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The country makes them more open

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Living in the country make everything different,including little pussys..

Growing up in the woods things are more open, i remember my sister was 14 and i was 9,she would say come on sam lets take a walk.so off we would go down the road..1 st time it happened i thought..oh well must be what happens out here..as we got about 2 miles from home down over the bank from site she knew of a clearing,,she had me follow her down..she said she had to pee,as we got down over the bank out of car site ..my sister dropped her shorts and pantys but..she stepped out of them,,and she squatted down to pee,,i just looked as her little bald pussy stared at me..she looked down at it and giggled,,you like that little brother ?? She ask..unhuh i replyed not realy knowing what i was looking at..as she finished peeing..she took her panty and dryed her pussy..then said come here,,ill show you something..as i went over i noticed my dick had gotten stiff..she said..can you keep a secreat..unnhuh i said..she then layed back..and said..this make me feel good..and start rubbing her little cunt,,a few mins into this she was moaning..and in a harsh voice said…right here where my finger is..please please lick me bubby..please if not i might die please..the way she was jerking i believed her..i yelled ill help sis please dont die..i liked her pussy for almost 20 mins..she later told me she was cumming and when i licked her it made it great,,i loved the taste of what she said was pussy juice and cum..after she was ok..she had me pull my pants down and sucked my little cock..right when i thought i was dieing..i found out latter i was cumming down her throat..she like it too..a few days later she had me shoot that stuff in her tight ass..we did it alot..when she was 16..i finaly made her pussy bleed..she said i took her cheery..man..i thought her ass was tight..i like the pussy better..and it realy taste great…

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    Did you like seeing your sisters vagina when did you like getting your cock sucked?

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    I definitely agree pussy juice is very sweet and tasty.

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    Hot story

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      i agree with you