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My dirty little secret

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My confession about how I been having a sex with my little sister

It started when I moved in with my sister Malorie she was a single mother of four at 34 and having four kids she was a good looking women with a hot little body growing up she was known for her fat ass even though she was my sister I would catch my self looking one evening as I was walking past her bedroom she was asleep on her stomach door open I noticed she was sleeping in her pantys and a tank top seeing her like that I immediately knew I wanted to fuck her about a week later we went out for the night to a bar all night I thought about fucking her she was dressed up hair done makeup she had on a tight sweater and these tight white leggings I couldn’t stop staring at her you could see the white satin G-string pantys through them we got drunk went home and drank in my room til about 7in the morning she passed out drunk on my bed I finished the alcohol and was gonna pass out to I tried to wake her up to go to her room but she was out drunk wouldn’t wake up in my drink state I decided to see how far I could get with her so I started rubbing her pussy above her pants til I could take it no more I pulled down her leggings and pantys to her knees I put her legs on my shoulders and slowly slid my Dick in her and began fucking her she was panting and moaning the whole time in her sleep I fucked her for about fifteen minutes in this position she had some good pussy it was tight warm wet i couldn’t get enough after awhile I rolled her over and started to fuck her in her fatass I gave it to her hard she was panting an ghasping the whole time I fucked her for about ten minutes before I came in her I dropped the biggest load I’ve ever had after I was done I dressed her up and fell asleep satisfied the next day she had no idea what I did nothing’s changed between us

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  • Reply Blackbear7 ID:7zv3ebbdzm

    Well, we know this must be his fantasy. If you learn 1 thing in life. Passing out from drinking to much. You’re unconscious. You want respond to shit. So your sister dint pass out, she was asleep.

  • Reply Kia ID:g0zx5ns43

    One fucking sentence for 368 words. Give us a break.

  • Reply Jay ID:bjotki4v9b

    You should tell her

  • Reply Rick ID:fx7itbc40

    When you can seduce her so she wants you to fuck her, then you can brag about it. Your just a rapist

  • Reply Lewd ID:1e1qypwcfpr1

    Lovely story, I’d love to hear more

    Snap @ lewd1976

  • Reply [email protected] ID:y1rp63v3zwf

    I am sure she enjoyed it as much as you, hope it continues