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Weekend getaway with big brother and his friends. Part 3

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A story of how I went on a weekend getaway with my brother and his friends, part 3.

This is a work of fiction with more parts on the way, as always, feedback is appreciated.

“Elise, are you okay? Did you guys make up?” asks Oliver, he for one was really against my brother treating me this way in front of my dad.
I stop and look up to my brother, giving him a wide smile.
“You sure?” he asks, not convinced.
I’m still looking at him, “Open your mouth, whore” he says, I instinctively do it.
He spits in my mouth, “Good whore”, he says, as I have his spit in my mouth, I didn’t realize what he was gonna do, and never had that before. But the the way he had debased me, his little sister with simply an action made me so wet and I wanted, no I needed more.
“Fuck, I can’t hold it, come here, I want to fuck your face” Michael says finally as he can’t take it anymore. He grabs my hair and forces me on my knees.
My brother stops him however, “No, stay off her” he says.
“It’s okay Kevin” I start saying.
“No, you haven’t earned it” he says, which surprises me just as much as everyone else. I was just moments ago letting him blow a load into me while my dad watched.
“What do you mean? I literally have your cum dripping out of me” I say, I’m pissed, after all I’ve done I haven’t earned getting facefucked? I think to myself.
“You need to earn our cum” he says.
Michael is most pissed off about it as he just got blue balled hard, his cock is still hard.
“Usually we mark girls, and you’re no different” he says, “For each time you get a load Oliver will tattoo something on you”, he continues, “You get a piece of us, we get a piece of you” he finishes.
The other guys look confused as previously you have marked girls but only with a sharpie, he’s talking permanent tattoo.
“Since it’s your body you get a say in it aswell, we choose the tattoo, you can choose the location” he says.
The guys are worried that this might make me quit as it’s a tall order, I don’t have a single tattoo on my body and I just got violated in front of a camera, however they trust in his judgement, he always had a way with words, getting girls do absolutely wild stuff, and I’m his sister, so he’s bound to know me.
“You’re just gonna trick me again, aren’t you?” I ask him, straight up.
“No tricks, for getting my cum inside you I want you to get ‘Incest cumdump’ tattooed on you, only fair, don’t you think?” he says.
“Are you fucking kidding me?” I ask, still not sure whether it’s a prank or not.
“Since you had 3 loads you owe us 3 tattoos, take it or leave it, you’re not getting any action before” he says calmly.
My pussy is wet, and not only from my brothers cum, I had his monster cock in me for about 20 seconds, I needed more inside me, I knew it was suicide, a tattoo for a cumshot was a steep price to pay, but I was already this far, I was gonna get kicked out anyway, plus even though my brother promised to take care of me I didn’t know if the deal was on if I didn’t pass the weekend.
They talked for a few minutes as I was contemplating, as they were getting ready to head out again the whore part of me won.
“Fine, I’ll let you tattoo me” I say sighing, he had played me again.
The guys were stunned by it, how someone could manipulate his own sister into doing this, their cocks however let it slide.
The worst part was since he told I couldn’t get any before it meant I had to wait till the nearest shop.
“Ol, you got your kit with you?” Kevin asks.
“Always, you sure Elise?” he asks me, still careful, somehow though looking the most irresponsible he was the most considerate.
I was for some reason revealed, it meant I was going to get fucked sooner.
“Yes, you can do ‘Incest cumdump’ on my underboob” I say, I was thinking of places where it wouldn’t show, even though a part of me wanted it right on my pretty face.
“Jay, Michael, what are your requests?” Oliver asked them.
Michael answered quickly, “Deepthroated, in a bold font” he said smirking, he had no problems
Jay was more hesitant, “Jay, you there?” Oliver asked as he was in his thoughts, contemplating degrading a 15 year old girl like that. As he was thinking though, he realized, that this 15 year old girl volunteered to call her dad, let herself be creampied by her own brother in front of her dad, and now agreed to have her pure body tattooed for a cumshot.
“You like being a little brotherfucking whore?” he took a step up to me and grabbed my throat.
I nod slightly as he lifts me up against the car, “I want just that written on you, somewhere visible” he says, holding me up, squeezing my throat.
I nod again, as my legs are now up in the air. He lets me down.
“That’s settled then, though I will need the backseat.” Oliver says.
He takes his kit and makes me lay on his lap, so he could have access to my chest. My dress is is pushed down so that my tits are exposed, Oliver fires up the pen and it makes an electric noise, which makes me tense up.
“Is it going to hurt?” I ask, looking him into the eyes.
Before he gets to answer however Michael intervenes, “Not as much as it’ll hurt when he’s gonna fuck you” he says, laughing. Oliver doesn’t seem to mind.
“Wha..what does he mean?” I ask, Oliver taps me with the pen, silent, it doesn’t hurt at all, just a bit stingy, I look at him, he’s focused, working.
I feel fingers enter me, “Fuck she’s tight” Michael says as he has pushed up my skirt and is playing with me. I moan lightly, loving it, trying to keep still.
“Damn you’re still filled up” he says as he plays with my cum filled pussy.
“Alright, done” Oliver says, as he cleans it.
“What, already?” I ask, as it didn’t hurt at all. I moan a little as he runs his finger over it.
“Where do you want the next one?” he asks.
“Somewhere visible” Jay intervenes.
I hand Oliver my hand, “Underside of my arm” I say.
He quickly marks me, as I look at my arm the text is written clearly. I’m a marked slut now, no more having my arms uncovered unless I wanted everyone to know I’m a a brotherfucking whore.
“I want to do the last one on your throat” Oliver says.
“I thought I could decide that” I say back at him.
“You can, I was hoping you’d choose your neck” he says calmly. Something in his voice makes me trust him. I take a moment to seem that I’m thinking, though my mind is made up.
“Uhh, okay..” I say as I prepare to put my head on his lap so he could ink me.
“I want to fuck you while I do it” he says, it’s the first time he wanted anything sexual of me, and I wanted to give him what he wanted.
“Umm.. sur..” I start saying.
“Dude, hell no, I want to fuck her tight pussy before he breaks her” Michael protests
“Shut up Mike, it’s not ideal but you already blew your load into her mouth” Kevin intervenes.
“Fuck her, Oliver” he adds.
All this talk frightened me a bit, Michael was really worried, and that made me worry.
He took me missionary pose and pulled me closer to him, my tight, slightly creamy pussy was against his crotch, I was short enough he could easily reach over to my neck to tattoo me, I pushed my head back, waiting to get “Deepthroated” tattooed on my tiny neck.
I was almost forgetting as he was tattooing me, suddenly I felt a warm sensation on my stomach, something hot and heavy, really heavy. I couldn’t raise my head but what I reckoned he had both of his hands on me. I started moving my hips, to have a better understanding of what it was, it couldn’t have been a cock, it was far too big for it. I tried to reach with my hands to grab it but he stopped me, and started thrusting slightly.
“Sorry, I got carried away, tattoo is done” he says as he hands Michael the kit.
“Do you trust me, whore?” he asks gently. This was the first time he called me anything demeaning and I loved it, it meant more when he said it.
“Yes..” I say, as tried to look down. He held my head still.
“Will you do as I say?” He asks, gently.
At this point I’d do anything, I nod.
“Close your eyes, I will lift you on my cock, and I want you to sit as deep as you can.” He says, calmly.
“Yes.. daddy..” I say, moaning a little.
“And if you don’t I’ll punish you, ok?” he adds.
“Yes.. I understand..” I say as I close my eyes.
I feel him grabbing me by my hips and lifting me up. He turns me upside. He holds my hips as I feel something hot against my entrance. God I’m so wet.
I star lowering myself but it feels like I’m impaling myself with a lamp post. I feel him entering me, and it still keeps getting thicker.
“It hurts, it’s too big” I say as I lift myself, it’s like trying to sit on a fist.
“Hurt yourself then, little whore” he says, assertively.
“Can I at least lube it up?” I say, opening my eyes to him.
For that I receive a hard slap in my face, he hit me way harder than my brother, up to that point he had been nothing but a gentleman. I whimper as I keep my eyes shut, I know I’m in trouble.
“Did I say you could open your eyes?” He asks, assertively again, but calmly, making sure I know who’s in charge here.
I just stay there, half of the tip of his cock inside me, sulking just a bit.
Suddenly I feel a sharp pain in my side. This was no slap, it was a punch, right into my lower side. This makes me whimper some more as I feel like crying, I had never been hit before like that.
“I said hurt yourself, sit down on my cock” he says, giving me another punch into my other side.
Tears start forming in my eyes now, partly from the pain, partly because I’m being dominated, hard.
“Look, she’s actually getting wetter” Michael says, and he’s not wrong, I am getting wetter.
“You a little pain slut, that it?” Oliver asks me, he gives me 2 more punches to my sides as I’m still not sitting on his cock. When he’s not hitting me he’s holding me by my waist, he could’ve easily slammed me down on his cock but he’s not doing it, he wants me to impale myself.
I nod, my eyes closed but teared up. I take a deep breath and force myself down. I feel the sides of my pussy tearing, stretching, but I reach to a point where it’s not getting thicker anymore. What girth is this, a coke can? I think to myself. I keep going down but suddenly I feel a sharp pain and uncomfortability inside me. He hit my cervix, his cock is making a mess inside me. At least the sliding in isn’t as bad as I’m still lubed up by my brothers cum.
“Keep going” he says.
“I can’t go any lower” I say as my 15 year old pussy has reached it’s limit.
“Fine” he says, I breathe almost a sign of relief, as I’ve satisfied him. Suddenly I feel his grip around my waist tighten, his fingers sink into my soft smooth skin. He wasn’t satisfied.
He starts pulling me down on him, aggressively. I’m riding cowgirl and try to find support for my feet to counter him, I really couldn’t take it any deeper. He had placed me so that my feet were stuck, I was in his mercy, and by the looks of it, he wasn’t going to show any.
I let out a scream as he penetrates me, his fat cock really has nowhere to go and at one point, after stretching me as much as it can it starts to twist inside me, wreaking havoc there. I couldn’t fight him, so I just stopped, crying, taking it.
Although he didn’t look like it he was strong enough to easily lift me, he lifted me up, and slammed me down on his cock again, using my body as a a flashlight.
I no longer felt the pain, I felt disconnected, my body from my mind as I was cumming, not from pleasure, the sex wasn’t pleasure, it was my young body being used to get off. I was cumming from the fact I was owned my a man, no longer being a person but a hole, life was really simple for me at that moment, I had a purpose.
I kept cumming and he kept going rougher, I don’t know how long did it last for, all that I knew was that he was breaking me, and I was made to be broken.
Suddenly I felt him stop, I opened my eyes for the first time, I picked up the rhythm myself but it was only a fraction. He held me at a level where is cock was tightly against my cervix, I felt his cock starting to twitch inside me.
He shot point blank into my uterus. My brother came inside me to fill my pussy, he came inside me to impregnate me. The thought of that sent me to ecstasy, I came again, then fell limp. My body and mind reconnected once again and I felt my pussy and insides hurt, but also vibrate.
He pushed my limp body off his cock after he was done, leaving me laying on the car seat.
There was talking but I couldn’t make it out, maybe there was talking during the act as well? I wouldn’t have known as my brain was shut down.
I fell asleep right there and then.

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