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Hot and sexy grandma part 1

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I was 11 and my grandma was hot and sexy with a dynamite body, then she was a young grandma at only 41.

Hello, my name is James. A lot of people call me Jim or Jimmy. I am 13 years old. My mom is raising me by herself. I never knew anything about my dad. I stay with my Grandma a lot of the time. I don’t mind that she is very nice and when I was 8 I realized just how pretty she is. I usually sleep in the room next to her room and that is when I discovered that when I am on the top bunk I can look through the vent and see right into her room. My Grandma had my mom when she was only 14 and my mom had me when she was 16. My Grandma is very active with teaching yoga and dance. She has a beautiful face and a great tight body. She is only 5’2″ and is about 95lbs. Her measurements are 36C, 22, 30. When I first looked through the vent she was doing yoga and I liked some of those positions a lot.
Later I heard the shower in her room turn on, so I looked. I found that if I looked into her dresser mirror I could see into her shower. It had glass doors. My heart was pounding fast and when she came out of the shower and dried off I was sweating. Then she put on the most sexy panties and matching bra with stockings. But, then she put on a robe which is how I always see her in the evening. This went on for 3 glorious years. I would watch her shower and change every morning and evening and then I would just lay in bed and think about her, to start. Then I started to touch myself and imagene doing all types of stuff to grandma or her doing stuff to me. I really enjoyed going to grandma’s home.
In the evening after we got ready for bed we would watch tv for about an hour or two then grandma would send me to sleep. I would look through the vent and watch her disrobe and get on her computer after about an hour she would get into bed. Sometimes she would pull her comforter up and I could tell that she was touching herself and if I listened carefully I could hear her moaning. Sometimes she would leave the comforter off and then I was living a dream watching her squeeze those beautiful breasts. Sometimes she would suck on her nipples and I would imagine that it was me sucking on them. Then I used to really enjoy the times she would run her fingers along her body and play with her smooth pussy. She had no hair on it and I never saw her shave it. I think she went someplace to get it done. Anyway when she would put her fingers into her pussy she would really buck her hips and her moaning would get louder. I always wanted to see her play with a large fat dildo and just shove it deep in her pussy, but I never saw her do that. I know she had them in the bottom drawer by her bed and some took batteries. Yet I never saw her use them. I think she must have only used them if I wasn’t there. I could just imagine she must get really wild and loud if I’m not there and she is using her didldos.
I would go into her room and go through her panties when she wasn’t around. I loved all the sexy stuff she had. I found costumes in her closet that I like to imagine her in at night. My favorite thing to do in her room was to go through her laundry hamper. I would steal some of her used panties and I love getting the fresh ones. I was in heaven every time I smelled them and got that dreamy smell of her warm vanilla perfume and pussy odor into my mind. I would lick the crotch area and the taste was pure magic. It would make me cum in my shorts without touching myself. I only kept 3 pairs at a time hidden in the bunk beds. I would put the old ones back as I collected new ones. If I was going home I only took one new pair with me. I didn’t want her to start missing them.
I enjoyed 3years of innocent masterbation as I used my imagination. Sometimes I would put my mom in my imagination with my grandma, but my favorite was to imagine the young girls in my grandma’s dance class with my grandma and me all exploring each other’s bodies as we all made love. I like to think about the girls coming home from class with my grandma so they could stay the weekend and use the pool. I would then pretend that my grandma would tell the girls to lick her pussy and suck on my cock. That was always good for cumming at least twice. Then when I was 11 I noticed what my grandmother was doing while on the computer before bed. She was touching her pussy and it looked like she was stroking it. So I looked hard to see what was on the computer and at that moment my innocence was lost. My grandmother was watching adults having sex with kids on the computer. I would have never thought grandma would be into stuff like that.
So I started to pay more attention to the computer and I saw that she never looked at anything else. The next day when she went to the store I snuck into her room and turned on the computer, She had more videos on file then I could count and it looked like they were either videos of adults and kids or they were of her dance classes. She had some videos of the shower in my room. I checked and the videos had me since I was little, not only washing but also stroking my cock until I would cum. I then started thinking about stuff that I always thought was innocent. Now, I don’t know if it was or not. Like when she would snuggle with me under a blanket when we watched tv. Her hand would brush over my penis. I don’t know if it was innocent or not. She would ask me if I would like to taste her pie, or ask if I would like to have her cookies. But she usually had a fresh pie, or cookies just out of the oven. I was making myself very excited but what if I was wrong.
I thought about this for months as I agonised over how I could just get her to make a move on me. I started to leave my shirt buttons open. I started using the pool more and tried to pose sexy and wet. Nothing I could think of and tried worked. She acted the same as always. I did keep enjoying watching her there. I started thinking about the vent as the magic portal. I had no one to discuss it with, so it was only in my head that I called it that. Then I swear I heard her say “yes Jimmy give it to me.” while she was on the computer. I started trying to see what was on the computer but she blocked the screen with that hot, tight, tanned body of hers. How I wanted my granny so bad. Then I know I heard my name again. Then I saw the screen when she got up to get some lube out of her night stand. It was me on the screen. It was me from just a few hours ago while I was taking a shower before getting my pj’s on. I was masterbating in the shower. She was getting off to me. I was so happy and so horny. My cock got immediately hard as a rock. I wanted to just run in her room and jump in her bed and say take me Grammy. I was too scared to do anything but watch. This was one of the best evenings I saw her do. She was really going wild and one of her pillows got soaked from her pussy juice.
The next morning she put a new pillow with a fresh case on her bed. I saw her put the old pillow in the closet with her costumes and the pillowcase in her hamper. During the time she was making breakfast? I sneaked in her room and swapped the pillow and pillow case with the one from my bed. I put the one she masterbated with on my bed. It felt damp still and smelled like Heaven on Earth. After breakfast she went to work. I always went to the dance studio with her. I loved to watch the girls there and now that I saw some of them on my grandma’s computer as they changed it made me more excited. I wasn’t the best dancer, but I wasn’t bad. She would use me sometimes as she was teaching and I loved touching the girls whenever I could. Older or younger I didn’t care it was exhilarating either way. The next weekend was a three day weekend. I tried hinting around to my grandma that she should invite the girls over for the entire weekend to use the pool and have a big sleepover. It didn’t work. I was happy going to grandmas and extremely frustrated at the same time.
The next weekend came and my mom dropped me off at grandma’s again. It all happened like every other time I was at grandma’s. I enjoy it but my frustration was making me just want to rip of my cloths then my grandmas closths and just rape her everytime I looked at her. This was the first time I found out that blue balls were a real thing. I heard kids at school joke around about it and now I know what it feels like. It really does hurt bad. Then she took some fresh chocolate chips out of the oven and turned to me and it’s not just what she said but it was how she said it. It reminded me of the porno vids I saw on the net. She said “Jimmy, would you like to taste my cookies?” and she said it with a seductive look on her face and with a very sultry voice. Maybe it was my imagination. My balls were hurting. I couldn’t even sit down. After dinner, I washed up and got my pj’s on. We watched tv for about an hour and it was off to bed like always. I heard grandma come into her room. She put on some music and was slowly dancing around like a striper as she took off her clothes. She was driving me up the wall with desire. I saw her jump in the shower and I told myself, this is it. It is now or never. My life would be heaven or hell after this.
I took off my pj’s and walked into her room. I climbed into her bed completely naked and just waited for her under the comforter. My cock was so hard it was making a little tent right there in her bed. I felt like I was going to cum right there if she didn’t hurry. I could feel the precum approaching the tip of my cock. Then I heard the water shut off. My heart was beating a 1000 beats a minute. I thought it would leap out of my chest. She came into the bedchamber completely nude as she was drying her hair. She was looking more beautiful than I have ever seen before. She just froze as she saw me in her bed. The look on her face wasn’t what I was hoping for. I wanted her to look at me with lust and then say It’s about time and jump in the bed with me. But, instead she had a look of shock and maybe even scared. She said Jimmy what are you doing in my bed?  I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to say something, anything. Finally I just said “I love you.” Please don’t tell mommy. I promise I won’t say anything grandma. I was ready to tell her about the videos I found on her computer of adults having sex with kids, me taking a shower, the girls at her dance school changing their clothes. I could black mail her into doing what I say.
I didn’t have to say any of that. Her scared look changed to a smile and she never tried to cover her nude body. She then said I love you too. So you promise not to tell anybody, even your little friends at school. I told her that I would never tell them, they can’t keep a secret, but I can. She then started to move slowly over to me in a very seductive way. As she asked me “what do you think of my body?”  It is one of the most beautiful, perfect, sexy bodies in the entire world. I have been thinking about you for years now. She smiled and grabbed the side of her perfect perky breast and pushed them together and said “years?”  Yes, grandma for years and I am going to burst if I don’t have you now. So, I guess that means you do want to taste my cookies don’t you?  I knew it, I said. You did mean it sexually when you asked if I wanted to taste your cookies or have some of your pie. I thought it was strange when you spoke of cherry pie, but you made a different type of pie. Grandma said yes, I did always mean it sexually. But, I said it for me. I never thought you had any idea what I was talking about. Now I want you to be honest with me Jimmy, “are you the reason my panities keeps disapearing, then appearing days later?” I looked straight up at her as she was now standing next to the bed next to me in all of her nude glory. Yes I have been using them to sniff and taste. She said good. I was worried I was losing it. I hope they helped you. she said as she lifted the comforter up and slid in the bed next to me. I thought I was about to have a heart attack. I was so excited that all of my real life dreams are actually about to happen.
She takes her left hand and holds my right hand. Then she throws her right leg over my body so she is straddling me as if I was a stead and she was my master. She then takes my left hand in her right and she raises both hands up to her supple round magnificent breast. She said Jimmy, my sweet innocent grandson from this moment on you are my lover. Feel me, explore my body please be gentle with me my sweet boy. I started to feel her breasts and squeeze them. I dreamed about how they must feel and they feel better than I thought. I started to flick her little nipples as they stood out hard and proud. I then raised up and took in a big inhalation as I started to lick her little nipples and before I knew it, I was licking and sucking all over her breast. She then lowered her face to mine and her full moist lips went to mine. She tasted like vanilla and vanilla never tasted better. She glided her tongue into my mouth and our tongues swirled around each other in a passionate embrace. My heart was pounding and I could feel the cum oozing out of the tip of my cock. I could have stayed like that all night. She must have had her feelings, because she then guided my head down to her sweet smooth bald puffy pusy lips, as she leaned back. It was the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. Yes this was my first time having sex or making love is more accurate. But, I have seen a lot of porn videos on the computer.
As she slowly pushed my head down I began kissing her neck slowly biting gently down her belly as I was savoring her smell on the way down to the promised land. I just kept kissing her toned body to her navel and stopping just a short time to enjoy her belly moving up and down as I had my cheek resting on her. I could hear her breathing and pulse increase as she softly moned. I continued kissing her down until I placed my shoulders under her thighs and gazed at her beautiful pink lips as gentle as little pink rose buds. Kissing the inside of her thighs, the suckingling the inside of her sweet pussy lips. I revealed the scent of vanilla and honey as her moistened pussy would drip its nectar down into my mouth. I tasted my grandma, so sweet and juicy. It was extremely gratifying. Grandma’s flavor was like she is, beautiful, elegant, and sexy. I wrapped my arms around her legs and pulled her into my face, burying my mouth in her delicious folds. As her now soaked lips made me more excited. Grandma’s moans grew louder than I ever heard her and I had to hold on to her thight tightly and force it into my face as her hips were thrusting back and forth uncontrollably. I loved making her moan, it is such a deep satisfaction to feel the power I had over my grandma. To feel how hard her blood pumped when my tongue danced its magic around her pussy and forced her to gasp, moan and twerk her hips as she moved with desire.
She somehow flipped me over so I am now on my back and I still have grandma’s sweet pussy in my face, so I continued to please her as well as my own desire. Now my cock was also on her face. It tickled a little as grandma started giving little kisses to the head of my cock. Then I started to moan as grandma’s tongue swirled around the rim of the head of my cock. I just wanted to thrust my hips into her face as I wanted to immediately blow my load. Then she dove deep onto my cock, I felt it touch the back of her throat and as she slowly pulled her lips back she did it with a powerful suction that made my mind go blank. Just a moment ago I was in charge as she was mine and now I am her little sex slave. I don’t understand how this is supposed to work. I just know I never want it to stop. She would tease me by licking the underside of my cock one moment and scraping it with her teeth the next. OMG how I loved it. then there was the gurgle sound as she went up and down over and over on me.  Somehow we both found a rhythm between her hips and my mouth as well as my hips and her mouth. It was like we were meant to be together. Finally I couldn’t hold off any more. I ejaculated big time all down her throat and I filled her mouth. she just smiled at me as she swallowed it and wiped a little bit of cum off of the corner of her mouth and then sucked it off of her fingers.
We just laid there holding each other while we were kissing. She said Jimmy, you taste better than I was hoping for. We will get going again in a few minutes. You just need to rest a bit and let your sperm build back up. then she just started kissing me again as I kissed back waiting with anticipation to get going again.

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  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo0d2

    A totally wonderful and completely believable story. I loved all the details, really painted a clear picture of what was going on and the feelings being felt. That vent was put in many homes for a few years and every home had people listening and watching what was going on in the next room. Good story. Well written. Super looking forward to reading part two.

  • Reply Perverted Granny ID:4bn00en3fia

    I usually only read but recently i saw some comments from mature woman expressing their sexual tendencies in their ripe old age. Im 68 and i have done some things. Mostly its young boys. I also enjoy seducing black boys but i live in a judging community so i have to do these things away from home. And i see lots of stories with animals. Dogs are anazing for sex. And i still enjoy them.
    Thank you clair for openly outting your comments up.

    • Bsteph ID:1d3obqy7ekul

      Love older women! Feel free to contact me on Snapchat, Zeeland Guy

  • Reply Bob ID:1drm94i5cc15

    I loved reading your story. It sounds so fucking real to me!! I think you had an awesome relationship with your grandma, both before climbing in her bed AND especially after eating out her delicious pussy and cumming hard in her wonderful cock-sucking mouth. I’m onto part 2 now!!! I think I’m going to love the second part so fucking much. Thanks for posting these great memories of yours.
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


  • Reply Jackyboy ID:45xxwbtx499

    Less words, more action! Get to the point, for the fuck’s sake!

  • Reply [email protected] ID:nike4g4m2

    Wow totally amazing I wanna hear part two

  • Reply tcb6464 ID:pvljdkbhl

    Awesome story! Cant wait for part 2