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Talking to step grandmother naked with my dick hard and she ignores it and continues to talk

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I always wanted to fuck a milf this is the ultimate fantacy but true story

I recently moved from my previous home to live with my my father and his wife due to being evicted,also living with my dad and stepmom is my stepmoms mother which would be my step grandmother as they would say.the grand mother would come to the kitchen every night to sweep and clean but where my room is located is very close to the kitchen and the mop and broom ect are all placed at the side of my room so she has to pass by my room every night one thing about her passing by my room is that she always peeps to see if anyone is there and calls Me if I answered she would just say she’s checking to see anyone is in the room because she heard a noise but I didn’t know If she wanted me to fuck her or if she’s peeping for a innocent reason but all I knew is that I always had a fantacy to fuck a milf and I decided to take things a little further by wearing only a boxers so when she comes by the door she’ll see Me and if she’s onto me she’ll make the first move but that didn’t work she just ignored it so I decided to get hard in my boxers so the buldge would show and she would get turn on or probably it can go left but I didn’t care at the moment I was horny so one day she came by the door and I was hard in my boxers I fixed my cock to make the bulge look as big as possible and she actually saw it and started talking to me ik I said this is a true story but I can’t remember everything I’m only human I can’t remember what we were talking bout but I got excited by the fact she saw my cock hard and ignored it and continued talking her eyes were looking down at it occasionaly during the conversation and I was flinching it after the convo we both went to sleep well I did but the next night I went extreme I was but naked with my cock hard in the air but I pretended I was drying my hair my I can see her through a side mirror I set up to reflect the sighting of the door entrance and I can see her watching it with her mouth open don’t know if it was a disgusted or surprised gesture but I was tunrt tf on I stopped wiping my hair with the towel and made eye contact with her and she immediately player it off kool by bringing up something that happened earlier that day which was fast thinking because if she just stood there silently it would look like she’s stalking me but yh she came closer and I talk to her for an hour and when my cock was getting soft I keep robbing even though she can see but I haven’t took it further because I’m scared it goes left and my dad and mom find out what should be my next move I really wanna fuck her but I also don’t want the shame that comes with it if she decides to tell my dad but that’s it for now I’ll update you on what takes place in the future I also left a picture of her under this post

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    I used to sleep with my Indian grandmother and she had some kind of sleeping issues so when she used to sleep, I used to rub my cock on her ass cheeks and ejaculate on bedsheet lol would love to discuss with you even more on Gmail if you are available

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      she will fuck