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I wish it was me – Part 9

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The following summer I had just finished school for the year and we were at the farm. My daddy called me over and said that he and mommy had decided that I should spend the whole summer on the farm that year and my grandparents and Uncle Jim would look after me. Daddy said that a little hard work wouldn’t be a bad thing for me and it would help me learn responsibility. I was super happy at the idea of spending the whole summer near Uncle Jim, unbeknownst to me, it was Uncle Jim who had suggested to my daddy that I spend the summer on the farm. I will always be grateful to Uncle Jim for arranging our summer together.

As soon as daddy told me this, I went to find Uncle Jim to let him know I was staying on the farm for the whole summer. Once I found Uncle Jim, I grabbed his hand and tried to drag him to the corn field, I wanted to be naked for him. Uncle Jim slowed me down and said we would celebrate later and the haystack would now become our special place, the corn field couldn’t provide us with the privacy we would need going forward.

After dinner that night Uncle Jim pulled me aside and told me to quietly leave the house and go to the haystack, he would join me in a bit and nobody at the house would miss me for a couple of hours until it was bedtime. I quietly ran out to the far barn and climbed the ladder to the haystack, once I got up there I found a blanket which I spread out and I took all my clothes off and waited for my Uncle Jim.

Shortly after, I hear Uncle Jim enter the barn and feed the horses. Uncle Jim came up the ladder and saw me naked lying on the blanket waiting for him. He told me that I was beautiful and how much he missed me all winter. Uncle Jim quickly shed his clothes and stood above me naked with his very hard cock standing up touching his belly. My Uncle moved down to my body and immediately his head went between my legs and he admired my pussy, he said my pussy had changed and it was puffier and my clit was showing between my lips now. He said it was the most beautiful pussy he had ever seen and he was so excited knowing that he gets to play with my pussy all summer. Uncle Jim then started licking my pussy really slow, I forgot how amazing that felt and I pushed my hips into his mouth wanting to get licked everywhere.

My Uncle lifted his head and looked into my eyes and said he was now going to put his finger in me to see how much I had stretched myself out over the Winter months. I told my Uncle that I had tried to gradually put bigger things in my pussy to stretch it out, but also because it felt really good and helped me climax. Uncle Jim said that I was a good girl and he was happy to hear that. My Uncle put one finger in me and moved it around, then he looked at me and asked me if I was ready to take two of his fingers? I said, yes, I was ready for two fingers. He slowly slid two of his fingers in me and asked how that felt. I told him I felt very full, and he asked if it hurt, and I said no. Uncle Jim started moving the two fingers in and out of me as he started sucking on my clit again. I felt myself get even wetter and I could hear my wetness as my uncle moved his fingers in me deeper and quicker. Then my Uncle paused and I felt my pussy being stretched even more, I guess my Uncle now had three fingers in me. It felt tight and a little uncomfortable, but my Uncle told me to relax and enjoy myself, so that is what I tried to do.

My Uncle moved his three fingers in me for a bit longer then he took his fingers out of me and moved up my body between my legs, he looked deep into my eyes and told me it was time that I became his little girl and he claimed me as his own. I wanted to be my Uncles, as much as I didn’t know what he meant, I did know that I loved him and I never wanted our secret time together to stop. My Uncle moved his hand down between our legs and I felt him place the tip of his cock at my pussy opening and push in a little. Uncle Jim’s cock felt huge and I didn’t know if he could get it in me…but my Uncle continue to apply pressure and eventually I felt the head of his cock slide in me. My Uncle asked me if I was OK and if it hurt? I said I was good, and it didn’t hurt, it just felt really big, bigger than anything else I had ever put in my pussy before. My Uncle continued to push and I felt a little more of his cock slid in me. He rested his cock in me for a bit, he was breathing really hard. He pulled his cock out a bit and then pushed back in, more slid in as he pushed back in. My Uncle slowly continued to pull his cock out a little bit and push back in and every time more and more of his cock slid in me. As my Uncle slowly fucked me I adjusted to the size, it never hurt, it just made me feel very full. Eventually my Uncle had his whole cock in me and he just rested for a moment with his cock buried deep in me and told me he didn’t know how long he was going to be able to last. I didn’t know what he had to last for?

My Uncle slipped his hands under my bum and raised me off the ground as he started moving his cock in and out of me. He thrust in me maybe 10 or 12 times then he closed his eyes, went stiff and moaned really deep as he held his cock in me deeply not moving. I felt something in me twitch and I suddenly got a lot wetter. My Uncle opened his eyes and told me how he had just filled me with his seed, so now I was his little girls and he was going to be putting his seed in my pussy a lot going forward. I said OK, and he gave me a kiss on the lips. We cleaned up hastily, got dressed and he sent me back to the house saying he would follow me in a bit.

The next morning over breakfast my Uncle said he had to go to town to get a replacement part for one of the trackers and asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. I jumped at the chance to go, and he said we would head out after lunch. After lunch we crawled into my Uncle’s old pick up truck and headed into town. On the way into town my Uncle asked me how my pussy was feeling and if I was sore. I told him that I felt fine and not sore at all. My Uncle was happy to hear that and asked if I enjoyed what we did. I told him that I loved it and wanted to do it again. He told me to sit next to him in in the truck so he could hold me close and put his hand down my top and caress my boobs. I leaned my body against my Uncle’s as he caressed my boobs and I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his rough hands on my tender nipples.

After we picked up the part my Uncle needed we were heading back to the farm when my Uncle turned down a dirt road and parked under a tree in the middle of a field. My Uncle told me to take all my clothes off and lie down on the bench seat with my feet towards him. My Uncle bent over and places his lips against my pussy and started to lick me, my Uncle was so talented at licking my pussy, I still sometimes fantasize about it today. After a few minute of licking my Uncle sat up and pulled his pants and boxers down to his knees and exposed his very hard cock. He moved to the middle of the bench seat and explained how I should straddle him with a leg on each side of his lap. My Uncle held me under my ass to get me close to his body and high enough so he could place the head of his cock at the entrance of my pussy. He then told me to slowly lower my pussy down on his cock. I moved down slowly and as I got more and more of my Uncle’s cock in my pussy he would pull me up and push me down gently to go deeper. Eventually I had all of my Uncle’s cock buried in my baby girl pussy. I felt so full, and the felling was starting to really grow on me. It made me feel so safe and comforted, I truly believed that I was made to have a man’s cock in me.

My Uncle told me to move my hips up and down on his cock to milk his seed out of him. I guessed at the time his seed was his cum. Uncle said he need to put his seed in me often so that I don’t forget who I belong too. I started moving my hips up and down a bit, you have to remember I was only almost 11-years old so my legs weren’t very long. I felt rocking back and forth on my Uncle’s lap worked best for me and I started hitting my clit against my Uncle’s pubic bone and that was starting to feel really good. My Uncle let me move however I wanted as he cradled me close to his body and told me what a great job I was doing, that I was made for loving and he was so happy that I loved him so well. I did love my Uncle, at that time nobody meant more to me than him, there was nothing I wouldn’t have done for my Uncle and now there was nothing I wouldn’t do to have my Uncle’s hard cock inside me.

As I kept rocking back on forth on my Uncle’s lap the good feeling in me was building and I knew if I kept this up I was going to climax. I told my Uncle I was really close to climaxing and he held me close and told me to cum all over his cock. Upon hearing him say that to me, I couldn’t hold back and my head threw back and I yelled as I came on my Uncle’s cock. I was still in the throws of my orgasm when my Uncle’s hips lifted me into the air and I felt him shake and grunt and yell that he was coming in my baby pussy and filling me with his seed.

After a bit we calmed down and I got off my Uncle’s now softening cock. Once my pussy lost contact with my Uncle’s cock there was a flood of wetness, my cum mixed with my Uncle’s seed. Good thing the truck’s bench seat was vinyl, and not fabric because it would have left an awful big wet spot. And all that summer my Uncle filled my pussy with his seed as often as we could.

When Fall came and I had to return to my parents to start school I became very sad, withdrawn and I didn’t find pleasure in anything. I missed my Uncle’s love terribly and my pussy felt so vacant without a man’s cock filling it. I tried putting other things in my pussy when I climaxed, but nothing filled the void of my Uncle’s cock. Finally for Fall harvest we went back to the farm for the weekend. I was so excited; I couldn’t stop looking at my Uncle waiting for after supper when I knew I could sneak away to the haystack and wait for him. As soon as supper was finished, I ran to the haystack got naked and waited for my Uncle. Not long after he arrived and before he even fed the horses, he was naked with me and between my legs. He was about to start licking my pussy as I eagerly awaited his tongue. He stopped and looked at me and asked how long had I been bleeding down there. I told him it happened last month just after I started school but it went away and I’m fine now. He said it didn’t go away and it won’t go away. He told me to get dressed. I was so confused….my Uncle said, I want to put my seed in you but I don’t want to breed you. We can’t play any longer. I had no idea what was going on as my Uncle got dress and left me alone to go feed the horses.

Mommy I don’t understand why didn’t your Uncle want to love you anymore. My Uncle loved me and he wanted to be with me, but he didn’t want the consequences of making me pregnant, that is why he said he couldn’t breed me. I had started menstruating and if he put his seed in me, he would have breed me, got me with child and neither one of us could explain that to my parents. You little girl are very lucky, when you get pregnant nobody will have to explain it to your parents. We are anticipating your pregnancy one day and we look forward to the day we can watch your belly grow with a child in it.

Really mommy? Yes baby, your pregnancy will be celebrated. Baby girl did you like mommy’s story? Oh mommy I loved your story, I’m so glad you told me. But I think your story made me wet down there….Baby girl are you telling me that your pussy has become wet by listening to my story? Yes mommy, I think your story excited me and now I know what it means when you a daddy get wet when I am not touching you.

Oh baby girl, I love that mommy’s story got you excited and wet. Can mommy take a look at your pussy and see how wet you are? Yes mommy I would like that.
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    I had dream about my uncle b4
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    My mom be so mad she know what I read.
    I like stories.
    I have chat before with someone online.
    I kinda like it.
    I’m virgin
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    • Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

      [email protected] as long as you’re enjoying it as the main thing Your mother doesn’t need to know anything

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    Fuck!This is amazing

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