and bouncing up and down on my cock, my member entering her just the right way.

“God Master,” Sarah moaned, grinding her hips on me. “It feels sooo good to have your big cock in me. To ride you.”

“Yeah, Sarah?” I groaned. Fuckkkk her pussy is tight! I can feel my orgasm rising!

“Yeah,” she moaned in my ear, grinding on me faster and faster. “I love having you inside of me. My whole body feels so connected to yours.” Fuck, she’s making me cum!

“AHHH YESSSS SARAH!” I screamed, and came, my jizz shooting up inside her cunt.

“YES MASTER! FILL ME UP WITH YOUR CUM!” Sarah screamed and ground her hips into me, riding my orgasm out as she too climaxed on top of me. As we both came down from our high, Sarah fell on top of me, sweating and panting, her pussy full of cum. “I’m glad we did that, Master. I know I wouldn’t have convinced you to fuck me otherwise, but you needed this release before tonight. Plus now you know what it feels to have fingers in your asshole, which will hopefully prepare you for… what’s to come.”

“If you weren’t a slave, I’d be thanking you so hard right now,” I chuckled. “But since you are a slave, I guess I’ll just leave you with a slap on the ass and tell you to get me ready.”

“Yes Master,” Sarah giggled, and gave me one last passionate kiss before getting off me. “I will help you get dressed Master,” she smiled, and helped me put my suit on for tonight.

I took an Uber to the waterfront mansion. It looked awfully familiar, but I was too scared to remember why. As I approached the door, the house had a large gate and wall surrounding it. Holy fuck, this house is massive! And this is just a rental? As I knocked on the front door, a doorman answered. He was wearing a suit, and had a clipboard.

“What’s your name, please?” he asked.

“Luke Dunn,” I gulped.

“Ah, yes. Mr. O’Neill is expecting you. Follow me.” The doorman led me into a luxurious foyer where other servants and sex slaves were watching us and guests were standing around talking, eating food, and drinking booze. There were some guys in their 30s and 40s, some in their 50s, some in their 60s, and even a few in their 70s. Holy fuck, there’s way more men than I thought there would be! I could see Secretary Nicholas Hines talking to a group of 20-something year old men, all with drinks in their hands. One man in particular stood out, and he was also an older man like Mr. Hines. He was about 5’8 and had a solid build and dark brown hair. His facial hair was well maintained. He had an expensive-looking suit on and was chatting with some friends. When he noticed me walking by, he stared at me the entire time as if he were studying me. That made me incredibly uneasy, and I swear he was checking out my ass as the doorman led me upstairs.

“Mr. O’Neill is waiting for you in the master bedroom,” the doorman informed me as he knocked on a set of double doors.

“Come in,” Lionel O’Neill commanded, as he was wearing a red silk robe and sitting on the bed with some 40-something year old man dressed similarly. Two other men were also in the room with him, drinking scotch on the couch. The room was decked out with all sorts of torture devices that would make Draven blush: chains, whips, rope, gags, blindfolds, dildos, vibrators, chains, canes, paddles, etc. I shuddered at the sight of all the torture equipment. In the corner, two teenage girls were chained to the wall, their eyes glazed over and their bodies naked, covered in bruises and whip marks.

“Luke!” Lionel smiled and opened his arms wide. “Welcome lad! Come in! Have a drink!” he said as he handed me a scotch.

“Thanks,” I nervously said, taking a sip as the doorman shut the door behind me.

“Ah Luke, these men here are George and Bob,” Lionel gestured towards the two men on the couch. “George is my Senior Vice President at the company, and Bob is a board member. These two were some of my best buds when I attended Masters,” he said, putting his arms around the two men.

“Nice to meet you both,” I forced a smiled, shaking their hands.

“Well let’s get down to business,” George said. “We didn’t come here to chit-chat. Strip off your clothes Luke and bend over.”

“Um, what?” I asked nervously.

“Luke…” Lionel sighed. “There’s no going back now. You have to do this if you want to stay enrolled in Masters.”

“That’s right,” Bob said sternly, as he removed my shirt without my permission. “Wentworth promised us we could do whatever we want with you to help you raise that $100 million, and I’m going to get my money’s worth.” Bob undressed me, leaving me naked in front of the three powerful men. George and Bob led me to the bed as Lionel stood in front of me. Bob and George held my arms and legs down on the bed, forcing me into a spread eagle position. Lionel flipped me over so that my ass was facing upwards and in the air. My heart was beating out of my chest with nervousness and fear.

“AHHHH!” I screamed in pain as Lionel entered me violently, without even any lube. He fucked me without any concern for how uncomfortable or painful this was for me. He was pounding into me in a drunken rage, his thrusts getting faster and faster, causing more and more pain each time.

“AUUGHH!” I screamed in pain again as Lionel pulled my hair from behind and thrusted into me harder.

“Ha ha, look at his face!” George laughed as he filmed this on his phone. “I bet this new money boy has never been fucked before!”

“Well Luke,” Lionel panted, out of breath as he fucked me hard. “I’m about to open a whole new world of pleasure for you.”

“FUCK YOU!” I spat out in defiance, even though tears were coming down my eyes.

“Oh yeah?” Lionel grunted, pounding into me harder. “You want it harder? Harder than this?” Lionel began slamming into me like a jackhammer, my ass feeling like it was going to explode from the pain. Lionel reached over and grabbed a paddle from the bedside table and spanked me with it as he fucked me raw. “How does that feel boy?!” Lionel taunted me, pounding me as hard as he could while slapping my ass with a paddle. My face was beet red with shame and embarrassment. Tears were streaming down my face from the pain. I could only hope this was over soon.

“Ahh…ahhh!” I sobbed as Lionel fucked me dry.

“You need to learn your place, boy!” Lionel said, still spanking me. “Masters isn’t a place for new money to just waltz on in. If your family is going to join the slave trade, you’ll need to EARN it!” Lionel slapped my ass with the paddle, causing a stinging sensation as tears formed in my eyes. “George, get the candle!” Lionel commanded, and George reached over and handed Lionel a long red candle. Lionel removed himself from my ass and immediately began drizzling hot wax onto my asshole, burning my insides.

“AHHHH!” I screamed in agony, jerking my arms and legs as George and Bob held them down. The burning sensation in my ass was unlike anything I’d ever felt before.

“You see Luke,” Lionel started, dripping more wax onto my hole. “George and Bob and I were known as real sadists at Masters back in the class of 1994. Unlike these posers today, we were boys who actually cared about what it meant to be a Masters’ Boy: we knew that to be a true leader, you must have no morals or sympathy.”

“AHHH!” I screamed, feeling a stinging sensation as Lionel pressed the candle directly onto my hole.

“I’m sure the pussies at Masters today are teaching you how to punch and whip slaves,” Lionel said, dripping more wax onto my hole as George and Bob laughed. “That’s cute. Back in my day, we were taught how to inflict REAL pain,” he smiled, slapping my ass with his paddle again. “Physical, emotional, psychological. I’m really tempted to brand you, but Wentworth said we can’t do anything that’ll leave a permanent mark. Oh well.” Lionel slapped my ass with his hand again, then jabbed his thumb into my asshole, causing a painful sting. “One day you’ll find yourself in a situation where you have to brutally torture someone. And Luke… if you show an ounce of sympathy or humanity while doing so… you will die.”

“Please…” I begged through sobs of pain.

“Oh Luke, you don’t know who you’re dealing with,” Lionel laughed, drizzling hot wax onto my balls. “Bob, do your thing.”

“With pleasure,” Bob said as he got up from the couch and picked up a cattle prod from the bedside table.

“What?” I gulped, nervous about what was about to happen.

“Shut up,” Lionel spat in my face. “I said DO IT BOB!” Bob shocked me with the cattle prod, causing an excruciating electrical current to course through my body.

“AHHHH!” I screamed, still feeling the electrical pulses in my body. My heart rate was going out of control. My skin felt like it was being pricked by a million needles. This was by far the worst pain I had ever experienced.

“More!” Lionel laughed, still holding me down. Bob shocked me with the cattle prod again, causing my body to jerk involuntarily from the electrical shock.

“AHHH!” I screamed again. My heartbeat was racing uncontrollably. My body felt numb and paralyzed from the cattle prod’s pain. I couldn’t move my limbs, but my heart was beating wildly out of control. A few seconds later, I was out cold.

I woke up groggy, not really sure where I was. All I knew was that my entire body ached from whatever just happened to me. “He’s waking up,” a familiar voice said. A pair of hands helped me sit up against the bed frame.

“Wha… where am I?” I asked. My voice sounded raspy and tired. My vision was blurry, and I couldn’t focus on anyone in the room.

“Don’t worry Luke,” the voice said. I noticed he was carrying a phone in his hand. “It’s me, Christopher Caldwell. We met yesterday, remember?”

Yesterday… so at least a day has passed since everything happened. “Um… yes,” I struggled to say. My body ached all over from whatever had been done to me.

“Those men who were supposed to fuck you beat you up pretty bad,” Mr. Caldwell informed me, taking his glasses off and looking at his phone’s screen. I also noticed the man who was staring at me yesterday was standing next to Mr. Caldwell.

“Luke, my name is Thomas Anderson,” he introduced himself. “I work with Christopher, and this is my estate.”

“Wha-” I mumbled. I was so confused.

“Christopher told me what was going to happen,” he continued. “I can’t believe Lionel and his friends would be so… cruel. Even for Masters alumni.”

“You see Luke,” Mr. Caldwell clarified. “When my son James was a freshman, Lionel also raped him at homecoming.”

“What?” I said, astonished. “Will told me that James got to fuck some alumni’s slaves and he got paid $250,000 so some pedophile could film it.”

“That… isn’t entirely accurate,” Mr. Caldwell continued. “Three years ago, James was in a similar situation as you. He was blazed out of his mind at a party in Chicago and completely desecrated the mansion they were at. It cost the owners millions to repair it. Unfortunately, that mansion was owned by none other than Lionel O’Neill. Lionel threatened to expose all the secrets of Masters High unless he could… have his way with James.”

“Oh my god!” I gasped. “Exposing the secrets? Raping a Masters Boy? All of that is totally against the Masters Code!”

“I know,” Mr. Caldwell sighed. “It didn’t matter for Lionel, though. Wentworth went along with it, allowing Lionel to rape my son. I didn’t know until after it already happened. Some of us pitched in and let James fuck our slaves and gave him some cash for what he went through.”

“Wow…” I said. “That’s a lot to take in.”

“Indeed,” Mr. Anderson said. “And it looks like the same thing happened last night. We need to prevent this from happening again. So I recorded the entire session. We have it all on tape, including Lionel and his friends saying how Wentworth gave them permission to do all this.”

“Wait a minute…” I said, coming to my senses. “You knew this was going to happen, but instead of stopping it, you recorded it? What the fuck?!”

“You unfortunately had to be sacrificed for this,” Mr. Caldwell sighed. “But with this tape, we can blackmail Wentworth, and make sure this blatant violation of the Masters Code never happens again. Not to mention, this blackmail could save you if you ever get into trouble again.”

“Oh yeah? By letting you blackmail the headmaster?” I huffed. “Jesus Christ this is so messed up! Why didn’t you just stop them if you knew they were raping me?!”

“Like I said Luke, your sacrifice is necessary to make sure the corruptive elements at Masters High don’t prevail,” Mr. Caldwell apologized. “Unfortunately, sometimes an innocent victim must be sacrificed for the greater good of our aristocracy. When corrupt men like Wentworth and O’Neill take advantage of other Masters Boys, it prevents our people from building their status. We must make sure this will never happen again. Last night was extremely rough, and believe me, the tape shows things got even worse after you passed out. But when the time comes, we will have power over all of them. Those corrupt men will be crashing down when they realize we have all the evidence we need to make them our bitches.”

“Ok…” I conceded. I wasn’t happy about it, but in the most fucked up way, I can understand where they were coming from. “Wait a second…” I said, now more alert. “Mr. Anderson, isn’t this the mansion James had a party a few weeks ago?”

“Yes,” Mr. Anderson said. “Why, were you here?”

“Yeah,” I said. “It’s where I met my girlfriend Sophie. And that lead to the fight with Mike, then the blackmail with Wentworth, then last night, and now… back here again. It’s all coming full circle.”

“Well,” Mr. Anderson smiled. “I’m at least glad my estate has provided memories for your freshman year… both the good and the bad.”

“And also…” I looked around. “Where are Lionel and the others?”

“They went back to Chicago when they finished with you,” Mr. Caldwell said. “Lionel didn’t even bother saying goodbye to his own son. What a fucked-up man.”

“Okay…” I replied. “Well is there any way I can get back to Masters now?” I asked.

“Yes, of course,” Mr. Anderson replied. “Let me get my chauffeur…”

I arrived back at my dorm at around noon. I missed my morning classes, but I think this qualifies for a sick day.

“Hello Master,” Sarah greeted me. “I… I can’t imagine what you went through. I’m here if you want to punch me or fuck me or whatever.”

“Sarah…” I said. “You can completely imagine what I went through. You go through that every single day. And now I feel like a shitty person,” I said, flopping myself onto the bed. “You’re the one who should be beating ME up! God, just when I’m starting to get into this whole sadistic thing, I get a reality check. I am so sorry for everything, Sarah.”

“Master…” she said softly, snuggling me in my arms as she lay naked beside me in my bed. “When I get punched and whipped and fucked, I feel a sense of pride that I’m helping Masters Boys advance their status and live the lifestyle they want to lead. That’s what sex slaves are made for: to be the punching bags for Masters Boys. That’s my role in life. But your role is to be the dominant one, not to be the one being raped. Whatever happened to you last night, that’s not how things are meant to be done. Please Master, recognize that you did NOT deserve what happened to you.”

“I know,” I said, kissing Sarah on the lips. “And I’m so grateful you were there to support me beforehand. I couldn’t have done this without you.”

“Thank you, Master,” she said, taking off her robe. “And please Master, beat me up. It’ll make you feel like an alpha again, and that’s what you need right now.”

“Are- are you sure?” I asked, surprised that she’s literally asking to be abused when it’s the last thing I wanted to do.

“Yes Master,” Sarah pleaded. “Use me as your punching bag.”

“Alright…” I relented. I picked up a paddle from my dresser and spanked her ass with it. Her ass cheeks turned bright red as I whacked her repeatedly with the paddle.

“Oh come on, Master!” Sarah taunted. “Hit me harder! Use all that frustration!”

“Fuck,” I grunted, and smacked her ass as hard as I could.

“Beat me harder, Master!” Sarah moaned. “You’ve gotten soft! Are you a real Masters Boy or not?!” she laughed.

“Oh, you want to see what a real Masters Boy can do?” I laughed. “Last night was rough, but I did learn one thing,” I said, as I reached for the candle on my desk. I thought that candle was just there as a kind of lighting decoration, but boy was I wrong. As I approached Sarah, she knew exactly what was coming.

“Yes Master! Burn me with the wax!” Sarah begged as I lit the flame. “Let your frustration out!”

I spread open her ass cheeks and ate her ass out. “Damn Sarah,” I said. “I don’t know what they’re feeding you, but your asshole is so sweet tasting.”

“Oh Masterrr,” she moaned as my tongue explored her asshole. “Ahh! Eat me out!”

“Mmm,” I moaned, eating her hole out and tasting every part of her insides. Fuck, she tastes so good! I’ve never tasted ass before, but it’s an instant turn-on for me now. Maybe Nolan was right when he suggested I try scat play? No, what am I saying?! I spread open her ass cheeks so I could burn them!

“Open wide,” I grinned mischievously, as the candle wax started dripping down towards Sarah’s asshole.

“AHHHH!” Sarah screamed as the hot wax dripped onto her anus. Fuck, seeing her in pain is really turning me on right now!

“Oh yeah?” I taunted her as her ass got hot from the wax dripping on her hole. “Does this turn you on too?”

“Fuck yes Master!” Sarah cried out, jerking her arms and legs as the hot wax kept burning her asshole. “Keep dripping on me! It burns so good!”

“Hmm…” I chuckled. “I’m liking this!” I laughed as I dripped more wax onto her ass hole, hearing her scream in pain as the hot wax hit her sensitive skin. “What a perfect ass you have!” I observed as I watched the wax go all over her tight hole.

“Oh yes Master,” Sarah moaned as I toyed with her hole. “My asshole is yours. Do whatever you want with it. Fuck it, eat it, even eat out what comes out of it!” she giggled.

“Oh, don’t give me any ideas!” I laughed. “Now come on, I have a pussy to fuck.” I threw Sarah onto the bed and fingered her wet cunt while spanking her ass with my paddle. “Now it’s time for some pussy!” I laughed as I stuck my dick into her, pounding away at her tight hole.

“God Master,” Sarah moaned, gyrating her hips against mine as I fucked her from behind. “You’re soooo big in me!”

“Ahhh yeah, take my dick!” I said, the last of the candle wax dripping onto her tits.

“AHHHH!” Sarah screamed in pleasure and pain.

“Aww, you’re in pain?” I taunted. “Well, this candle is just about done for. I guess I should just throw it out…” I said, and threw the remainder of the candle onto her body. The candle exploded on impact with Sarah’s skin, coating her body with hot wax and leaving a mark on her stomach. “Oops! My hand slipped!” I laughed.

“AHHHH! MASTER!” Sarah screamed again. “THAT BURNED SO GOOD!”

“Oh yeah?” I said. “Lionel gave me another idea,” I said, thrusting into her faster. “Maybe I should brand you, make everybody really know you belong to me,” I teased, fucking her at full strength.

“YES MASTER!” Sarah screamed, arching her back as I fucked her raw. “Brand me! Make me yours forever!”

“Like this?” I asked, pushing my cock deep into her pussy.

“OH YES MASTER!” Sarah screamed in pain as I went balls deep into her. “THAT FEELS SO GOOD!”

“Yeah?” I asked, fucking her faster and faster as her pussy jiggled on my cock. “You want my cum?!”

“YES MASTER!” Sarah shrieked in pleasure, getting wetter and wetter by the minute. “You are my king, my god! I exist to serve you! I need your divine seed!

“Fuck Sarah,” I moaned, ready to explode inside her. “That’s one hell of a sales pitch. I’m thinking of coating your pretty little face,” I said, pulling out and jerking my cock.

“Oh no, Master, don’t waste it on my face!” Sarah begged. “I need your cum in me! Coat my cunt with your seed! Pleeeeease!”

I slapped her. “YOU DON’T TELL ME WHERE TO CUM,” I yelled in a sudden rage. “Now suck this dick until I cum on your face.” I shoved my dick in her mouth and she immediately began sucking away.

“Mmmmphh…” Sarah moaned, sucking my dick hard.

“God yes,” I grunted, pumping my dick in and out of her mouth at a fast pace. “You are literally the best cocksucker in the world. Now get ready.” I aimed my dick at her face and started to spray.

“AHHHHH!” Sarah screamed in ecstasy as my hot jizz splashed on her face, covering it completely. “THANK YOU MASTER!” she gushed as I coated her in my spunk.

“Eat my cum,” I demanded, and shoved my cock down her throat. “This is dinner for you now.”

“Mmmphh,” Sarah nodded and cleaned off my member. Fuck. This was a homecoming to remember all right.

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